Tea with the Queen

In my earlier synopsis of Sweet Valley High: Beware the Wolfman, it slipped my mind to mention one other important plot element. How could I have been so careless!

While the Wolfman romances Jessica Wakefield, Elizabeth Wakefield, the scholastically unblemished twin, manages to arrange tea with Queen Elizabeth. Imagine that! I didn’t know the Queen was so accessible to her subjects let alone to a Southern Californian teen. Here in America, if any of us lowly plebeians try to hop the fence over to the White House, we’d get shot down by snipers. And they call this a democracy…

But Elizabeth Wakefield obtains a press pass to Buckingham Palace and interviews the Queen over those little cucumber sandwiches. Seems like the Wakefields of Sweet Valley are movin’ on up in the world. Let this be a lesson in determination for all you young folks out there: if you try hard enough, maybe you can also interview the British Monarchy for your high school newspaper. I don’t know about you, but I for one am inspired. Like Elizabeth Wakefield, I too am an average Southern Californian resident. Do you think Her Majesty will give me an extra lump of sugar in my English Breakfast if I present her with the best Roxy T-shirt PacSun has to offer?


2 thoughts on “Tea with the Queen”

  1. The Queen will give you two lumps of sugar and some milk if you throw in a Quicksilver T-shirt for Prince Charles…

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