Man Behind Masterpiece

I grew up watching Exxon Mobile Masterpiece Theater, so you can say that I grew up under the influence of screenwriter Andrew Davies. For those of you unfamiliar with the name, Andrew Davies is the head writer behind Masterpiece Theater.

His writing credits include Pride and Prejudice (1995), Bleak House (2005), and Daniel Deronda (2002)—in other words, he spent his entire writing career dramatizing British classics. Davies has the best job in the world! He’s living in a lit lover’s paradise: reading the books he loves and getting paid to turn them into movies. Where can I sign up?

I only wish Andrew Davies has an American counterpart translating American classics into film. Sadly, it doesn’t seem likely that the very English Mr. Davies will be giving American novels his magic touch any time soon. The Brits do strictly adhere to novels penned by their own countrymen…


1 thought on “Man Behind Masterpiece”

  1. and don’t forget most recently Northanger Abbey, an ITV production. i agree about the american counterpart thing–there are lots of lovely american classic novels i’d like to see adapted.

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