Casting Jamie Fraser: Part II

If you recall from my Casting Jamie Fraser post, I’m still on the fence as to who should play the coveted role of Jamie Fraser if Outlander were a movie. Months later, I’m still straddling the fence here. It’s a tough call. Gerard Butler, handsome as he is, doesn’t look like the Jamie Fraser in my mind. Sean Bean comes closer to my mental picture, but he’s about two decades pass 23. So during my hiatus from blogging, David Wenham (Lord of the Rings, 300) popped into mind. Wenham definitely has “Jamie Fraser” potential. Of course, he’s not exactly 23 either, but this younger photo of the Aussie actor captures something of that youthful, slightly gawky Jamie Fraser of the first novel.

He’s got the height, the coloring, the face. I’m trying to imagine how “Sassenach” would sound coming from his mouth. Not just any Joe can call a woman Sassenach and get away with it. Only a man with Jamie Fraser potential can use that term of endearment freely and escape getting slapped for being fresh.

Do you see the potential?



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  1. As a fellow Aussie I would love to see David Wenham; however what about Rupert Penry-Jones. Have just seen him in Persuasion on PBS. Remember that Jamie was an aristocrat and an educated man.
    Personally I would love to see the BBC do a series of the books….they would give detail to the period and some of their time travel works have a feeling of authenticity to them

  2. For some reason I got it into my head that Heath Ledger would make a good Jamie Fraser. Of course, I knew it was never very likely, and now it’s definitely not going to happen. =/

    David Wenham I can also sort of see.

  3. Anne-Marie Slater—
    Yes, I could definitely see Rupert Penny Jones as Jamie Fraser. They just need to make his hair a little bit more red—brownish auburn perhaps? He has the required build, face…he’s hot! And I agree, I think if the rights for a movie/mini series were sold to the BBC, they would do a great job.

    Although I never saw Heath Ledger as Jamie Fraser, I always thought he had the looks and acting ability to play Stephen Bonnet. I can’t believe he passed away! I am still shocked; he was the last person I expect to die since he always looked so young and vibrant.

  4. Heath Ledger would have been perfect for the role – may be rest in peace.

    I too would love to see the Outlander series made into a TV series or movies/. I know a lot of fans don’t like the idea, but me, I love the thought of the visual aspect.

  5. Jules:
    Christian Bale is such a fluid actor that he could play any of the Outlander characters and own the role. I could see him as either Jamie, Black Jack, Roger, even Lord John Grey. He always transforms himself into the character, making us forget it’s Christian Bale.

  6. How about Rupert Grint? He’s actually turned into a pretty good looking guy. He’s definitely young enough and he could bulk up some.

    I know you’re probably rolling on the floor laughing about this, but at least he’s a natural redhead.

    (I am now dying of embarassment).

  7. How about Hugh Jackman. With a hair color change I could completely see him as Jamie. What do you all think???

  8. David Wenham is EXACTLY who I am picturing as I am reading the novels for the first time. From the word go.

    I also saw jack Davenport as Captain Randall for some reason. Someone who looks like he *could* be a nice person, but isn’t. (He reminds Claire of Frank, remember? So I think Jason Isaacs is too outwardly evil)

    And I don’t know why, but I keep seeing Kristin Scott Thomas as Claire (?)…even though she is too old now for the younger Claire. She is a quintessential brit, however….so someone fiesty and educated like her, with a round bottom! 🙂

  9. rachel b.
    Jack Davenport is another good canidate for Black Jack Randall/Frank. Thanks for suggesting him, I’ve not thought of him before.

    And yes! I totally pictured Kristin Scott Thomas as Claire. Her dry wit personifies Claire to the T. It really is ashame that she is too old. If only they made Outlander the Movie 10 years ago….

  10. Have a look at Joel Edgerton (another Aussie actor) in the new version of King Arthur. he plays one of Arthurs knights. He has ‘Jamie’ potential.

  11. I think David Wenham could be a perfect jamie. but everyone sees jamie in a diffrent way, so it’s difficult to find the right actor…

  12. What about Tony Curran?! I know he was the guy I was picturing when I was reading the books. He has flaming red hair (which is a must for Jamie…) and he’s a real Scot! Check him out in “The 13th Warrior”. Yummy.

  13. i think anyone who is in doubt that gerard butler should play jamie fraser needs to watch beowulf. ok its a really naff film (in my opinion anyway) but im sorry the part he plays in this is soo jamie fraser n the thought of him saying ‘sassenach’ just gives me goosebumps every time!

  14. i believe that to anyone who has read these wonderful stories, and emersed themselves in the lives of jamie and claire fraser, jamie is an impossible role to cast. i do, however think there is at least one role that can be cast perfectly, perhaps two. jason isaacs would be undeniable as jonathan randall, and he could maybe play the role of frank, too, as there was such a strong resemblance that claire actually thought she was seeing her husband.

  15. I am newly addicted to Outlander and David Wenham has been my minds Jamie from the start. He could be made to look a bit younger for the beginning but he is Jamie to me.

  16. Just saw a YouTube tribute to Outlander and there was a young actor names Hugh Dancy. Now that, was Jamie. Still young enough to play the young Jamie…and very beautiful.

  17. I like Rupert Penry-Jones or David Wenham because either one could be made into the right sort of redhead believably. But the important thing is to be tall – very tall. Heath ledger, just wasn’t tall enough to be be considered for Jamie (God bless him).

  18. I am new to the whole Outlander thing and I am hooked. I would really love to see an unknown actor play Jamie because he would make the role his own. But…if I had to choose an actor for him, hands down it would be Henry Cavill. He’s gorgeous enough, tall enough, the accent can be fakes enough, but most important to me…he’s the perfect age. Jamie is only 23…and that’s what I want to see..:)

  19. OK I have to admit I’m relatively new to the whole Outlander phenomena but when I picture Jamie in my mind David Wenham is PERFECT. The height, the hair, the “nose just a bit too long”. Great job!!!

  20. gerald butler is the person he is perfect look at the utube of gerald butler as jamie fraser it is perfect he is perfect.. and yes he may be a little old but he could get away with it.. he is the man for the job

  21. How about the guy who plays John Amsterdam on New Amsterdam? Nikolaj Coster Waldau. Dye his hair red…..could have a winner!

  22. Ok, this is really silly but…
    I recently re-watched Disney’s Beauty and the Beast…The Beast in human form…and Belle too for that matter…totally match Diana Gabaldon’s descriptions. Well, they match more than any real actors out there.
    And while Gerry Butler is my Scottish Husband (he may not know it yet, but he is ;), I always saw him as Dougal or Colum, not Jamie.
    Who ever would be our Jamie, he can’t be too “Pretty” and smooth. He’s got to be strong boned and rough, yet handsome.
    But face it ladies, we’ll not all be satisfied if they ever do make a movie. But that’s the great thing about literature: imagination, and interpretation.

  23. Oh my. Sorry, had to write again. I just read the comment about Rupet Grint…and then my mind immediately went to Emma Watson as Claire!

    (oddly interesting…maybe in a few years)

    and so silly…I’m also dying of embarrassment…but at least I’ll be going down giggling!

  24. I found this page because I’m just reading Outlander for the first time…
    When I read Jamies description I had to think of my boyfriend 😀
    He has red hair and blue eyes and he’s tall but not very muscular…pity 😀 furthermore he’s mine 😀

    I also thought of Rupert Grint a few years later but now he looks too handsome.

