The Outlander Movie: Casting Jamie Fraser

You knew it was coming with The Outlander Movie post: my casting ideas. To be honest, I prefer to see Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander novels adapted into a HBO television series in a one season-one novel format. Screenwriters don’t have to work too hard because each novel comes with a built-in cliffhanger and the integrity of Gabaldon’s vision may be retained because HBO eludes more censors than a blockbuster movie. How else are you going to get away with that Black Jack Randall plotline? In an ideal world, Outlander would be a seven-season HBO series with the dialogue of Deadwood and the historical production value of Rome.

On to casting. HBO executives–I hope you’re taking notes.

The popular YouTube consensus is Gerard Butler as Jamie Fraser. Nothing wrong with that–you can’t deny that the genuine Scotsman is physically blessed by God. It seems like every Outlander fan loves him. So I hate to say it: I can’t see him as Jamie Fraser.

Truth to tell, I think Diana Gabaldon has created an impossible to cast character. Never in my life have I set eyes on a 6’4″ Scotsman with flaming red hair and several hundred years of Viking blood running through his veins. If I ever set eyes on Jamie Fraser in real life, I think I’ll go blind…much like someone will go blind staring at the sun.

With the 300 trailers out on YouTube, I can’t help imaging what Gerard Butler/Jamie Fraser would yell once the Battle of Culloden rolls around: “Madness? This. Is. Scotland!” This image makes me giggle incessantly. Perhaps I speak too soon–I haven’t seen 300, but once I do, I may recant my words and rue the day I ever underestimated Gerard Bulter’s ability to play Jamie Fraser. The picture above of Gerard looking distinctly Jamie Fraser-like doesn’t help me in my decision in discounting him in the coveted role.

If I want to see Outlander filmed while I’m still young and idealistic enough to swoon over this God-like Scotsman, I’d better stick to Gerard Butler who is the closest living resemblance to Jamie Fraser that I’ve seen so far.

But another part of me, the part that takes Diana Gabaldon’s description very literally, would argue that the part should go to some unknown Scottish actor who resembles a young Sean Bean.

I think the young Sean Bean more closely resembles the fair and slender 23-year-old Jamie Fraser of my imagination than Gerard Bulter. The orginal Sean Bean, now in his late-forties, would be perfect to play Jamie Fraser circa Voyager and beyond.

In the picture above, young Sean Bean comes packaged with puffy-white shirt and all. In the picture below, he’s dressed up in full Scots regalia which brings back fond memories of Jamie and Claire’s wedding.

And here is Mr. Bean again with a band of Scottish ruffians, much like the part in the book when Claire stumbles upon Jamie Fraser and his cattle-raiding posse. Although the Scotsmen looked more ferocious and worst-for-wear in my imagination.

Next time on The Outlander Movie…Claire Randall Fraser.

Update:   Casting Jamie Fraser: Part II.   

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  1. I agree that the books should be made into an HBO mini series. We wouldn’t live to see the final movie if they were made for the big screen, and so much would be left out.
    I kinda like Gerard, but I am open to suggestions for others to play Jamie!

  2. I think it should be made for the big screen. Its too good a series to be just a mini series. I think Gerard is perfect to play Jamie maybe if he dyed his hair more red. Please just put it to the screen some how because i have read the books and fell in love with them.

  3. That band of ruffians with Sean Bean is from the Sharpe’s Rifles series but they are Irish ruffians, not Scot. …and I agree, Sean Bean was never better than as Sharpe. He’d be marvelous!

  4. I can’t think of anyone suitable to play Jamie, either, although the young Sean Bean would have been an excellent choice. It’s funny that Gerard Butler is the popular choice (he’s a bit too old, I think), because I’ve always thought he would be the perfect Dougal!

  5. As a genuine Scotsman whose American fiance got him into reading the books, I’d reccomend Kevin McKidd to play Jamie Fraser.
    He’s a genuine Scotsman, red haired, handsome and 6 foot 2 and a half, so almost there.
    He’s also got the very stubborn, brooding and strong personality that characterises Jamie. (Just see him as Bothwell in Gunpowder, treason and plot.)


  6. Kevin McKidd is also a good choice. I’ve not considered him before because I’m not too sure about his age. I am, however, familiar with his work. I think his performance in “Rome” is spectacular and he made a credible Count Vronsky in the BBC Anna Karenina.

    Thanks everyone for your input! I really enjoy reading about your ideal Jamie Fraser. Keep it coming.

  7. Please let it be Gerald Butler. I think he would make an outstanding Jamie Frasier. I’ve seen him in 300, Attila and Beowuld and Grendal, he did and excellent job in each and has an amazing softer side too. He definately has that same aire about him. He’s sexy without even trying.
    What about Keira knightley for Claire; she already has an english accent and has played characters from this time period before. I just hope the movie comes out soon. Ive been waiting for what seems like forever.

  8. My coworker and I have spent months talking about this and we like Donal Logue. Maybe Gabriel Macht as a young Jamie or Ian.

  9. I think Ned Vaughn has the right look. He doesn’t have the name as some of the choices, but he does have the flaming red hair and blue eyes.

  10. Jason Isaacs is the undisputed champion to play Black Jack Randall! I just had to get that out, isn’t he perfect??

  11. I’ve always pictured Liam Neeson as Jaimie. I know he’s not 23, but he’s got the weight and the broodiness and the wry sense of humor. The ohters seem lightweight to me.

  12. Yes, I’ve always pictured Liam Neeson as having the perfect body type to play Jamie Fraser. He’s tall (exactly 6’4″), lean, and we know he can play a credible Scotsman (Rob Roy). In fact, I picture him as a perfect older Jamie Fraser circa ‘Drums of Autumn’ and beyond. I only wished they could have thought of the Outlander movie when Liam Neeson at least looked young enough to play a twentysomething Jamie Fraser…..

    Of course, they can always cast some relative unknown as 23 year old Jamie Fraser, Gerard Bulter as Jamie in his mid-30’s, and Liam Neeson as Jamie 45+…..

    But then, what’s the point of casting someone as sexy as Gerry Butler to play Jamie during his lonely years. He doesn’t get to romance Claire for 20 years!

  13. für Jamie Fraser eine perfecte Person zu finden ist verdammt schwierig! ich finde Gerard Butler ok aber ich finde er ist etwas zu alt für diese Rolle. Wenn es jemand jüngeres wäre fände ich schon besser.

  14. I love all the books, and I have for a very long time tried to come up with someone that can play Jamie. I have not come up with a solution… Although I love Gerard Butler, I don’t get the “right” feeling. He is gorgeous and all, but I don’t see him as Jamie. As T Y said, maybe they will find someone unknown to play him… And I also have to agree with Erin.. Jason Isaacs would be great as Jack Randall 🙂

  15. I truly believe Liam Neeson should play James McKenzie Fraser. They should make a mini series of it. Simply for the fact that a movie at its longest would be 3 hrs. Not enough time to capture every thing in the books.

  16. Jamie Fraser is a mythological character, much like Apollo or Hercules. No “Known” actor could play him.

    He should be an “Unknown” actor chosen for his skill/charisma/presence, physical characteristics, and athletic ability. He then “Becomes” the character without comparison.

    Let us not have another “Tom Cruise as LeStat.”

  17. TSpc—
    I completely agree that the ideal actor playing Jamie Fraser should be unknown. Celebrity distracts me.

    Let us hope Tom Cruise doesn’t read Outlander and get the bright idea of playing Jamie Fraser. I’ll have nightmares for the rest of my life! They’ll have to cast actors and actresses that are 4 feet tall in order to make Tom Cruise look like a towering scotsman.

  18. I think that Alex O’Loughlin would make a great Jamie Fraser. As far as the hair it can be dyed.
    I Watched the first episode of his show Moonlight and was hooked. I kept thinking this is the guy who should play Jamie Fraser. There is a couple scenes in Episode 8 with him and a sword. It’s hot! http://www.CBS.COM I also think that Kate Winslet should play Claire. I think she has the spunk and is curvy enough to play Claire. While I like Kiera Knightly I don’t think that she is Claire.
    I think that Jason Isaacs should play Jack Randall, he was wonderful as the bad English officer in The Patriot. And I think that Tommy J Flannigan should play Murtaugh. He was great in Braveheart and I think he would have the right demeanor for it.

  19. Storie—
    I could see Kate Winslet as Claire. She did such a good job on her American accent in Titanic that I sometimes forget she’s British. Your right, she’s definitely curvy and sophisticated enough to play Claire; and we know she can carry a movie.

  20. I love this story, Diana Gabaldon is a great writer!
    Thanks to this story(i don’t say book ’cause they are several books for this story) and of course before, I would go and live in Scotland…or in Ireland!
    I think that Jamie Fraser is like each people who had already read the book imagine!
    I hope that you understand what I wanna say..sorry for the other…i’m not English..Thanks God there is Diana Gabaldon§
    Thanks God here is Jamie Fraser and Claire…!!!
    Nazo Turka
    Now, I’m reading the 3rd book of Outlander!

  21. to NAZO TURKA: You go girl! Brilliant that you read stories in languages unfamiliar! You are MY HERO!

  22. ok so. I just saw beowulf… and whoever that guy is.. apparently a thinner seriously buff version of the guy who doing beowulf’s voice. him but a redhead. unfortunately not a real person. and a gutterish london accent. 😦

  23. I just saw the new National Treasure and I think Lisa Sheldon would be a great Brianna. She had a small part at the end of the movie, but the moment I saw here, I knew! She is only 5’9″, but I’m sure there is something they could do…

  24. Sorry, I keep posting in the wrong spots; I will try to control myself. As for Jamie, I am still holding out as to who the perfect actor is, as none of those suggested do it for me. I like the suggestions though; they are all handsome and charismatic men.

  25. Gerald Butler looks great to me! Just the other day I had thought jason Issacs should play Jack Randall..glad to see others think so as well. Would he then also play Frank??

  26. Gerry Butler IS Jamie to me. He has the sharp nose, the stature (he is about 6′ 2″, so thats close enough), an amazing physique, a lovely deep voice, he looks amazing with long hair, he has blue/green eyes, and has high, flat cheekbones…Not to mention his authentic Scottish accent! Plus, he has that perfect mix of good humor, chivalry, courage, sensitivity and roguishness that is essential for Jamie’s character. I also think that Rachel Weiss would make a fabulous Claire because she has that stunning pale skin and dark hair, is very beautiful and very voluptuous. And of course she is British! WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO PUT OUTLANDER TO FILM?? gah.

  27. Hi everyone! You all make great suggestions and while I too, love Gerard Butler, I can’t see him as Jamie(I’m reading the series again for about the 50th time and it doesn’t work for me, visualizing Gerard, as I read) but I do agree with the response that he could be Dougal. Now, here is my suggestion–Michael Fassbender as Jamie–he was in ‘300’ as Stelios. Check him out!

  28. David Conrad, aka Jim Clancy from series Ghost Whisperer would make a great Jamie. He displays all the necessary physical and character attributes – all that’s missing is the red hair & claymore.

  29. Oh my lord – could there possibly be a man who could play the godlike Jamie Fraser….a very hard kilt to fill. If there is I would imagine him to possess the charms and wisdom of Liam Neeson and the raw manly Scottish sexual ooze of Gerard Butler with facial features of Cole Hauser (Tears of the Sun, The Cave). Never has a character quite hit me like Jamie Fraser. I’d recommend my husband however he’s a New Zealander. He possesses many of the same characteristics – 6’4″, blue eyes, lean muscular body, work-hardened features. I like to think of him as my Jamie Fraser 🙂
    All in all, i’d have to say Gerard Butler but only because he’s Scottish and Cole Hauser is American and only 6’1″

  30. I think Gerard Butler is great1 He’s Scottish, he’s tall, he can fight, he looks good in a tux, he has beautiful eyes, charm and can adapt to any role – he can handle a sword and can sing!
    For Claire I suggest Kate Beckinsale – she stunning and English. She also looks like Hoang Nguyen’s image from the Graphic novel. I think they would be great for the film
    from En

  31. I think Jamie has to be played by Kevin Mckidd. He actually grew up in the Highlands and has those dark blue eyes! I also think that Kate Beckinsale is perfect as Claire.

  32. Honestly-it’ll be hard to cast Jamie if for no other reason than he’s only in his TEENS when the book starts-with Claire quite a bit older. Kevin McKidd, Gerald both LOOK their ages-and I can’t see being able to young them up enough for the first book or two.

  33. I am so sorry folks. I agree with the earlier post. NO high end celebrities will do justice to these amazing stories. We have fallen in love with these characters for all the same reason. They are unlike anything we have read before…
    These characters must be unknowns. Kate Beckinsale, Liam Neeson…I even heard Kiera Knightly! Please tell me your joking.
    Kate is gorgeous, ,yes, but she couldn’t possess the strength of character to play Claire if she tried. Have you watched her movies?
    Liam a fine actor but so far from Jaimie its ridiculous! NOT to mention way too old!
    Kiera…don’t even get me started on her!! screaming her way all through pirates 1. If she pouts much more she will pop her lips off!
    I will agree with Jason Issacs as Jack Randall. He is perfect. Gerard Butler…although hot. Is too old! And he is too short and pigeon toed when he walks. He’s NOT Jaimie…He is close but not It.
    I just pray if these amazing stories should all come to fruition that whoever is involved in their making, they will look at these stories with the same passion we do…

  34. I was watching eastenders while reading voyager when sean slater popped up on screen. It suddenly then came to me that with a good gym regime and accent training he could possibly be a plausible Jamie. A agree though that casting is difficult, jamie is so unique.

  35. Hello!
    It was mere chance that I stumbled over this side and haven`t got enough time to read all the comments…but what about David Wenham as young Jamie? He looks younger than he is…and what he looks like is great…but Sean Bean would be the only one who had been PERFECT, if he was just a little bit younger…Mmpf

  36. Hey I have to agree that I don’t think Gerard Butler makes a good Jamie. I just doesn’t quite work. I do however think he would make a great Roger MacKenzie in the later books as that is how I imagine Roger to look. Sean Bean is just about there for Jamie though and with a bit more red in his hair I think he could do it.

  37. What about Eric Stoltz? He’s “only” 6 ft., but has portrayed Scottish actors with aplomb, and he was such a hunk in “Rob Roy.” And he looks younger than he is.

  38. Henry Cavill from the Tudors is the perfect Jamie… 6’1, blue eyes – dye is hair auburn and he’s the one!

  39. Sheamus O’Shaunessy. A red haired wrestler. 6’6″ with naturally red hair. Plus most wrestlers must do some acting in their shows.

  40. I saw a picture of Henry Cavill and my GOD he is Jamie. All he needs is red hair…he’s beautiful and the perfect age!

  41. Ah canna believe it!! Pit that bonnie loon Gerry Butler as Jamie, naebidy can manage tae access the real essence o’ a Scotsman wie the dilema o’ gan tae battle or love! He has the look through and through, jist nae the reed hair… that is easily remedied!!
    Gie me Gerry oni day, he is gorgeous and and Scots tae boot, wie the look o’ a deep and enthralling man, stubborn and yet oh so sexy. Nithin’ like it lassies, Scots men like him are just afa bonnie.

  42. NO!!! It has to be Gerry!! as a scotslass awa fae hame, I have to say to you, if you aren’t scots then you don’t know the real scots in Jamie, Gerry captures him beautifully!!

    You have to be true to his character, and he is a lovely specimen of a scotsman with a fine acting career and the REAL DEAL accent, which is really hard to duplicate.

  43. I have a suggestion,..what about karl Urban he played Eomer on LOTR? this is a link to a rather spectacular photo of him;

  44. Viggo Mortenson! He’s Brooding and also sensitive, when you see him as Aragorn in LOTR he’s ferocious and strong, a leader, thats the Jamie I imagine.
    He has those Viking Jamiesque features, long straight nose,strong chin( his father is Danish! so he should have viking features!) has beautiful eyes and can carry off the red hair I reckon.
    I think Catherine Zeta Jones or Rachel Weiss could easily be Claire, they both have the ability to look much younger, and then progress to the older ages portrayed in the books.

  45. Oh My.. and Hugh Dancy would make a marvelous young Lord John Grey!I am sure they could age him sufficiently to continue playing John as the stories progess. Jim Caveizel for Roger Mac perhaps?God knows where they would find a 6ft+ actress with the looks and presence to play Bree though! Bearing in mind that she would have to resemble whoever they choose to play Jamie if they want to stay true to the books.
    As would whoever they find to play William, Jamie’s illegitimate son. Its a hard Job, but as much as I think it would be great to have total unknowns, that would prob make it easier, the magnitude of these movies would dictate the need for at least a couple or so big names in the starring rolls.

  46. Oh and I was just looking at some earlier posts, and I thought of Kate Winslett once for claire, but as much as I love her acting..she still seems too young for me. I think for me Rachel Weiss is usually who I envisage as her,and kate Beckinsale? noooh..too wishywashy! Keira Knightly!!? NO WAY, not as claire..WAY too tall and skinny as well. Needs a womanly woman to be claire for sure.. I PRAY they ask Rachel.
    Actually I think Alicia Witt could be Bree, but Penny Drake would fit the bill better still.

