The Outlander Movie

Fans of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series may never see the soon to be seven-part series made into a movie. The plot is too convoluted, the love scenes too inventive, the production value too expensive to fully capture the integrity of the story. Short of HBO taking on Outlander as a television series with all the nudity, violent battle scenes, and foul-mouth Scots-speak intact, Jamie Fraser may never see the light of celluloid.

And then a YouTube phenomenon saves the day. A trail of Outlander casting videos began popping up to the delight of Outlander addicts everywhere.

The best among them is Outlander-Part I. Unfortunately, the YouTube owner of said video forbids embedding, so click on the link and away you go…

75 thoughts on “The Outlander Movie”

  1. Have you ever thought of Clive Owen as Jamie??
    I think he’d play the part well just add a bit of light colour to his hair

  2. The part of Jamie should definately be a strong red-headed giant of a man with a thick Scotish accent and of course gorgeous. I love these books, I really hope we can get a movie out of it.

  3. Ok to all the Outlander fans out there, My sister and I think everyone should petition HBO or Showtime to make a series out of the books That way they wont have to cut it to pieces like they did to the Vampire chronicles of Ann Rice. We think there is enough people out there that could keep the series going. As long as they stick to the books… We love them! We have read them all over five times at least.

  4. If anyone can do justice to an Outlander movie, it’s Peter Jackson. I’m convinced he’s the only possibility.

  5. I would like very much to see Josh Holloway (Sawyer in “Lost”) as jamie. For me he is like I immagine James.
    Sorry for my english, I’m italian. But I hope you undestand what i want to say.

  6. Ooooh…just found your site! I have echoed Kristi a number of times saying Peter Jackson is the man to do it if anyone can. Fun discussion! Just started rereading for the *I*lost*count* time. Getting ready for An Echo in the Bone in 2009. 🙂

  7. I agree with Kristi. Nobody could do a full-scale Outlander epic like Peter Jackson. Gabaldon has created such rich characters, I don’t think HBO would give them justice. Donatella, I think Josh Holloway would make a perfect Stephen Bonnet.

  8. I think that these books should be made into movies ASAP. I have been waiting for news of a movie ever since I read the books. What is taking people so long!?!?!?! I also think that Peter Jackson would do a phenominal job making these books into movies

  9. NO NO NO, making the outlander sries into a film would just destroy completely the magic of the book. Everyone is arguing about who should play Jamie, if they pick one person, they are destroying pictures of the Jamie in the book, as you will never find a man exactly like the Jamie we all imagine without going back about 500 years. NO NO NO to anything outside the book. Things would be missed out and it would destroy everything people work up in their mindof how everything is. NO TO ANY ADAPTATION

  10. No. no. no. Gerard Butler is NOT Jamie! Don’t get me wrong, I love GB. I think he’s freakin’ hot, but he is too old for Jamie, and he has none of the facial features! And the books go on and on about the slanted blue eyes, red hair, straight nose, bla, bla bla.

    Come on! There must be another big-handsome actor with an accent out there!!!

  11. Check out Charlie Hunnam! Give him some red locks and I see him as Jamie for sure. He’s british so he could pull off a scots accent. Check him out people!

  12. No, Gerard Butler must play Jamie. Maybe his facial features arent exactly like hey are described in the books ( but he HAS a stright nose, and colouring the hait shouldnt be a problem), but his face is so expressive and h is sooo charming like Jamie is. Besides, I dont think that Gerry is to old to play Jamie, because even the young Jamie has gone through some really bad times, as we all know, which have marked him of course. No actor i his twenties could pay this.And second, Jamies body is a warriors body. You wont find a 23 year old man who has a body like Jamie/Gerry, those boys are to slender at this age.
    And third, back then people looked older than people today at the same age.
    And there would be another advantage if Gerry would play Jamie: He could play Jamie at every Age, at 23 as at 43. Or would you like two or three actors for Jamie? Or Having a 23 year old boy play a 40 year old man? No, that would be stupid.

    I think as a director they would need someone like the one who directed PS I love You because he was able to catch all these emotions between te characters, wich is very important in my opinion.

  13. I think that Dean McDermott (AKA Tori Spelling’s husband) would make a fine Jamie…he’s big, Scottish, and he’s got that “rough around the edges” look about him…can’t think of anyone else that would do….can you?

  14. I’ve read all the books in this series and my first choice was Gerard Butler for the part of Jamie… but after watching a film recently with the actor Kevin Kidd… I just cant seem to get his image out of my head … he is big as I have imagined Jamie to be.. he is a definate red head … the loveliest blue eyes like Jamie has and the face is definately viking looking!… and on top of all these qualities HE IS SCOTTISH and you wouldnt have to worry about him not fitting into the role… he is not as well known as some actors but Jesus H Roosevelt he is definately our Jamie… just have a look at him in the mini series of Rome… there is one photo on the net here under images for Kevin Kidd and the face just blew me away!…
    I’m for Kevin Kidd he has my definate vote as Jamie!