    Yet David Wenham is the best choice I think…

    But no… he’s impossible to cast… 😛

  25. Wow… I never knew there were people just like me out there. I LOVE Jamie Fraser and for me, the books must never be made into movies. Jamie is to each of us so personal – someone else’s casting and portraying of him could never be enough. More than his “look” and his personality, I love his soul. Only an unknown actor could have a chance of portraying and not betraying the essence of Jamie. An actor that I already know would taint my ideal of Him.

    I was too busy reading this but I am not sure if I know who David Wenham? is. I will research this immediately.

    I would make up collages if I had all the time I wanted (Cool!). However, I am married with 3 kids and my life interupts my reading all the time. I loved the images and the discussion. I await the next book, Echo in the Bone, with much, much anticipation and excitement.

    Wow. I am jealous that everyone loves my Jamie.

    Love sick over Jamie in MN

  26. I can honestly see David Beckham playing Jamie. If he had his hair long again, and dyed red-ish. He certainly has the sinewy figure that Jamie has, and the high cheekbones and other features. And he would look super sexy in a kilt. Him or David Wenham, definitely.
    Claire I picture as someone similar to Kate Winslet. I would love to see Gerard Butler play Dougal – it’s time we saw this guy play the bad guy.

  27. Often I think about the persons, who could play all protagonists of Diana Gabaldons fantastic books of jamie and claire.
    With a friend of mine I also spoke about it and we found another candidate for the role of Jamie Fraser:
    It`s the actor BRENDAN FRASER, who gives the “Rick O’Connell” in “The mummy” for example.

    We found a picture of him in his role as “tarzan” and when wie saw Brendan Fraser with his red long hairs and his indefinable face, we both laughed saying: “That he is!!!”
    I would show you the two pictures, which impressed us so much, but I dont know how to manage this. But I hope, you will find these photos or anothers from Frasers “Tarzan” movie and you will realize Brendans potential as Jamie too.

  28. Well I don’t think that Brendan Fraser could be Jamie… maybe the look but I wouldn’t believe in the story when he’d try to act rough… cause as Jamie he’d have to… he’s no fighter-type….

    I still think that there’s no famous actor who could do that… it must be someone new….

  29. Nikolaj Coster Waldau as Jamie, not David Wenham! I can also see Liam Neeson as Colum, Sean Bean as Dougal and Christian Bale as Lord John. For Claire, I can kind of see Keira Knightly, with that posh accent and feisty attitude that we saw in the Pirates trilogy, but she’d have to put on a few pounds.

  30. I have to disagree with everyone I think – I feel the most potential specimen mentioned so far would be the man from 300 – he has the hardness I think a scot like Jamie would need – lets remember he took a flogging and a raping and still managed to crack a joke. I have tried to imagine him, but it seems that someone so beautiful can’t be matched by a known actor. I’ve tried to imagine a savage red-head but keep getting slapped down by the image of a red-haired freckle laden Australian child who’s crying to his mother that he’s got a sun burn. I do not call myself a casting agent – but if I was I would be looking to the side stages. Look for an unknown – like we all seem to agree there has been no Jamie Fraser and there will be no Jamie Fraser if we confine ourself to the well known selection. I say call to the highlands and bring us down a bloody hot-headed proud and savage Scot.

  31. I vote for Karl Urban (Eomer-Lord of the Rings). Check on the movie Pathfinder, where he performs a viking. I cannot upload a picture!!! Check on the scene where he plays with the sword, it reminded me of the scene in Outlander. He’s got the height, the looks, only his eyes are not blue, but greenish. Please check out the movie and give me your comments.

  32. First of all, if you haven’t listened to the audio cds of Outlander series narrated by Davina Porter, you are really missing the characters. She does an amazing job of all the voices. Get them from the library!
    I agree on Jamie with the New Amsterdam actor, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. He is really tall – 6’2″, has the great jaw line! David Wenham has the looks but only 6′. I think it is really important that his height and size matches the character.
    From the first time I heard Clare’s voice (on audio book), I’ve thought of Madeleine Stow. She looks great for her age and thinking she could pass for the younger one.
    I think of Colin Ferrell for Roger, but he is only 5’10” and needs to stand tall – “first time I don’t have to look down to kiss a girl – Bree is tall too” So Colin could be one of the other McKenzies.
    Have to think about Brianna….that will be a tough one.

  33. How about for Brianna – Laura Prepon (That 70’s show)…she is only 5’10” though

  34. I too have not been able to come up with a suitable Jamie in my mind as of yet, but there is NOBODY, and I repeat, NOBODY in my mind who could ever be Black Jack Randall except Jason Isaacs…he has the sadistic, English chap down to a T!! (see Patriot, etc) Also, I have always also thought only Jack Davenport for ROGER…what say you?!

  35. i must say, i really can’t understand why so many fans want Kate beckinsale- no offense to her but she’s waaay too thin for the part! so is kerra knightly. Claire has a BODY, strong, feminine, curvy (a little extra padding 😉 ) and i’m not saying that because i’m a skinny hater, i’m 5.6 120lbs myself.

    i definitely picture Brianna being slim. i came across a model named Marie Hopfner …øpfner

    any thoughts?

    and i agree Jamie would have to be some unknown actor – natural red is a MUST you can’t fake that stuff.

  36. I LOVE LOVE LOVE David Wenham as Jamie. I Think he has enough youth about him to play a young Jamie, and a few gray streaks and some hollywood magic on his skin and voile! Older Jamie. At first I thought it must be Gerry Butler because I am secretly in love with him, and I still see him as a close second, but David Wenham has more potential to play Jamie at all ages and I think that is critical. It would just seem silly to have two separate actors playing his role, at least to me.

    I am at a bit of a loss for Claire. I really like Rachel Weisz, especially as she is in The Constant Gardener, but I dont think she would do a mini series or anything of that sort, and that is the only think that could do these books justice. Absolutely NO Kate Beckensdale. She’s cute and all, but not a very strong actress.

    Hugh Dancy was mentioned earlier as well, and I love him as an actor. He is adorable, funny and diverse. He is my Roger, though. Complete with dark curly hair and green eyes even!!!

    Does anyone remember how old Black Jack Randall was in the books? I think Jason Isaacs is also a great actor and definently has that sadistic Brittish thing going for him, but he seems a bit old. But maybe Black Jack was meant to be older. I can’t remember

  37. I don’t know about you but I think Black Jack would be perfect if played by Rufus Sewell—what a good looking fellow, but yet evil to the core.

  38. I considered Toby Stephens as Jack Randall for a bit… but again, I think he’s too old. And I agree COMPLETELY with everyone before who said Kristen Scott Thomas for Claire! That is -always- who I’m reminded of!