  47. Por favor mirad esta foto… de James Franco, si tuviera ojos azules y un reflejo más cobrizo… ¿No tiene la fortaleza de Jamie? pero asu vez su ingenuidad y melancolía de un pasado triste y doloroso.. que decís? Además da con su edad…

  48. I would have to say that if Gerard Butler dyed his hair red with auburn and blond highlights he’d be the best candidate for Jamie Fraser. I’ve seen his acting and I think he would pull off the ‘very protective’ strong, chivalrous, larger than life character of Jamie quite well. This Sean Bean fellow…no, out of all of Gabaldon’s descriptions of her character Jamie Fraser, he is the exact opposite. Maybe a good role for Fergus or even the elder Ian Murray, but he is by far too slender and ‘weak’ looking to be Jamie. If my husband were an actor…he’d be the most perfect candidate…being 6’4 with green eyes and Scottish ancestry..however, I don’t see him ever being in the film business. 😉

  49. I have recently seen the movie Pathfinder performing Karl Urban (Eomer-Lord of the Rings) as, guess what, a Viking boy left behind after an incursion in America 500 some years before Christopher Columbus. He is raised by native americans and later on, when he’s grown up he must fight a second Viking invasion to defend the tribe that cared for him. Seeing Urban there immediately brought to me memories of Jamie Fraser, altough he does not have blue eyes, he is very tall and ellegant, and’s got a boyish face that can be as young or as old as you want to picture.

  50. Even though Gerard Butler is amazing in 300, I just don’t think he would do Jamie justice. My vote is for Ewan McGregor. He’s a Scottish, blue-eyed beauty who would look absolutely dashing in Highland regalia, and there’s no doubt he could pull off both Jamie’s tender and fierce side.

    p.s. I think it’s a great idea to make the Outlander books into an HBO series!

  51. I have found someone who looks like Jamie:
    The german soccer player Christoph Metzelder!

    Only the haircolour is not the right one…

  52. How about the guy from Brothers and Sisters.. he’d have to bulk up a little but thats who has always come to my mind since I started reading the books.

    Dave Annable is his name.

  53. OH MY GOODNESS!! I am very glad that I won’t have the job of casting a movie like this 🙂 Because it looks like some fan is going to be mad at you – no matter WHO you choose 🙂

    I used to think Gerard Butler was a good choice and maybe he still is one of the better choices out there. Matthew McFayden too maybe? He’s got MY vote anyway – Sorry – but a big NO to Sean Bean enthusiasts out there and Ewan McGreggor? PUH-leaze! I don’t see him as Jamie…EVER…and maybe that’s the problem….

    It’s a book character and since the start we have all envisioned Jamie Fraser differently. Ms Gabaldon did such a FANTASTIC job of describing “Himself”. I don’t think we’ll ever get the perfect Jamie. My only worry is that they will choose someone and that person’s features will be “super-imposed” on MY personal image of Jamie and thus forever spoil it for me.

    So to the Casting director – Good luck and know that if you botch this up – You’re in trouble !!! 🙂 🙂

  54. I agree a million percent in Jason Patrick as Black Jack. I can’t imagine any other Englishman who plays as delicious an evil character as Jason – for Claire, lots of nominations for winsome, delicate looking women (with the exception of a suggestion for Kate Winslet – who if you look at her, has a nicely curvy sort of figure but looks sturdy enough to be able to tug and tote and survive 18th Century Scotland. (Hideous Kinky).

    Kevin McKidd blew me away when I caught glimpse of him in Made of Honor – I immediately thought of Jamie – he’s young enough to pull off the 23 year old Jamie but mature enough to get through the agining process believably. He’s got the right build as well. Ewan is great looking but he’d not be hardy enough for Jamie’s build.

  55. I agree with Anne. Gerard Butler IS and will always be Jamie. (Unless you go for my husband who is naturally red, same features, just not as buff) I have seen some doctored photos of Gerard with red hair and he can definately pull it off. I was hesitant at first, but once I saw the picture I was sold!
    As far as Claire goes, yes! Rachel Weisz! She has it all, everything Claire has. Plus, she has a little of an attitude as well as Claire.
    The HBO series is an extremely perfect idea! Just look at how well the Tudors is doing, not to mention has similar qualities, action, drama, sex. No time travel though. I think it would bring a larger fan base if it were a series compared to a full screen movie. Plus, we don’t have all our lives to wait for seven or so books to be turned into movies. But I do know that Diana needs to hustle it to get the new book done.

  56. Darren Boyd- I can’t find any good pics of him online, he used to be in the British show Smack the Pony… He looks to me like a Jamie Fraser- and he’s definitely got the build- he’s 6’4″ and not lanky. Verra good lookin’…*grins* I think he’s in his early thirties, so if it was cast relatively soon, he could possibly still fit the bill…. oh but of course a young Sean Bean would also be dreamy 😀

  57. I stand by my choice: John Rhys Meyers. Tall, catlike, knife-edged nose, he’s got the eyes, and I’m damn well sure he could have the accent down quick. Plus, he looks YOUNG. People always see Jamie in his forties… but we meet him when he’s 23, and Claire when she’s 27. I haven’t a clue who’d play Claire… but the more I think about Rhys Meyers, the more he becomes Jamie.


    “Any American actor cast as Jamie would be awful, they must stick with a Scot or at least a Brit!”

    I have been pouring over all the suggestions for casting Jamie Frasier and emphatically disagree with this statement. My pick for Jamie would be Josh Holloway. He plays the charming rogue on ABC’s Lost. He even has the slanted blue eyes that melt your insides. Now that I think of it his “love interest”, on the show, is a curly haired brunette named Kate played by Evangeline Lilly. Although she is not tall like Clair, she would do and the chemistry between the two of them on the show is as hot as a nuclear meltdown.

  59. I started reading the Outlander series 3 years ago and honestly, Gerard Butler was the “Jamie” in my head the entire time. Is he older than 23, yes. But let’s face it, if they ever do a movie or miniseries, there are sure to be some changes from the book. Rarely do they adhere to the original 100%. It honestly won’t bother me one iota if Jamie is in his early 30s rather than his 20s. Who cares?! They can absolutely get around the age thing with the right adjustment of time. The trick is getting the right Scotsman to play the role. And I’m sorry ladies, but in my mind Mr. Butler is THE MAN! For fun, just watch some of his interviews on Leno…smart, charming, funny, and oh so sexy. Some red in that hair and we’re there. (Aren’t opinions great?!)

  60. Okay, I’m going to throw this out there and hunker down for the onslaught. Brendan James Fraser IS a Fraser, speaks French fluently “Je suis prest!”, 6 foot 3 inches, you should see some of the pics on the web of him mostly naked posing as Neptune or some mythological creature, long hair entwined with seaweed. At least he could correct people on how to say the surname properly. I know we all see him as the goof in George of the Jungle et al but remember Michael Keaton played Beetlejuice before he did intense Batman…we know he can do action movies, let’s see if he can do a Scottish accent (his acting chops were cut in London actually). Maybe it’s time to let Brendan grow up. He does have a nice stubborn-male mojo thing going…

  61. Robert Kazinsky aka Sean Slater from Easternders is the only man i can think of that would do Jamie Fraser Justice

  62. Going back to posting of last 2007, I agree about Liam Neeson being my vision of Jamie when I read the books.

  63. I once did see a 6’4″ (or taller) Scotsman with flaming red hair, in full kilt, no less. I was 9 years old in 1981, and this fellow was on walkabout in Australia, God knows why. He was shopping in the Queen Street Mall in Brisbane . . .even at age nine I was in awe, and my own Dad is no slouch at 6’2″. But this guy was amazing . . . 27 years later I am still drooling.

  64. I’ve just started listening to the Outlander series on recorded books. Well, first book, I’ll be getting Dragonfly in Amber. I just love Jamie. He’s handsome and one hell of a lover.

    Anyway, I was hoping they would hopefully do a series of movies based on the books.

    As far as an actor to play him. Well, I don’t really know any scottish actors who would even play the part. I’m thinkin they should cast an unknown for it and if they choose someone for the vision/image I’m thinkin Jamie should be and if their choice is correct in my eyes, I’ll be a puddle on the floor. I only wish I were in Claire’s shoes.

  65. I think that Dean McDermott (AKA Tori Spelling’s husband) would make a fine Jamie…he’s big, Scottish, and he’s got that “rough around the edges” look about him…can’t think of anyone else that would do….can you?

  66. All I have to say is Alexander Skarsgard!
    He would be perfect. Talented but relatively unknown in North America.
    Makes you feel safe and dangerous all at the same time!
    Check out Generation kill if you have any doubts.

  67. Sorry people – Ewan McGregor, as gorgeous as he is, and I love him to bits, is too softly spoken to play Jamie. Gerard Butler is most definitely the man for the role – he is beautiful and he has a huge presence about him.

  68. I have read all the Outlander books and Gerard Butler is Jamie old or not. Please don’t blow this its what we all need is a great story with humor and drama,It has been for ever since I have seen a great movie. They don’t make them any more.We got lost some place in all the new crap that their making now.Don’t blow this.

  69. I was browsing and found this image…I’m only 16 but I am totally engrossed with the series! Also because one of the characters shares my name…I do hope they make this wonderful series into a movie and Sean does make a wonderful Jamie…

  70. Without a doubt, Gerard Butler is Jamie Fraser! He’s convincing as a warrior and a protector. Gerard would also be convincing as a sexy, tender lover. He is a true Scot, this role needs a true Scot. I think Gerard could also nail Jamie Fraser’s sense of humor! If your desperate for a Claire…you might want to consider ME! I don’t have an English Accent but hey, I am a quick learner.

  71. I think That If they got around to making Voyager, Drums of Autum, The Fiery Cross Gerrad Ullie (hannible Rising) Should play Fergus (older) and James Mc Avoy For Young Ian (In America After he comes back from the Mohawk)

  72. Hey, what about Keri Russel for Claire and Oliver Coleman for Jamie? I love Kevin Mc Kidd and Jery Butler, but they are way too old, I’m afraid.

  73. Kayla…. Alan Tudyk is an EXCELLENT suggestion as well! I really loved him in Firefly, as well as A Knight’s Tale. I could most certainly see him as Jamie.

    I do love Gerard Butler…. VERY MUCH SO! But somehow just cannot picture him as Jamie. He has an enormous presence & I believe more than enough ability to play the role I’m sure, but I’m not sure they can pull off making him look like a 6’4″ redheaded Scotsman….Scot or not. LOL. But then, I can’t think of many Scottish men who ARE 6’4″. 🙂 The tough part for me is going to be if they cast someone who does NOT have some size to him it will be hard for me to buy it. Jamie will always tower over the other men in my mind’s eye. LOL!

    As for Kevin McKidd & age, I realize that we do meet Jamie in Outlander when he’s 23…but the thing to keep in mind is that 300 years ago someone in their 20’s would not have looked like we do today. People aged a lot more quickly & I’m sure had a much more rugged demeanor to them. Just a thought. Not to mention that hollywood makeup can do a lot in that department….just take a gander at how young they made Patrick Dempsey look for his college age scens in Made of Honor.

    But then I guess when I’ve read the books I’ve never once pictured Jamie as a really young man…he’s always had more of a late 30’s – 40’s appearance in my mind’s eye. I’m sure it’s different for everyone, as is evidenced here.

    As for Claire… I cannot see Kristin Scott Thomas in the role, I just can’t. I CAN, however, see Kate Winslet pulling it off. I can also see Rhona Mitra (Doomsday) playing Claire.

    For years I’ve seen Alicia Witt in my mind’s eye as Brianna….. to me, she is the perfect Brianna.

    I just hope it all comes together & we actually get to see all our beloved characters come to life….and that we aren’t all disappointed.

  74. I think the British actor Rupert Penry-Jones is a good choice for Jamie.

    Although he doesn’t have the cat like eyes described in the book, his coloring is right and he’s 6’2 or 6’3.

    I imagine Jamie as being very broad shouldered but I still think RPJ could pull it off.

  75. If anyone watched Grey’s Anatomy last night, they would have met Jamie Fraser in the flesh…. KEVIN MCKIDD IS JAMIE FRASER. No doubt in my mind. For years I was convinced that only Gerard Butler could do it, but seeing Kevin last night on Grey’s made me change my mind.

  76. Just watched the opener of Grey’s Anatomy and saw the first actor I’d buy as Jamie – Kevin McKidd a/k/a Dr. McSquirmy.

  77. GENTE eu preciso saber, vai ter filme ou não sobre a série Outlander ou já tem??? Eu preciso assistir eu amo aquele livro……..

  78. Peter Sarsgaard? find the picture of him with the beard
    Though I thought David Wenham was absolutely inspired as well. Actually looking at him made me go grab a copy of Outlander.

    Gerard Butler is TOO OLD! Gorgeous but too old. Much better as Dougal.

  79. None of the actors fit to the charakters in the book, because everyone has an individual image of them. Therefore it doesn’t bother me if they look different than in the book. The main thing is that they should be able act out the charakters in the book.

  80. I’ve read all the books in this series quite a number of times and my first choice was Gerard Butler for the part of Jamie only because of his lovely accent but the problem with him is he is nothing like Jamie in appearence so what would be the point! … but after watching a film recently with the actor Kevin McKidd… I just cant seem to get his image out of my head … he is big as I have imagined Jamie to be.. he is a definate red head … the loveliest blue eyes like Jamie has and the face is definately viking looking!… and on top of all these qualities HE IS SCOTTISH and you wouldnt have to worry about him not fitting into the role… he is not as well known as some actors but Jesus H Roosevelt he is definately our Jamie… just have a look at him in the mini series of Rome… there is one photo on the net here under images for Kevin McKidd and the face just blew me away!…
    I’m for Kevin McKidd he has my definate vote as Jamie!

  81. And on top of all this information Kevin McKidd is left handed like Jamie Fraser… now how could you possibly go with someone else!

  82. nobody will be the perfect Jamie we all have our own dream. I think David Wehnam is the one.
    Gerard Bulter is yummy too but I dont think he has the look of innocent needed. Blessings

  83. I think Sean Bean is a great jamie. i love ewan McGregor though..he is who I picture when i’m reading the books. i didn’t think kevin McKidd would be good until I saw him as a General on Grey’s Anatomy. i can know totally see him as the older Jamie.

  84. Diana Gaboldon said the closest version of jamie she could find is Gabriel Aubrey….go look him up. i can see Jamie very much…wonder if he can act?
    i think rachel Weiz could play claire

  85. If my husband was an actor he is the perfect Jamie. He is 6’5″, redhead, and good looking man with a look of his own. His parents call him Jamie so I have enjoyed the book by just looking at my husband. Even his characteristics are a lot like Jamie’s. So while many people dream of their Jamie, I am lucky enough to look up and see my wonderful husband who I call Mac.

  86. I think Gabriel Aubrey should be Jamie. He has the cat eyes, the nose and the chin. I think he would be good.

  87. The undoubtedly best version of Jamie Fraser (young) that I have found is Jason Lewis—-I urge every one to take a gander and remember the hair can be dyed!! Lets remember he is not supposed to be puny……and Sean Bean are you serious????????

  88. i think the book shouldn’t even have a movie to begin with. jamie fraser, as we all know (FOR ALL THOSE WHO HAVE READ THE FANTASTIC OUTLANDER SERIES) is our man of our dreams. we imagine him. creating him the way we want him to look like. having a movie with someone acting him out will just destroy our so called “mcdreamy”

    as we all know and as we all have seen, making a movie out of a book will only destroy the story due to the fact that movies have to be 1 hour and a half long only. making an 800- page book fit into that span of time will not only compromise the story but also will recreate what we’ve imagined in our own minds.

    books are for reading and imagining. not for making movies out of it.

  89. Diana Gabaldon said it best herself, that while Gerald Butler is a very fine looking Scotsman, he will have a difficult time pulling off a 22 year old virgin. Gerald Butler is too old people. Is he hot still? Absolutly! But even Hollywood can’t bring him down to 22. Sorry to disappoint

  90. Jamie is uncastable, But Josh Holloway and Gabriel Aubrey came close. (Can the latter act, though?)

    How about Joe Anderson of Across the Universe fame? I think he can may be, possibly, some how get Jamie right.

  91. KEVIN MCKIDD. He not only looks like Jamie, he has the all around essence of James Fraser.

    Who are they thinking for Roger? Maybe David Wenham could be Roger? I really like him as well.

    Josh Holloway is almost too pretty to be Jamie. He’s just so perfectly good looking.

  92. The australion actor Alex O’Loughlin would be my choise. Great actor, good looks and a Scottish descendant. Combines sensitvity, charisma and strength.

  93. Make him the mature Jamie in the movie, but if anyone other than Gerard Butler is cast in the role, I won’t watch it. Any one else would be a travisity. Gerry IS Jamie Fraser. If this preproduction stuff goes on until 2020, then just don’t make the movie at all. Leave us with our image of Jamie/Gerry. Do you realize how many people have read these books with only Gerard Butler in mind? (Maybe by the time the film is made, Gerry will have a son who looks just like him and Gerard Jr. could take the role! The only acceptable alternative)

  94. I think David Garrett looks exactly like Jamie Fraser!
    The long nose, the eyebrows…
    Only the eyes and the hair has another colour.

    Does he looks like Jamie?!

  95. Dear TY,

    I respectfully disagree with your choice for Jaime. However, I have a different role in mind for Mr. Sean Bean. The handsome, scary pirate that comes into play much late in the books. I bet he would love to sink his teeth into THAT role.

  96. Sonea,

    David Garrett is *very* good looking, and would make a good Jamie, but his coloring is a little off. I don’t think he has the luminous skin of a red head, and his eyes are dark. I’d have to see him after makeup, with his hair dyed and contacts in to say…

    I like Gabriel Aubrey, as well…

  97. Gabriel Aubrey would be perfect. He’s gone the long straight nose and cat-like eyes. He’s 6’2″ and ridiculously attractive. It would be a wonderful thing if he could act.

    My other suggestion is Philip Winchester. He’s 6’1″. If he could pull off the accent, I think he could meet the challenge of being Jamie Fraser.

    I love Gerald Butler, but I think he’s just too old. Remember that Jamie starts off as a 22 year old virgin. I really don’t think he can pull that off.

  98. My vote would be for Kevin McKidd – all the way. He a Highland Scot, has the looks (red hair, height, great build), and is VERY talented.

    Gerald Butler is too old. David Garrett doesn’t have the coloring, although perhaps he would make a good Dougal? Simon Woods is too young looking – not rough around the edges enough – but once again, would be good in another role.

