Men of the Mist

It it a truth universally acknowledged that if you’re going to have crush on a dashing fictional hero, you might as well go the extra step and provide him with his own atmospheric mist. My earliest memory of being able to see man-mist occurred on my first reading of The Witch of Blackbird Pond. The sardonic young seaman, Nathaniel Eaton, makes an appearance from out of the mist of the Connecticut River in order to come to Kit Tyler’s rescue. From that point on, the mist never receded from his general vicinity.

Nor did the mist leave Sydney Carton’s side as he took his final stroll along the cobblestone sidewalk under Lucie Manette’s window. Likewise, if Outlander were ever to be made into a movie, Jamie Fraser would have his own fog and wind machine. He must have wind blowing through his flaming red hair at all times! None of this sissy mist, I demand a gale for this God among men!

And last but not least, Mr. Darcy came out of the mist… in slow motion. And yes, there was a faint breeze tousling his Regency era sideburns ever so gently askew…

Of course, this was all in my imagination. Never did it cross my mind that others were thinking the same thing. Until one day, in a smoky theater in Westwood Village, I feasted my eyes upon this image and nearly fell out of my seat from sheer exhilaration.

All around me, there was a collective intake of breath from the female audience as Mr. Darcy, played by Matthew Macfayden, came out of the mist, his morning-walking coat billowing behind him as he approached Elizabeth Bennet in, dare I say it, slow motion. What a thrill to see the image that has been ruminating in my mind realized before my eyes. And then, after this scene, the theater erupted into a collective sigh.

The male audience, however, were not amused.


4 thoughts on “Men of the Mist”

  1. Two things.

    Is it a coincidence that you posted this entry on the same day I referenced your admiration of fictional men?

    Also, having been in attendance on said occasion, I can tell you the men used their collective sigh for the “Keira Knightly speaking her mind in the pouring rain” moment. All three of us.

  2. As much as you’d like to imagine this entry revolves around you…look you to the time-stamp. Or if there isn’t one, then you can take my word for it that it was posted this morning, hours before your disagreeable facebook comment.

    And I believe you were the only man who sighed… you do own both versions of Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth and Keira Knightly) do you not?

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