“Gerard Butler as Jamie Fraser”

I’ve found another Outlander Casting video on YouTube worth mentioning. Although I still believe that “Outlander: Part I” is the Citizen Kane of the Outlander Internet movies, this new video entitled “Gerard Butler as Jamie Fraser” has one thing going for it: a collection of knee-weakening Gerard Butler pictures set to the Celtic Women’s version of “Scarborough Fair.” The soundtrack is usually what makes or breaks Outlander YouTube movies; otherwise, all you’re left with is a collection of celebrity photos cut with random stone-circle pictures. Since I’m more partial toward a faster-paced soundtrack, I find Celtic songs such as “Scarborough Fair” to be the most effective in capturing the Gaelic atmosphere. Likewise, “Outlander: Part I” makes a genius soundtrack choice with Salva Nos by the Mediæval Bæbes. I’ve seen one movie-maker set Outlander to techno…er…I’m not judging, I’m just speechless.

Once again, the owner of “Gerard Butler as Jamie Fraser” has disabled embedding for reason unfathomable to me–don’t they want publicity from Outlander Fans? So if you want to feast your eyes on the chiseled Mr. Butler, click on the link and enjoy!

And yes, I inherently think this post is a blatant excuse to post more Gerard Butler pictures.


10 thoughts on ““Gerard Butler as Jamie Fraser””

  1. Gerard Butler is by far my favorite choice to play Jamie Fraser! He doesn’t have his red hair, but everything else if perfect!

  2. Ok I am guilty….of sitting all afternoon browsing this site! I simply adore it! A bit of history of my readings. My co-worker gave the whole set of Diana Gabaldon to read because for her it was too detailed of reading material…is there such a thing? I am a whole hearted Karen Moning fan as well, so that should tell you I am very much into Highlanders and romance. History is like coffee to me, to be tasted and savored so if its mingled with romance all the better….add a dash of magic or a hint of supernatural to sweeten the mix and I am hooked. Many of women of KMM’s group also see Gerald Butler as a good choice for the lead in some of her books. We have been bugging Karen endlessly to think about a movie!! I love him no matter what he is in..So bring on more Gerry…and I will also shamelessly promote him, as with the others to pursue all the delicious roles that we all know he would be perfect for!!! A little disclaimer here…my spelling stinks, my grammer is worse so all the Lit/Eng majors be kind!!!

  3. Barb:
    Thank you for the lovely comment. You made my day! I love Highlander history too, I even went to a Scottish fair one year just to hear the Scottish brouge.

  4. We have a Ren. Festival very close by and the Highlander weekend is always booked on my calander!! I cant help myself. But of course, you also get those ones that should not be in a kilt ever *shiver* thank God that those are few and far between the gorgous ones. I think I was born in the wrong time period…but then again I may not enjoy it so much if I was actually living it! I probably would have been burned at the stake or sent to rehabilitate with the nuns!!!!

  5. If they cast Gerard Butler, I’m not watching it! He’s WAY too short! I have always pictured Kevin McKidd or Damian Lewis- fine specimens of man!!!

  6. Gerard works for me. I ve read and reread this ongoing novel 5 x over…. and butler would be perfect for the role…..now Claire…. I do believe I could wear her shoes!!

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