  39. I’ve just finished with the 4th book “Drums of Autum” and i just love this series! I can’t wait to start the Fiery Cross! i had no idea there were so many fans of Jamie and Claire out there!! I have been enjoying reading everyone’s ideas about the casting of Outlander.. They are all great ideas! I Have had a hard time pictureing any actors that could pull Jamie off the way he appears in the book. There is alot of actors that come close. Gerard Butler is a good one besides him being extremly he is a true scott which i love to hear him talk..but i can’t see him with firery red hair. David Wenham is another and Sean Bean to and they are both a bit red headed especailly David. Karl Urban is also another good choice. but i picture Jamie bigger even bigger than Gerard Butler and Karl Urban. If i remember correctily Jamie is like 6″4 and broad shoulderd thats a pretty big brut!!lol It would be nice if they could just find someone with all those actors characteristics and add a few inches of height and brawn to em all then we may have our Jamie afterall..LOL

    I think Jason Issacs is the perfect actor for Black Jack. If anyone has ever see the Patriot with Mel Gibson in it they would agree. Infact he is the only one I have pictured for that role and I think it’s because the character he plays in the patriot is so like Black Jack.

    I think Rachel Weisz would be a great Claire! I think she would have to put on some weight though just like any other actress that would play the role. From what gathered from the describtion of claire she is more of an average size ,heathly woman, not petite at all, and very strong minded of course!

  40. After looking at the pictures of Gerard Butler, I agree he would be perfect Jamie. However, they will probably need to find an unknown to satisfy everyone as we all of our own image of him. Rachel Weisz is Claire.

    A few years ago I thought Adrian Paul would be perfect as Roger; of course he’s a little old for the role. By the time they make the movie, all the actors will be too old and they’ll have to start looking again for the “perfect” Jamie and Claire.

  41. So after reading all the above comments, I can safely say I have a new suggestion for Jaime. Canadian actor NATHAN FILLION. It’s a shame he wasn’t born in Scotland, so he’d have to fake the accent but otherwise he’s my Jaime (I love you Gerard!!). He’s got the long thin nose that’s just a little too long, the big build (not quite 6’4” but still). A face that settles into humor but can change to dead serious when required. He even has pretty blue eyes set at an odd angle (down not up sadly..).

    Watch the movie Serenity or the TV series Firefly (SciFi). He plays Mal, the captain of a ship and has many of the same characteristics as Jaime in that role.

    Otherwise, I agree with Jack Davenport as Randal or Roger. Hugh Dancy would be good as Roger as well.

    Anyone agree?? 🙂

  42. i started reading the outlander series after being bought, ‘Cross Stitch’ for christmas. i’m now completey hooked, absolutly in love with jamie fraser and jealous that it’s claire in these amazing books and not me! 😉 sorry dean. (boyfriend) 🙂 just finishing the 4th book at the moment and so is my friend, its all we ever talk about. lol. i agree with alot of what everyone has said and if it was my decision i would choose actress, Rachel Weisz as claire, she has the perfect looks and character. i’d choose Rufus Sewell as jack randall because of his rugged charm and dark handsome looks make him a perfect candidate. a sense of good and evil within his character? the perfect jamie would be extremely hard to find but if i had to choose it would be between Gerard Butler and David Wenham. but… I LOVE JAMIE and therefore dinnae see how any body could fill his place (sorry again dean) lol. taking in the very realistic fact that by the time they do begin to make a movie (if they do) all the actors will be too old, i have considered Rupet Grint and Emma Watson as Jamie and Claire Fraser! both bein capable actors and good looks for the part. but it dinnae matter what i say being but 15 years old lol. i’ll just go on dreaming… and reading. hehe

  43. While watching him on Top Gear on Monday night I thought that David Tennant, the current Dr. Who would make a good Jamie Fraser. I always though Keri Russell would make a very good Claire, but reading the many above suggestions of Rachel Weisz I’m inclined to agree! Oh, and Jason Isaacs is FAR too sexy to be Jack Randall!

  44. When I saw Kevin McKidd in the HBO series ROME I said, “That’s him!” or, as Diana would say, “That’s himself!!” Kevin McKidd is almost exactly how I imagined Jamie Fraser to be and he can be young or old. He’s a chameleon, and he can fight like I-don’t-know-what. And he’s a Scot. No paying for voice tutors.

  45. David Wenham sure has the potential, but I also agree with Daphne: Kevin McKidd IS Jamie!!

  46. check out Philip Winchester in the upcoming series Crusoe at
    Look at that square jaw!!! perfect Jamie Fraser..

    Another possibility is James Purefoy – also in Rome as Marc Anthony…We was funny and great in the Dragon Sword….he could also be a great Roger!

  47. Actually, you’re right Kevin McKidd would be perfect…he was also in the tv series the Journeyman…we was great…looks like he is a natural red head and blue eyes too!

  48. I am totally in love with Jamie Fraser too. I have read all the books and can’t help going back and reading my favourite passages (you know the ones). I would like to see Gerard Butler as Jamie but if done as a mini-series he may not be available. Kevin McKidd would be great too, loved him in Rome and he is a real Scot. If they cast Keira Knightley as Claire I will scream, she nearly ruined Pride and Predudice for me.

  49. It would be nice to see Toby Stephens incorporated into Outlander somehow. His hair is the right colour naturally and he is one of my favourite actors. He could play Dougall. Anyone who hasn’t seen him in the 2006 version of Jane Eyre (as Rochester, of course) should check it out.

  50. I have a question i hope someone has an answer! On Diana’s official website under the F&Q it talks about the Ghost in the Outlander the one that watch’s claire brush her hair in the window that frank runs into. I know who it is as probably does everyone else but what i’m confused about is it says it will explain about the ghost in the 5th book.. Whats really confusing is that it’s says the 5th book is called King, Farwell. The 5th book i have is the Fiery Cross which I am almost done with and it doesn’t mention or explain. Does anyone know what i’m talking about?HELP! :0)

  51. Char: Oh my goodness. I see you’re a Rupert Grint fan. So am I girl. Rupert would make a great choice to play him. He would have to grow a beard though unless they can slap some hair on his face. Other than that, good choice. He can def pull it off.

  52. Has anyone thought about Demi Moore as Claire? She’s got the eyes, the dark hair, great skin and she’s also married to someone younger!!!

    Jamie must be very beautiful, he moves passions in the books, he calls women’s attention, but also men’s!!! That must be kept in mind. Honestly I cannot see David Wenham or Kevind McKidd like that, dont’ you agree?

  53. I think Jason Isaacs would make the perfect Jack Randall. If you look at the various parts he has played, he could perfectly fit both Frank (think his role in Armageddon) and Black Jack (think The Patriot opposite Mel Gibson).

    Now, as for Jamie, I don’t know of any actor that really fits the bill for my vision of him, unfortunately. I have only ever met/seen one person who almost matches Jamie – although still not quite. View the three pictures below…

    He has the eyes, the mouth, the height…the nose isn’t quite there, maybe a couple other little details….but the closest thing I’ve seen as of yet.

  54. Sarah:

    That particular question was answered before publication of the fifth (and possibly previous) books. Since then the title has changed, as has the storyline (or how much could be fit into each book). I’m sure eventually the explanation will be put into play….and last I heard, Diana said She would end the series around year 1800…whether that means one book, or several more, who knows.

  55. I always think in some ways Ewan McGregor would make a great Jamie. I agree though that Nikolaj Coster Waldau would make a great Jamie too. there is a picture of him facing a woman, dressed in old costume that makes me think of Jamie.

    I think Jamie should be played by an unknown actor though. Not too pretty, strong and a bit rugged but still be able to look tender at times. Claire did not notice him right away or begin to appreciate his beauty until after she got to know him. His character must get better looking the more we get to know him.
    I think Gerrard would be a great Dougal

  56. I would like to se James McAvoy as Jamie! Yess!
    Or a totally unknow-hot-scottish dude..

    And maby Kate Winslet as Claire..

