Walt Whitman Pants

Seinfeld fans may recall the J. Peterman Catalog. For years, I thought J. Peterman and his flamboyantly worded clothing catalog a myth until I stumbled upon the J. Peterman website and requested a catalog for my own personal consumption. After a quick perusal, I was glad to find out that this catalog is every bit as over-the-top as Seinfeld made it out to be. Remember the “Urban Sombrero” and the “Himalayan Walking Shoes”?

The Summer/Fall 2007 collection now presents the Walt Whitman Pants…perfect for those lazy summer days lounging on Leaves of Grass. These canvas pants evokes the days of yore when men called each other Oh Captain! My Captain! and let out barbaric yelps while chopping firewood and building canals. So if any of you gents out there ever have the unexplainable desire to wear the same pants as your favorite poet, order away….

“When Walt Whitman heard America singing, these were the pants it was singing in.”

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