The Outlander Movie: Casting Claire Randall Fraser

Claire is the hardest of the Outlander characters to cast. In fact, finding an actress to play Claire is quite possibly the most daunting part of character casting. The success of the entire movie depends upon finding the right Claire since she has the pivotal role of the narrator. In the book, Claire is described as a fine-featured English Rose, but what sets Claire apart as an unforgettable heroine is her fiery personality and biting wit. Oh, I’m aware that other “romance novels” claim to carry headstrong heroines, but more often than not these spitfires usually end up as whiny damsels in distress. Claire is genuinely an interesting and evolved character. She killed a wolf with her bare hands, grew her own penicillin, and at age fifty, survived a gang rape and then broke and reset her own nose without so much as a whimper…need I say more? (Is it me or does the plot sound quite over-the-top now? No matter, it’s still enjoyable).

So the actress chosen to play Claire has large shoes to fill. Not only must she be beautiful, but she has to smolder. We, the audience, must root for her in the same way that audiences of Gone with the Wind rooted for Scarlet O’Hara.

Rachel Weiss and Kate Beckinsale are the most popular choices on YouTube so far. Rachel Weiss was chosen because she has that timeless English Rose beauty. And if I were to take a wild guess, the vast amount of Kate Beckinsale 1940’s screen captures on the internet makes it easy to cast her as Claire.

If I had it my way, the role of Claire would go to a relatively unknown actress. I’m too distracted by big names; A-list movie stars take away from the picture. How many times have I sat through a Tom Cruise movie and been unable to visualize him as his character because I can’t see pass his celebrity. Maybe I’m being unrealistic, but I really want to watch Outlander (will that day never come?) and actually believe the actress on screen is Claire and not Kate Beckinsale reprising her Pearl Harbor role of the WWII nurse with the heart of gold.

For the moment, I think British actress Ruth Wilson would be perfect for Claire. Since she played the coveted role of Jane Eyre in the 2006 BBC adaptation, she’s proved that she certainly has the screen presence to carry a movie. What I like most about Ruth Wilson, other than her relative degree of anonymity, is her face. The animation of her features is such that it makes her face almost translucent. In Jane Eyre, there is a close-up of Ruth Wilson’s face right at the moment when her character Jane finds out that Mr. Rochester is still a married man that reveals, in one look, everything about her. With one look, you see every evidence of her hurt, betrayal, and desolation; with one look, you know her life story. And if you recall from Outlander, this is how Diana Gabaldon described Claire Fraser’s face: translucent as cellophane.


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  1. Yes, Ruth Wilson does look young…I believe she’s around 26. However, in Outlander, Claire is 28, so it’s only a two year difference.

    Remember in Outlander when Jamie Fraser finally finds out Claire’s age and he expressed mild shock because he assumed she was around his age or even younger. Due to Claire’s luminous skin and healthy dietary habits, she’s managed to look younger than her age throughout the entire series. (How do I remember this? Reading Outlander 3 times has imprinted these tiny details in my mind).

  2. Ruth is nearly the same as i pictured the way Claire would look. i don’t think she looks too young at all, all through the books it says she looks alot younger then her real age anyway.

  3. Rachel Weiss I believe will make a perfect Claire Frazer. But as far as Ruth Wilson she needs to be Jenny Frazer Murray.

  4. ich liebe die highlander bücher und ich finde sie ist PERFECT für diese Rolle! genauso habe ich mir Claire immer vorgestellt!!!

  5. I like Ruth Wilson and I believe she would play the role of Claire well. But I also think that the whole cast should be quite unknown. I think that way people can relate it better to the book..

  6. I’ve often thought Keri Russell would make a good Claire. I’ve ALWAYS imagined Claire as a young Emma Thompson, but, beautiful as she still is, perhaps is now too old to play the young claire.

  7. I love the idea of keri russell for claire. she is american however… I think that ruth wilson would be fab. and we just need to curl curl curl that hair!