  99. I’m new at the books and LOVE THEM (why didn’t someone tell me about these years ago???) and I feel like it should be a mini-series too. The audible book that started me on it was 32 hours long! Probably a new young actor should play Jamie, or someone who can pass for a younger version of Sean or Gerard for the first movie. I like the way they both look, but they don’t look like 22 year old virgins! No sir-ee!

  100. I don´t think that Gerry is too old, look at Atilla, there he looks very young – i think! I would like to see Gerry as Jamie

  101. I only have ideas for Jamie and Claire and those are Kevin McKidd and Alex Kingston. Of course Kevin would need more red in that hair, but he is a Scot and just has the look in his face…I think.

  102. Okay…I just thought of someone for Brianna. Laura Prepon…Donna Pinciotti…from That 70’s Show. She’s young enough and has that look. I can’t think of anyone else for the other characters though. I have someone pictured for Roger and Stephen, but can’t think of their names right now.

  103. Sorry, but I missed a few suggestions earlier while I was reading through. I really didn’t mean to post 3 times…Alicia Witt would be good as Brianna too. And I agree, Sean Bean would be a wonderful Stephen Bonnett…long, greasy hair and dirty him up a little…bingo!

  104. Gerry is definately to old, he has changed since Attila and Phantom. You can see that he is older than 23, even if you put tons of Make up on. You can see that in PS I love you were he plays a 25 year old one at one point and you can see very well that he is oldr than this.
    Gerry is perfect for the Edinburgh/America time.

    For the young Jamie I wuld suggest Robert Pattinson. He quite popular now due to Twilight.
    hes got the age, quite the looks and with some workout he could pull off Jamie very well, hes an amazing ad talented actor.

  105. I think it would be very wise to cast an unknown, genuine Scottish man, for Jamie. Gerard Butler would be great – for a 40 yr old Jamie!! Jamie is so young at the beginining, they have to get someone who looks young, not some ruggedly handsome 40ish actor. All the men people suggest are just too old! Can’t they just walk around Scotland and find a man to do this part, I mean, the true Scottish accent has to be the hardest part. I honestly haven’t been able to come up with someone I truly see as Jamie, except possibly David Wenham and Karl Urban, both of the Lord of The Rings movies, but they are a little old too! Ahhhh!!

  106. I just saw Evangeline Lilly from Lost this morning and I think we have a Claire. It’s the eyes! She has the energy for Claire and she’s gorgeous.
    As for Jamie someone better get into the Highlands and start combing the countryside. This man has to be big at least 6’5″. Big men have a softness to them and can be fierce when need be, like Jamie. I know it’s acting but still. But we need a Warrior!!!

  107. Simon Baker – OK he’s an Australian actor, but he’s got the hair, the height, the eyes and hes drop dead gorgeous grin. There is also something mysterious about the way he carries himself and something hes always keeping to himself. You can’t read his face – just like our Jamie

  108. The popular votes for Jamie seem to be:
    Gerard Butler, Sean Bean, David Wenham, Kevin McKidd, Josh Holloway etc. But I don’t think of them look AT ALL like Jaime is described. I know it is a hard thing to cast someone like Jaime though.
    First, his physical appearance is so strikingly unique! He is VERY tall, slender, pale, red hair (but its like a golden red if you will recall!) blue cat-like eyes, ears that stick out, full wide lips, battered and scarred and clean-shaven people!
    Then there’s his personality… he’s got a sense of humour and is a charming ladies man but he’s also very stubborn with a STRONG presence. You have to believe that he is a warrior. For this reason I can see why most people have suggested Gerard Butler. He has definitely got Jamie’s personality. I wonder if he was the inspiration??
    I agree that Gabriel Aubrey looks most like Jamie but he’s model not an actor. Too bad.
    I would have to support the suggestions of Max Martini, Alexander Skarsgard (although if he’s Swedish he couldn’t possibly do a Scottish accent…) or Henry Cavill. These guys are good looking and have blonde hair and pale skin, so you could easily do red highlights.
    At any rate… I found a drawing of Jamie on Diana Gabaldon’s website and it is exactly what I had pictured of him. Don’t know if its still there (it was pictured above an excerpt from the story).

    Although I would love to see Jamie look like what we all imagined, I think a true Outlander fan would be more concerned if he could act or not.
    For that reason I think we need a serious no-name actor. Sometimes these turn out to be the best!

    Here is a sketch of Claire that I found. It is not at all like Rachel Weise, Kate Winslet, Lily Evangeline or Keira Knightley (I will cry if Keira ever got that role! She would just ruin it for me).

    Someone suggested Anna Friel and Rose Byrne… I would have to agree. They look a bit like Claire would and are good actors. Although they would have to really do something about the eyes. Claire is supposed to have Amber colour eyes (as you can see in the sketch in the link above).

    As for Brianna I thoroughly agree with the suggestion of Alicia Witt- because she is tall, slender, pretty, redheaded and has an intensity to her that is like Jamie.

    As much as Jason Isaacs is a great actor and looks menacing… and everyone seems to think he should be Jack Randall… I don’t find him the least bit attractive and Claire clearly states that Frank is supposed to be smooth and handsome. Someone like Jonathon Rhys Meyers would be perfect. Plus I think Cillian Murphy looks a lot like him, so we could easily have an Alexander Randall.

    John Grey is supposed to be blonde and look a bit girly… I thought perhaps Tom Welton?? He’s got the snobbiness about him too.

    It’s been fun looking at all the suggestions though. It’s amazing that most of us think alike about who should play Jamie! I desperately hope there is a movie. Even if it disappoints I hope they try. Every time I read a good book I wish that they made it into a movie so that I can visualise it better.

  109. Undoubtedly, Gerard Butler has the charm, personality and acting ability to pull off playing Jamie and I can understand why he is the fans’ favorite. But as gorgeous as he is, I don’t think that he is physically best suited for that role. So even though he is one of my favorite actors right now, I’ll have to respectfully disagree with the majority.
    And I don’t think I’ve seen it suggested here yet, but instead of playing Jamie, I think GB would be perfect as Dougal Mackenzie! Am I the only one here who thinks this would be a brilliant piece of casting?? Everytime “The Mackenzie” is described in the books, I cannot imagine anybody else but Gerard Butler! What do you think?

  110. After reading and rereading the novels, I think Jamie should be an unknown, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were given the right to vote?

  111. Gerard Butler and Kate Winslett. Perfection!! Both could pull off the different ages needed for all the books. Makeup artists are miracle workers. And I agree with the idea of an HBO series, in order to do all of the books justice. Otherwise, it would take years to do it with movies, although it would look great on the big screen.

  112. There were already suggestions about Gerard Butler playing Dougal. Kate Winslet? No, much as I love her, I don’t see her in that role. I have read these books three times over and always picture Gerard in my head as Jamie. They could easily do the younger version via technology. Look at what they did with Kate Blanchett in Benjamin Button? I’ll be happy to see this movie no matter who plays it, but it will always be Gerard’s eyes I picture looking at her and whose voice I picture when I read the books.

  113. what about Phillip Winchester? He’s the guy on Crusoe. Has the jaw and knifeblade nose, cat eyes and lovely shoulders.

  114. Philip Winchester does have a great face for Jaime! And he’s blonde, so it wouldn’t be too hard to make him into a believable redhead since he has the light eyebrows and all. And he’s tall, so that’s good!

  115. I’m afraid I’ve lost enthusiasm for the movie. They can’t put it all into a two-hour film. What story will they zone into? For me, Gerry Butler is Jamie. Granted, he can’t play the 23 year old virgin. That would have been possible, however, for GB a few years ago. So, if they don’t take the majority of the story from the later perspective, I don’t really want to see it on film. I’ll just keep and enjoy my ideas about Jamie in my imagination and the books. No need at all to enhance it with a visual that would only upset and annoy me.

  116. I agree that Kate Winslet would make a perfect Claire. I also thought that Ray Stevenson, Titus Pulio of the Rome Series, would make a fabulous older Jamie. He is tall, good looking and very imposing looking. But I do agree that Gerard Butler is also a great choice. I think it would be best to do this as an HBO series. I don’t think anyone else could do it better.

  117. Herself has said that the model Gabriel Aubrey is what Jamie looks like – and he is quite tasty, but unfortunately, not an actor. For me, since I started reading the series in 1992, Claire has always been a young Emma Thompson, pretty but no-nonsense. Now that Emma is regrettably too old, I’ve switched to Keri Russell.

  118. Michael Cassidy from The O.C. and Smallville might make an excellent Jamie Fraser. He’s only 6 feet tall and American, but has many other similarities to the handsome highlander. He’s the right age, has the look, and is a good actor.

    Clive Owen would make an excellent Dougal or Collum McKenzie. Kate Winslet would be a great Claire-she is who I envision when reading the novels. Just say no to Keira Knightley!

  119. I always imagine Gerard Butler when reading Outlander but I like a lot of people have my doubts as to whether he could manage to look 23 and virginal to boot.

    Facially I think Gabriel Aubrey is perfect but he does seem a bit on the skinny side. Not to mention the fact that he isn’t an actor.

    I have a squidoo lens at

    Give your opinion as the whom you think is the best choice.

  120. Well, hell, we can’t expect perfection can we? I have to go with Gerald Butler, cause his nose is straight enuf, his forehead is high enuf and his mouth is wide enuf. Plus he’s got the body and has proved he can be imposing in fight scenes. Don’t forget, apart from his tenderness, Jamie is one of the most fierce and ruthless of men too. Whoever played him would HAVE to be convincingly daunting, to merely give a look and turn his enemies to stone!
    As to the Black Jack Randall scene, well, in the book we don’t directly ‘see’ what happens, we find out later, when jamie tells claire, so i don’t think there’s a problem with portraying the scene. There’s some things we sure as hell don’t need to see!

  121. I agree it should be someone relatively uknown but gabriel aubrey is closest jamie for me, very chiseled looks. kate beckinsale is definately strong enough to play clare, and she has the classical english look that clare has. it is a pity gabriel aubrey doesn’t act.

  122. Alexander Skarsgard for Jamie all the way. He’s nordic. He’s 6’4″-huge like Jamie, and positively gorgeous! He could certainly pull it off. He doesn’t look his age of 32 in the least. Check out his facial structure, the nose is long, mouth wide, eyes slant upward. What more can I say?

  123. i would love you to meet my son….who is scot…english and a bit hungarian…..hes 6’4 3/4″ tall….red/blonde hair…and a professional mma fighter….so yes they are out there..(b t w he was called jamie till he was 7)

  124. Will this movie ever come through?????
    Everybody we suggested will probably be old and grey. My vote is still Alex O”Loughlin as Jamie and save him from “three rivers”!!!

  125. MICHAEL FASSBENDER is the perrrrrfeeeecccttt jamie
    just saw him in hunger 1) he is an amazing actor, his monologue moved me to tears 2) german born with reddish hair so he has the very viking features 3) only 32 4) raised in ireland and in hunger he had the belfast accent which is an interesting mixture of irish, scottish, and english dialect so i am sure he could pick up the highland accent.
    I am reading the books now, currently on drums, and have always pictured gerry but seeing fassbender has completely changed my vision of jamie!

  126. My husband has just the copper/auburn/cinnamon hair Diana describes jamie as having, and the other day, as he was driving I was admiring the copper glint of the hair on his arms, struck by the sun. Claire often mentions jamie’s ‘pelt’ and the sun on his body hair in all those nude haystack/meadow scenes… So, I got to thinking, I love Gerard Butler, and hair can be dyed, but can body hair? I don’t think so, so I think Jamie would have to be played by a real redhead. My hubby also pointed out that no redhead would have the skin tone that Gerard has, he’s too olive. Jamie needs to be ruddy.

  127. This would be a fabulous series for HBO. It simply is too complex a story to be told in a 2 2/5 hr movie. Jamie and Claire’s relationship, adventures, places and key people (ie Bree-Roger) in their lives must be captured so one knows the story from beginning to end.
    As far as casting roles, I’m hoping that common sense prevail — there must be a Jamie, Claire and cast somewhere in the UK – no AMERICAN actors please! That would absolutely be horrible! There are gorgeous, talented actors all over England, Scotland, Irelard. Gerard Butler is good but doesn’t quite fit the age where we first are introduced to Jamie. Just to name a few for characters in the story, Hugh Dancy, Kevin McKidd, Richard Armitage, Rupert Perry Jones, Simon Woods, Sean Bean, Damien Lewis…

  128. Everybody and anybody in the least interested in who should play Jamie Fraser in the Outlander movie/series should check out Rupert Friend. He is tall, handsome, sensitive and could play the young, virginal Jamie with no problem whatsoever. Check him out in Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont! He is currently filming “Cheri”.

  129. philip winchester of the now off-the-air “crusoe” would be one of my choices (although gerald butler is definitely is up there). he’s young enough with potential for on screen aging. jason issacs is a total yes for randall. now let’s get this thing made!!! plus a mini series (like “the tudors”) would be the way to go. too much happens for just a 2 hour movie. besides, a 2 hour movie would not be enough JAMIE FRASER if the casting is perfect!!

  130. Please! Enough talk! This is torture! Half the world has read the series. Somebody make the movie! So far, Gerard Butler seems the best bet for Jamie but only with the right lighting. Moviecraft can make him taller ( Re: Mel Gibson in Braveheart) Please no anorexics for Claire, Tim Roth would be great as Black Jack. Come on, folks, let’s get ‘er done!! Never has there been such a ready made audience!

  131. I think Henry Cavill would make an excellent Jamie. He is a 26 yr old British actor who is 6′ tall. He’s on the Showtime series called The Tudors and you can a check out what he looks like with long hair in Tristan and Isolde. I like Kate Beckinsale for the role of Claire even though I saw Keri Russel in my head as I read the book. I can’t hear Keri doing an English accent though. James McAvoy has Roger written all over him. Judd Law could play Frank/Jack Randall and Nicole Kidman would make an awesome Geilie.

  132. I agree with Laura, Henry Cavill is young, handsome and strong! Gerard Butler is great but to old.

  133. Gerard Butler is an amazing actor and, as Diana Gabaldon said, a great specimen of Scottish manhood, but he just doesn’t match the way that James Fraser is described in the books in the slightest. After watching Rome, I think that Kevin McKidd would make an amazing Jamie: he has the height, the build, the facial features, and he has proven that he knows how to handle a sword. People definitely looked older than they did centuries ago because of the physical demands that were placed on them. Just please, no Robert Pattinson. Yes, he does have the ability to make women swoon, but he just doesn’t have that rugged quality that Jamie has.

  134. Sorry, Gerard Butler is the only one I can see in this role. He has the rugged Scot look for me, the other actors mentioned just don’t look masculine enough for the role, but why ruin a good book with a movie anyway?

  135. We all obviously have our own opions as to what actor should have the honor to play one of the biggest heart throbs in the last century. Gerald Butler, amazing presence with an adorable accent, but alas no Jamie. He’s too old and too dark. Henry Cavill is handsome yes, bu also too dark. There’s nothing worse than trying to make a dark haired man into a redhead. Kevin McKidd isn’t bad but is lacking that certain something that Jamie has. It’s a tough decision. I don’t know that Jamie exists other than in the pages of the Outlander series.

  136. While reading the Outlander series I think each one of us has gotten a mental picture of what Jamie should look like. I’m sure that no matter who is chosen to portray him there are going to be some disappointed fans out there. I personally would LOVE to see Gerard Butler as James Fraser. Even though he doesn’t fit the description that everyone seems so key to stay with, I think he does have the sex appeal that is definitely going to be needed to fill this role. Think ahead to the love scenes between Jamie and Claire….. Not only were they steamy, but they were funny. Gerard fits the bill better than anyone out there!(P.S. I Love You?)

  137. I just started reading the Outlander series a few months past and the whole time I have been reading, I have been picturing Gerard Butler as Jamie! He is prefect I think for Jamie Fraser!

  138. I have had Cross Stitch for years, and only just read it!
    As soon as I read Jamie s character – I could only see Gerard Butler in the role. I had no idea that a movie was already being planned, and could only think how the book could be transferred to the screen without losing any of its terrifyingly, heart-pounding flavour. Claire is another matter, altogether, and will probably require an a male opinion, to get it right (no offence meant) Jonathan Rhys Meyers is perfect as the Randall men.

  139. For the longest time, I’ve always been one of those people who was a strong supporter of Gerard Butler as James Fraser, but lately I’ve come to see that Kevin McKidd would make a far greater choice. He could play Jamie from his twenties all the way up through An Echo in the Bone (depending on what happens to James in that novel of course along with the proper make-up). People aged much younger back then, so even though Kevin is much older than twenty two/twenty three years old, he could certainly pull off the part well. When reading the novels and then looking at Kevin on screen, the similarities are uncanny: both Jamie and Kevin are Scottish, both are above six feet tall, both are left handed, and from watching Kevin as Lucius Vorenus in Rome there can be no doubt in anybody’s mind that he could handle the fight scenes incredibly well. Kevin also has very strong Norse features which James is described as having. Yes, I do think that Gerard Butler is an amazing actor who just oozes sexuality, but I’ve always pictured James as more of the stand-up kind of man with a more subdued sexuality about him.

  140. Jamie Fraser is Gerard Butler, and if you wait any longer we are all going to be dead. I have been following this for ever, what are you waiting for. Jamie and Clair should be the most beautiful people their is. Their are alot of great actors out their and actresses that are great and would love to be in this movie. I love the books of the Outlander and waiting for the next one. I just hope I live longenough to see it complete.

  141. I am not feelen’ Gerard Butler as Jamie. I’m with you. He is just not what my mind has made. Perhaps it’s because he is needing the red. Red hair is essential. Not only that but Gerard’s face just doesn’t seem to match for some reason.
    My thought is go to Scotland and look for an unknown who fits the bill.
    Just a thought.

