“Jamie and Claire: The Reunion”

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A new video by the talented “Teutonlass” entitled “Jamie and Claire: The Reunion” premiered on YouTube this week. This short is the sequel to “Jamie and Claire.” Although this video fails to surpass its predecessor in both quality and pace, it does have its redeeming features, namely, the brief appearance of Christian Bale as Roger Wakefield. In casting Roger, it was a close call between Christian Bale and Jim Caviezel. I chose Jim Caviezel because he more closely resembled Roger Wakefield…at least in my mind. I’m not ecstatic about the creator’s casting of Brianna. Julia Stiles? I don’t see it.

The main players are still the same: Gerard Butler as Jamie Fraser and Anna Friel as Claire Randall. Pictures courtesy of Timeline (2003).

If the video’s pacing is not too slow for you, you’ll find something to laugh about toward the end. Is it me or does the subtitle “Touch me…and let me touch you, my Sassenach” sound really dirty? “Sassenach” is a phrase to be used in the context of Outlander. Don’t go around using it in real life unless you don’t mind having your meaning horribly misconstrued…


12 thoughts on ““Jamie and Claire: The Reunion””

  1. Gerry Butler as Jamie? Perfect. The pacing IS slow in this second video, but I enjoyed my trip down the Jamie and Claire memory lane.

    When those movies are made, I hope they will be given the same serious treatment as the Lord of the Rings trilogy – great director, unlimited budget, and actors that are perfect for their roles.

    Sassenach? Hah! Gerry can touch mine any day.

  2. Yes, should Outlander ever become a movie, they better not skimp on the production value. Fans demand an A quality, Oscar-worthy film and will not settle for anything less!

    As for the look of Outlander, I’ve always envisioned the cinematography as something similar to that of Pride and Prejudice (2005) mixed with Braveheart (1995). P & P has an “El Greco” look; I made that term up, but let’s define it as a mixture between dark, stormy weather countered with a shaft of sunlight. (I think I’m going to have to write an entire post dedicated to what the Outlander movie should look like: interiors, exteriors, props, costumes, special effects….). Heck, if I had a producer’s deep pockets, I might as well follow in James Cameron’s Titanic footsteps and write, produce, direct the movie myself.

  3. If there is a movie, please, please do it right. It could be as good as the lord of the rings. People always say the movie’s never as good as the book but it could be. Here’s hoping.

  4. im in love with the cross stitch (outlander) series… and i would absolutly love it, if they were made into a movie… please please please make a movie… as a lot of fans of the books would be disappointed if it was not made into a movie

  5. The character of Jamie has to be able to pull off those intense scenes with Randell – that’s going to be major – I’m not even sure how that horrible stuff would be filmed.

  6. i have just finished reading dragonfly in amber and i will be buying the next book tommorow i have never cryed so much i love thesse books they are amazing . I love jamie fraser. Diana you are an amazing woman….

  7. Rachel Weiss would make a perfect Clair.
    She has nthe coloring and the perfect clipped tone…being both sensual and sassy.

  8. Ihave read the whole 6 books twice, my mum, sister and girlfriends too! We often speak of who ever could play Jamie, Gerard Butler is the one. Please please make a movie, do it right, it deserves the very best. Never have I read such stories that have touched so many people.

  9. Jamie and Claire accompany me every day on my commute to and from work by audio book. I have been known to sit in my car waiting for a chapter to end! Fantastic series of books, but I think they need a newcomer for the movie role of Jamie. Gerard Butler, as gorgeous as he is, doesn’t fit the detailed physical description of Jamie.

  10. Gerard Butler IS Jamie & if someone doesn’t hurry up & make these movies he will be too old. No one else can be Jamie but him!
    Come on people!

  11. Butler’s already too old. I don’t think the movie/mini-series will have major stars in it either. Budget and all. Rings didn’t either for the most part. But I can’t watch the reunion video. Something about EMI content and blocked in my country (US). How come?

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