  8. I think she would be a good actress. Ruth looks like I imagine her apperance. But her hair should be a bit more curled.

    Greets to all fans

  9. I don’t like Rachel Weisz or Kate Beckinsale for Claire!

    So, when I took my neice to go see the Golden Compass, the perfect actress for Claire, in my mind, popped up on screen!

    Eva Green!!!

    Even though she was born and raised in France (which is interesting considering in the beginning of Outlander, Claire pretends to be of French origin), she does a pretty spectacular British Accent, and I really think she could pull it off!!!!!

  10. I think British actress Kate Winslet would make a good Claire. She has beautiful skin and light hair. She could play the young Claire as well as the older Claire, as she has the interesting mix of looking frail and strong at the same time.

  11. Simon, I think you’ve got it! Kate Winslet could play into both ages of Claire as we know her. She comes across as both smart and earthy, a trait we love so well in Claire. She cleans up nice (for the French court scenes) as we’ve seen in Titanic, but retains her image as a strong willed and capable woman. I never pictured Claire as a delicate flower and she’s in at least in her late 20’s in the first book. And don’t forget she’s just flat out funny! My first choice might have been Emma Thompson a few years ago, but Ms. Winslet gets my vote for now.

  12. I hadn’t thought of Eva Green, but I agree, she’d be perfect!
    I saw Lucy Lawless (of Xena fame) hosting a show about warrior women a couple of years ago and thought she would make a great Claire (minus the crazy leather outfit). She was a lot more attractive than she was on Xena, and had a strong, intelligent vibe about her.
    I always imagined Claire looking a bit like Diana Gabaldon for some reason.

  13. Funny someone should mention Kate Winslet. I think she would be perfect as Claire Fraser. I do agree with the prior comment that the cast would be better suited to unknowns so as to really draw the viewer into the movie – rather than the actress. I should imagine that if there were such a woman out there who possessed a mixture of both Kate Winslet and Rachel Weisz added to their individualness, I think we’d be onto a definite winner!!

  14. I agree with the Kate Winslet suggestion. I can definitely see her in the role of Claire.

    I admire Eva Green’s unique look, but I haven’t thought of her as Claire. She could work. I only fear that she might be a little skinny for Claire. I’ve always pictured Claire as more curvy.

  15. I also agree with Kate Winslet as Claire. Although I would love to see Nataie Portman as well. Not sure if she would do well as an older Claire.

  16. Kate Winslet is who I always pictured as Claire. So she’s my first choice. Plus she has that fiery spunk to her.

    Rachel Weitz and Keri Russel would work too.

  17. NONE of these choices work for me. Sorry to say. Most of the major characters of these movies need to be fairly unknowns. It is so disappointing to see well written books turned into movies that ONLY promote a celebritys career. These movies will sell soley on their stories, Because the books stand on their own merit. They don’t need some celebrity to sell them. Claire’s character is far too strong, intelligent, feisty, sexual, emotional, grounded, maternal and quick witted a character to be played by any of these women.

  18. I agree with the idea that the cast should be somewhat new facewise, although I am adamant that Jason Isaacs play Frank/ Jack Randall (and soon too!). Maybe Alicia Witt for Brianna?

  19. Have any of you seen the movie Timeline? I was stunned when I saw it because Anna Friel is exactly what I pictured Claire to look like.

  20. I personally fell in love with jamie and claire in the outlander novels! In my opinion and as i pictured claire, I believe rachel weiss would be perfect! I’ve seen her in other movies and she’s got the spunk and the wittiness that claire has in the novels as well as the looks. It would be a disappointment to see Ruth wilson picked as claire. She is very pretty but lacks the maturity and classic look that I find rachel weiss has.

  21. I had Claire pictured as Juliette Binoche – remembering how strong she was in the film Chocolate – She would make a great older Claire in my opinion.