    But I realy belive in two not so quite famous people..

  57. I’ve stumbled across this Blog, and would like to add my 10 pence worth!
    Shamaria – I had a look at the web links – Hmm, the guy looks too clean shaven/boyish/gay!! Sorry.
    James Mc Evoy – too weedy…sorry.
    Ewan McG – weeel, maybe
    My favourite is Lian Neeson. Mind you, I’ll admit, he’s a bit old for the first book. However, he’d come into his own around ‘The Fiery Cross’.

  58. Has anybody checked out Diana’s blog lately?? Her new post is about the upcoming graphic novel, and how herself and the artist were discussing what Jamie looked like to her, and they found a pic of Gabriel Aubry (model, Halle Berry’s significant other). She said that he is the closest she can come up with to Jamie. There is a link there to a very well photo-shopped pic of Mr. A (as Diana calls him) with red hair and looking oh-so-good. Everyone should check it out, and be prepared to swoon!!!! If only he were a Scottish actor and not a Canadian model…..

  59. Haven’t read all the comments, but has anyone thought of Kevin McKidd (HBO’s ‘Rome’) as Jamie? Recently saw him in Made of Honor & could totally see him as Jamie….

    I, along with so many others, have been an ENORMOUS fan of the Outlander series from the moment a good friend lent me her hardback copy of Outlander, hot off the press.

    While I love Gerard Butler…I just cannot see him as Jamie.

    Behind Kevin McKidd, I believe my picks would be David Wenham & Karl Urban.

  60. I stand by Rupert Penry-Jones for Jamie.

    However, in no particular order and for no particular role, just want to see them in the Outlander movie:

    Henry Cavill, Richard Armitage, Karl Urban, Hugh Jackman, Orlando Bloom, Jeremy Northam, James Franco and James Marsden. You could throw in Paul Walker too! I’m just sayin’…

  61. I too have trying to form that perfect image of Jaime in my mind. I just ran across this photo of model Rasmus Salomonsson. I have no idea of his acting abilities but whoa, he fits my image of Jaime really well. The hair, not so much, but that is easy to fix! Check him out! (Those lips, wow!)

  62. I know some might think i’m totally off here but i just seen an interview with Trace Adkins the county singer. I know he’s not an actor but OMG! He is what I woud think of as a Jamie he is 6″7″ very muscular he even has reddish color hair even though it’s more blonde red and he’s got the blue eyes. There something about him to that is just very Jamie-ish to me. He isn;t overly good looking like a pretty boy but very attractive and sexy! whoo!

  63. To add one more thing to the above! Trace Adkins is rugged to thats the word I was looking for! LOL He’s the type that would look like a real scottish highlander soilder! someone you could see in the “woods”! Someone needs to get this man a kilt..LOL

  64. Wow. I have been obsessed with these books for years, never realized other people would enjoy talking about them! It’S AWESOME. Jamie and even Brianna…they are Vikings… eventhough slim they need to be ‘towering’ tall. I picture Jamie with giganic hands compared to Claire’s small face. And even though Claire is small, she is still tall for her time, and curvy. No stick thin actress could play her role.

  65. I’ve been reading all the posts, and i must say: Gerard Butler as Dougal, Gabriel Aubry (please take acting lessons!) as Jamie and Liam Neeson as Colum.

    Dougal has to be put on screen as a handsome guy, knowing it of himself. Sometimes kind, but always with a reason. A tough Scot really. Gerard could do that perfectly!

    Gabriel Aubry: Cheeky yet fierce. Drop dead gorgeous but i think (if he would an actor for gods sake) he could well go for a wild, fighting Scot.
    Rupert Grint is way way too young, even with a beard. He’s not convincing enough to play a clever, sexy, mature, ready-to-fight if you touch my Claire Scot. 🙂

    Liam Neeson: Colum is a real leader, looking older than he is. He’s destinguised, well educated and he’s got some ‘leader-air’. Liam has all that, perhaps to do with his age and acting-experience aswell.

    As for Claire and Brianna… No Rachel Weisz to be short. I don’t know who else would fit though, but i don’t associate Weisz with Claire.
    That model Marie Hopfner for Brianna… she would be great!

  66. Rephrase: Someone for Jamie WITH acting experience (looking just like Gabriel Aubry) is Josh Holloway. He plays Sawyer in Lost. They look very much a like, so why not?

    He’s hot, strong, tall, got those shiny eyes when he makes a joke, can probably do a great Scottish accent, bit of a wild guy but yet so cute and sweet.

    Yup, Josh Holloway it is!

    A Claire would perhaps be Evangeline Lilly, although in combination with Josh… It would perhaps be too much a season of Lost. So either one of them would do. But then again… Claire has to age over the series and Evangeline looks like she has eternal youth…
    Ouch, tough one here!

  67. I’ve read all the books in this series and my first choice was Gerard Butler for the part of Jamie… but after watching a film recently with the actor Kevin Kidd… I just cant seem to get his image out of my head … he is big as I have imagined Jamie to be.. he is a definate red head … the loveliest blue eyes like Jamie has and the face is definately viking looking!… and on top of all these qualities HE IS SCOTTISH and you wouldnt have to worry about him not fitting into the role… he is not as well known as some actors but Jesus H Roosevelt he is definately our Jamie… just have a look at him in the mini series of Rome… there is one photo on the net here under images for Kevin Kidd and the face just blew me away!…
    I’m for Kevin Kidd he has my definate vote as Jamie!

    and as for Claire that part should go to Maria Bello… watch her in the Mummy 3 with Brendon Fraser she is a little than what Kevin kidd looks like and the english accent is beautiful… and she would fit into the role of Claire as if she was made for it!

  68. in my last response I ment… and as for Claire that part should go to Maria Bello… watch her in the Mummy 3 with Brendon Fraser she is a little older than what Kevin kidd looks like and the english accent is beautiful… and she would fit the role of Claire as if she was made for it!

  69. And on top of all this information Kevin McKidd is left handed like Jamie Fraser… now how could you possibly go with someone else!

  70. ok, i think everyone needs to keep in mind that when outlander starts out jamie is like 22 and claire is 27. younger unknown actors are probably going to be the only hope. and if they are made into movies then its going to take like 15 years to do all of them anyway so by the end, they will be close to the age that they are in fiery cross. so suggesting 35-40 year old actors is kind of pointless. and david wenham is not even close to rugged and handsome enough.and too old.

  71. I’ve thought a lot about the possibilities of who could successfully play Jamie – like most, I have an idea in my head of what he looks like. But I have to say, I’m torn between the gorgeous Kevin McKidd and the divine Rupert Penry Jones! But I do like my thought of a bearded Sean Bean as Dougal – I think he would be delightfully wicked!!

    As for Claire…well, I’m still at a bit of a loss there!! But it’s fun to imagine!

  72. Well, it is hard to imagine anyone as Jamie – i can see David Wenham – he has the look to me (and apparently many others)
    im not sure if anybody else has said this (wayy too many people have commented and its insane) but i did think that Rachel Weisz would be a great Claire. curly hair, beautiful body, shes got the works AND she’s british. i also agree with Jason Isaacs as Randall – absolutly perfect!

    i am dying to read the next book – echo in the bone is going to be amazing!!!

