The Outlander Movie: Roger and Brianna

Unlike casting Jamie Fraser and Claire Randall, casting Brianna Randall and Roger Wakefield is a breeze. Half-way into Dragonfly in Amber, I instinctively knew that Jim Caviezel should play Roger Wakefield.

I’ve always felt that Roger Wakefield represents the moral conscience of the Outlander series. There’s something about him that’s undeniably trustworthy; he’s the thoughtful scholar and the ethical philosopher trying to put this whole bizarre time-traveling phenomenon into perspective. One thing I’ve noticed about Roger is that he is forever searching inward, weighing the right and wrong in every situation.

In my mind, Jim Caviezel is Roger Wakefield. For one thing, Jim Caviezel resembles the tall, dark, and handsome Oxford historian. The biggest resemblance is in the eyes. There’s a sad quality in Jim Caviezel’s eyes, a quiet introspection that embodies Roger perfectly. Perhaps this same haunting quality is what prompted Mel Gibson to cast Jim Caviezel as Jesus in The Passion of the Christ. Since Jim Caviezel did an entire movie in a foreign tongue, I’m sure he can pull off Roger’s faint Scottish brogue effortlessly.

I’ve only seen a handful of movies starring Alicia Witt, or to be more precise, “co-starring” Alicia Witt. I think that she physically resembles Brianna Randall Fraser more than any other actress. The book calls for a tall, gorgeous redhead and Alicia Witt epitomizes Brianna’s striking physique. I fear I don’t have a more substantial reason for casting Alicia Witt as Brianna other than the close physical resemblance. However, I think there is some merit in my casting decision: the first thing any character notices about Brianna is her looks. Bryce Dallas Howard (Lady in the Water) is another possibility, but Diana Gabaldon couldn’t emphasize enough that Brianna is nearly 6’ft tall.


21 thoughts on “The Outlander Movie: Roger and Brianna”

  1. Yes, Alicia would be perfect for Brianna. In my hasty reading I assumed you were thinking she might make a good Claire.

    The leads in this movie will have to be perfect. I don’t envy the casting directors.

  2. I haven’t thought of Jim Caviezel as Roger, but you picked the perfect picture. That picture of Jim definitely looks like Roger. He looks very hot professor-like. You are dead on with Alicia Witt as Brianna. She’s stunning. That’s exactly how I pictured her when I read the books. Great post. I look forward to reading more of your casting ideas.

  3. ok i have to admit Jim or Alicia are nothing like i pitured Roger and Brianna. But now that i look at Alicia she could get away with being Breanna, but i think you should find another Roger

  4. I think they are both very good as Roger and Brianna.. Both beautiful and good actors.. I really want to see this movie 😉

  5. Alicia Witt always appeared tall to me…modelesque. She’s got to be over 5’9.” If a few inches are lacking here and there, she can always opt for heels. Or they can film her from the feet up.

  6. brianna looks good, but I imagined her not at this way. Her hairs should be longer and the coulor more into orange.
    And Roger.. no, he shouldn’t look like him. I can’t explain how, but not this way.

  7. Alicia would be a fantastic Brianna, but Paul Bettany must be Roger Wakefield (Mackenzie). Emily Blunt should be Claire.

  8. I imagined Rachelle LeFevre when I was reading the books as Brianna, I also think Emilia Fox would be great as Claire.

  9. I think your choice for Roger is spot-on. However, I have always imagined Brianna to look like Deborah Ann Woll. She is a stunning redhead and has those beautiful cat eyes. What are your thoughts?

  10. Roger has green eye’s in the book. hope your planning of getting hem some contacts. Green

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