In 1998, I was thirteen and deeply devoted to Leonardo DiCaprio. In fact, so great was my devotion to Leo that I sat through the entire 3 hour duration of Titanic when, in fact, I needed to use the bathroom 20 minutes into the movie. So I sat there and endured, mesmerized by the beauty that is DiCaprio, and tried to ignore the encroaching on-screen water…

Titanic resurfaces in my mind from time to time; I’m reminded of it every time I see Leonardo DiCaprio martyr himself at the end of yet another movie. Last fall, I had an unexplainable urge to revisit the story and picked up A Night to Remember by Walter Lord: an eloquently written, investigative account of the sinking of the RMS Titanic. But the novel only succeeded in stirring up my curiosity a step further.

When Titanic was a world-wide box office phenomenon, there was an unfounded rumor of a sequel. When I heard about it, I thought to myself “What a stupid idea!”—the ship sunk, Jack Dawson is at rest in his watery, unmarked grave. Until now… A clever YouTuber has resurrected Jack Dawson from the dead in Titanic 2: Two the Surface. The video has been out for a while, so most of you have probably seen it, but for those of you who have never had the inclination to search for Titanic on YouTube, I’ve included it for your viewing pleasure.


8 thoughts on “Titanic”

  1. I dont even remember ever hearding there might be a sequel but being a fiction freak I totally love this version. Not sure the big money guys of hollywood will like it but they should hire the person that did this. It is very cleverly put together with what I can only assume is clippings from other movies sliced together. Or at the very least not sue him in some stupid lawsuit.

    It reminds me of those tests one would get in english lit in school that asked the student if they could change the ending of a story how would they do so. This change to the story has me going along with my own version of the resurfaced hero meeting Rose granddaughter (baring in mind that Rose kid where not the bi-product of her time on the ship) and falling in love with the granddaughter who has the same kindred spirit as her deceased Grandmother Rose.

    I tried downloading video to see if it would re-play without all the stops but it didn’t work. Still even with all the stops the video was entertaining. Thanks for sharing.

  2. “Titanic” is the worst major release of all time (“Pearl Harbour” coming in a close second). As I watched the movie, I was utterly appalled by it, from the first frame to the last. At one point near the end I started giggling and my wife, who also loathed the movie, asked what was going on. “Fifteen hundred people drowning,” I replied, “and that’s not dramatic enough. Now they have this silly bit with Billy Zane chasing Kate and Leo through the sinking ship…” Sherron started chuckling, passed the message along and soon the whole row was snorting with laughter.

  3. Dear Mr. Burns,

    How can you heart be so cold? Would it alleviate your cynicism to know that old Rose actually said, and allow me to quote from my VHS box set: “Fifteen hundred people went into the sea” instead of “drowned”?

    Billy Zane was armed with a gun and an ego… something was bound to go off. What’s melodrama without a dash of the cheese-factor?

  4. And I sympathize with C.B.; the lost of his hedgehog is no doubt traumatic, but he must not get so carried away as to compare Titanic to Pearl Harbor (Let’s not blasphemy here!)

  5. WAIT, was that a real sequel??

    The entire plot seemed like it would be a skit on SNL!
    Jack coming back to life after being frozen for almost a century. . .please!

    At the end of the clip, I was very amused confused.
    Wasn’t Rose supposed to survive?

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