  22. I agree with the choice of Kate Winslet. She’s a very strong woman – as Claire is
    I don’t know that I could find a woman that looks like the Claire in my mind…

  23. I have always seen Amanda Burton (Silent Witness) as Claire – feminine but strong and smart. She’d be great opposite Sean Bean as Jamie! Solid as a rock together.

  24. i think that Kate Winslet should play Claire.. to me she looks exactly as i imagined Claire to look like… she’s a good actress and i reckon she could fill Claire’s role very well

  25. If it was 20 years ago, I’d say Jane Seymour would have been perfect. (Her daughter, Katie might do, but I haven’t seen her act, so I don’t know if she’d have the presence for Claire). I always see Claire with a more oval face, more of a honey-brown hair, not dark, and with delicate features. I like Rachel Weiss, but her brows are way too heavy for Claire, and I think her coloring is a little off. Claire is a tough role to fill, you are right!

  26. Eva Green is perfect for Claire. Her features aren’t too sharp and she has a gentle glow to her. I don’t really like Ruth’s face, her features are sharp and her mouth is wrong :S Just a personal opinion. I pictured Claire as simple, beautiful with soft features and amazing eyes.

  27. Sorry to dissappoint, but I’d have to say that the perfect choice for Jamie’s Claire would have to be me. After all, I do love him so!! 😀

  28. i have to say, i stumbled upon the outlander series by accident, as it was a suggestion after reading “the time traveler’s wife” by audrey niffenegger. and what a happy accident it was. i just finished the first book and plan to continue with the series until i can’t see straight!
    does anyone know if there are in fact plans to make this book into a movie, or even better, a mini-series?

    as for claire, i dont think eva green would be right. after seeing her in “the dreamers” i wouldn’t be able to shake the memory of her in that role. anna friel has the right look to her, as does kate winslet, but i believe the role would have a greater affect if portrayed by an unknown. now they just have to find her. 🙂

  29. Anna Friel i think would be perfect for Claire. Alicia Witt for Brianna. I’m still unhappy and can’t decide for Jamie. I wish there was such a man that existed 😦 ❤
    I’m am actress myself, and i’d go crazy for the roll for Brianna… being a redhead and all. I’ve been told about bronzino too! I’d love to show you a picture, just contact me if you wish.

  30. I think Juliette Binoche, if younger, would be perfect. And Anna Friel certainly has potential. Not Kate Winslet. Not Rachel Wiess. Not someone really really really well known.
    And I adore Gabriel Aubrey for Jamie. 🙂 Young Jamie.

  31. I don’t understand why no one has suggested Nicole Kidman. She has the experience of an older actress, yet she is so youthful looking she could pull off the different ages of Claire. Plus she has that feisty spark.

  32. Ruth Wilson is way too harsh-looking to play Claire, no way! Some people have mentioned Keira Knightly, and she too, would be awful. She just is way too young, doe-eyed beautiful to play Claire and she doesn’t have the depth at all for that character. Who cares if she’s English, I find her an annoying actress. I think Rachel Weisz or Kate Beckinsale would be good, and I never thought about Kate Winslet either, until some mentioned it. I think she would be great, her look, her depth, age and life experience would work wonderful for the character of Claire, she’d just have to dye and curl her hair! I could see her playing a young and old Claire wonderfully. I have ALWAYS pictured Alicia Witt for Brianna as soon as her character came up in the book, her or Laura Prepon, from That 70’s Show.

    I do think though, that it may be wise to cast some unknowns, or relative unknowns, for the roles of Claire and Jamie (at least Jamie) b/c it really would take away from the story if they were very famous actors!

  33. All these suggested acctresses are way too skinny to play the role of Claire… didn’t you read the books?! She’s got female curves and so on, none of the mentioned actressses do have these attributes…
    Claire isn’t a beauty in the meaning of our times, a scotish boy from the 18th century needs to find her attractive…

  34. As I was reading this series of books, the one actress that I always envisioned Claire looking like was Alex Kingston. If she were only younger I’d think she was perfect for the part!

