“Jamie and Claire”

The Outlander YouTube movies are increasing in number and getting better by the minute. A few months ago, these fan videos were primarily casting oriented, but now, they’re branching out into storytelling territory. With that said, I would like to introduce a new Outlander video entitled “Jamie and Claire” that deserves honorable mention in telling the story all the way to the end of Dragonfly in Amber. There is, however, an anachronistically modern picture of Claire (casted as Anna Friel) that raised my eyebrow just an inch north of doubtful before I was quickly won over by the music (“Bonny Portmoreby Loreena McKennitt) and creative subtitles.


7 thoughts on ““Jamie and Claire””

  1. That song is soooo beautiful! It made me tear up, especially at the end with all those battle pictures…. I like the screen capture of Jamie (Gerry Butler) in the water and Claire on the boat. I dunno if that ever happened in Outlander, but it seemed like it did. I remember some part when he taught her how to catch a trout in the river, which was right after they were married…that’s probably what it reminded me of.
    Where did they get that Bonnie Prince Charlie picture from? He looks creepy, like he just died and came back to lead the battle.

  2. Becky–You’re right, “Bonny Portmore” is a beautiful, haunting song. I’ve actually never heard it before until I saw this video.
    And yes, Bonnie Prince Charlie is unusually pale, too pale in fact, to be human. I don’t quite know where his picture came from…some Scottish supernatural thriller would be my guess. His pastiness disturbs me. If memory serves me right, wasn’t the Bonnie Prince Italian in the book?

  3. I have watched this video, and several others. I have read all the Jamie and Claire books out. Jamies description is young, fair, dark red hair.
    In Outlander he is only 22-24yrs old. None of these actors are young, they are at least 40.
    It just makes me sad that they have portrayed him wrong. Claire is young and not a redhead.
    😦 I hope they don’t make these choices when they do the real movie.

  4. It’s true that they are young in the first two books, but by dragonfly in amber they are about 40 give or take, and Bree is already born so I think it is kind of up for personal interpretation at this point.

    I really did like the song and I hope that the books get turned into a movie, but I am hesitant to push it since so many books that get turned into movies are disappointing. We’ll see.

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