The Devil and James Dean

There is a popular misconception about the appearance of the devil. In human form, he’s a lanky, greasy, goateed man. Is Mr. Lucifer a used car salesman or simply European?

Either way, he won’t succeed in getting me to sell my soul. I agree with Christopher Pike’s The Midnight Club: the devil should look like James Dean.


Indeed, the Rebel Without a Cause version of James Dean materializes out of a cloud of cigarette smoke, donning his famous red jacket and tight Levis. He’s androgynous yet weirdly appealing.


Pike’s James Dean is a professional badass. He chain smokes more than Joe Camel, but whereas the hapless Joe Camel succumbed to lung cancer, the devil James Dean remains forever young and free to run as loose as a mongoose. He wants your immortal soul. Should you sell or are you chicken?




5 thoughts on “The Devil and James Dean”

  1. Wow. The Midnight Club! One of my favorite books as a teen (Christopher Pike books are still some of my all time favorites)–I completely am with you on this one. The devil should be James Dean. He’d sure have the edge on Jason Lee Jesus.

    Love the blog, by the way!

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