  35. Nicole Kidman wouldn´t be the perfect Claire, she is too tall… 🙂 also Alex Kingston.
    Look at Rachel Weisz, she has the sizes, the color of the eyes… she has all for me to play Claire

  36. Although quite skinny now, I think Rose Byrne (with lightened hair and about 15 pounds heavier) could fit the role of Claire. I first thought of her for the part when watching Troy (she plays Perseus).

  37. I also think Kate Winslet would be perfect for the role. Lets not forget how Jamie tells Claire a few times through the series that he likes her plump backside. 😉 And a I think it was “The Fiery Cross”, where he said something about a naked skinny women wouldn’t attract him, well not exactly in those lines….. but you get my drift. Anyways to the point, Kate Winslet’s body type would fit the role perfectly. IMO

  38. I like the looks of Kate Beckinsale, she has the eyes the color of Scotch/Whiskey like they have been described so much in the books. The eyes matter a good bit to me. She also looks to me like she has some grit to her.

  39. i think a good choice for clare would be marion cotillard. i know she is a little older then what clare should be and french, but i think she could pull it off.
    I also like Kate Bekinsale.
    but please not eva green!

  40. Interesting choises, but here is my suggestion.
    Florence Darel, she is french actress and quite unknown.
    She has the whole thing!
    The hair, facial strucrure and the eyes.
    Look on Youtube!
    Only problem is the accent.. 😉

  41. In here Florence Darel as the mistress of le Comte of Monte Cristo. (The French mini series 1998)

  42. Don’t forget Claire has impossible to come dark curly hair. Not lightened hair, dark.

  43. Justine Waddell/ Ruth Wilson/ Eva Gaelle Green – it is particularly hard to choose out of these women, on whom would be best for Claire. But I can’t see any of the other suggestions. Please remember – in 1743 – people had harder lives than they did in the 1940’s, so they aged more quickly – that is why Jamie thought that Claire was closer to his age than she was. It is quite acceptable to have a much older male actor play the part of Jamie, whilst having a 28 year + actress play the part of Claire.
    People these days age even better than they did in the 1940’s!

  44. I’ve never seen her acting (which is extremely important) but upon scoping google images for appearances alone English actress Anna Friel looks interesting. Don’t forget, colored contacts and wigs are remarkably realistic nowdays, as long as the facial/body structure is on the money the rest can be cut/colored/curled/ you name it…which they will have to be anyway. How many women have you ever encountered with eyes the color of “whiskey”?

  45. OK, if she had whiskey colored contacts and a proper wig, Kate Winslet would be good, plus she’s a good actress. When I look at that photo and imagine dark curly hair and sherry eyes, I can see her as Claire.