  142. Jamie must be Alexander Skarsgard – he has the height – the talent and the looks – he has been Jamie in my mind for all the books –

  143. I agree with Connie. Alexander Skarsgard is the perfect Jamie. He’s a hot commodity right now with True Blood series. It wouldn’t take much work to change his now blond locks to auburn. His eyes tilt up at the corners like our red haired laddie, and he has a deep sensual voice that will draw female viewers in-if he can pull of the accent! Please get on the Alexander bandwagon.

  144. SAM WORTHINGTON!!! He would certainly live up to the handsome rugged Jamie Fraser 😉

  145. Oh yes! For sure! Sam Worthington (the new terminator guy) is fine! He’s definitely tall enough (6’2), and he looks really rugged and tough in the movie called Clash of the Titans coming out in 2010.

  146. I checked out Sam Worthington on Terminator…”TO
    DIE FOR PERFECT to act as Jamie Fraser!!!! What
    a great Austrialian accent, easily could be the good looking rough Scottish man in his mid-twenties. Evangeline Lilly from Lost would be a perfect match as his 27 yr old Claire!

  147. OK… in my mind’s eye I’ve always pictured Gerard Butler as Jamie Fraser when reading the books. None better! Unfortunately I must agree with some of the others, his maturity makes it physically awkward for him to play the young Jamie. Kevin McKidd was wonderful as Lucius Vorenus in HBO’s Rome but frankly as Jamie, he doesn’t quite pull it off for my tastes, plus his jutting brow sort of creeps me out. Ray Stevenson, who played Titus Pullo, could pull it off but he has the same problem as Butler… physically too old. As far as Claire, Keri Russell is spot on!

    I recently saw a movie called “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day.” There was a very tall (6’3”), young (3 years younger than Keri Russell), handsome, sexy, romantic and smoldering actor named Lee Pace who played the part of Michael. He reminded me a bit of Clive Owen (who would also be good, but again too old). Henna dye and blue contact lens would cover Jamie’s coloring. Unfortunately for those of you who beg for a Scot in this role, I apologize… he’s American, but according to his IMBD bio, well trained. He pulled of a credible British accent to my American ears, so perhaps he can manage the Scots.

    I haven’t seen Lee Pace in anything else although he has a considerable list of credits. He may be the one with enough obscurity to overcome the issues with readers’ perceptions and preferences while avoiding the pitfalls that comes with a well-known actor.

  148. I have read the Outlander series more times than I will admit. Can we all agree that the person playing Jamie is going to Have to have a sincere scottish accent or it isn’t going to work at all?! No matter how gorgeous/sexy the actor may be when he opens his mouth to whisper sexy love words to Claire, if it sounds like fake/cheesy Scottish, it just won’t ring true. Thoughts?

  149. I think there are some great ideas, but are they even making an Outlander movie? If anyone knows…please tell me.

  150. Gerard Butler would be the world’s most perfect Dugal–sorry fans, he’s way too old (as is Ewan MacGregor & Kevin McKidd, sadly…) People, he’s supposed to be 23, not 35-40!!!

    My current #1 pick for Jamie is Robert Buckley, from Lipstick Jungle!! He looks exactly as I have always pictured Jamie: I LOVE the idea of Henry Cavill too!! If movie magic could make him a redhead, then my number 3 pick would be Jake Gyllenhaal, though at 6′ he might be a bit on the short side for Jamie ::

    Here are my other casting thoughts:

    Jamie (runners up:)): Channing Tatum, Chris Pine, Cam Gigandet

    Claire: Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman, Rachel McAdams (no stranger to being a time-traveling Claire), Evangeline Lilly, Rachel Weitz, Kate Beckinsale, Marion Cotillard (though the last 3 look a teensy bit older than 27)

    Just my thoughts 🙂

  151. My number one pick for Jamie is Eric Bana…he could play young and older Jamie well.

  152. YOu are SO right…The only way the whole story can be told, with out leaving anything out and to do justise to the complex charactoer Diana has ceated would be to do an HBO mini series..I think it would rival the Tudors!
    As for who would play Jamie..It IS a difficult quest…one that equals the search for Scarlett O’Hara.

  153. I think Gerard Butler is amazingly good-looking, but is WAY too old to play Jamie, who is in his early twenties! my pick would have to be Simon Woods, who played Mr. Bingley. He has boyish good-looks, but has that presence that Jamie needs. He has the red hair as well. The more important question would be the actress to play Claire Randall. The character calls for a woman in her mid-twenties who has strength and maturity. That is going to be that hardest part to cast.

  154. I think Brianna could be played by the singer Joss Stone, and I agree about Simon Woods playing a young Jamie Fraser. He would need to bulk up a bit for the mature Jamie role, however. As far as Claire, I think Ruth Wilson would be a great pick.

  155. Can some please tell me how Gerard Butler is supposed to pull off a 22 year old virgin with red hair that is close to 6’4 in the first book Outlander?

    I am so glad you all arent the casting directors

  156. Yes I agree. Gerard Butler is way too old, but he could still play someone in Outlander. I agree with having Sam Worthington as Jamie.

  157. What about Rupert Grint? He’s very young but perhaps by the time the movie comes out he will have grown up a bit?

  158. I think Robert Pattinson could make a good Jamie, if he could pull off the Scottish accent and gain some muscle.

  159. I think Jamie Fraser should be Gerard Butler and Claire should be either Kate Beckinsale or Rachel Weisz… Rachel Weisz could play Claire’s attitude really well. This would give the movie the humor it deserves … These are wonderful books… I sure hope they do something with them.

  160. and yes… they can make Gerard look just as young as he needs to be. HBO series wouldn’t bother me either. It has to be Gerard and Kate Beckinsale or Rachel Weisz… this would just make the movie/show for me.

  161. i really don’t want to see these books subject to the so-called script writters of the big screen. i saw and hated what they did to the ” Lord of The Rings” only if Diana Gabaldon herself did the script Would i ever cosider going to see it!!!!!!!!!!

  162. I agree, as a HUGE Gerard Butler fan, that he is not the right one to play Jamie. I also think that folks have to keep in mind that Jamie is 24 in the novel Outlander, whoever plays him in said movie would have to be a younger man than Kevin McKidd or Gerard Butler…

  163. I have to agree with you, there is nothing wrong with Gerry, he’s goodlooking guy etc. BUT he is not Jamie. Never.
    Sean Bean would truly be better Jamie
    See here why

    JAmie is only young in first movie, in the others he will be older, like age of Sean Bean

  164. Alexander Skarsgard .. perfect for jamie .. and I believe he could pull off the red hair .. be it a little darker .. he has the height and build .. eyes .. and looks .. and he can do accents .. oh and he can act as well ..

  165. Butler isn’t doing HBO anytime soon. The matter-of- fact attitude James Fraser has? Gerard Butler is perfect for the job.

  166. Mmm, a lot of new (to me) names for Jamie.
    I like Butler, but he is far to old (as a lot of other suggestions are as well).

    Just for the picture (because I don’t think this formule1 coureur can act): google ‘Jenson Button’

    Can’t you make a page where all the pictures can be seen?

  167. I am very behind the times on this posting but I would like to say something. I personally, think it would a very bad idea for Outlander to be a HBO series. Mainly because there ARE people like myself that are very avid Outlander fans that do not have cable or if they do have cable they only have basic cable. There ARE people out there that love the series that simply can not afford those types of luxuries as cable or digital cable and therefore it would not be fair to those fans to not be able to see it. I don’t think that would be a very good decision on Diana’s part to do something like that. She has too many fans in all classes. And I’m sure quite a few in the lower middle class or even lower class income bracket that have found the books BECAUSE of a lack of money situation putting their main entertainment venue as reading.

  168. I think that Jaimie should be Kevin McKidd. He has the look. And as far as age, people looked older than they were back then. They showed age faster due to how hard life was. PLUS look at his background before he met Claire, he already had a hard life so he would look older than age might seem. He just needs longer hair.

    And after looking at the picture Diana posted as being Claire, I think Rachel Weiss would be perfect for her.


    Claire drawing from Diana’s site:

    And another note on age in movies: Just remember what they can do with makeup these days. Most of the characters are going to be several ages throughout the story so no matter who gets picked, they will have to be made up for several different ages.

  169. What about Alexander Skarsgard? He’s swedish, not scottish, but he has the whole viking look natrually. Just die his hair red and away you go. He’s 6’4″, broad shoulder and straight nose… the whole 9 yards. All he needs now is to learn a little Gaelic and he’d be great.

  170. i have read and loved all the books and counting down the days left to an echo in the bone. as far as casting for outlander goes i have seen alot of jamies and other characters and i have to say it ended in me shouting at the computer about some choices.diana gabaldon has on her website who she thinks and her thoughts on who should play what part and i have to say the woman got it spot on and who better but the woman herself to put forward her thought. and may i say her jamie is fab and is exactly how he should be seen.(yummy) OMG…. i just feel everyone needs to not be making the film about big popular actors.i think it might take away from the film and the story and then we will all be very upset if it’s not done as we all know it should be….

  171. i have read and loved all the books and counting down the days left to an echo in the bone. as far as casting for outlander goes i have seen alot of jamies and other characters and i have to say it ended in me shouting at the computer about some choices.diana gabaldon has on her website who she thinks and her thoughts on who should play what part and i have to say the woman got it spot on and who better but the woman herself to put forward her thought. and may i say her jamie is fab and is exactly how he should be seen.(yummy) OMG…. i just feel everyone needs to not be making the film about big popular actors.i think it might take away from the film and the story and then we will all be very upset if it’s not done as we all know it should be….sam worthington????? REALLY!!!!!!come on people jamie is supposed to have a good jaw bone, straight nose think of vikings people…get past who you think is hot and think about the acting aspect.. bring in an unknown. look at rob pattison we all love edward!! unknown is not bad…….

  172. I’m only crossing my fingers for one thing: Just please PLEASE do not make Jamie Fraser look like Richie Cunningham or sound like an American.

  173. Ok… part 2 – changed my mind, I think Michael Fassbender is Jamie. (really, I think Jamie is every woman’s fantasy guy, that’s why he can’t be decided by everyone…) He’s Irish, not a Scot, but he just has a Jamie presence to me. Most recently in Inglorious Basterds, was in 300 too. What d’ya THINK?

  174. Jamie is sooo important to cast – Jamie & Claire are so vital and I don’t think any of the choices so far….are going to work.. Crossing my fingers they work as hard on casting this as Twilight, or they will ruin this magnificient man. The guy needs to have presence and size – I almost think Rob Pattinson because he has the charisma and seems to be able to adopt accents easily….and is 6’1″. So many actors are so short! Jamie needs to have sparkle and Claire…. let’s just say I would love, love to be on casting these people. There is no room for error.

  175. I think of someone like Jason Lewis as Jamie Fraser. Attractive beyond words, quite, humble, strong, passionate. Gerrad Butler does not remind me of Jamie Fraser at all. I agree hopefully HBO will take it up as a serious. That would be FANTASTIC!

  176. I have to say, I have seen a real Jamie Fraser in real life, with Claire’s amber colored eyes though, not blue. And it was a humbling experience; especially since he was married to my sister-in-law. But, he doesn’t act, so we are back to square one. I think Gerry doesn’t look Nordic enough, but he is the best I have been able to think of so far. There HAS to be a newcomer out there who would be perfect.

  177. CHRIS HEMSWORTH 6’3″ would be the PERFECT Jamie. He’s young, tall, muscular, and sexy. He even has catlike eyes and since he has light hair he would look great with the red hair. I also feel that KERI RUSSELL could play the role of Clair and do that role justice. She has an angelic face of someone who would be from the 40’s. She’s an amazing actress and she also has crazy curly hair with the perfect coloring too.

    People need to stop saying that all these older actors and actresses can play the roles. Jamie is a young 24 year old not a 40 something man. Clair is only 28 not 40 either. Though a lot of the older actors would have done a wonderful job 10 years ago, they are too old for the role now.

  178. Kellan Lutz would be a great youg Jamie. I can picture him as a 22-year old virgin! I also think he could grow into Gerrard Bulter. Kellan is American, but his face could be Scottish and his body could be Jamie’s! Check him out!

  179. Oh my goodness, I just saw a pic of CHRIS HEMSWORTH and I totally believe that this guy can be jamie. He screams jamie and most important he is age appropiate. We need to stop focusing on these older men to play jamie. If they are going to make the movie its to focus on the first book when he was in his 20’s.

  180. Here is my cast:
    James Fraser – Gerard Butler (with reddish hair) or Karl Urban (just slap some blue eyes on him and he’ll be good to go) or even Hugh Jackman (put red hair on him and wa lah see this picture of him Alex O’Lougling also looks good I just haven’t seen him around and CHRIS HEMSWORTH is a very good choice too (if not for jamies son too)

    Claire – Rachel Weiss (i think she is a dead ringer for claire with yellow eyes and all and also feisty)

    Jack Randall – Love Jason Isaacs for this one he can be perfectly mean.

    Ian – Hugh Dancy

    William – Jamies son think Robert Pattison… would definitely fit the bill

    Bree – lisa sheldon is a good choice but is she tall?

    Roger MacKenzie- Look at Matthew Bomer he is just getting popular with a new tv series… cute!

    Jamie’s sister – Kate Blanchette… would be great but too big an actress to play that role… maybe Sarah McLeod

    I am so happy they are doing a version of this books. I fell in love with my imaginary Jamie Fraser and from seeing a lot of movies with Gerard Butler I do think he is my first choice. He can be gentle and funny (see PS I love you) unbelievable fighting skills and the body oh-my-god (see 300 for that one) AAAAAND he’s got the Scottish accent to boot. First choice hands down… as far as playing young jamie.. they can fix things for that… look at the curious case of benjamin button… they made brad look like a kid with CGI and was AWESOME.

    I hope they do make it into a loong series only to make the books justice. It is such a good story line!!

  181. Why not Kevin McKidd from Made of Honor. He played a Scottish Duke. Wonderful. All I could see was Jamie when I saw him.

  182. Wow, this thread just keeps on going. I just read Outlander for the first time a week ago, but felt the need to chime in as a new fan! 🙂

    Claire: Rachel Weisz would make a phenomenal Claire. Can’t think of anyone better suited at the moment.

    Jamie: So difficult to assign any actor to Jamie because he is just too perfect – but I think Chase Crawford would do the part well. A bulkier Chase would steam up the screen, and I think he’s around 6′. Someone mentioned Chris Hemsworth – I agree 100%! Either of these two guys would fit the rather large bill, IMO. I’m trying to envision someone who could pull off red hair like Jamie and that’s difficult to do. Definitely needs to be a gloriously well-built, tall man, w/ blue eyes, who can wear a short beard and also longer locks. Also, I picture Jamie as young and buff. Not an easy choice.

    Black Jack/Randall: I like Isaacs for the part as well. Someone on another site mentioned Rufus Sewell – another great choice, but the actor will need to slightly resemble Frank, so that would be a tough one.

    Dougal: I like the idea of Gerard Butler, or Eric Bana. Needs to be slightly older but great looking per DG’s description. I can’t envision Butler as Jamie in any way. He’s just not hunky enough for me and w/ red hair? Just not seeing it. Butler as Dougal – YES!

    Bree: I envision Emmy Rossum but I’m not sure if the height would be an issue.

    Roger: Tom Welling, hands down. A tall, slender guy who could pull off dark hair and green eyes with ease, as well as carry a scholarly appeal.

    I haven’t given the others much thought. 🙂 I hope a movie, or series of movies, emerge. Someone also mentioned the possibility of HBO taking the reigns – so long as they stick to the actual books rather than write new material or take it too far off-track, this would be a great option. I, personally, think HBO butchered Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series – but I still tune in. 🙂

  183. Unfortunately the beautiful Gerard Butler is too old to play Jamie. But check out PAUL TELFER on Goggle images. He is Scots and absolutely gorgeous. He is my vote to play Jamie (with a little hair dye of course!).

  184. As one of the many lovers of Jamie Fraser, and someone who would love to see him on the screen, I’m afraid whoever plays his part, will be a disappointment. We have imagined and fantasized for years what he looks like in our minds and no man will ever fill his boots or kilt, but it will be exciting when it finally comes about.

  185. It hit me this afternoon while I was reading in my car and listening to Pearl Jam….Eddie Vedder in his younger years (and with red hair) would have been the perfect Jamie!

  186. I can’t imagine any actor playing the part of Jamie Fraser. We who have read about and imagined what Jamie looks like will no doubt be disappointed with who ever plays the braw Scotsman. Of course we fans do want to see the film happen in our lifetime, it is an amazing tale we will all remember.

  187. I like Butler and I also think Liam Neeson would be perfect if you could make him younger for the early work. I also think Kevin McKidd would be a good choice.

  188. I don’t know who could do Jamie justice, but I have a great choice for Briana, Paige Stark. She’s tall, young enough , perfect hair and coloring and she’s a fine, unknown actor.

  189. These are my picks:

    Rachel Weisz would do a great job portraying Claire.

    Jamie: David Wenham.

    Black Jack/Randall: Ian Gruffund, slender/slight, effeminate but this guy could probably play old Ian as well.

    Jenny: Naomi Watts, she’d be pretty/small & feisty.

    Dougal: Gerard Butler because he’d make a good warrior, rough, harsh, and twisted enough.

    Colum: Tony Curran, most definitely.

    Bree: Laura Preppon, she’s tall, redheaded and Bree’s supposed to have the American thing going on. She’s definitely my vision of Jamie & Claire’s child. My 2nd choice is Bryce Dallas Howard because of the red hair & the cat eyes.

    Roger: Jim Sturgess. I also picture my Roger as tall/slender but still rough. All he needs is contact lenses and a good voice.

    Geillie: Michelle Forbes made such a crazy Maryann in True Blood, she’d fit right in as Geillie Duncan.

