A Celebration of Bad Fiction

I came into the world at the height of ninja-movie-mania headed by such fine actors as Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme. I was raised in a decade when Baywatch was the most popular show on TV and we were lead to believe that lifeguards really did defend our coast from a slew of international terrorists. So you can see that I know a thing or two about bad taste.

For every good book that I’ve read, there are at least a dozen books that made me look up and say, for lack of a more elegant phrase, “WTF?” Case in point: the Sweet Valley High series. Sweet Valley twins Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are vacationing in foggy London. Jessica, the more adventurous of the dual, succumbs to the charm of a cute British boy when, to her consternation, he turns out to be a werewolf.

And the plot thickens…

He’s not just any teen wolf, he’s also the reincarnated form of Jack the Ripper. Because it makes perfect sense that Jack the Ripper got away with his 19th century crimes because he’s a werewolf… Has Francine Pascal’s ghostwriter managed to crack the murder mystery that eluded the best detectives of Scotland Yard?

Flashback to me: twelve years old and reading Sweet Valley High: Beware the Wolfman during seventh grade English class. I looked up and whispered “WTF?”

Over the course of this blog, I plan to add a new segment: a celebration of books, cover art, and movies that make you go “WTF!”

Bad fiction is almost as entertaining if not more entertaining than good fiction. In order to get you into the full “WTF” spirit, allow me to share a video that demonstrates how bad fiction can be. This video is called “The Worst Movies Ever.”


2 thoughts on “A Celebration of Bad Fiction”

  1. LOL! You’re so right!

    When I was younger, I’d buy the BSC books, and my neighbor would buy the SVT/SVH books and we’d swap them. I still have big Rubbermaid bins of them in my garage. Can’t quite get rid of them yet 😉

  2. I only own two SVH books. These were the big “Saga” editions: “The Fowlers of Sweet Valley” and “The Patmans of Sweet Valley.” I liked these special editions the best…they were the teen version of historical romances.

    I do, however, have a rubbermaid bin filled to the brim with acid-eaten Goosebump paperbacks which gives off a distinctly glue-like smell.

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