  46. I had to write Diana Gabaldon to get her thoughts… Please read the feed below….

    Dear Becca—
    I’ve been getting a number of enquiries, since press releases have started appearing about the movie production of OUTLANDER—excited folk asking “Is it true?” “When?” and (I hope you’ll pardon a brief roll of the eyes here), “Who would you cast?” (I couldn’t begin to guess how many thousands of times I’ve been asked that over the last twenty years.)
    It’s very early days as yet, but I’ll answer what I can.
    Yes, Essential Productions ­is developing OUTLANDER as a “major motion picture.”. (What that means is that they want to make a two-to-two-and-a-half hour feature film.)
    And yes, Randall Wallace (the talented gentleman who wrote both BRAVEHEART and PEARL HARBOR—hey, ancient Scots and­ WWII, how about that?) is writing the script.
    No, I have absolutely nothing to say about the casting of the movie. The production people do occasionally ask me what I think of this or that person, but this is simple politeness on their part.
    No, I have no control whatever regarding the script.
    No, I really don’t want to have anything personal to do with the development of the movie.
    Why not? Well, two major reasons (putting aside the fact that producers seldom want the original writer sticking his or her oar in and causing trouble):
    1. I have books to write and a family to be with. I can’t be hopping planes every other week or dropping everything else at a moment’s notice to do script adjustments. (I do know that all movie scripts go through many (many, many) iterations, rewrites, etc. in the process of development and filming.) That kind of thing eats your time and sucks your soul, and to no good end.
    2. For nearly twenty years now, people have been saying to me, “Oh! I’m dying to see the movie of your books! But I want it to be just like it is in the book!” To which the only possible reply is, “Yeah? Which forty pages do you want to see?”
    Obviously, a book of the size and complexity of OUTLANDER won’t fit into a two-hour movie. But it might be possible for a good movie based on the book to exist.
    Adaptations can be either good or bad—they’re seldom indifferent—but a skilful adaptation is just as much a feat of skill as is writing an original book or script.
    Yes, I could adapt the book myself. With the net result that even if a) no one then messed with the script (and they would; that’s how film works), and b) the end result was wonderful (odds of about 900:1)—ten million people would still email me about, “But how could you leave out that scene?” Or “But why did you change this character?” Or “But you left out my favorite line in the whole book!”
    I’d really rather write a new novel.
    Now, do bear in mind a couple of things here:
    1. Essential Productions have an option on the book. This means that they paid us a modest amount of money and we gave them a span of time, in which they can do anything they want to, in order to put together the necessary financing and logistics to make a movie (that includes hiring a scriptwriter).
    We (my agents and I) get a lot of option requests. We decided to grant Essential Productions an option because we like them, we think they understand the book and its central characters, and insofar as such a thing is possible, we trust them to do their best to make it a great movie.
    But it is an option.
    2. Not all movies that are optioned actually get made. Even movies that have excellent scripts, A-list directors and recognizable stars don’t always get made. Naturally, we hope this one will, because we do like the EP people and think that of all the producers who’ve approached us about the film rights, they have the best chance of succeeding in making a great movie.
    But we’ll all have to wait and see what happens next.
    And that’s all I can tell you.
    Le meas, –Diana
    P.S. Well, I can also tell you that a) yes, Gerard Butler is a fine-looking specimen of Scottish manhood, even if he is a Lowlander, but b) I think he might have difficulty playing a 22-year-old virgin; c) Keira Knightley would probably make an excellent Claire (she has the accent and the capacity for sarcasm), if she gained forty pounds, but d) James McAvoy is probably a wonderful actor, but he’s only 5’7″, for heaven’s sake.

  47. I feel that KERI RUSSELL could play the role of Clair and do that role justice. She’s still young enough to play a 27 year old and get away with it. She has an angelic face of someone who would be from the 40’s. She’s an amazing actress and she also has crazy curly hair with the perfect coloring too. I would much rather have actors and actresses in this movie that are not so famous if you know what I mean.

    I also think CHRIS HEMSWORTH 6’3″ would be the PERFECT Jamie. He’s young, tall, muscular, and sexy. He even has catlike eyes and since he has light hair he would look great with the red hair.

  48. I think Rachel McAdams would do great!!! She has that strong personality. and Chris Hemsworth as Jamie.

  49. Back in the 90s when I read the first books, I pictured Alex Kingston (Dr. Corday on ER) as Claire – nowadays she wouldn’t be able to play young claire, but older Claire? I can still see it.

  50. I vote for Rachel McAdams, soft but strong. She’s perfect! Helmsworth isn’t bad, but I like David Wenham. I hope they make it a TV series… too hard to make it a movie and get everything in!

  51. I know everyone has their favorites, as do I-but it really bugs me that people want such young actresses for Claire. She was older than Jamie, she is British and considered herself somewhat plain. As i read the first book years and years ago I realized that i was seeing Claire as Emma Thompson, and it was perfect.

    look her up in Google images. Unfortunately, try though I might, I have NOT seen the perfect Jamie yet. I liked the possibilty of Heath Ledger at one time, but even he was not big enough. I shall keep my eyes open, though, I can promise you that. 😉

  52. Charlie Hunnam – he’s Jamie. He’s British, but does an excellent American accent. No doubt he can slip into a fine brogue when called to…look him up on IMDB…even has slanted blue cat eyes like a Fraser.