  73. I love the discussions on here! I honestly have no clue who should play Jamie and Claire – I’d prefer if they were “unknown” actors because then we wouldn’t have a preconceived idea of who they are and what they act like.

    Putting that aside, does anyone know if the movie rumors are true? I’d much rather see BBC do a mini-series with the books – they’d be able to really give the books the screen time they deserve.

  74. In my opinion I think Zen Gesner when he has his hair grown out would make a gorgeous Jamie….

  75. I still can’t see anyone but Gerard Butler in the role. But, has he ever commented on whether he would want to take the part?

  76. Gabriel Aubrey would be perfect. He’s gone the long straight nose and cat-like eyes. He’s 6’2″ and ridiculously attractive. It would be a wonderful thing if he could act.

    My other suggestion is Philip Winchester. He’s 6’1″. If he could pull off the accent, I think he could meet the challenge of being Jamie Fraser.

    I love Gerald Butler, but I think he’s just too old. Remember that Jamie starts off as a 22 year old virgin. I really don’t think he can pull that off.

  77. Phillip Winchester. He’s 6 feet 4 and has reddish hair -he’s in his 20’s. He currently plays Crusoe on the NBC miniseries.

  78. RUPERT FRIEND. That’s all I have to say. He is Jamie…Young, tall, sensual, strong, handsome…If you haven’t seen him, check him out!

  79. Haven’t read all posts but has anyone mentioned Tom Hardy now starring as Heathcliff in Wuthering Hieghts on masterpeice theatre?

  80. I just have to say that I LOVE THIS!! My friends and I argue on a routine basis as to who should play Jamie. There are a lot of good ideas on here. I have to say that I also cannot see Gerard Butler as Jamie. I detest the idea of the books becoming a movie, but what a great idea for HBO or the BBC to make it into a miniseries. I love that idea and that shred of hope is what I will hang on to.
    No Movie! No Movie! No Movie!!!

  81. I adore Gerald Butler but he just isn’t Jaime! He’s Dougal! The perfect Dougal. The right age and incredibly handsome. A very sly character too.
    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thought of Rupert Grint as Jaime. I think it’s the age and that beautiful red hair that brought him to mind. Jaime has to be played by a young actor. He’s a very young man when we first met him.
    I always see Jack Randall as Jason Issacs. If you’ve seen The Patriot, you’ll agree I think.
    I absolutely agree that if a very thin actress plays Claire it will ruin part of her character. Jaime’s always talking about what a curvy girl she is and how much he likes that about her.
    I think no matter who plays Jamie I will be disappointed. She has done such a good job of painting this image of him in the books that I have a vision of this wonderful man now that I don’t think can be duplicated on screen.
    I agree that a 2 hour movie will not come close to capturing the scope of the book. I vote for a series too!

  82. I agree… an impossible role to cast. I can’t quite see Rupert Grint pulling it off. Not nearly sensual enough, bless his heart. And nowhere near the right nose. Butler? Maybe. Wenham? I would’ve said no until I saw that red-haired photo in this post. He’s a possibility, but I feel the role just calls for a Scot. No, the sad truth is… there is no man to equal Jamie Fraser. *sigh* Where does one find a red haired, blue eyed Celtic/Nordic god on short notice? No really… where?

    As for casting Claire? That’s easy. I’d be happy to volunteer.

  83. We only new a young Jamie for the first couple of books. Then…Gerard Butler would be PERFECT for the role of Jamie. He really is the only one who could pull it off in my eyes.

  84. We need an edit button on here..sorry.

    We only need a young Jamie for the first couple of books.

  85. Uhhh…My son’s name is James Scott. He is a 6’2″ Viking/Scottish descendent.
    Sandy-brown hair, Full red beard, gorgeous, and 49. Full head of hair, by the way. He IS a head-turner. He IS Jamie Fraser–the head of our clan, the go-to person for folks who know him, a born chieftan. Always has been. He is my son, but I couldn’t get him out of my mind while I was reading the series. Uhhh…Yep! I AM PROUD of the gorgeous North American Highlander descended from the MacDonald clan.

  86. And…James Scott has a younger brother with RED hair who grows a red beard. Same beautiful Viking ancestry. Good grief! What a clan of Scots I have!

  87. Jamie, must be an unknow. He must be tall, rugged, handsome (not pretty) and he must have that smile that people think is just a smile, but in actual fact, he is ready to do battle and he must be sexy. If anybody watches The Young and the Restless, please pay attention to Cane (he is Australian, but I’m sure the accent would be no problem), but he fits the bill. He has been doing battle with his step brother Billy lately and whenever I see them at odds, I always think – HE IS JAMIE. He is also very kind to those he loves. Ahhh if only there were Jamies out there.

  88. Definitely Jason Isaacs as Frank and Black Jack Randall – they can slightly alter the appearance with make-up.

  89. Kevin McKidd, co-star of “Made of Honor” and newest cast member of “Grey’s Anatomy” would fit into Jamie’s boots in every which way! He’s tall & rugged with a quiet strength about him, he’s a natural red-head and he comes complete with that wonderful sexy brogue.

  90. I agree that Jamie’s difficult to cast…I always thought a young Brendan Fraser would have been a good fit…especially after seeing him as George of the Jungle, lol…ooooh the abs!

    so…other than suggesting John Barrowman in some sort of role, I’m currently out of ideas, lol

  91. I could really see Rachel Weisz as Claire or even Kate Winslet,Helena Bonham Carter or Julia Roberts

    after seein that photo Gabriel Aubrey would make a great Jamie, if Wenworth Miller would grow his hair he could be a good Jamie.
    possibly Johnny Depp for Black Jack/Frank or Jason Flemyng?
    Gerard Butler would make a great Dougal

    I feel like Alastair Mackenzie of Monarch of the Glen should be stuck in there somewhere, maybe he would be a good Iain?
    Sean Bean would make a good stephen bonnet

  92. What about Cam Gigandet as Jamie? He’s young, built and he looks good in a kilt ?
    I would love to see Gerard Butler or Sean Bean but they are too old for the Outlander Jamie. I do agree that David Wenham would be for Rupert Grint..I Love him! He would def have to bulk up but he could pull it off and hes a natural red head! My picks for Claire are Rachel Weisz, I think she would be perfect or Kate Winslet.

  93. I think that Gabriel Aubry would make a good Jamie Fraser. but doubt he could do a scottish accent justice, he’s French. He’s a model who is with Halle Berry.

  94. Why can’t Jamie look like Jamie from the books? No beard, but on occasion. Red flaming hair that stood up on top of his head and held back in a braid. Plus, I believe Jamie is more muscle than lean.

  95. In my mind Jamie looks like a young Gerry Butler but I think it is getting less likely every day that Gerry will be playing him in this film. He has several projects in the pipeline to last him a while and he isn’t getting any younger!

    I find it so funny that everyone has such different ideas in their heads as to what Jamie should look like. How many times have you thought “Oh he’s not Jamie!” when looking at other peoples ideas.

    My squidoo lens has a poll to vote for you favourite actor to play Jamie.

    If you need me to add anyone please let me know.