    Laoghaire: Juno Temple as the young version & Anna Maxwell Martin as the older version.

    I really can’t think of anyone fitting young Ian’s shoes and I could probably dwell on this for a while. All in all to say, it’s ok if the actors are a bit older because back in the days & 300yrs ago they ALL looked older due to food & living conditions so that’s fine. I also bet Hollywood could make anyone look younger/older, smaller/bigger, taller/shorter, they can do it all so nay worries there, lol… If we can find actors that are charismatic & charming enough, they can probably be molded to fit everyone’s perception.

  190. I totally agree with Molly above. After some deliberation (and enjoyable sleuthing), Skarsgard has my vote. At this age, he could easily carry off a younger Jamie. Check out clips from “Generation Kill” an HBO miniseries he was in. It is convincing.

  191. I’d like to see Matt Bomer (of White Collar) as Jamie Fraser. (I think Jamie needs to be someone around Matt’s age.) I realize the hair doesn’t fit, but they could always dye it so that in the sun there’s a slight redness. Matt Bomer is who I picture while reading the book. It sort of developed that way as I was watching White Collar and his character on the show is clever, flirty, grins, etc. It just seemed to line up with the books description of Jamie.

  192. So I was watching Sons of Anarchy and it hit me! Charlie Hunnam would be a great as Jamie. He’s gorgeous, He’s at least 6’1 with a nicely built body, the right coloring for the red hair (Dyed of course), the blue eyes and he can pull off an accent. He also can play up or down in age….I swear I’m in love with him as Jamie 🙂

    Also in SOA I’ve found the perfect Murtagh – Tommy Flannagan. I think some others have mentioned him and personally he’d fit my vision.

    Just Google them… Absolutely perfect.

  193. If it’s on hbo I can’t watch it! because i dont watch r rated things and that’s what it would be. I hope you please consider doing something everyone can watch, well not kids but most.

  194. I’m pretty sure any movie based on Outlander is going to be rated R. It’s unfortunate but the material in the book is quite heavy. There is a lot of violence, sex and a rape. Even Braveheart was rated R due to the battle scenes.

  195. I am in Australia and have just watched the first episode of CRUSOE on tele. As soon as i saw Philip Winchester who plays Crusoe I thought OMG ….Jamie ( with the right Hair colouring of course )

  196. I agree, HBO would be key – otherwise must be 2 1/2 hours at least or would be hard to really get in the detail. Gerard Butler doesn’t have the nose, just is too old. Chris Hemsworth (Star Trek) is the best candidate I have seen so far, I hear he is 6’3″, I think the sheer physical presence & ability, the eyes, the nose, the ability to have and wear the beautiful Jamie hair – and Charisma is a must – Chris is Australian I hear as well and I think Aussie, Brit, Irish or Scot is needed to convincingly carry the accent. Emily Blunt for Claire, Jason Isaacs for Frank/Jack…. seriously think about it. Whomever, has to be the perfect Jamie (as was done with Twilight) or no. HBO/Showtime, etc. would make obscene amounts of money on this, they would have more subscribers than they know what to do with!

  197. PS Probably has to be rated R, and if you don’t “watch rated R” but you read it, what is the difference? These books are adult and realistically deal with the times they portray. If they do to this what they have done to Twilight, it would be very sad indeed.

  198. I definitaly think Rachel McAdams would be the perfect Claire. Jamie is going to be hard. I do think that he may need to be a no name actor. Gerald Butler is gorgeous, but I think a little to old to play Jamie. He needs to be young and handsome like Robert Pattinson.

  199. Okay, Here’s my cast.
    Jamie Fraser : Kevin McKidd. He has the build and the crisp features of viking heritage. He has red hair which would make for a fine scruffy red beard. I don’t think you can pull of the rugged Highlander without the beard or at least the stubble and how do you get red stubble on a brunet. The actor must be a true redhead. Kevin can pull off rugged and passionate, he’s very good looking and most importantly, he’s a Scot. He’s all I see when I imagine Jamie. Mmmm
    Claire Fraser : Cate Blanchett. I also like Kate Beckinsale. Either would be able to pull off the strength of character and portray ageing well.
    Dougal MacKenzie : Dougray Scott
    Collum MacKenzie : David Tennant
    Black Jack Randall : Jason Issacs
    Brianna Fraser : Laura Prepon (from that 70’s show) She can pull off the hair and the height.
    Roger MacKenzie : Gerard Butler
    Ian Murray : James McAvoy
    Captain Buttons : John Rhys Meyers
    Lord John : Henry Cavill

    Haven’t given it much thought though. haha.

  200. I know the perfect Jamie.

    He’s not really an actor, he’s on the Real World Road Rules Challenge show, however we all know those reality shows are only real to a certain degree so maybe he CAN act! Anyone agree?

  201. Jamie is going to be so very hard to choose, we all have our thoughts and fantasies of what the highlander looks like.
    A young Jamie in my mind looks like actor Zack Ward, I’m sure with a good make-up artist he could age through the years. Of course he would have to buff up a bit, we all know in our minds that Jamie is a powerful, highland warrior.

  202. PAUL TELFER was a thought. I’m not sure though because he comes off as a bit of a meatball. He’s totally hot, but, does he have what it takes to be Jamie.

    I think Diana has created a character that we all love sooooo much because he is impossible to find.

    I would like to e Paul Telfer with some auburn hair…might work. All we have to do is get him some passion and an acting lessons.

  203. I agree a major celebrity would be distracting. Look at Chris Hemsworth (beginning of the new Star Trek) he has the strength, presence and look (with long red hair, yes he definitely would!) of Jamie – he is Australian which I believe would only enhance his chances at getting to a believable accent and he is 6’3″. Emily Blunt for Claire I think would be excellent, and Jason Isaacs for Frank/Jack Randall…. HBO series would be ideal…. they really should pitch it, much as the Tudors have been done on Showtime… Please???!!!

  204. I just saw a picture of Phillip Winchester (from Cruzoe) and he is a good choice for Jamie… I was thinking Gerard Butler but Phillip does have the nose, the cat eyes, he’s blonde but that could be fixed and he is hot!!
    Chris Hemsworth is too boyish I think. Very handsome but his nose is not very scottish.
    Kevin McKidd is scottish but he is too I don’t know… washed out? His eyebrows dissapear… not as striking as Phillip and I believe Jamie was striking.
    Another to look at is Bradley Cooper from The Hangover… CUTE!!

    TO me what is important is they do justice to the story and make multiple movies or a series in HBO or something like that. It would be something to last and would be viewed over and over again like Lord of the Rings.

  205. Chris Hemsworth is too boyish I think. Very handsome but his nose is not very scottish.
    So you think he shouldn’t get the role because of his nose????? FYI Jamie is extremely boyish, it was stated several times in the first book.

  206. my dream cast..
    Jamie – Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (New Amsterdam)
    Tall, Rugged…has viking looks. Handsome not pretty.
    Claire – Rachel Wisez – Strong and Curvy
    Frank/Black Jack Randall – Jack Davenport…Bad guy who looks like a good guy.
    Dougal – Adrian Paul…will always be the ‘Highlander’ to me.
    Gellis – Michelle Forbes…she was so good in ‘True Blood’.
    Brianne – Blake Lively…Tall enough…just dye her hair.
    Roger – Matthew Goode — Nice and handsome.
    Ian – Karl Urban– Another Nice and handsome guy.
    Jenny – Anna Friel – Small & Fiesty.
    Collum – Sean Bean…just because.

  207. How about Tyler Mane for Jamie…he’s huge played Sabretooth in the Xmen and was a wrestler. I just picture Jamie as a really big guy. He’s not overly handsome either but has rugged good looks

    Here’s his pic –

  208. Tyler Mane has the vibe that I get from Jamie. I don’t think he’s as “pretty” as many might want for Jamie but he does evoke that awe.

  209. Thankyou to all the fellow worshipers of Kevin McKidd in the role of Jamie!

    I had always pictured Kate Winslet as Claire- because of her ideal shape, but I’m liking the idea of Emily Blunt as well. And… not opposed to Henry Cavill as Jamie, but maybe too pretty?


  210. I agree that Jamie’s got to be an unknown. Too bad Robert Pattison has already been discovered and is now forever typecast as a vampire. Plus I doubt he’d ever agree to do another book series.

    After reviewing all the suggestions on here, I think Chris Hemsworth is it! He’s got the boyish humour and charm, yet underneath you can see the brooding intensity, the passion to fight and protect. Alas, he has just been cast as the lead in “Thor” so will become a phenomenon ala Twilight soon. Good thing he has a younger brother – check out Liam Hemsworth!

  211. Oooo…model Travis Fimmel. Or Taylor Kitsch? Both would need a hair dye job and contacts. And Taylor is no where near the 6′ size stated on IMBD. Hmmm…some of the other popular ones listed here are just not good-looking enough. Kevin McKidd? David Wenham? They don’t look like they could hurt a flea, much less brandish a dirk and seduce a 20th century woman.

    Too bad Gerald Butler was just coming on 30…

  212. The actor that I think should play Jamie is Kevin McKidd. He is currently playing the role of Owen Hunt on Gray’s Anatomy. He was born and raised in Scotland and has the rugged good looks that come to mind when I read the books. I really hope that if the books are put to screen that they cast the key characters carefully!

  213. Look at Michael E. Rodgers… He is scottish… don’t know if he is too old??

    Gerard is still the Jaimie in my minds eye…

    Kevin McKidd is not as beautiful as I think Jaimie should be… He is rugged yes, but Jaimie to me is still a bit prettier? Not too girlish but chiseled.

    I loved the look of Travis Fimmel… OMG!! But can he act??

    Phillip Winchester still in my list too…

  214. My friend Bekah and I were thinking. What about Jesse Spencer from the show House. He is an Australian actor, but he’s totally attractive. He plays Dr. Robert Chase on the show. You guys should totally tell us what you think of that idea. He’s tall and has beautiful blue eyes. And he’s well built. And another person from House- Olivia Wilde. She has the same champaign eyes as Claire and she’s young. Jason Isaacs as Frank and Jack. And Alicia Witt as Brianna. Jonas Armstrong as Roger Wakefield. Charlie Cox would play Alex Randall. Dougal would be played by GERARD BUTLER and Colum McKensie could be John Corbett.

  215. How about Tyler Mane for Jamie…he’s huge played Sabretooth in the Xmen and was a wrestler. I just picture Jamie as a really big guy. He’s not overly handsome either but has rugged good looks
    Go back and read the bloody books. It was stated many many times that Jamie was a pretty man. As for Tyler Mane… HELL NO.

  216. Michael E. Rodgers is good looking but he’s WAY too short only 5′ 9″ Kevin McKidd is 6′ but for some reason he just doesn’t do it for me for Jamie. I think they might have to just look for a no name.
    Who ever said Rob Pattinson I literally LOL at that…he’s not got the build for Jamie for one thing and for another I just can’t see him doing all that fighting and stuff.. RPatz is just too “soft”

  217. I think that Sam Worthington or Chris Hemsworth would both be great choices for the young Jamie.
    I’ve made a little casting video for youtube and got a lot of positive responses from friends and family. Most of them agreed with my choices.
    You can take a look at it here if you like:

  218. Philip Winchester is pretty close to the image I had in mind. With a little more lips. But I could live with Philip Winchester as Jamie Fraser.

  219. I agree with Patricia, I’m leaning towards Phillip Wintchester for the part of Jamie. A little hair color and buffing up would make him a good contender for our highland warrior. He should
    age well as Jamie matures over the years, he certainly has the eyes and nose and when he smiles…yes he definately could pull it off.

  220. This is crazy. I think they’ll need to find some unknown actor for Jamie Fraser. Gerard Butler has the height and build but seriously some of the other suggestions. Ridiculous. Someone who looks like Sean Bean??? Sean is lovely and all and I’m a big fan of his but theres no way he looks anything like a 6ft4 red heided highland warrior. As for Liam Neeson, yes, I’ll admit he was pretty good at Rob Roy, although his accent was iffy (since he’s actually irish) but the is no, aboslutely NO WAY he could play Jamie Fraser. Awesome acto, very talented but don’t be daft. As for however suggested Cate Blanchett for Claire … well I’m just going to shake my head in disappointment. Although I do think Dougary Scott will make an excellent MacKenzie brother, I think David Tennant is a rubbish idea for Colum, Rufus Sewell gives off a very Colum-esque feeling.

    Still I think it should be an unknown Scot to play Jamie. It doesn’t matter how good you are at accents you need a certain air to pull off a highland warrior. Jason Issac’s will be an amazing Frank/Black Jack.

    Anyway I apologise for my little rant. No offense intended of course. Oh by the way if anyone mentions Adrian Paul to play any of the highlanders again I might shoot someone 🙂

  221. Jason Issac’s will be an amazing Frank/Black Jack.
    *cough* typecasting*coughcough*

  222. hallo zusammen

    Heute habe ich durch Zufall heraus bekommen das es einen Film über James frazer gibt
    ich bin ganz aus dem Häuschen h
    heute habe ich band 8 durch

    ich kann nirgendwo was finden über den Film außer ein paar trailer
    Bitte wenn ihr was wist wo ich den film beckomme

  223. I only have the perfect Brianna: AMANDA RIGHETTI. She’s perfect to the role! Don’t you think? She has red hair and she is very tall and beautiful.

  224. I think Ray Stevenson could and should play Jamie. He was Titus Pullo in the HBO series ROME and I loved him. Big, brawny, strong, warrior and a big loyal heart.

  225. When I read the books i pictured Jason Issacs as Jack Randall, Sean Bean as Dougal Mackenzie, Keira Knightley as Claire, Ewan Macgregor as Roger, and this is weird, but Adrian Paul from The Highlander younger and with red hair as Jamie. It worked for me.

  226. I’m still thinking for a very young Jamie, like flashbacks of his youth, we go with Jamie Campbell Bower and then move on to the gorgeous Charlie Hunnam.

  227. Sam Worthington really looks like Jamie in my mind. Gerard Butler could pull older Jamie off…but how would they make him look like he’s in his 20s?? Yeah they could use movie magic but would we want him to look like a space alien like Brad Pitt did in Benjamin Button?

    No idea really for Claire. Keira Knightley way to edgy…no warm healer nurse vibes at all coming from her. Kate Winslet is the flip side…not feisty enough. Kate Beckinsale…to old, to skinny. Michelle Williams…maybe…to pitiful sometimes in her characters. Kate Hudon…spunky…but is she to “all american girl.” Tough one.

    Josh Hartnett as Jack/Frank Randall. Heath Ledger would have been fantastic as Randall…RIP.

    James McAvoy as Murtagh…and/or the French Fraser…gosh what’s his first name…the wine seller. Claire mistook the one for the other…so with some movie magic McAvoy could play both characters.

    Scarlett Johannsen as Laoghaire.

    Laura Prepon could be great as Brianna.

    Roger…hmmm…Eric Bana maybe. Probably to old though. Shia Lebouf maybe could pull it off…is he ready for an “adult” role? Jake Gylenhall? Tough one…

  228. I think Daniel Craig is Jamie Fraser. He has the triangular blue eyes, shapely strong body and is probably Scot by blood, with a name like Craig.

  229. The guy that plays Ethan on General Hospital would make a good young Jamie. He is Australian, but actors change theri accents all the time.

  230. He isn’t an actor, but check out Rajko Radovic. He has it all: looks and body build.

  231. I have always pictured Kevin McKidd in this role. Especially the scene when Claire wakes him up and he falls out of bed onto the floor and she compares him to a porcupine. Kevin is just hairy enough to pull that scene off! Plus he’s scottish, a cutie, but a man’s man, and he is a redhead! Love him for the role!

  232. Kevin McKidd is the man. It would be such a waste to not use all his Jamie Fraser features: hight, build, hair, nordic features, authenticity, intensity, humor, experience and talent – the only thing missing is the slanted eyes. So what? You will totally forget about them once you see Mr. McKidd being young Jamie Fraser. And you will buy his virgin bridegroom without the slightest hesitation, wait and see. 😉

  233. I think we’ll have to go to the folk of Scotland Highlands to find our Jamie. I dream of him standing outside Claire’s house looking up at her brushing her hair in Cross Stich when she didn’t even know him. He was longing for her then. What we need is someone similar to Braveheart but younger and with long wild red hair. Is there anybody out there that fits this image and who can ensconce his woman with one hand and fight the world sword in hand with the other!!!!!!

  234. Agree that it needs to be a non celebrity. How about Tony Curran. he is Scottish, Red haired and looks the part. He was in the 13th Warrior with Antonio Banderas

  235. No, Tony Curran doesn’t look the part at all, I think. He seems a nice chap and is definitely a good actor but he’s not the romantic warrior character and he hasn’t got the viking face.
    And it’s no Bravehart we need either. Tall viking type is not really the description of Mel Gibson. 😉

  236. Alexander Skarsgard is Jamie Fraser. 6′4″ amazing body, has that nordic bone structure, slanted cat-like blue eyes, amazing actor, and would probably be able to carry an accent quite well. All that’s needed is some red hair dye and he is perfect!! !! JUST THE PERFECT GUY !!!

  237. my vote is for kevin mckidd. he is tall, with a big build, has red hair and is the perfect jamie fraser.

  238. Jared Padalecki (Supernatural) is perfect physically for a young Jamie. He’s very tall with lovely slanted Hazel/Green cat eyes…..just dye his hair a lovely shade of red…

  239. Jason Isaacs would make an excellent Black Jack Randall. Watch him in “The Patriot”. What a villain.

  240. Kevin McKidd not attractive enough? Matter of taste, I dare say. I honestly don’t want to see a pretty boy type of actor in this part, but a real man, a real Scot who fits the bill of ‘Himself’. Have you seen Kevin McKidd in ‘Dog Soldiers’?Not a chickflick, I’ll admit, but he is Jamie Fraser alright, taking the lead of men when it becomes necessary. Or his Bothwell in ‘Gunpowder, Treason & Plot’. If any acknowledged actor out there comes close to the character of Jamie Fraser with his own personality, it is Kevin McKidd. Of course, I will be happy so learn of somebody topping his appropriateness. 😉

  241. Watch him at youtube: watch?v=udcFzyr4kGs&NR=1 from 6:30 to end. Could easily be our Outlander couple of the first scenes, just give her curls.