  53. I believe Keri Russell should be Claire, and Gerard Butler, Jamie. I would keep Ruth Wilson for Geillis Duncan. I would use James McAvoy for Roger Mackenzie. As for Brianna, it would be Rachelle Lefevre. 🙂

  54. I have said before ( about a year ago) that I would like Rachel Weisz as Claire, but as I think about it more, I really think a fairly unknown Brit with hidden skills would be best. Hayley Atwell, Romola Garai or Gemma Arturon ( even though she has gotten a lot of attention lately) would be great choices. Romola Garai would have t dye her hair, and all would need a perm, but NONE of them are sticks like AHEM Keira and ALL of them can act. See Romola in I Capture the Castle or Rory O’Shea Was Here and Hayley in How About You for examples. think about it!!! Claire is our hero, and how can we project her onto a well known actress who we will see in other roles?!?

  55. I mean as a reflection of other roles, not that our Claire could never act again ; ) sorry!!

  56. Was watching “Land Girls” on TV last night with Anna Friel and Catherine McCormack (played Murron in “Braveheart” ) and was struck by how perfect she would be as Claire – right colouring, build etc. She is an English actress and has played alot of strong, intelligent, feisty women – check her out.

  57. David Windham, Christopher Lambert, Adrian Paul or Viggo Mortensen as Jamie.

    Kate Winslet as Claire.

  58. Teresa Palmer, an Australian actress
    Just needs to dye her hair dark
    I think she would be Great!!!!!!

  59. Emma Thompson for the older Claire.

    Keira Knightley as the younger Claire.

    And if the movie takes many more years to be made … Emma Watson.

  60. Evangaline Lily as Claire.
    Gabriel Aubrey as Jamie.
    Alicia Will as Brianna.
    Adrian Paul as Roger.


  61. Alex Kensington has always been my choice for Claire – she has the accent, the looks, and the hair – and she can certainly do the fire And the caring

  62. Hmmm, a male perspective seems to be lacking here. I’m almost done with Outlander and like most, I’m already obsessed with the Claire/Jamie romance.

    Naturally I’ve pictured Emma Thompson as Claire. British, quick-witted, elegant and natural beauty; she would have been perfect for the role of Claire…20 years ago.

    Kate Winslet has the perfect onscreen persona for Claire, but she’s just not what I’m picturing. Not even close.

    Keira Knightley has the look. But can she pull off the quick one-liners that make Claire so lovable? Maybe.

    Rachel McAdams has the look and the personality to fit Claire. I think she’d be fantastic.

    And for Jamie…I guess Gerard Butler. Though he’s not what I’m picturing either. I kind of picture the big red-headed guy from Braveheart (Brendan Gleeson); which is simply horrible on my part.

    I can’t wait for this movie.

  63. Polly Walker would be a good choice. Watch her in the “Rome” series .. talk about fire.

  64. My favourite actress for playing Claire would be Sienna Miller. She has the looks and is British raised although American by nature. For the role of Jamie i would choose Kevin McKidd who is Scottish and has the fysical marks for being Jamie Fraser.

  65. @ William
    I really like the idea of Kevin McKidd -never thought of him before.

    I always liked/pictured David Wenham as Jamie Fraser.

    Claire is so difficult to cast – I’d like a mix between the looks of Kate Beckinsdale and Eva Green and the wittyness of Kate Winslet.

  66. Another favourite of mine for the role of Claire is Claire Forlani although Claire Fraser is a firm breasted lady and Claire Forlani isn’t. I believe therefore alss that Kate Beckinsale and Eva Green are a bit too skinny. So what about Kate Winslet? She certainly has the fysical appearance to be Claire.

