Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Much like his height, Jonathan Taylor Thomas’ acting career was unjustly stunted. He went down the same way as his TV dad Tim Allen: in the blaze of a bad Christmas movie.

His name is rapidly fading into anonymity today and is virtually unknown to your average thirteen year old. But in 1995, he was not just Jonathan Taylor Thomas, but J.T.T. The J.T.T. that graced every cover of Big Bopper magazine.

More specifically, he was the “I heart J.T.T.” written in whiteout on the inner flap of my Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper.

His breakout role as Randy Taylor on Home Improvement won him the opportunity to star in such fine films as Wild America (1997) and Man of the House (1995). (I don’t need to fact check the release dates because I have them memorized…). Might I also mention that he is the voice of young Simba in The Lion King (1994).

And then came Tom and Huck (1995), the teen-heartthrob take on Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

The above screen capture shows the diminutive J.T.T. as Tom Sawyer behind a surprisingly well-kept, pretty-boy Huck Finn. Jonathan Taylor Thomas’ angelic choir-boy vocals made him sound like a kid at least; I don’t know how old this Brad Renfro was when they casted him as Huck Finn, but he was deep-voiced enough to make me wonder why a little boy like Tom Sawyer was doing hanging out with this strange man.

In the center, J.T.T. performs the famous white-washing-the-fence scene with gusto. Why his performance didn’t win an Academy Award is beyond me…

I’m ashamed to admit, I’ve never liked Tom Sawyer. I’m more inclined toward The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, not just because it was Mark Twain’s masterpiece, but because I liked Huck better than Tom. Huck had inner struggles to attend to whereas Tom, well… Tom was sort of a punk in the same sense that Macaulay Culkin was a punk in all his movies.

I’m sad to report that twelve years later, my VHS copy of Tom and Huck is collecting dust in a box somewhere. Unlike Twain’s novels, this movie proved not so everlasting.

As for J.T.T., he’s like the VHS which bears his movies… done.


31 thoughts on “Jonathan Taylor Thomas”

  1. I’m pretty sure I had both of those magazines. Like many other girls of the day, I also had I heart JTT written all over my notebooks and my trapper keeper. Oh yes, back in the day. Good times.

  2. Times are a-changin’. I can’t believe it’s been exactly twelve years since J.T.T. was the leading teen idol. Now I know how the admirers of the ’60’s idol David Cassidy felt.

  3. Oooooh, i remember trapper keepers and j.t.t. funny post. it reminds me of vh1’s i love the ’90s.

  4. I am sure I had both of these magazines too. I had his posters all over my walls. I was even in his fan club. I had a signed picture from him mailed to me. I was so in love with that boy. He’s still cute as ever.

  5. I had a major crush on JTT from the very first i had started watching home improvment. I always wished to be lucky enough to actually meet him in reality. He’s such a hunk!!!!!!!!

  6. i was born the year home improvment came out so i grew up watching it with my father.Jonathan in the hottest guy ever!!!

  7. but seriouly no acting at all? He could at least do like Kirk Cameron ten years before and work in the Christain industry. What about a love for the craft?

  8. *sighs* Jonathan Taylor Thomas. I remember those days. He was my first crush.

  9. wow! I had those two mag’s and more! it was funny I work in a grocery store and some girls were buying a bop mag and they were bragging about the jonas brothers and I told them yah i remember when Jonathan taylor thomas was in that and they were like who? I just laughed… but yah I had him all over my folder in school! I just wish he would do something to let the world he is still around! hee hee

  10. I LOVE Jonathan Taylor Thomas he is soo cute and i just watched Home improvement last night and i saw him and i think i about died!! LOL

  11. He is so dreamy. My mom is so lucky she met him before. I don’t like him I love him. I know I am abbsessed. I am so sad that he is not acting anymore but now he is going into politics and he is going to become a producer.

  12. I was really young when Jonathan Taylor Thomas was popular, but I just love him! He’s so cute, I wish he would like make a huge comeback 🙂

    I wanna meet him soo damn bad.

  13. hey i did not ever see him when he was young on tv, but i watch the reruns he is so cute but thats not the only reason why i like him . im a nuber on fan cause i knew it when i first saw him . i wanted to get to no him and see how he was of the screen so i did some research . it turns out hes a good guy , when i found out he payed gay i waa a little surprised but i didnt care . when i haerd the gay rumor i didnt care cause hes stil him . [the only person who should care is the person /gil hes seeing . you dont have to watch him all the time cause hes cute or have abillion pster or autograph you can have 1. you dont even have to think hes cute . you dont have to be his age either to be a true numba 1 fan . you like people fo who they are not JUST for looks . besides the more you get to no peopl the better they look .[some times if there good people .] im a true nuber 1 fan . stop saying where the hell is he people like to live there own lives . you think people is goin to be in some thin every year stupid think about it would you want to also live your onw life . stop bein a looser and get over it if he want to come back he will

  14. Well like many other girls my age, JTT was the first of many on screen crushes, I was 11 when i got my first BOP magazine and his cut outs covered my walls until I was 14 🙂 I wish he was still doing films…even at 24 I still cant help that I think he is adorable! 🙂

  15. JTT is so amazingly cute. I do want him to keep making films. I only watch reruns of Home Improvement because I was too young to watch new episodes. I’m only 12 now and he’s 24 now so, yeah.

  16. I am 12, too. He is 27 years old. I absolutely LOVE HIM!!!! HE IS NOT GAY!! If you don’t believe me, check out what I found on youtube…

    I wish that he would make a comeback SOOOO MUCHHH!!!!

  17. I love Jtt. My best friend looks like him and his name is ben. i am 12 though and my best friend looks the way jtt did when he was 12!!!I love jtt

  18. Actually, I had a crush on Brad Renfro. I just want to tell you that, even if he looked older, he was younger than J.T.T. But he died last year… Sad story.

  19. gosh i wish i met JTT. I always tell my friends that he’s so hott and all that. But then they’re like,”Oh is he a friend?” and I’m like “no.” Also I heard rumors that he’s going to be in a movie, but i dont no when or what it’s called.

  20. yep peoplez ima back and turning 14 soon then i was only just a 12 year old hes 28 now, boy hes getting old i am too .{i guess}. well anyways i hope u read my stuff, i stil like jonathan but ima starting to get over him little by little each day and um i just might if not u just my be a little desperate darling. also i had heard a lil while back that he as suppose to be doing a movie called run around. affortunately i sat home all day and it did not happend. good thing for people with LMN one of hims movies had came on during the summer , it was called walking across egypy and i couldnt watch it cause i only had stupid lifetime. i no ima saying oh so much but hey give me a chance give him a chance to come back to us when he thinks hes ready for so much again . he doesnt no u he doesnt no me so let him be free. the original by shirmika n. rice . PEACE baby. and peace to all of u stalkers and most of all Jonathan taylor thomas . I ❤ U

  21. You got a surely helpful blog. I have been here reading for about five minutes. I am a newbie and your success is very much an inspiration for me.

  22. yes everybody im back and its a new year im so excited too. i have a question is there anywhere were i can get a jonathan taylor thomas shirt at ??
    please and thanks yous -Shirmika…

  23. My obsession is actually over with him!!! im serprised cuz i loved that dude. I am stil a fan and always wil be and stil wants to meet him… I stil really want shirt with him on it. If you know ware someone can make one or i can buy one… please!!!! tell meh.!!1 YES YES IM BACK> hahaha. Now im turning 15 in a few months and yeah i cant believe i first went on here abut threeeeh yearz ago when i was 12.

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