  242. Tim Roth – Frank/Jonathan Randall
    Gerard Butler – Dougal
    Robert Carlyle – Murtagh

  243. Jason Isaacs is Black Jack Randal; Frank
    Jamie: young Liam Neeson…ish
    Jamie: Liam Neeson
    Clair: …Julia Roberts…ish
    Dougal: Gerry Butler


  245. Correct, Kevin McKidd is good, but not attractive enough to play jamie, Chris H. is – Jamie turns heads, not just because of his red hair.

  246. If they do make a series of films of the books then Peter Jackson is the only director that can do it justice.Please do not cast Gerard wooden Butler as Jamie but Jason Isaac’s is Black Jack Randal without a doubt.
    An Echo in the Bone is just excellent but now I have to go back to the very first book until DG gets the next installment out,nae pressure mind

  247. Ewan mcgregor is a true highlander . He’s a natural redhead,he’s the handsomest male actor ever to come out of Scotland and this from a fan of Butler and Mcavoy.

  248. The problem is not finding a man with red hair and blue eyes to play Jamie. The solution is to dye his hair and put on contacts. They must find the right masculinity and stubbornness of character. And of course the impressive height.
    Although Channing Tatum is an American, he is still my Jamie.

    And Claire .. She must have a soft, beautiful face and curves. Like Kate Winslet, perhaps.

    But of course it is quite impossible to find the perfect fit to everybody who have read the books. Sombody is going to be disapointed by the movie anyways!

  249. After watching the Last Legion, I think Rupert Friend would be an awesome Jamie Fraser. He’s young and could play the young Jamie role easily. Plus, he has the bright blue eyes and long nose.

  250. I think Ewan McGregor would make a great Jamie. Channing Tatum I never thought about, but I think he could pull it off. I, also, like the idea of Rupert Gint and Emma Watson.

    Nobody has mentioned Daniel Radcliffe. He got rave reviews in “Equus” and I think he could would be really great as Jamie. He’d have to dye his hair red though.

    I could see an unknown too as Jamie. Who knows the perfect Jamie might be out there.

  251. Although I am a huge Gerard Butler fan, my friend and I both agreed that he couldn’t do it. I mean sure, the accent (dear GOD the accent :] ) but he couldn’t.

    I was thinking Eric Bana for a while, after I’d seen The Other Boleyn Girl. (Horrid movie. Wonderful book).

    I am favoring the ‘unknown’ actor idea. That would be brilliant, to be honest.

    Oh well. We’ll just see, eh?

  252. That’s why I am so high on Chris Hemsworth – seriously, watch the first 12 minutes of the new Star Trek movie – this guy could play Jamie like no other! He is unknown but very talented, graceful tall, strong, 6’3″ and 23! It can’t be Gerard, Liam, Kevin, or any other 35+ actor – he needs to be relatively unknown but extremely talented to be Jamie – just give him long auburn hair – he has the strong features, frame and grace – he has to be that, tall, strong and graceful – with Charisma – not impossible – look at Rob Pattinson and Edward – he was born to play that part – just so with Chris and Jamie – give him the connection with the right Claire, who will be much easierr to cast – and movie, HBO/Showtime series, it could be amazing. Outlander is and will be unforgettable – but the right translation to Screen could be a “compliment” to the series, much as with Harry Potter, a direct translation is impossible, but I would love to see Jamie live through Chris – I do believe it.

  253. And here is your unknown actor: I am married to Jamie Fraser. Seriously – that’s why I love the books. With the exception that my husband is American (of Scottish/Viking descent) and not 18th century landed nobility but a 21st century actor, it’s the same person.

    So I humbly submit Ross David Crutchlow for the role of Jamie Fraser. Better casting you could not do.

  254. Rory McCann is a highlander with the accent, 6’6″, acts (did receive an acting award in England) very buff, but brown hair and eyes. He played Crateros in 2004’s Alexander. He was the one towering over all the other soldiers who started the mutiny against Alexander. He plays Belo in Clash of the Titans.

  255. Go to this site. It’s a utube video of Rory Mccann speaking for the scottish greens on a issue that they voted on a while ago. You’ll love his voice.

  256. tall enough, right features, but where’s the beef? He looks a bit scrawny, and I can’t see him winning a lot of battles. And can he talk the talk?

  257. The perfect Jamie is Channing Tatum!
    He’s American but I’m sure he can do a Scottish accent.

    He’s going to be in the new Kevin MacDonald movie, Eagle of the Ninth, an epic adventure taking place in second-century Britain (shooting in Scotland).

    I dare ya to look at these pics from and not think he’s Jamie:

  258. It has to be a Scottish actor for the part of Jamie,preferably unknown.
    There is nothing worse than an American trying to do a Scottish accent,lets face it there are plenty of American sounding parts later on in the series.
    Get Peter Jackson on board as the director & you will have a sure fire hit on your hands.

  259. Not trying to be argumentative. But the reason I’m so high on Chris Hemsworth is because he is Australian (and so many of them sound english). In Star Trek he carries off an american accent beautifully. Anyway, English, Australian, Irish, Scottish – most of them can do each others accents well. An american trying to do it absolutely does not work. I would be willing to bet huge money he could do Jamie and do it well. Listen to Davina Porter (narrator of Outlander books) she is english and does a scottish accent very well. There just are not enough scottish actors out there to fulfill this role well – though I’d love to see the casting call! My Money is still solidly with Chris – Jamie’s casting is bound to be controversial, much as Edward’s casting for Twilight, Must be Right, if it is right, you just know it when you see it, no matter how many people you have to interview….

  260. Some of you already said it, and I’m also rooting for CHRIS HEMSWORTH!
    You have to watch that video, it will change your minds (no more Kevin McKidd and those other 35+ guys after this video…I hope ;))

  261. Carolyn, I agree 100% with you, also with your older posts about Chris Hemsworth.
    I a m SO OBSESSED with the idea that Chris should play Jamie!
    And I also think that Henry Cavill should be Roger 😉

  262. LISA – My gosh, I was already convinced and I hope others take the time to watch this video – can you just not see this guy in long auburn hair – and he has the strength, feeling and character. I mean, watch the first 12 minutes of star Trek, I know I’m a broken record, but wow, not many tall guys move with that grace and strength and also convey that amazing amount of feeling! NOT JUST ANOTHER PRETTY FACE and the right age. NO, NO MORE 35+ guys for Jamie Fraser, I’m convinced Chris could play him all the way through! Still voting for Emily Blunt for Claire… check her pictures out in Photobucket, etc.

    PS How about that picture in the video of Chris as Thor, Claire talks about the “Strength held in Check” in Outlander- Chris is it!

  263. carolyn, you’ right (again ;)).
    As the actor for Jamie NEEDS to be tall, the actor also needs to be able to handle his height, be in control of his body and have a certain graciousness about him. And this description screams: CHRIS HEMSWORTH 😉
    Not to forget that can convincingly play a passionate, funny badass who is respected by everybody despite his young age. AND he even has got the fraser cat eyes!
    He simply HAS to play Jamie 😉

  264. OKay….I know she is too old…but I think Meryl Streep IS Claire, strength, skin, stature, and the best actress around. She has the absolute depth of character to play an older Claire.

  265. Amy, yes she is too old, agree with you that Meryl is a wonderful actress, but for me, it is Emily Blunt hands down for Claire…. check out some of her pictures at photo bucket. Also emily is english which we cannot, cannot have a fake accent or an american doing that… Americans cannot do british accents! VERY FEW can anyway, I guess Johnny Depp has done a passable one. I often thought he’d be a good fergus if they ever did a sequel to our hoped for movie. CHRIS HEMSWORTH FOR JAMIE!!!! He’s Aussie and tall and I know he could play Jamie full out!

  266. ladies, chris hemsworth beeing jamie fraser! No way he is not masculine enough he is just a handsome boy!

  267. Andrea, you must check out his acting skills and his presence in his various movies to date… did you see Lisa’s you-tube video of Chris Hemsworth / Jamie Fraser?? He has presence, charisma, looks, and emotion…. and remember, Jamie was a very handsome “boy” of 23 when Outlander starts (chris is 24, 6’3″) I am 51 and I know what you mean about seeing Jamie older as well… but we must remember how he starts – and I think Chris could capture him at all ages…he’s just that good! Kevin McKidd is too old, so is Sean Bean, so is Gerard Butler….. Chris is it! Check out his work – Lisa’s video you’ll see what I mean.

  268. I have to say this Chris Hemsworth is a mighty contender for the part of Jamie. He has the look and height of Jamie as a youth and with a good make-up artist and copper in his hair he could be made to age for the part as Jamie matures over the years. It will be easier to make a younger man older than an older actor younger…

  269. I don´t understand why a lot of people think Gerry Butler is too old for playing Jamie (ok maybe for the Jamie in the first book) but what about the Jamie when Claire returns? Brianna is around 20 at the time so Jamie is over 40 and everybody will surely know that people for more than 200 years ago looked a lot older than they were ! Even with Claire´s advice to brush the teeth with a branch ;-)!
    And please do not underestimate what Make up artists can do with a person.And for the eye color what´s about colored contact linses?!

  270. Gerard Butler is an excellent actor, but, he’s too old and not tall enough… and make-up artists are much better at making people older but younger looks ridiculous in alot of cases…Chris Hemsworth hands down, jason isaacs for black jack randall and I still vote for Emily Blunt for claire…. Gerard Butler certainly would have a part in this series. I would be willing to bet big money Chris Hemsworth would easily command the scots accent and his hair already appears slightly red in some pictures. watch lisa’s video above….jamie has power and presence….something alot of actors don’t have, many actors are pretty small people.

  271. I agree with lots of the comments. It is awfully hard to find a Jamie in real life and a movie couldn’t possibly have all the important details of the book. An HBO series would be the best solution. Have you ever seen a movie about Henry VIII after seeing The Tudors? It seems silly. Only HBO can capture the whole story. Now, you all might think I am crazy, but when I think about Jamie I think about somebody more like a man’s man and not so cutsie. Have you checked Steve McManaman, the Scot soccer player? Hummm! And what a voice and so smart! Check him out in the ESPN commentaries about World Cup 2010.

  272. Butler too old to be Jamie? Are you kidding. Most of the story he is older then 43 anyways. Besides, in the 1700’s people only look like Hemsworth when they were 14 or 15 years old. Hemsworth is too cute and green to have been in battles. Jamie needs more story in his face.

  273. I must admit that while Chris Hemsworth is a cutie, and he might make a good young Jamie, but thinking on it he doesn’t have what’s needed.
    Most of the story is about a more mature man over thirty and Gerard Butler is a good option. He would need to buff up a bit, we all know or at least imagine that Jamie had a gorgeous smile and a to die for body…

  274. As I understand it, the movie will end when Claire first decides not to go back through the stones and returns to Jamie who is sleeping in the cottage. This is even before they go to Lallybroch for the first time, so Jamie is in his early 20’s and I do say that Gerard Butler is too old!

  275. The movie wouldn’t end there! The absolutely best part of the story is when they finally meet again 20 years later, and he should be about 43 and Claire 47. Butler doesn’t look old at all. Butler would be a good choice. He has a generous mouth, and a mischevious smile. Of all the actors I still think he is the best.

  276. Well, that’s straight from Diana’s mouth. SHE says the movie will end there and I can’t think of anyone with more authority at this point.

  277. I checked almost every actor on the list. McKidd? No way. He can’t kiss, He doesn’t have the lips. Gerry too old? Make-up can do wonders. These are good too: Sam Wortington, Jason Lewis, John Corbet, Robert Kazinsky. They have the generous mouth, the mischevious eyes, the engaging smile, the meat around the bones. Claire? Rachel Weisz, Julia Ormond, Rose Byrne. I just wish we could implant Jennifer Lopez “round arse” on any of them. Jamie was crazy about Claire’s roundness!

  278. chris h.? sorry but no way, maybe he has the skills, but i miss something, i can not explain it better

  279. chris h.? sorry but no way, maybe he has the skills, but i miss something, i can not explain it better!

  280. I agree. Chris h. is not ripe yet. The idea of a guy that has been in battle for 2 years, has been flogged, is escaping from the English army and is hiding in the wilderness is somebody that shows in the face some suffering. Yeah, Jamie is young, but if you put a guy through all this he is not going to have a baby face.

  281. ok, I can’t believe I’m going to post something here but I think I may have found the right guy to play young Jamie. First let me say I luv luv luv Gerard but not as a 23 year old virgin. I came across this guy while watching the Starz series Spartacus and immediately pictured him as Jamie. He played Varro. His name is Jai Courtney. He’s the right age, the right look(except for the hair but we can dye it red) and he can act. As an Aussie he’d have to work on the accent but I sure he could pull that off too. Now don’t go getting mad at me for suggesting him Ladies. I’m sure we all have our own version of Jamie. He’s mine. Hope you like him too.
    See pics below:

  282. Rugby player Rory Lamont is Jamie Fraiser. Unlike his inarticulate but absolutely hot brother Sean, Rory is articulate and is a more refined beautiful Scotsman.

  283. What about Jamie Parker (Valkyrie) to David Wenham for Jamie? They’re both fair, though Jamie Parker needs contacts, and fairly close to each other as far as facial features. I’m not sure that Jamie can be portrayed by one actor the whole way through.

    I do think Keri Russell could portray Claire all through the story, however, as she should look consistantly younger than Jamie.

    The HBO mini-series is a great idea! It would allow more of the books to be captured on film, without the need to cut so much material. A 900+ page book chopped down to two hours is going to feel like a rip-off. And for those worried about not being able to watch it because you don’t get HBO – stop worrying! They’ll release it on DVD, just like Band of Brothers, John Adams, and all the seasons of The Sopranos.

  284. Jess,
    Claire should NOT look younger than Jamie. She is actually older than Jamie. She should look older than Jamie.
    I agree Keri Russel is a good choice.

  285. Can’t believe I’m going to post again. I wish Gerard Butler was a little younger. He is still my favorite, but for a younger Jamie any of these are good looking, have an awesome smile and beautiful mouth:Sam Wortington, Jason Lewis, John Corbet, Robert Kazinsky.
    Claire? Keri Russel or Rachel Weisz.

  286. Viviane,
    Outlander, p. 551:

    “How old are ye?” he asked curiously. “I never thought to ask.”
    The question seemed so preposterous that it took me a minute to think.
    “I’m twenty-seven . . . or maybe twenty-eight,” I added. That rattled him for a moment. At twenty-eight, women in this time were usually on the verge of middle-age.
    “Oh,” he said. He took a deep breath. “I thought ye were about my age–or younger.”

    Yeah, Claire should look younger than Jamie.

  287. To those wo say that Jamie is modtly a mature man throughout the story: Yes, you’re right. But it’s about the FIRST book at the moment, and Jamie is 23 there. So please stop with McKidd and Butler (I love Gerard Butler but not for the young Jamie).
    And seriously, I am a bit annoyed that people seem to have lost theyr imaginations (I better say “good” or “right” imaginaions – considedring that some imagine McKidd to be a good Jamie -.-)
    Most of them see a picture or even a recent movie of an actor. If this Clip or picture shows the actor in a kind of surrounding that comes close to Outlander, lets say Highlands, Kilts, ancient clothes, red hair, brown curly hair, doctors or whatever, people immediately say: Oh, thats Jamie/Claire etc.
    But if an actor, who hasn’t played a role where he had to wear a kilt or any kind of ancient clothes, who hasn’t had red hair for a role yet or hasn’t has red hair in real life or anything else that in some waycould be related to Outlander, people can’t use their imagination properly to try and see this actor as Jamie/Claire etc.
    Good example might be Frank/Jack Randall.
    Many many people believe that Jason Isaacs would be a great choice (and I believe all of them have seen him as the villain in “the patriot”).
    Diana Gabaldon said that Jason Isaacs looks NOTHING like the Randalls. She instead said that Colin Firth would make a great Randall, but no one has suggested him yet b/c he might not have played a similar role yet.

    Which leads me to Jamie/Chris.
    Chris Hemsworth hasn’t played anything similar to Outlander/Jamie yet. And I believe that most of you haven’t seen a movie with him (I woulnd’t count Star Trek – only 12 minutes) yet.
    People, use your imagination, please! Yes, Chris is young (26) but that’s what Jamie is! Chris has a beautiful face, yes. But Jamie IS beautiful, don’t forget that. He is stunningly beautful.
    And Chris definately IS rugged. If you doubt that, check out this new thor pic of him (beefed up and covered in mud ;))

  288. Oh, one more thing: if you would take a better look, Chris Hemsworth definatley hasn’t got a baby face! Even if he had one, I’d still prefer him to play Jamie than a 40 year old guy. Ts, that would be just stupid and would ruin the whole credibilty of the movie.

  289. Does it matter who plays who as long as it is made into a film or mini series & that Peter Jackson is the director as nobody else could do it justice.
    Also film it in Scotland & bring some cash to this beautiful country.XXX.

  290. My vision of Jamie Fraser is Thorsten Kaye, who played Patrick Thornhart on One Life to Live. He’s English, not Scottish, but he’s got the hair, the build, and the deep eyes (needs blue contacts though).

