WordPress Search Engine Terms: The G.Q. Edition

I credit Adventures in Reading for inspiring me to respond to my WordPress search engine terms. Today’s search engine theme is all about men, hence the appropriately titled “G.Q. Edition.”

“Handsome Scotsmen”

Believe it or not, this is one of the most frequently used search engine terms leading readers to The Lit Connection. The most searched for term: “Jamie Fraser.” So in order to appease readers searching for those elusively handsome Scotsmen, I’ve included a variable tartaned feast for the eye.

1. Gerard Butler

Gerry Butler is the definitive handsome Scotsman in my book. Just look at him! Have you ever seen a man so chiseled, so perfectly symmetrical?

2. Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor is one of the most recognizable Scottish actor today. Charming, no?

3. Dougray Scott

Remember him as Prince Henry in Ever After? Just breathe…

4. Sean Connery


And who could make a list of handsome Scotsmen and leave out Sean Connery? He’s the definitive James Bond! I’ve never crushed on Mr. Connery for two reasons. One: he’s old enough to be my grandfather. Two: even in his prime, he’s got too much chest hair…not my cup of tea. He is suave when clothed though.


“Lean Physique”

I’m not really sure what these readers are searching for, but my guess would be…ahem…men. You can see where my thoughts are leading. My idea of the perfect male physique: tall (well over 6 feet), lanky, lean, long-legged, and not very muscular. I’ve harbored this idea (okay, fantasy) ever since I was little. Where did I get this idea? Old movies. For reasons unknown to me, all the leading men in old movies seemed taller (they averaged 6’3″) and so much more heroic than movie stars today. Here, let me show and tell:

1. James Stewart

I have a thing for Jimmy Stewart. Is it a sick to say that his George Bailey makes every Christmas a Merry Christmas? I don’t know why some people say he’s not traditionally handsome. Are they seeing the same man I’m seeing? I consider his lanky frame, signature drawl, and “aww shucks” attitude incredibly appealing.


2. Gregory Peck

He appears suave and debonair in this picture. As Gregory Peck aged, he virtually transformed into an icon of nobility. His performance as Atticus Finch was unflinching, unruffled… a hero personified.


3. Gary Cooper

Not too long ago, I watched a documentary entitled “Gary Cooper: Face of a Hero.” He towered over villains, leading ladies, and ordinary men.

4. Cary Grant

I prefer Cary Grant’s black and white pictures. In color, he’s too tanned. But you can’t deny him his impeccable style…


8 thoughts on “WordPress Search Engine Terms: The G.Q. Edition”

  1. James, Sean, Ewan, and Gregory are my fave.

    But u know what? If I had the pleasure to choose 1, it would definitely be Ewan

    I absolutely adored him in Moulin Rogue. He had everything going 4 him. . .wait no. . . I 4 got he was a pennyless writer.

    Okay, so he didn’t have money, but he did have an amazing voice, and the looks to match!

  2. I think I would have to go with Dougray Scott, dear god, how beautiful a man. I’m “trying to “Just Breathe”

  3. So funny – I was searching for a photo of Dougray Scott for my Outlander website – and stumbled upon your post that mentions Jamie Fraser and Dougray Scott. Scottish perfection, if you ask me. I’m thinking Dougal.

  4. Ewan McGregor, Gerard Butler, Jamie Fraser, and Dougray Scott are just pretty boys from Hollywood.

    Not a one of them has an iota of the class and nobility of Gregory Peck, Sean Connery, Gary Cooper, or Cary Grant.

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