Robin Hood BBC

I’m a big fan of the Robin Hood legend. I believe it was an early ’90’s television broadcast of the 1938 Errol Flynn version that made me a fan for life. So imagine my delight when I found out that Robin Hood is a new BBC TV series! This information isn’t exactly new since the series debuted in 2006 and is already in its second season. It’s new to me; I stumbled upon this adaptation while flipping through a BBC America catalog. It fascinated me so much that I planted myself in front of my computer and commenced upon an hour long search for more Robin Hood information.

This new Robin Hood is visually grittier than the Technocolored Errol Flynn version and more credible than the 1991 Kevin Costner adaptation. And what’s this? An all British cast! Doth my ears deceive me: an Englishman playing an Englishman? A Robin Hood with a credible British accent? I recall that Kevin Costner didn’t even try adopting a British accent. Tsk Tsk.

On first impression, Jonas Armstrong may seem too slight to play the Prince of Thieves, but after viewing a few studio screen captures, his scruffiness and lean physique began to grow on me. There’s a darker quality about this Robin Hood not found in his robust, swaggering predecessors. True, in some angles Armstrong appears malnourished, but then again, all of Nottinghamshire is starving under Prince John’s reign.

I can’t wait to watch Season 1. Unfortunately, my free DVD resource (the local library) does not carry this series right now. They might…in a few months. Can I wait that long or should I give in, fork over $70, and buy the box set? I’m in agony. I could be watching Robin Hood romancing Maid Marion and frolicking in Sherwood Forest with his Merry Men as we speak!

So, if you’re like me and dying to get your Robin Hood fix, here’s a cleverly edited fan trailer to help you along your merry way.


9 thoughts on “Robin Hood BBC”

  1. i’m not condoning this in any way, but if you download the veoh viewer ( you can watch all the episodes on there. i heard of it because it has richard armitage (swoon) playing a bad guy very sexily.

  2. you can watch a lot of bbc stuff on there–i’ve heard it’s not quite legal though. watch it fast before they take it down!

  3. Hi,
    I stumbled on your blog through googling Kate Spade…and I love it! I absolutely adore Robin Hood – I’ve been hooked since last year. Despite living in Oz (meaning that the show isn’t aired until months later on the ABC), I have a friend who somehow “obtains” the show as an avi. file for watching on computer, which is splendid, as I am only a few days behind the show in England. Have you seen the 4th episode of the second season? So sad! I find both Jonas Armstrong and Harry Lloyd to be extremely attractive…and the plot is always thickening…it’s action, adventure, thrilling, romance – what’s not to love?

    Just a girl

  4. Although I still haven’t seen the first episode of Robin Hood yet, I can tell by all the rave reviews that I’m going to love it.

  5. Okay, so I know that I’m way behind and this message is over a year old, but I just had to say that a friend of mine just loaned me the DVDs of Season one (and I’ll be getting season two from her in a couple of days) and I LOVE this show!
    I, too, became addicted to the legend of Robin Hood after Erroll Flynn’s depiction (which I believe I saw for the first time when I was about five years old)

    As for Jonas Armstrong’s physique, one must also remember that Robin is returning to England after years fighting in the Crusades, and that he’s been ill after being stabbed by a “Saracen” trying to kill the king.

  6. I too just discovered the series via searching for Richard Armitage credits after viewing North and South; and I was immediately more taken with the young man playing Robin Hood. My tastes are usually very predictable and utterly in line with other people’s; so I have been surprised to see how Jonas Armstrong gets pummeled on the internet. His performance has only grown in nuance, his smile will melt your heart, and whoever said that Robin Hood needs to be a man of great physical stature in order to have great prowess with the bow. I have always thought of him more as a Reynard the fox/trickster type character. I am annoyed that the negative media may have run off an actor I enjoyed in a role.

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