  291. Lisa, you changed my mind. Chris is the one! Now you just have to convince the director. Hope he reads this blog!
    Just please, no McKidd.
    And no anorexic Claire. She is voluptuous, and she is not a teen, she is 27 (even though HE thought she looked young). She looked young for the 1700’s, when women that were 23 already had 4 kids and had lost half of their teeth. Especially in 1700’s Scotland. Have you seen any clothes from that time? OMG it will be tough to make a sexy Claire wearing those nun clothes. I will definitely forgive any liberties that the director takes in changing the wardrobe. The 1700’s Scotland’s female outfit was nothing to be jealous of!

  292. I have thought that Chris Hemsworth would be the most perfect Jamie ever since I saw him in The Perfect Getaway!! I agree that they have to cast young Jamie, and age him up if there are more movies/shows. There’s no one that could be more perfect for this role. However, he will probably be a gigantic star after Thor and his Dance Card may be a little full, so we may need some back up options :). While not nearly as good as Chris, these are my two back-ups. Whether they have the acting chops remains to be seen. Here they are:

    1) Trevor Donovan, (he plays Teddy Montgomery in 90210). He’s 6’2”, eyes of blue. He’s sooo pretty–maybe too pretty. His beautifulness reminds me of Gabriel Aubrey, who was supposedly Gabaldon’s inspiration. This video of him at a press event with a beard makes you say hmm:

    2) Kellan Lutz (Emmett from twilight movies). He’s 25, he has the blue slanty Jamie eyes and is totally ripped. He’s ‘only’ 6’1”, but we fans could forgive him :). Here’s a pic to remind you how good he could look in the part:

    Thoughts on these back-ups?

  293. Bingo! I like what I see!
    I guess you have the same idea. Jamie gotta have some sweetness to his expression.
    Either one of these 2 guys have the sweet way of looking, but also the “male” je ne sais quois.
    Yesterday I was watching (again)The Tudors, and I was just thinking how cool it would be to have an Outlander HBO series.
    It is funny how many people have the same idea of Claire, a kind round face with no angular features. That is the way I see her.
    Although some people have posted some “Claire’s” that have this skinny face with long nose and blue eyes. That’s not my Claire.

  294. In response to the comment about Chris – not only Star Trek, but the Perfect Getaway, every time I see him, he shows me another aspect that to me, says this guy can play jamie…. check his work out, he could do it!

  295. to me claire shouldn’t necessarily look younger, she should be hard to figure out her age, that’s why I like emily blunt- she is 27 and yet she could be older, she could be younger, depends on what you see her in….

  296. Absolutely. A 27 year old woman from nowadays looks probably like a teen from the 1700’s. Emily Blunt is a good choice. She has that look that can be younger or older.

  297. I agree …this will be very hard to cast…but I have to give my hats off to either Gabrial Aubrey OR Jason Lewis.
    and for Claire…Rachel Weisz has a fire that would be a good match

  298. i agree chris h. is a gorgeous man, but i cant see him as jamie!! Jamie`s beauty is not so perfekt and obvious.

  299. Zach Ward. American Actor, look him up. A little short, but so was most of the Lord of the Rings cast. This guy has the hair, the eyes, the jawline, the cheekbones, the expertise, and the build.

  300. Are you kidding me Jamie is not so perfect and obvious? According to all descriptions, he is nothing if not perfect and obvious! Long eye lashes, beautiful blue eyes, perfect cheek bones, when he is sleeping he almost has angelic features. He is so handsome that women go crazy over him, and even men are attracted by him.
    Jamie has to be handsome and gorgeous.
    Zach Ward? sorry, but no. Even my humble husband is waaaay more handsome!

  301. What about David Wenham, the guy who played Faramir in LOTR??? I think he woud be a great Jamie…

  302. First of all whoever plays Jamie must be a real redhead. I’m a redhead and like my husband says, we are barely human : ) he means that as a compliment. Like Diana says in the book his body glows because of the red of his body hair. You can dye the hair but you are not getting the whole image which is that Jamie has all the other redhead features too. He needs to be noticeably big too. I like the look of Chris but not quite it. Gerard is too old and too dark for the role.

  303. David Wenham is too old and too ugly. Nah.
    Viviane, I SO agree with you! You wrote down exactly my thoughts 😉 I’m so annoyed that so many people behave as if they knew exactly who would fit into the role and who not and don’t even seem to have read the books properly.
    The same thing with the fact, that Jamie is young but has experienced things like war, whippngs etc. I agree that the actor must beable to bring that across – but that’s why it’s acting, the actor doesn’t have to look like that in real life. And having been through a lot doesn’t mean that Jamie has lost the young and sometimes even childish boy in him. On the contrary, if you read the book properly you recognize that Jamie can be very serious when it’s required but he’s also very sweet, funny and childish. You can’t get a 35-40 Year old man to play that authentically, sorry. No David Wenham, no Kevin McKidd and not even Gerry Butler would be convincing in the role of Jamie Fraser. But Chris Hemsworth definately would.

  304. Well Lisa, now we just have to get someone to consult with us when, if ever, they decide to make a movie or a series. I agree, David Wenham does not have the amazing blue eyes that Jamie has (but Chris has!!). Jamie has definitely to be young and gorgeous and strong. He personifies the impossible dream that we all have: a VERY handsome man, sensible, sweet, intelligent, romantic, sensual, intellectual, but also a handyman, brave, strong, muscular, impulsive, protective, possessive (when it suits the woman!!). A dream come true! The streets are full of normal men. When we read Outlander, we want to dream!

  305. Oh my, that was genius 😀 “The streets are full of normal men. When we read Outlander, we want to dream!”
    You are SO right!

  306. Since we agree in some things, I would like to know what do you think about the “Outlander Musical”? Diana G. has directed the creation of a musical in a “libretto” form. I was really disappointed. It reminds me of Pocahontas. But maybe it is just me. Not at all the emotion and the deep longing that Jamie and Claire felt for each other. I guess you can find it in various websites dedicated to Outlander. One that I know of is:

  307. Couldn’t read all the posts but the one that killed me is the one where someone said..’Let’s hope Tom Cruise doesn’t read Outlander and get the bright idea to play Jamie. I’d have nightmares forevery..’

    Or something to that affect….OMG LMAO.

    Whoever plays Jamie has a HUGE task ahead of him. They should create a tv series where we cast him and we call in and vote each week.
    Now that would be the way to go.

    I do LOVE Gerry Butler and feel you couldn’t make the movie without him somewhere in it. But maybe an unknown would be best. And he BEST be Scottish.

  308. 2 words for casting Jamie…..

    Sam Worthington (you know, from Avatar)

    DOES anyone besides me think he would be a perfect young Jame??????

  309. 2 words for casting Jamie…..

    Sam Worthington (you know, from Avatar)

    DOES anyone besides me think he would be a perfect young Jamie??????

  310. I’m not a big fan of the musical idea either. It’s certainly nice for people who like this kinda stuff, but it’s definately not my cup of tea. On Dianas Blog I commented that I can’t get over the fact, that Jamie actually sings in that musical though he reportedly can’t sing one bit. Diana agreed with me that I’m probably too rational about it 😀 But still, it kinda freaks me out 😉 It’s also way too cheesy for me.

    Sam Worthington would make a rather good Jamie acting and personality wise and even visually. Only problem: height. Sam is not very tall, unfortunately.

  311. Sam worthington, great actor, too short. It’s still chris hemsworth…the guy has to have the presence and be able to carry off the acting, chris can do both.

  312. Musical – NO. That’s just me, if you want to go and enjoy that, do… but no, never envisoned Jamie singing in any capacity except a bit to himself…. just doesn’t fit the bill.

  313. I agree that Jamie has to be young at least for the Outlander part of the series (hopefully a Showtime or HBO series) but I don’t think he has too look too young and innocent since he has already been through a lot and knows how to take care of himself. I think he should look rough around the edges since Claire notes how different he is than Frank. I hope whoever they choose will be a great actor and maybe an unknown from the stage. I can’t bear the thought of watching a bad actor deliver Jamie lines.

  314. I agree, the musical is cheesy, and the singer is not convincing as Jamie. The other songs remind me of a mediocre 1940’s radio show.
    HBo would be the best way to tell the story.
    It would be wonderful to find an unknown Scottish actor, but if none can be found, Chris definitely “the Man”. He can be plenty rough around the edges. Check the pic that Lisa posted on July 21, then check the interview with him, that Lisa posted on July 26. He is the picture of Jamie!

  315. I also have to comment that the idea that Chris Hemsworth is a baby face is crazy. If you see the perfect getaway, you’ll see a pretty tough guy…and yes, Jamie has seen the stresses of life and been through alot, but that doesn’t translate to a 35 year old playing a 23 year old.. regardless, a handsome, graceful charismatic guy with presence – the eyes are perfect….the nose, nearly so, the broad forehead, in some pictures Chris has a tinge of red showing through in the sun… he’s 6’3″ which to me… Jamie must be played by a tall man. Chris is australian which to me is a plus because he has already shown himself capable of various accents….you can TRY to find a SCOT and a natural Red Head GOOD LUCK!!!!! Chris is as close as we could come to this literally awesome perfect (in my eyes) Jamie!

  316. I was watching True Blood the other night and it seems to me that 6ft 4 Alexander Skarsgard although not Scottish is very Viking looking and with long red hair would look a lot like Jamie.
    I also like the idea of it being an HBO series I think it would be amazing.

  317. Still liking Chris for the part of Jamie, but has anyone seen Paul Walker from Timeline, Skulls and the Fast and the Furious movies? Adorable blue eyes, great smile and body, though only 6’1″
    and blonde hair, he might be a possible choice…

  318. I am new to the Outlander series just discovering it this year. I find myself casting for it all the time. I would love to see it as and HBO mini series. I really think that is the only way to do it justice.

    I’ll add my vote for Alexander Skarsgard. Put about 20 pounds and a touch of gold and copper to that hair and he would make a great Jamie.

    I have love Gerry Butler ever since I saw him in Attila the Hun about 10 years a ago, but he has never been Jamie for me.

    There is also an actress in True Blood named Deborah Ann Woll. She is 5’10” with blue eyes and strawberry blond hair. I see her as the perfect Brianna.

  319. I have to say that the latest suggestions are really good. Jamie is handsome, and so are Paul Walker and Alexander Skarsgard. Though it will be difficult for me to think of Alexander as a nice sweet guy after his role as a mean vampire! But agree he would be good, with another 20 pounds.

    Deborah Ann Woll as Brianna is perfect. Now , who will be Brianna’s father? Not Chris H., or Paul Walker or Alexander Skarsgard. We need somebody older.

  320. what about henry cavill? hes young, i know he´s not a redhead.
    But there is no perfekt jamie worldwide, he has to be the best compromise

  321. There MUST be a perfect Jamie out there….and an unknown Scottish redhead would be perfect…so long as her fits the criteria Diana has POUNDED into our minds. Gerard Butler??? Really???? NO WAY! please don’t let that happen….I mean he’s great, but not as Jamie…as the Bounty Hunter, not Jamie….sigh. This is never going to be a movie cause no one will be just right, I just know it….although Robert Pattison fit Edward pretty friggin closely!!!!! lol

  322. the problem is there are not so many tall, charismatic, goodlooking, unknown scottish actors with red hair.
    and gerard butler as jamie come on, whats next eva longoria as claire?

  323. Eva Langoria… Hmmm … That really would turn Claire on her grave! 🙂
    Concerning the unknown actor, actually the red hair can always be fixed with some good professional. And, the longer I live, I realize that fiction imitates reality. If there is something written, there is something out there that resembles the written part. I believe that somewhere out in the Highlands there is this perfect actor just waiting to be discovered! Don’t dismiss guys like Chris H. or Paul Walker. I think some chestnut Loreal would do wonders for them.

  324. I found great fan-made video consisting of official scenes of thor.
    You might want to check it out, since many of you also like the Chris = Jamie idea

  325. OMG! He is Jamie personified. Even the “cat eyes” or triangular eyes (that’s one thing that I think Gabaldon kind of repeats a little too much – the triangular eyes). Chris is the right and rare mix of sweet and fierce.

  326. If anyone hasn’t seen The Time Travelers Wife they need to watch it. Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana will forever in my mind be Jamie and Claire.

  327. Here is Dianas exact description of Jamie, since some of you seem to have forgotten it (otherwise I can’t explain to myself why some people suggest Kevin McKidd etc)

    “A head taller than everyone else (he’s 6’4”, in a time when the average man stood 5’8”), wide- shouldered and muscular, but lean – built like a basketball player, not a footballplayer or a superhero. A long straight nose, faintly slanted dark-blue eyes, broad cheekbones, high brow, solid jaw with a wide mouth, usually turned up at one corner – thick, dark red hair (worn short but shaggy in opening, later in the story long enough to tie back), ‘the color of a red deers pelt.’
    Young – he’s 22 – but well grown into himself, with a sense of strength and confidence.
    A smart-ass who knows he can back it up – but able to be gentle and thoughtful in private.”

    These are Dianas own words. Thats not Kevin McKidd, not Gerry Butler, not Tony Curran, not David Wenham etc.
    BUT it can definately be Chris Hemsworth.

  328. I just found this new interview with Diana:

    towards the end of the interview she also talks about progressions concerning the movie. I don’t know if I got that right, but it sounded as if there is a new contract to be signed as soon as she gets home. She could have also meant a contract for a stage production for the musical, b/c she was talking about this as well, but I’m pretty sure that she meant the movie.
    She also talked about the possibility of a contract for a mini-series.

    Another thing, that kind of confused me was that she talked about several screenwriters, that the production company has narrowed down the possible screenwriters to two ( Hasn’t Randall Wallace already written a script??) and that they will have chosen a screenwriter soon next year.

    Maybe some of you could watch the interview as well and give me heads up, wether I’m right or wrong. I’m a bit confused but it sounds as if there is at least bit of progress so I’m happy

  329. I watched the clip (& thank you for finding it) and here’s what I understood: the first film option expired and therefore the script that had been done in concert with it is to be discarded, unless the same people were to renew the option. Since Diana said she hated that script, it seems good that it is gone. The new option, which she is to sign soon, is with a new production company and they are the ones who are trying to decide between the 2 new writers. This new option contains the provision for a possible mini-series, while reserving the possibility of the stage production for Diana & the musical’s people in Scotland.

  330. I just made a trailer for Outlander. I did what I could with Windows Movie Maker and it is pretty hard to make a trailer for a movie that doesn’t exist (yet) 😉
    I hope you’ll like it, though.

  331. Lisa, thank you so much. You are awesome. I don’t think even Gabaldon would have made it better. Chris is absolutely, definitely, with no shadow of a doubt the perfect actor for this part. I agree with you so much. People come with the strangest suggestions, and it seems like they haven’t read about the descriptions of how handsome, sweet faced, lovely lips and beautiful eyes Jamie has. And top it all with a male body and the fierce bravery of a true warrior. Not many guys can do that. I almost dread the movie, afraid it would be so far away from what I dream. I am so crazy about Jamie, it is kind of weird!

  332. Chris Hemsworth is Jamie… carries himself with amazing grace for such a tall guy… I too think people have NOT read the books NOT REALLY. I KNOW he could do an excellent Scots being an Aussie, they have that English edge to their voice and English and Scots tend to be able to switch back and forth easily. Especially at the level the audience requires… which is LIGHT Scots due to the fact that most of us would never understand a true Scot and 2) Jamie was educated in France, etc. and spoke French, Latin, etc. and spoke in a more educated fashion. Jamie “moves like a cat” that is said over and over again. His eyes are like cats I’ve seen – and he certainly doesn’t look like a child…I think this guy is such an excellent actor, if you look at the first 12 minutes of star trek where he plays George Kirk you can see the range of emotion this guy can carry – and if you see him in The Perfect Getaway, you get a glimpse of his toughness.. Jamie I thought was a near impossibility to cast, especially when people kept saying Gerard (another part – please, too old) Kevin McKidd (too old, doesn’t look anything like Jamie) and the model… sorry, you can look like him all you want, but there is SO MUCH MORE TO JAMIE….Chris could get it, if the script was right and direction was right, I know he could be as close as anyone possibly could be to Jamie.

  333. He has to be tall! (Chris is 6’3″) Look at Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man, the man is wearing lifts! (I love Robert by the way and IM) BUTTTT Jamie needs to be tall, powerful, graceful, formidable when he needs to be, and emotional (as Jamie is) when he needs to be. For me, Rob Pattinson is the perfect Edward – which was ridiculously tough… and I’ve looked at the alternates and I laugh… and yet, he could be More Perfect, yet, this is almost an impossibility… I am more than happy with his portrayal of Edward, especially in Eclipse…direction and editing affect it so much… and I know I will be extremely happy with Chris’ portrayal of our ultimate Jamie…which will be as close as is humanly possible, for such an insanely perfect creature/man as is Jamie!

  334. I have looked at the clip of the interview with Diana, and she mentions the actor that portrays Jamie in the musical. She likes him very much, and, if I understood correctly, thinks he is a perfect Jamie. I checked him at the internet and he is ok. (please read this as a very small ok). I guess nobody will ever be perfect, but this guy is not really what I thought Jamie would be like, maybe he is charming and charismatic once he starts acting. His name is Alan Scott Douglas. That was not my idea, that was”herself’s”!

  335. I just looked at an excerpt of the musical.

    I am sorry, but a musical really doesn’t do it. It is too clean, too emotionless, too Disney.
    Totally disappointed!

  336. Yeah, Viviane, I totaly agree.
    Alan seems to be a nice guy and all – but I couldn’t see him as Jamie. And I don’t like the musical either..
    But The Exile is wonderful and totally breathtaking, has anyone of you gotten it yet??