  67. We don’t know if there’s going to be a movie anyhow but I’m sure that alle the characters will fit in perfectly. Everybody who has reacted has his or her idea of how the characters should be like. The only thing I’m worried about that if it”s going to be an American production it wil be so American and not an Anglo-Scottish product. And how does the nudity and the free sexual moral of the main caaracters fit in?

  68. jane seymour first off is think is the worst idea, shes too stiff and formal and short.and could you see her with unruly curly hair.
    i have such a picture of these characters in my head as i am sure you all do, i think they will never be able to cast them, i think it would ruin the whole series for me that is for sure. it would never be good enough, not to mention that they would have to make the movie about 3 days long for it to be as great as the books. that being said i wish it could be done. it could a great thing.

  69. Unknowns should play Jamie and Claire. Whoever plays Jamie needs to look dangerous.

  70. There is no question in my mind..or in others that I have spoken with that ALEX KINGSTON would be utterly perfect for Claire. She got the looks, the attitude, the accent and the knowhow.

  71. No one as yet has mentioned Keri Russell for Claire. I think she would make a marvelous Claire. She has the beauty and the grit to play Claire. She could also play the younger Claire and well as the older. I am still undecided about Jamie, but think the actor should be unknown for all of us avid “Outlander” readers.

  72. I like Chris Hemsworth as Jamie and Haley Atwell as Claire!!!!Most of the others everyone is suggesting are too old!!!!

  73. Depending if we could get her to do an accent, but Emmy Rossum would ake a lovely Claire. She is a bigger name, but not widely known either. Her movie roles have been on the softer side, but I’ve also heard her music and she has some pottential to be firey and strong.

  74. I would have to say Jennifer Ehle. I think we need to say away from young hollywood… So many have loved the series, i would hate to see the movie be a bust.

  75. Hello my name is Helen, the Outlander series is my favourite series ever and my dream job world be to play Claire. I am a fine actress, though I have never had an acting job. You said it would be best to have an unknown face play Claire and I completely agree, I think I should play her. There is a picture of me on my blog, that I put as my website. Comment if you think I’d be a fine Claire.

  76. Hi there, I’d like to put my two cents in on who I think would make a good casting for Jamie and Clare.

    First of all, I’d really like to see hollywood be true to Diana’s book. Clare is older than Jamie. She should exude this. And Jamie should be a real redhead. Let’s face it there are just not enough Ginger heros represented out there. Having said this, some of my recommendations are not real red heads.

    I think Liv Tyler could be a good Clare. But I would almost like to see an unknown in the part.

    I also think that Patrick J. Adams could be good in the role of Jamie. Kellan Lutz is another fine choice if he can pull of a scottish accept appropriately. He’s big, as Jamie is and has the sort of face that can show intimidation, passion, compassion, etc. I think he’s underrated. Both of these actors are under rated and could be fine Jamie’s.

    That’s my two cents. Thanks

  77. I’ve read through most of these suggestions and the most suiting ones for my taste (just from the looks, cause let’s face it, none of our wishful thinking’s gonna come true) are Evangeline Lilly and Anna Friel.
    As for my personal picture of Claire from reading the novel, it has always been something very, very close to this: (Felicitas Woll). She’s also not too skinny, and with the right hair color and the right color eyes, she’d be just perfect.

  78. please please don’t cast Katherine Heigel as clare not a good enough actress. It definately should be someone with classic english looks. my choice would be Kate Beckinsale. Could pull it off with strong character as she did in the underworld movies and has a touch of softness about her. I think her face could age well for this movie Could not even begin too cast Jamie , everyone has their own version so he is never going to be right. Emma Thompson way to old.

  79. I’ve always envisioned Kate Beckinsdale as Claire, but what about the actress who played Anne Boleyn in The Tudors, Natalie Dormer. She has a very unique quality about her that I think would make a really great Claire. Strong and not Hollywood pretty, but a very out of the box beautiful.