  96. Okay, I’ve been doing some net surfing. Checking out everyone mentioned above. Mostly my response is ewwww! What are you people thinking? Do you not know what a redhead looks like? Not Gerald Butler. Simon Woods fits the bill (nearly). He’ll do.

  97. After watching Kevin McKidd in Rome, I could have sworn that I was seeing Jamie in the flesh. He’s Scottish, so you know he would have the accent down perfectly, he’s six feet tall, just a few inches shorter than Jamie’s height, has naturally red hair, has proven with his work in Rome that he would be able to nail the fight scenes down perfectly, is handsome in a very non-traditional way like I’ve always pictured Jamie to be, and he’s left-handed as well (not that such a thing would make much a difference, but it’s just another detail in how the similarities are uncanny).

    For Claire, the only two actresses I could ever see pulling off the role are Rachel Weisz or Kate Winslet. Both are extremely talented British actresses with the chops to pull off the role. If they cast Keira Knightley, I think that I will boycott the movie simply on principle. Claire is supposed to have curves…there are many mentions in the novels about how much Jamie loves her behind and Keira’s slightly anorexic frame wouldn’t be able to pull that off unless she gained fifty pounds.

    As for Randall, I’d personally love to see Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the role. He just has that cold look about him as well as the acting abilities to pull off the character very well.

    The only thing that I have to say is a MUST is that they don’t use high-profile American actors for the Scottish and English roles. Let them come in when Jamie and Claire find themselves in the ‘New World’.

  98. Nikolaj Coster Waldau – he is a possibility! He has the look of a hard living laird of 1740. Now if the actor to play Randall, could look older than him, we have the makings of a great, true to the books, mini series. I would hate for any of the story to end up on the editing room floor! But who will play Murtagh?

  99. *Tipped to be the lead in the new film Gerard Butler is an obvious choice. He has a charismatic personality and an ability to “become” the character he is playing. He’s Scottish and has a lot of the physical characteristics of Jamie Fraser.

    However he’s not a 23 year old anymore and maybe lacks the vulnerability of the young Jamie. Although he would be an excellent choice to play Jamie in the later books.*

    I agree, and disagree in full measure! Yes to Gerry, he may look a few years older than required – but he has vulnerability, down pat! Have ye no watched The Phantom? He can break your heart!

    But, there are others that are just as ideal, or more so. This is going to be a very hard decision!

    And ‘No’, to Kate Winslet – she is the wrong type of Sassenach.

  100. Ok So I have to say that I think of my brother as a Jamie. He is Viking and Scottish…we are half Norwegian and half Scotch. He has sandy hair, a red beard, 2 dimples and a blue eyes. He’s about 6’4″ a large guy I wish I could post a photo on here. His name is Erik. He is 23. His fiance has dark brown curly hair and brown eyes…they are Jamie and Claire it’s crazy! Sometimes my brother wears a kilt just because he’s strange that way.

    I am 6 foot tall and I have long red/brown curly hair and blue eyes…I have always been able to picture myself as Brianna more then Claire or Jamie’s sister.

  101. How about Gabriel Aubry for Jamie? oo la la!

    I like David Wenham for an older Jamie too.

    I find Gerard Butler kind of um.. puffy (?)… sort of cuter than fierce

  102. Jonathan Rhys Meyer-a perfect Black Jack, after seeing him in the Tudors!

    And again, Please, Please check out Rupert Friend here…

  103. Maybe , David Wenham could be Jamie but i think Gerard Butler is much fit to Jamie very beautiful and very very tall and have long hair or not? why everybody said long hair in the start of book the author write jamie had short hair?
    anyway also Sean Bean is good for play Jamie

  104. I have found the PERFECT Jamie: Simon Woods
    Although I agree casting him is impossible, Simon for me fits the bill. Red Hair and all, plus he is tall. he would need to bulk up a bit but he is now my Jamie.

    For me Claire has alwyas had redish hair. Probably because the original book covers of Outlander and Drums of Autumn show her with redish hair. I see a thin Kate Winslet or Amy Adams as Claire.

  105. Jaime Fraser’s most recognized feature is his hair. Flaming red. Especially when the sun is reflecting upon it. I can’t think of any male actor who has natural red hair or would look good with a dye job that would fit the character.
    The singer, Rick Astley, comes to mind.

  106. ANDY MURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as Jamie Fraser

    -I know it wíll never happen, but I can wish…..

  107. I’m in love with Tom Hardy after watching him portraying Heathcliff in all his betrayed angst. I think he’d make a great Jamie because he definitely proved to me that he is able to play someone who is a warrior (even if it is only in his actions and not actual war)

  108. Someone mentioned Evangeline Lily earlier. I think she would make a good claire to. I always thought Josh Holloway aka Sawyer off lost would make a good Jamie! He looks a little older than a 23 year old but he is hot, tall with cat eyes and very manly..or maybe a bit cocky..yes i could definetly see him being jamie..
    I also had a flash thought of Robert pattinson but of course I’m on a twilight high to…lol. He’s defenitly got the height, square jaw’d, slanted eyes, long nose and high forehead..He’d have to bulk up a bit. But he is 23! Just not sure how he would look in red hair..

  109. Philip Winchester is a definate for me!! I seen a pic of him under yahoo images that freaked me out.. He had like long orange-red hair and blue-blue eyes..Totally Jaime!! I wish i had a link!

  110. The problem with casting Jamie is to find someone who is big enough physically to be Jamie. Alexander Skarsgård from True Blood is the right look and size. He could play the younger version and can look aged – see True Blood All you need is for him to work with a dialect coach and master a Scottish accent. The red hair can be dyed.

  111. Has anyone heard of Paul Telfer? He is Scotish, tall (6’2″) and only needs the red hair… Google him.
    All I say is OH. MY. GOD….

  112. My friends and I have been struggling with this very question for a while. We have come to the conclusion, that Henry Cavill (who plays Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk on The Tudors) would be a delicious Jamie Fraser.

    As for Claire, we have all agreed that Minnie Driver (with a few more pounds on her to create the beloved “fine wide arse”) would be a phenomenal Claire. She has the hair, the build, and the attitude.

  113. If Diana has said that Gabriel Aubry is the closest thing to what she has in mind Jamie resembles, who are we to quibble, I say. Sure, everyone has a picture in their own mind (of relatively short or too-old guys, it seems).

    It would preferably be an unknown actor, a la someone who looks like he belongs in “Lord of the Rings” as a Rohan warrior, a la Aubrey or Karl Urban. Those guys had the look of the guy. Gerard Butler, whom I agree is quite attractive, simply isn’t a Nordic-/Viking-type … and he’s too damn old at this point to play a 22- or 23-year old virgin, sorry. He’d be okay as Dougal, I should think.

    In the end, this sort of discussion is entertaining and all, but chances are slim this will be made into a movie/mini-series (options are a dime a dozen; how many options actually wind up in production?). While very popular, Diana’s no John Grisham or Anne Rice in terms of popularity (and, I’m afraid, that seems to be what “does it” for Hollywood in general).