  337. Though…I DO love Disney 😉 But not in connection with Outlander.
    After i finished the Exile today I thought about an animated Outlander movie – something like Beowulf, which I really liked..though I would love love love to see Chris Hemworth with long red hair in a kilt and with a scottish accent…swoons…

  338. I do like Disney, but I really don’t like the idea of Claire singing like Pocahontas to sweet Jamie, which is what the musical reminded me of.
    I was thinking of something more like the Tudors, which has a lot of raw emotions, a lot of the real imperfections of real human beings.
    I am crazy to buy The Exile. I was just trying to finish “Freedom” for my book club. At the same time I am reading Voyager again. I just love Jamie and Claire reunion. Do you think they could get Chris H. looking like a 45 year old guy? If not, G.Butler would come in handy for the Voyager and all the rest of the series , which is most of the story.

  339. Chris could play 45… look at brad pitt in Benjamin Button… they’ve finally perfected aging and Jamie is young acting a long time. He hasn’t had the leisure to grow soft. He absolutely could. I think making actors look younger with hair extensions, etc. is another thing…just doesn’t seem to be as believable and just soo awkward.

  340. I agree that it won’t matter who plays Jamie they won’t be who you have a picture of in your head but James Mcavoy as a young Jamie then Gerard butler as an older Jamie might be okay.As for everyone else that should be easy as lets face it everyone wants Jamie to be the guy they get right as you can’t help but have a little crush on the guy as he bloody perfect lol.

  341. James Mcavoy no way. No, he does not remind me of Jamie, not at all.

    I checked Andy Whitfield, and I really like what I saw. The slanted eyes were very much like Jamie. I didn’t see Spartacus, but the pictures are very good. I think he is right on the top 3 of my choices.
    Thanks for sharing.

  342. Eric Stolz for older Jamie. Darn shame he’s no longer young enough to play 23 year old Jamie. He’s beautiful and you don’t get redder hair or bluer eyes.

  343. Gerard Butler has a pudgy body. He has a very bulbous and bloated face. He has cellulite on his behind for goodness sake!! See RocknRolla if you doubt that. He could never play lean mean Jamie Fraser. NEVER.

  344. Been reading through the comments and I have been persuaded. Whoever suggested Phillip Winchester was right on. I just went and looked at his IMDB page and he has an uncanny resemblance to England’s (very bonny) Prince Harry. His coloring is completely right to play Jamie, he has the long narrow nose, wide full lipped mouth, and that jaw line! oh my! He looks like he could be an awkward virgin and deadly killer at the same time. Not an easy task.

  345. Has anyone noticed a gorgeous model/actor from Turkey named Kivanc Tatlitug ? I think he closely resembles the Jamie in my mind.

  346. I know you have a zillion replies. I have found two that I think of when I think jamie. The first was purely by accident. Sheamus.. the WWE wrestler. I know he is Irish but he is over 6’4 and has the build. He has the coloring naturally. The second would need a bit of dye in his hair but Kevin Durrand. Kevin although is pushing the age limit. I saw him in a movie done ten years ago (albeit I saw it within the last two years)and thought of him as Jamie. Just my suggestions. I too would also love to see it as an HBO special. I think too much would be cut if done as a movie.

  347. Andy Whitfield is Jamie Fraser. Unfortunately he is presently undergoing treatment for a cancer that has a high percentage for being cured. His Spartacus is excellent.

  348. I kind of like the idea of Liam Neeson as Jamie. Whoever it is, would have to dye his hair. I think an HBO series would be very good. The Tudors was excellent.

  349. Jamie is young through the first 2 1/3 books or so….Chris Hemsworth is my guy for this, hands down. Watch some of the stuff he has done – Lisa has done a YouTube on him as Jamie… he’s coming up in Thor, I can see this guy with auburn hair and I know he can do the accent! Emily Blunt is still Claire for me…until I see someone more suited…HBO series is absolutely the best forum for a story like this…we’ll see!

  350. This is just my personal opinion, but assuming he could learn the accent, I believe Brendan Fraser would be the perfect Jamie. He already has the basic physical build/looks of the character, which could easily be enhanced with hair/make up/wardrobe, and some fine tuning of his physique. He also has the acting range to pull of the subtleties of Jamie’s personality. I personally love Gerard Butler and Sean Bean as actors, too. But I believe Brendan Fraser more closely fits the author’s description in nearly every way. Keep in mind, Jamie is a few years younger than Claire. Any actor would have to be easily adaptable as a twenty-three year old, or a forty or fifty- year old (as in later books). Brendan Fraser still has a youthful appeal (which make up and lighting could physically emphasize), but he could also be “aged” as the story progresses since he is no longer actually in his twenties.

  351. Brendan Fraser?? Where does this guy have any semblance of a sharp nose?? Again, he’s got to be close to 40 if not more. Jamie is young through at least the first 2 to 2 1/2 books! Chris Hemsworth is my choice unless Some super handsome scot with auburn hair and a sharp nose is magically transported into our presence

  352. Chris is certainly a top runner for the part of Jamie…Has anyone seen Ryan Reynolds? He’s a Canadian, tall, great smile, lean body, hairs too dark, but he’s
    a good looking guy and has done several movies, he’s in the upcoming ‘Green Lantern’ movie.

  353. I just began Drums of Autumn and I Love these books. I use the actor Colin Morgan as my Jamie, I just have to change the hair a wee bit and voila. I just think his bone structure and piercing eyes are what stands out most for the character of Jamie and he seems tall as well.

  354. GERARD BUTLER should absolutely be James Fraser from the outlander series… He would be perfect for the roll he looks just like him as described in the book on top of that he is so very very handsome and hot hot hot !!!

  355. Wow, what a long list of comments… I read through some and the closest IN LOOK in my opinion are Josh Holloway, Kevin McKidd and Gabriel Aubrey. If they go with a “prettier” type of Jamie, then he has to be 100% masculine and very large, that’s for sure. Most of the actors chosen above are either way too short of way too old, including Kevin and Josh (too old). A short actor means the entire cast has to be that much shorter! Someone mentioned Henry Cavill, from his photos he looks more like Roger. Gerard Butler is interesting, but not quite there and too old… Maybe Philip Winchester (from his photos, I have not seen his work) is fairly close and also young enough…

    Overall I would have to conclude that scouring Scotland for an unknown actor is the best course of action!

  356. How about Alex Pettyfer? Or Neil Jackson, who plays the chauffeur in the new version of Upstairs, Downstairs on PBS. Check out Neil Jackson, especially.

  357. How about Chris Hemsworth?? 6’3″ and hunky…playing Thor…easy to conver to a red head…hmmm. And only a mere 27 so much close in age to Jamie than Bean or Butler who, while hunky, are definity a little long in the tooth to play a 23 yo.

  358. What about Hugh Jackman??? Gerry would be good as well. Hugh is 6’2″ and I’m sure he can manage a Scottish accent. The guy is built like a Truck! and gorgeous.
    Just dye his hair red!

    in this pick above he has his hair grown out. Just need to mess it up and dye it.

  359. [img][/img]

  360. I could see Liam Hemsworth as the young Jamie and Chris, his brother as Older Jamie. Only cause they are brothers, so it wouldnt be hard to transfer from young to older, since they look the same. Jamie is a very hard character to cast. So only think, that would make things a little easier, for casting.

  361. I didn’t read everything because it was too long… but Did you think of Drew McIntyre for Jamie ????
    I don’t know if he could be a perfect actor but i think he could be Jamie without problem !!! He’s tall enough, has long hair and he’s quite nice … even if he has a really bad role in WWE… yes, he’s one of the “star” of the WWE…
    I really enjoy Diana Gabaldon’s Saga of Outlander and even before working in video i asked myself who could be Jamie … and i really think “this” Drew could be Him 😉

  362. An HBO mini series would be absolutely to die for!
    And since I’ve had about a 5 year long obsession with Gerard Butler, I think he couldn’t be a better pick to play Jamie. He’s perfect! He’s rough but he’s sweet and he is so unbelievably sexy. He is kind of who I picture when I’m reading the books.
    Picturing Gerard Butler’s role as King Leonidus in 300 may make it hard to picture him as sweet Jamie, but he plays other roles fantastically and I just think he’s bloody wonderful!

  363. Gerard Butler? Sean Bean? No, No, No! I’m thinking Brad Pitt or the ,main actor – Chris Hemsworth – from the 2011 movie “Thor” to play Jamie Fraser. I’m reading the books now (Autumn Drums).

  364. Right now, I’d just settle for HBO making this as a mini-series. Whoever they would cast, they would get it right. Realistically though, the odds of this getting made are low.

    So I’ll just console myself with Game of Thrones. That is truly epic stuff as well, its just that the author has a bad habit of killing off the good guys.

    God bless DG for not doing something similar, though she does like to torture the lot!

  365. Thor is Chris Hemsworth, also George Kirk in the last star trek movie….please check him out in that, he appears in about the first 15 minutes – To me, Chris is Jamie (He’s 6’4″ for one thing and has the charisma, strength emotion I think to carry it off. He’s in a couple of other movies where he is pretty lethal…it’s one thing to look like him, but you have to be relatively tall and have that formidable presence and grace, Chris has those……check out youtube…

    I still like Emily Blunt for Claire…

  366. Tony Curran. He’s Scottish. He has hair the colour of cinnabar. He has a fine thin nose. He is Jaime.

  367. Chris Hemsworth..saw him in Thor and I think he fits my idea of Jamie perfectly. He only needs the copper colored hair!

  368. I am personally loving the idea of Daniel Cudmore as Jamie. He is physically perfect and I think he has the charisma and charm to do Jamie justice. Hair and eye color are easy to fix. He has the presence I imagine Jamie to have.

  369. I think David James Elliott would be perfect as Jamie. He is tall and I have seen him in his kilt and he is gorgeous.

  370. I see where these gentlemen could fit in to the picture, but to me it’s Chris Hemsworth all the way.

  371. There is only one Jamie.. and there is ONLY one person who can play Jamie.. ANYONE who has seen Kevin Mckid as Owen Hunt in Greys can contest to that… if they casted ne one else I would be heart broken HE is JAMIE!

  372. He is not an actor, but look at the recent cover of muscle and fitness magazine….Clay Matthews of the Green Bay Packers is exactly who I picture when I’m reading.

  373. I think those of us that love Jamie and Claire’s love story will be disappointed if it is made into a movie. The best part about reading is you can imagine the character any way that YOU want to. I have found movies of my best loved books are very disappointing. If it must become a movie please be sure to choose wisely because we will be compelled to watch and I don’t want the Jamie in my mind’s eye to loose anything in the translation. Thank you.

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  375. has anyone considered jason mamoa as jamie?? i really think that could work. he’s HUGE. his face fits the description in a lot of ways. he’s young enough, and also a known actor but not so huge that it would detract from the story. thoughts?

  376. Noel – you’d have to convince Jason to cut his dreadlocks. I’m behind you all the way!

  377. Gerard Butler, Sean Bean, too old, Chris Hemsworth Chris Hemsworth…is Jamie…and to me, Emily Blunt is Claire, Kate Winslet is starting to border on too old…although I agree she’d make a great claire….You can easily, easily see in Lisa’s video above how Chris could be Jamie, to a T! Thanks Lisa for the incredible work!!!

  378. Henry Cavhill from the ‘Tudors’ would be perfect – with a little hair dye. He’s gorgeous, tall and has blue eyes. His hair is a russett brown, but a little color and he would be ideal – yummy!

  379. When I think of Jamie I see Raoul Bova- not sure if he could pull off the voice, though! But looks….yes!

  380. Jamie Fraser is every thing a woman can dream for. A true gentleman, brigth minded, inocent at some point and yet so clever…all wraped up insuch a body that would embrace every pain in order to save his love…I feel a sence of loss when I think I’ll never find my Jamie…and trying to get this image of him represented in some actor is difficult. Each one of us who has read the stories had perform a virtual image of him. I gues could be the convination of the fitures of many actors. yes Gerard Butler coul be one of them, but I guess it would be such a task to find some one who fits into the actual description of Jamie in the books, but it most acomplish with all of them in order to satiefie our imaginations and our dream of finding Jamie Fraser at last, if not in our arms at least in our eyes.

  381. So much fun to find out what people picture while reading. In my head, Jamie is Tahmoh Penikett (from Battlestar Galactica). And, as for Claire, I don’t know why everyone else doesn’t imagine it this way, but as I read, I picture MYSELF, of course! 😉

  382. When I first read the books–aye, 20 years ago–there was NOONE but Eric Stoltz that I could see as Jamie–tall, red head, blue eyed. Now? Even Kevin Kidd is too old, Ewan McGregor is too short.
    Going for the younger crew available now….Tanning Chatum looks great (loved him in The Eagle) but I’m not sure he can do an accent well enough).
    Roughen up JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER, he’ll do. Or give Matthew Lewis a bit of red in his hair and he’ll do very nicely!

  383. I’ve always seen Rachal Weisz as Claire, and Clive Owen as Frank/Jonathan Randall. Stephen Bonnet as Colin Farrell, and Tilda Swenson as Gellis Duncan (she has that spookiness about her). Willliam Mosley as Young Lord John Grey, Christain Bale as William Ransome, Brian Cox as Lord Lovat, Dame Judith Dench as Jocasta. Billy Connolly as Black Brian Murphy, Ewan McGregor as either Ian Murray (the elder), or as Roger, since Ewan sings. Kelly MacDonald as Brianna, Michelle Gomez as Jenny. James McAlvoy as young Ian. Gaspard Ulliel as a young Fergus. Jude Law as Older Lord John Grey.
    As for Jamie…sigh….I’ve always had my heart set on Geraud Butler, but I worry about the height requirement. I feel he has all the other characteristics down, but must admit, he’d probably make a better older Jamie.

  384. Kevin Mc Kidd as Jamie, Minnie Driver as Claire, they both could pass for twenties and age well.

  385. You know it, Chris is Jamie…hands down. He has the presence.
    He could master the accent, he has the physicality and charisma. Emily Blunt as Claire

  386. I know this is old and I have only read the first handful of replies, but Gerard Butler would be great in the series but would never be a “Jamie Fraser”… he does not have the look, the youthfulness, the same charisma, etc. I think that Jamie Fraser should be chosen as “Harry Potter” was.. out of obscurity. It should not be based on who is famous and would be “okay” in the part.. but rather who is perfect and would be perfect for the part! I read the Outlander series growing up, and me and almost every other fan fell in love with Jamie Fraser and would not be happy unless justice was done to EVERY part of who he is, as written by Diana Gabaldon!

    On a side note, Kiera Knightly would be the worst Claire I could imagine! I would actually not go to see the movie if she was cast as Claire! Her casting as Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice was wrong and it would be even worse in the Outlander!

  387. I think Gerard Butler is too old. Better to have a real Scot that looks like Jamie even if he’s an unknown.

    I was just thinking, too bad Prince Harry is Sassenach and not Scottish. Longer hair, right age, he’d pass

  388. I see Christian Bale (with hair dyed red) as Jamie and I see Madeleine Stowe as Claire. My choice for Breanne is Kate Winslet or Nicole Kidman.

  389. I agree that no one at present is suitable for the role of jamie. The only face I seen that comes close is the actor Zack Ward, who played Christopher Titus’ younger brother in the television show ‘Titus”. He’s got the eyes, the jaw, the height, coloration and spiky, full red hair of Jamie Fraser. He’s also still young enough to look 22 with make-up. Work quickly guys, check him out now on IMDB!!!!

  390. We stumbled over here by a different page and thought I might as well check things out.
    I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to looking over your web page repeatedly.

  391. Hey there this is somewhat of off topic but I was wanting to know if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if
    you have to manually code with HTML. I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding experience so I wanted to get guidance from someone with experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  392. Talking about the perfect Jamie:::I found him!!!…or at least one who can suit the character. He is William Levy, he is a cuban actor, I know, accent will be a problem, but he’s got the looks, the sweetness, humble and yet strong. He comes from a very dramatic story, so he can express a lot what Jamie represents. Of course will be necesary to change the color of his hair and his green eyes can be changed with contacs. Any way…check him out an enjoy the view!!!

  393. People seem to be forgetting how young Jamie was…especially in the first book….like 19? Maybe 21? Chris Hemsworth. He’s a younger looking almost 30 and he’s 6’3″, incredibly handsome and built, He’s Australian so has a head start on a more British/Scottish sound and he’s not a bad actor.

  394. After seeing “Breaking Dawn 2,” I believe Lee Pace is the one. When I was watching the movie, I kept thinking I knew him. Just look up a pic of him in the above-mentioned pic.He has the personality, looks, he does great at accents, he’s like 6’3″ or 6’4″ and he’s only 30 or 31. You have to see the pic of him in “Breaking Dawn 2.” He’s it for me. Check it out.

  395. My partner and I stumbled over here coming from a different page and thought I should check things out.
    I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to
    finding out about your web page yet again.

  396. I can’t see anyone but Chris Hemsworth as Jamie – he has it all, the acting, could be a viable auburn, he is 6’3 or 4 and can manage the accents, check out his acting range, most memorable in the beginning of the new star trek movie (2010 I believe). See him in Snow White and the Huntsman, he has the physical presence and the scots accent in there – Emily Blunt for Claire, both of them would be extraordinary!

  397. Never seen a 6’4 ginger scotsman with generations of Viking blood? You’ve never met my fiance or his five siblings. He’s a bit too camp to seriously pull off a true Jamie Fraser, but he’s native Scottish from a wee village on the West Coast. And he even comes with his own kilt!

  398. Oh…amazing!!! I’m interested in the siblings…hehe… I wonder if the great Movie Producers will ever descover this wonderful story. Would we, who have enjoyed and dreamed about Jamie and Clair’s great love, will ever see its ordeals put on a screen??? Who kno!

  399. For Jamie, Chris Hemsworth is the man…they could make him a redhead, he’s a fabulous actor…see the newest star trek, see Snow White and the Huntsman and several other movies he’s got the 6’4, he’s got the grace, physique, emotion and presence of Jamie. he can easily command the accent and making him a russet headed gentleman would carry it off with ease. I still say Emily Blunt for Claire…Jessica Chastain for Brianna

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