  15. I agree with whoever said Kevin McKidd as Jamie. Not that I want any one image to ruin my own mind’s image, but Kevin McKidd is the closest suggestion I’ve heard in a long litany of great looking men.
    And, as we learned in HBO’s Rome, he carries off unbirfurcated male outfits (kilts, Roman miltary outfits) very well.

  16. thankyou Thewrngbnd agreeing with Kevin McKidd… your right about him wearing a kilt … I wouldnt mind even playing the part of Claire if that meant could go an unkilt the man… he definately has a body worth looking at I believe… just a shame that most of these comments wont be found by the right people doing the selection process… but I guess that now I at least have a clearer picture on what Jamie now looks like in the flesh!

  17. I fully agree with Jenny in saying a film adaptation would destroy the magic completely. A novel is a novel for a reason and a film is a film; enjoy a novel for what it is and indulge in the magic of the characters and an entire world the author has created for you.
    If you love it that much you should see it clearly and not have to have Hollywood’s idea of what Outlander is (which, by the way, runs a risk of changing/ruining the series).

  18. Hey, I don’t know about Jamie, but I think Keri Russell would be a good Claire, and Laura Prepon (Donna from that 70’s show) would make a good Brianna. Atleast that’s who pops into my head while I’m reading.

  19. I agree on your choice for Brianna, But Keri Russell falls very short of my picture of Claire save for the curly hair.

  20. I have just re-read the books, I can’t wait for the next one to come out this fall. Is the book still going to be made into a movie. Yea I think Laura Prepon would be a good Brianna, I don;t know the name of the actor, he played in one of those Jackie Chan movies, I think the one where he is in England, anyways the guy who played a general or something, he would play Jack Randell .

  21. I love these books! I’ve read the whole series about 3 times now, as I’m sure some of you also have. I think Kate Winslet would make a great Claire. She is very graceful, and very English, with porcelin skin. She can also be strong, feisty and witty. I remember her in Titanic, how she was graceful and English when she had to be, but had a sense of mischeif about her that wouldn’t let her stay put.

  22. I’m only on the third book, having just discovered them a few weeks ago, and they are amazing. I am thankful to my Co-worker who introduced me.

    Although, as much as I would love to see these books made into a movie, I hope they won’t be. There is no way a movie could do them justice. A movie would not be able to get all the detail of the novel, which is essential to the story of Jamie and Claire.

    Also, how could anyone possibly fill the roll of Jamie Fraser? I don’t think it can be done.

  23. I began reading the series back in 2005 (thank you Sascha!!!) Absolutely wonderful story. I didn’t realize there was another book coming – happy to hear it! I would love to see a mini series made and can totally see Laura Prepon as Brianna. Claire and Jamie are definitely the tough roles to cast!

  24. i think that Eric Bana would be an excellent choice for Jamie…he would look great as a younger Jamie too!

  25. what about Joss Stone for Brianna?? (limited acting experience I know) but she is tall/big and would be easy to color hair.

    my first thought for Claire was Ashley Judd..not so sure now…

    Kevin McKidd is great for Jaime.

    I think Gerard Butler would be good for Roger

  26. I have just been reading everyone’s comments and agree with many of them. I don’t like the idea of a film for many reason. If you turn it into another Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings you have to make at lest one movie for every book and then they would all be three hours long. Not to mention you would loose a lot of intimidate details because you just could not fit everything in.

    I think the best thing would be the HBO/Showtime idea. I’m 99% sure there are and will be enough people who would love the show. It would be the only way to get the raw details that make the books so good onto the screen.

    As for Actors I loved Kevin McKidd in Rome! If not Jamie at lest in the show. As for Clair I would love to see Natalie Dormer play the part ( she was Anne Boleyn in the Tudors). She is English and has that pail skin like Kate Winslet.

    I can’t wait to see who they cast and what becomes of it.

  27. All I can say is Alex Skarsgard as Jamie. Dye is hair red and with his 6’4 body, he’d nail the part. But if they cast “older” people, then it’s gotta be Gerard Butler but he would also be a damn good Dougal. Oh and the Fiennes brothers would be excellent Randall’s!

  28. oooh… the Fiennes would be good Randall’s. Ralph being Jack… Joseph as Alex…

    oh Alex Kingston might make a good Claire! She has great curly hair.

  29. i say definatley gerald butler he could play jamie at every age and his smile is as i imagine jamies, look him up in the movie p.s. i love you or that other one where he fights the giant, come on help me out, but he has long reddish hair in that movie! im going to check out kevin kidd though

  30. i took a look at all options i think kevin mckidd or gerald butler others are too young looking!?