  114. Gabriel Aubry is Jamie..he has the look. Check him out. He would be great and make the hearts of all us girls melt.

  115. Robert Buckley as Jamie. I saw him on the tube and was immediately struck by how Jamie like he was. as he’s still fairly unknown I had to look hime up and find out who he was gorgeous young man. the more pictures i saw, the more convinced. he has the coloring, build and the beautiful blue eyes…

  116. YES!!! Robert Buckley, is damn close to the young Jamie in my head! But is he big enough, though? – Pointless casting someone if they are only 5’11.
    He needs to look impressive in stature, as well as looks.
    I hope that Mrs Gabaldon sees his name, and looks him up, though.
    On a side note – my aunt and I, are going to see Diana Gabaldon in Palmy, November 5th – We are so excited, that we can barely wait!
    But we will.

  117. Kevin McKidd as Jamie. He’s handsome and rough at the same time. He’s also really Scottish.

  118. Check out Kevin McKidd. He’s been on Grey’s Anatomy lately. I see Jamie potential there. Great eyes, great build, that red hair…

  119. naturally we already have conjured up in our minds a vivid image of Jamie. it is what will transpire to the screen from our minds. Not so much a physical image. But yes, Gerald Butler for some reason fits the bill. it is more his personality than his appearance.

  120. Hugh Dancy, hands down. Obviouly he would have to change his hair a little, but i think he could pull of the attractive and intensive stare thing.
    I cannot see gerard butler as jamie. I was so turned off him after the Ugly Truth, but definately a Colum or Dougal.

  121. Has anyone thought about Alexander Skarsgard..He plays Eric on True Blood. He fits the descrip of Jamie I think to a T. He’s like 6’4 broad shouldered, blue/green eyes…He’s just hot to me..I don’t have a link but if you just type his name In yahoo it will bring up pictures. I have really been impressed with HBO with this series as it originated from Charlaine Harris’s books.. I think HBO could really do a good job if outlander became a series. They could include everthing without having to worry about a theatre rating.

  122. I agree with Diana Gabaldon. The second I saw Gabriel Aubry, I thought “There’s Jamie. And like Diana I knew a 6’6”, red haired, blue cat eyed, straight nosed, Scottish Man some 20 years.

  123. my dream cast..
    Jamie – Nikolaj Coster- Waldau (New Amsterdam).. tall, rugged, slanted eyes and has the viking looks..handsome…not pretty.
    Claire – Rachel Weisz…strong and curvey
    Frank/Black Jack Randall – Jack Davenport …bad guy who looks likes a good guy…
    Dougal – Adrian Paul….because he will always be the ‘Highlander’ to me..
    Gellis – Michelle Forbes….she was SO good in ‘True Blood’.
    Brianne – Blake Lively….she’s tall enough. Just dye her hair red.
    Roger – Matthew Goode…handsome good guy..
    Ian – Karl Urban…another handsome good guy.
    Jenny – Anna Friel….small and fiesty…
    Collum – Sean Bean….just because….

  124. My impression after reading the Outlander book and subsequent series is that Charlie Hunnam makes the perfect Jamie. While the others mentioned are gorgeous, ie Gabriel Aubry, I see Jamie as more rugged and muscular. Gerard Butler is getting up there in age and does not have the wide set eyes and chiseled face. We will all see something different but Charlie is the perfect match in my imagination. As for Claire she is more difficult to cast. There are a number of potentials but not one that I would say is a definate besides the actor not being well known. That is important. The closest might be Abbie Cornish, decent acting skills and not as well known as Kate Beckinsale who is up there also but perhaps too well known.

  125. I’ve always pictured Claire as having a softer rounder face. I imagine the type of woman that looks kinda plain, so as not to draw your attention too much, but also with a little enhancement can be a knockout. Keep in mind that Claire spends a lot of her time being dirty with ripped clothes and blood all over her. She also needs to have the strong personality of a doctor. I think Marion Cotillard is a perfect Claire.

  126. SAM WORTHINGTON as Jamie. He has the size and look to me. His previous films certainly show that he can handle the action “warrior” part of Jamie. And every once in a while (like the close-up in Terminator when he was told he was a robot) his eyes were “hurting” and I think he could play the part of wounded Jamie at the end of book 1. Little red hair dye, scottish and gaelic lessons, blue contact lenses….he’s JAMIE!!

    Gerard Butler just looks icky and old to me. He is not Jamie at all to me. He looked so chubby in Beowulf. 😦 And I don’t think his acting is as good as Worthington. He seems like a stiff actor. He was horrible in Timeline and Beowulf.

    I can almost see Josh Hartnett as Jack/Frank Randall. He was so deliciously evil in that old move “O.” I think he could pull it off.

    James McAvoy as Murtagh.

    Claire is undecided for me. I love Kate Hudson and recently saw some pictures of her with brown curly hair on some 1950s set….and I have to say it sure looked like Claire. I’ve also thought maybe Michelle Williams. But she always looks so mopey. Definately not Keira Knightley…she is to edgy for Claire…she doesn’t look like a warm, loving healer.

  127. Channing Tatum as the young jamie and maybe even older and Gerald Bulter still all time fave for Jamie

  128. I have loved the Outlander series for so long now, that the characters are so real and vivid to me. I just ran across another site and someone recommended Daniel Cudmore for Jamie. Take a look at him. He appeals to me for the role. So large and imposing, but obviously has a charming side.

    I personally LOVE to look at Josh Holloway and he can act. I could easily watch him all day-but I always pictured Jamie as being so much larger than Josh is. Which brings me back to Daniel Cudmore…….

  129. Add to my earlier post…Scarlett Johanssen as Laoghaire. I would love to hate her as beautiful Laoghaire.

  130. Jared Padalecki Would make a marvellous young Ian – can’t you see him dressed up as a Mohichan?.
    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is lovely, but his nose is not the right shape. Sorry.

  131. How about Jake Gillenhall? Have you seen the promos for the Prince Of Persia? He looks fierce, grubby and totally hot. Plus he is a great actor.

  132. One more thing about Jake (for Jamie, by the way) his looks are very similar to what I think Jamie would look like: wide mouth; nose, long and straight; eyes striking blue (not slanted though). He has the the height, the build and a child-like charisma, but very manly as well.
    His acting skills would sell the rest.

  133. One more thing about JG (for Jamie, by the way) his looks are very similar to what I think Jamie would look like: wide mouth; nose, long and straight; eyes striking blue (not slanted though). He has the the height, the build and a child-like charisma, but very manly as well.
    His acting skills would sell the rest.

  134. I think Ewan McGregor would make a great Jamie. Channing Tatum I never thought about, but I think he could pull it off. I, also, like the idea of Rupert Gint and Emma Watson.

    Nobody has mentioned Daniel Radcliffe. He got rave reviews in “Equus” and I think he could would be really great as Jamie. He’d have to dye his hair red though.

    I could see an unknown too as Jamie. Who knows the perfect Jamie might be out there.

  135. saw him and said holy cow

    Jeremy Davidson plays a minor role on Army Wives.

  136. Um…I have been looking up the suggestions for the actors that I am unfamiliar with and um…I’m going to agree with Jeremy Davidson. I like the idea of going with someone either unknown or not too ‘famous’. Throw some dye in his hair, buff him up, give em a kilt and some Gaelic lessons.

  137. Handsome? Check! indeed!
    Slanted blue eyes? Check!
    Magnificent figure? Check!
    Very tall? Check!
    Looks the age?Check!
    A voice to die for? Check!
    Two words: Chris. Hemsworth.

  138. I’m mystified that you suggest in your previous post on casting that the 23 year old Jamie should be “fair and slender” – did you not read the books very closely?

