Jamie Fraser’s LiveJournal

If someone were to tell me that Jamie Fraser had a LiveJournal, I’d laugh and reply, “Surely, you jest.” A speedy internet search proved that there was indeed a Jamie Fraser journal, penned by, who else, James Fraser (not his real name). The wonders of fan fiction, eh?

The James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser Journal is a delightful find. Each entry begins with a writing prompt filled in by the 18th century quill of Himself. I urge you to explore this hilarious blog, although I do caution, without Claire’s presence as narrator, moderator, and translator, Jamie’s Scots speak may be a little difficult to understand. Jamie Fraser, I love ya, but I can’t understand ya.


6 thoughts on “Jamie Fraser’s LiveJournal”

  1. If James Fraser talked like this Live Journal guy(?) types, I would have found it amazing that Claire would have ever been able to make out his jibberish.

  2. You call it jibberish, I call it the language of love… Besides, who needs to understand Jamie Fraser when he looks like that (by “that” I refer to his Viking-god heritage).

  3. That´s rubbish. Jamie doesn´t write like this. It´s just an accent you notice when he´s speaking, not writing. There are passages in the books where he´s writing letters and his language is perfectly normal…

  4. Your absolutely right. Jamie Fraser doesn’t write like a Scot. But I can understand why the blogger over at Jamie Fraser’s LiveJournal decided to write in an accent. How else are we to know it’s Jamie Fraser if he wrote his responses in perfect 18th century English?

  5. I have a little roblem with some of the Scots language used. Remember these are all spoken in a Scots accent so they might look a but stupid writen down but just imagine, you’re more likely to say Whar’ than Wha’ in all parts of Scotland it is mostly prononced thus. Though the donnae could be correct i have mostly heard in prononced dinnae but im from the midlands so it is maybe different in the Highlands.

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