  31. While I agree a movie on the series wouldn’t do it justice, it is fun to think about who would play the main roles. How about Eric Bana as Jamie and Kate Winslet as Claire?!

  32. I love these books and there is not enough time on the big screen or HBO that could do these books justice.
    I to would love to see these books done in a movie, but it would soooo ruin the whole affect of the books and the feel they spread thru out the series of the love they have and share

    I think Gerard is beautiful and so is Kevin but Jamie they are not …………..

  33. Oooh, I just saw this guy from… funny thing the movie is called Outlander but it is not Diana’s Outlander… the guys name is Jack Huston and he would be a great James Fraser…
    See the movie Outlander… it is a good movie (not as good as this Outlander would be) but still a good movie. It kinda annoys me that it was called Outlander in fact… Stole the name from Diana Gabaldons story… hmph!

  34. Oh I hope BBC takes the books on because they do movies so tastfully! Please let it be pg 13 becuase i dont need to see people cussin and naked to get the idea!

  35. Oh Please do make this series. DO NOT put Mel Gibson in the role of Jamie for goodness sake or any other character. I truely have no idea who should play Jamie, I have a vision of someone, but still he has no facial features. As for the part of Claire – tis is a tough call also, maybe someone along the lines of Rachel McAdams – Kate Beckinsale/Jennifer Garner????

  36. Jamie has to be a Scot there must be some gorgeous Scotsman out there who would fit the bill, and please not some American trying to sound Scots ahhhhhh !!!
    Claire can be any of the great english actresses they have there.
    For Jamie i thought Gerard Butler would be real good and he is gorgeous.
    JUST GET ON WITH IT AND GET IT GOING I CANT WAIT TO SEE IT.Peter Jackson made three movies together for Lord of the Rings why cant they do it as part 123 telling each book.

  37. Claire is supposed to be from America! Remember, they weren’t sure if she was from England because she had funny English? So no to Kate Winslet even though I love her. I think Rachel McAdams would be perfect.

  38. Oh and Gerard Butler or Kevin McKidd for Jamie, but I’m leaning towards GB. And I don’t really think Laura Prepon would fit the bill for Brianna but I did like the Joss Stone idea AFTER a bunch of acting classes.

  39. Claire was from England. They only moved to America after she came back from Scotland pregnant.
    The more I think about it..I think the actors need to be unknowns or mostly unknowns.

  40. I do not agree to Gerard Butler playing Jamie, he is too much of a hard nut, he isn’t romantic enough. Kevin Mckidd is alot better choice, but I believe that unknowns should definitely be cast, time to stop re casting the same people. Try something new, get some new names out there.. Start searching!

  41. ben barnes as fergus
    jonathan rhys meyers as jack and
    haley joel osmond as the young ian

  42. I’m not sure I’d want to see a movie – I’m afraid I’d be disappointed and so much would be left out. I’d much rather produce my own mental movie – wouldn’t you, really? I am almost sure that a movie would be a poor reflection of all the background and history, not to mention the love between Jamie & Claire, which is not only a physical love but an emotional tie.

  43. I picture David Wenham as Jamie, (LOTR Faramir), he’s got the right features, reddish hair, slanted eyes, straight nose.

  44. Even though he’s not a red head nor Scottish I can’t help but picture Kellan Lutz as Jamie. He’s tall and strong, slanted blue eyes and full lips. Not to mention the right age rage and attitude. and he is blond so making him red wouldn’t be too hard.

  45. I’ve looked at a lot of actors, and even tho he’s American, he could be the perfect Jaimie(long red hair, blue eyes) , and he’s a relative unknown actor, his name is
    Andy Mackenzie. Check him out he’s got a fan base website on Facebook, and he’s also the drummer for a LA band called 33degrees.

  46. Chris Hemsworth is the perfect one to play Jamie. Age, Height, Face, Charisma – it’s all there and he’s also a terrific actor. Watch this and you’ll understand:

  47. hmm… he sure is nice to look at. I think as a young Jamie he might work…not sure about older one though..however in Outlander he is young…LOL

  48. I’m a bit taken aback that a great many of the comments have been removed. Is there a special reason? Loading time maybe?

    It’s a pity we cannot combine the various actors into the perfect one. Kevin McKidd 10 years younger and with Chris Hemsworth’s height – that would be it, wouldn’t it? Although I admit, the slanted eyes would be missing. And I like Kevins face as it is, wouldn’t want to change a single bit about it. So, if Chris Hemsworth was left-handed all of a sudden, I’d give in and convert. 😉

  49. Vernon Kay for Jamie and Ben Barnes for Fergus. Ben Price would be a fantastic Stephen Bonnet.

  50. Diana Just finished Echo in The Bone. You left me hanging. Can’t wait for the next book. What happens to Jem? Where does Roger end up going. What a cliff hanger

  51. Janet you need to view Diana’s personal webpage. She has clips of the next book posted there.

    Oh the guy that plays Thor might make a good Jamie…….