  80. Although I know of no one who fits my minds eye of Claire, Kate Beckinsale definitely comes closest out of all the known actresses. She has a spirit and acting ability that may also pull off the task. Alternatively, particularly for the younger Claire, I think Evangeline Lilly definitely has the look, although I’m not that familiar with her acting ability.

  81. I really like the woman that somebody above posted a while back….

    Christina Hendricks – (Ive been googling everyones suggestions all day) for claire, just dye her hair darker and boom! – shes voluptuous and stunning perfect for claire..

    and then strangely enough..

    my fiance Ricky would make a great Jamie Can anybody else tell me if thats just me! LOL hes 6’7, 27 he HAS the slanted eyes! has long strawberry blonde hair which would need to be dyed… he would also need to bulk up… this is just my opinion as a)hed kill me if he knew i was doing this.. and b)hes no actor at all – and were all the way in NZ! hahaha

    Have a look in this folder! hahaha a girl can dream! =P

  82. I really like the woman that somebody above posted a while back….

    Christina Hendricks – (Ive been googling everyones suggestions all day) for claire, just dye her hair darker and boom! – shes voluptuous and stunning perfect for claire..

    and then strangely enough..

    my fiance Ricky would make a great Jamie Can anybody else tell me if thats just me! LOL hes 6’7, 27 he HAS the slanted eyes! has long strawberry blonde hair which would need to be dyed… he would also need to bulk up… this is just my opinion as a)hed kill me if he knew i was doing this.. and b)hes no actor at all – and were all the way in NZ! hahaha

    Have a look in this folder! hahaha a girl can dream! =P

  83. I am currently reading the first book in the Outlander series and I am imagining Emmy Rossum as Claire. I would prefer James McAvoy as Jamie.

  84. Anna Popplewell could play a younger Claire and older Claire could be played by Rachel Weisz.

  85. Rachel McAdams or Rachel Weisz as Claire; Gerard Butler as Jamie; David Wenham as Dougal…I’ll think of more later…

  86. I’m starting to really like Anna Friel for Claire. And I really don’t understand everyone’s hang up over hair and eye color (hello contacts and dye/wigs).

    Also, what’s the issue with using unknown vs famous actors or actresses? I have never watched a movie and been distracted by an actors fame? How do you even do that? You can’t enjoy their portrayl because you don’t like them personally? Leo DiCaprio is an insufferable snob (so I’ve heard). I’ve never enjoyd him during any of his interviews. That doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy his movies. He was genius in Blood Diamond.

    It used to get caught up in some actors past character portrayls. I watched Pretty Woman (saw it several times) before ever seeing Sienfeld. I had a hard time appreciating Jason Alexander’s humor. I kept seeing him slap Julia Roberts and jump on her. It was horrible. But I learned to get over it.

    You just have to forget everything you know about the actor and just appreciate the role you’re watching at that moment. I’d worry that an unknown wouldn’t have the experience to fully convey the complexity and depth of Jamie and Claire. Use whoever you want for the other roles, but make sure you’ve got someone proven in those KEY roles. Regardless of what the person looks like, which is all we seem to care about, it would be infinitely worse if the person(s) playing Jamie and Claire just weren’t believable.

  87. I think Amy Irving would be a good older Clair. She has the hair and just seems to fit the Claire role.

  88. I’d love to see Saffron Burrows play Claire and Deborah Ann Wall play Breanna (if they go that far with the movies) Saffron has the depth as an actress to play the part. I’m really hoping they Claire justice in that department and not make it a popularity contest.

  89. Claire is a pain in the ass to Jamie all the time, she always gets him in trouble. Hateful to say but she needs to be played by someone dispicable. I do not like her! But Jamie I love!

  90. I think Jill Hennessy (from the tv series Crossing Jordan) would be perfect. She looks the part and plays a contrary character in “Jordan” just fine.

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