  52. PLEASE…the actor who plays John Little in ´Robin Hood with Russell Crowe is Jamie. I can see no one else in my mind.

  53. Definitely HBO series! How about Chris Hemsworth for Jamie? Think, Thor. He’s strong and bulky AND his features match the book with his long nose, “cat-like” blue eyes, and shiny red hair. Oh, did I not mention that he’s extremely SEXY?? I think he would fit the part to a tee. As for a Claire, I think a natural Brit like Rachel Weisz, Keira Nightley, or Kate Winslet could fit the part. Thoughts?

  54. Charlie Hunnam or Chris Hemsworth as Jamie. Emily Watson, Emily Mortimer, but Emma Thompson is who I think about as Claire (older). Rachel Hurd-Wood as Laoghaire. Ben Price would be right on for Stephen Bonnet. Laura Prepon as Brianna. To me, Gerard Butler would work as Black Jack Randall. Judi Dent as Jamie’s Aunt. Helena Bonham Carter as Geillis Duncan. Maybe Kate Beckinsale as Jamie’s sister?

  55. I agree with you Leigh Lani, I would like to see Charlie Hunnam or Chris Hemsworth as Jamie (I prefer Charlie because he’s like true man and Chris might look little bit too boyish for the part). SORRY but eventhough Gerry Butler is hot and charming, I can’t imagine him as Jamie. He’s totally different looking for the part. But could be someone of the Scottish characters. And Gabriel Aubry is too pretty.

    I just adore Alexander Skarsgård and I think he might fit in Jamie’s role, BUT maybe he should stay as Eric Northman and be awesome in that role. I like him in his bad boy style.

    Now let’s move on to another characters..

    In Claire’s role i would like to see maybe Olivia Wilde. Okay, it seems pretty wild(e) choice bt i find her interesting. She’s beautiful, tall and still she has some spark in her which tells that she’ll bite back. I admit that she’s pretty young looking, although she’s 27 like Claire. I think the age difference between Claire and Jamie should be visible, not much but a hinch. So have I pictured it in my mind.

    Another option for Claire is Anna Friel, an English actress, known from Pushing Daisies. Unfortunately she’s too short. But I think her face would fit in Claire’s role.

    I think Rachelle Lefevre could portrait Brianna and for Roger James McAvoy. Laura Prepon might be also a good choice but naah… Not in my dream cast.

    For Frank Randall/Jonathan Randall I picture Crispin Glover (I know him from Charlie’s Angels, he was the Thin Man) He’s pretty odd looking, yet little bit scary, so he could be magnificent in this double role. And the age range is good, because he’s older than Claire.

    Also Richard Armitage has potential to be Frank/Jonathan.

    Hmm… Who else i’m missing… Oh right, The MacKenzie Leaders, brother Collum and Dougal. I picture Robert Carlyle as Collum and Sean Bean as Dougal. Rhys Ifans might be good as Dougal too. I want to picture varying types for the roles.

    And Geillis! She should be either Natalie Dormer or January Jones. They both are beautiful stillthey have something witchy in them.

    And Andy Serkis could be Murtagh, somehow i just see him as Murtagh.

  56. I believe it should be a series and not a movie. Movie’s are to short how are you to get all of Outland in one movie and not cut it to pieces or botch it completely. I mean there was 5 episodes to Jane Asten Pride & pred & it was casted truer in form than the movie version with Miss Knightly what a way to cut the a regional story.

  57. I NEVER EVER WANT THE OUTLANDER SERIES TO BE MADE INTO A MOVIE! Not that I don’t want to see it, I just don’t think that anyone can or ever could pull it off. I have thought about it often enough and I just shiver at the thought of someone butchering it, I would much rather just leave it up to my imagination. The reason being is because it is different in each persons mind so it would be a big let down and I would never want to read them again. Which is pretty bad, because my copy of Outlander is so worn down it isn’t even funny, I don’t want to lose my favorite reading material because someone ruined it for me! 😦 Sorry, I am just crossing my fingers and hoping that it will never happen. It really shouldn’t even be a matter of who is playing what role it should be a big giant NO! Sorry everyone I’m a stick in the mud about this, I just don’t want my views of Claire and Jamie to change.

  58. Jaime = Kellan Lutz (maybe too short) or Chris Hemsworth
    Claire = in agreement with Soya – I love Olivia Wilde for this role. Beautiful, in a different sort of way, with striking eyes as Claire is known for. Also take a look at Hayley Atwell from Captain America.
    English actress and in this pic, looks like what I imagined WWII Claire would:

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