    He’s described as a slender young man when 16 – in stories he re-accounts to Claire – but at 23 he’s fully grown and described as being quite large – Claire is 5’6″ and her “nose comes to the hollow of his chest” – and he’s supposed to be not only tall but brawny. A noticeably large and broad shouldered man. She describes his hair as red and “red-gold” alternately so that could be interpreted many ways. But a 23 year old man in eighteenth century Scotland (having been of age and functioning as an adult for some time) was no slender boy, even if that’s how you like to picture the character.

    Jamie’s size is consistently depicted in the books as his most unusual/distinguishing physical characteristic. Any casting that doesn’t account for that would be absurd.

  139. I agree with Dame, whoever she is replying to. Jamie has to be strong and tall, a guy that is used to live outdoors and fight. The body of a warrior with some sweet expression. That’s why Chris H. looks like the part.
    Please no vampire guy with some pasty skin.

  140. Gabriel Aubrey or Rupert Penry Jones, both are similar to whom i imagined Jamie to be as I read the book. But we can talk and discuss this forever. I have been waiting for a movie since the first time I read Cross stitch (Outlander) in 1992. I come back to the series every two years and re read them all and do a search to see if anything concrete has been confirmed but nothing. So PLEASE start doing something about it and make a movie!!!!

  141. Kerri: I think you are one of the only other ones who’s ever come up with Rupert besides me. I happened to watch Persuasion just weeks before starting to read Outlander and couldn’t see Jamie as anyone but a bigger beefier version of Rupert. Ta da!

  142. Eddie redmayne as young James Fraser. He was great in pillars of the earth. Not quite tall enough but filming can help that. Older James Fraser: Charles dance

  143. Ok, this will drive everyone nuts, but my son Jack would make an ideal Jamie. he is only 13 but at 5’10” and size 13 feet – he is well on his way to Jamie status. His hair is perfect and he doesn’t need dye. By the time they make this film – he will look the perfect age. and height ( he is destined to be 6’2″). If I ever get on my computer again (it has had a melt down) then I will upload his picture. Comment if you’d be interested in seeing what I see.


    I must reiterate…if it is going to be a Rupert – it should be Rupert Friend. He is a natural Jamie – look at that jaw line – and those eyes!!! He had done period pieces and is good in them! He was dating Keira Knightly at one time – and if you look at photos of them together – you can see he is instinctively protective of her – just like Jamie was of Claire!

  145. I agree that whoever is chosen to play James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser should be relatively unknown in cinema. A renowned actor wouldn’t be able to play Jamie with the integrity we’re all expecting.

    Finding the right image is easy, but finding a proud Scot, Norse warrior, religious scholar, gentleman laird, attentive lover, loyal husband/father, and someone who can pull off “Sassenach” as a term of endearment, will take an innocent.

  146. Ok…I do not know how to upload a photo on this page – but, I do have pictures of my son on my Facebook page. Tasha Schofield – look me up. His name is Jack Alexander. By the time the movie is made…he will be 6’2″ Tall. I think he is perfect. Tell me what you think.

  147. I have a suggestion for Claire… her name is Erin Cummings. Look her up! I think she would be great.
    I agree that Jamie will be virtually impossible to cast. Gabriel Aubry would be great if it turns out he can act. Otherwise I think I could deal with Ewan McGregor.

  148. Not handsome or broad enough. But you don’t have to go far to see one of my votes. A fellow Lord of the Rings actor: Karl Urban. He’s a Kiwi, not Scot’s but I think he could feign a good accent. And we already know he’s beautiful w/ long hair. Give him a fake Viking nose and dye those blond locks red and I think he’d be great!

  149. OK – new possibility. Chris Hemsworth from Thor. Not exactly Viking but makeup artists are fabulous. But he meets a lot of the criteria: Good looking, blue eyes, 6 ft. 3, well muscled, can most likely pull off the red hair, only 23 (not 43 as are most of the popular contenders), he can fight, would look great in a kilt, does well w/ the stubborn and brooding facial expressions, and he’s already an actor not a model. Cons: he’s not Scot (not everyone is perfect) so I don’t know how well he’d do w/ the accent (and there’s no way we can have someone like Kevin Costner in Prince of Theives – did he even try to do an English accent?)…..that’s all I can really come up w/ against him.

  150. Ladies, all I have to say is…. ‘Let’s give the Lord a hand!’ [insert loud applause here] These are some fine, FINE specimens of men you are all suggesting. All high drool-potential to be sure. For as much as I’d like to see an unknown grow into the part, I’d be willing to watch almost any of the suggested contenders read for the part over and over again. 😀 Does anyone know if the movie is even in discussion at this point? Or are we all just having wonderful fantasies?

  151. I think this is all just wishful thinking. I doubt they’ll ever make it a movie, especially with the Black Jack content (though I think they could convey what he does to Jamie w/o showing it or making it too repulsive for people to want to see the movie).

  152. Eirn Cummings as Claire??!! No way! There’s more sex than brains there. And while Claire is beautiful, she’s doesn’t come accross as the pouting, lip pursing, booty tooching, bimbo that Erin Cummings looks like. But at least you didn’t suggest Megan Fox. Yuck!
    A younger Rachel Weisz would be fabulous!! But alas…..

  153. She’s only 4 or 5 years older. In Outlander Jamie’s 23 and Claire is 27 (turns 28 during the witch trial). Makeup artists could probably make her look 28, but why not find someone already the right age? Of course, by using her she would be the right age for any later movies. Not that they’re going to make any of them. *sigh*

  154. My perfact Jamie Fraser is NIKOLAJ COSTER-WALDAU. He’s perfect: right nose, wide lips, the eyes, the height… It all fits. 🙂

    Check him out 🙂

  155. I agree with you, when I read the books, that is exactly what i pictured. I haven’t figured out Claire yet, but I think that Christoph Waltz would be the perfect Black Jack Randall.

  156. Kerri Russell is Clare Fraser hands down — and she still looks young enough to play her early on and later. Frank Randall/Jack Randall = Matt Bomer from White Collar. Fergus (Claudel) Fraser (or perhaps even Roger Mac) = Christopher Gorham from Covert Affairs. And from True Blood, Deborah Ann Woll as Brianna and — drumroll — Alexander Skarsgaard a/k/a Eric Northman — with some burnt auburn highlights as Jamie. He is 6′ 4″ of Viking hottie.

  157. i will insist on Chris Hemsworth. And weather you like it or not, he is the spitting image of what our beloved Jamie Frazer looks like. Also he not only has the ability to play the vulnerable side of Jamie but also the strong and fierce warrior we fell in love with.

  158. I have been reading and reading and reading all the comments I possibly can on this Jamie Fraser phenomenon because I have loved the books for years…I have to agree that casting Jamie is next to impossible…my idea of him is just the right cross of rugged, strong, soft, passionate, wild, tame, handsome-but-not-pretty-boy, boyishly charming yet manly and sophisticated …where are they going to find this?!?!?!?
    So far, I have cancelled all suggestions except for Chris Hemsworth…he the only one that really captures a little bit of all of these—but if they keep waiting too long then he will be too old like the best possible Jamie would-have-been-in-his-day-but-its-too-late-now Gerard Butler… maybe I just really don’t want him to be cast after all….

  159. I am utterly flummoxed by anyone suggesting Keri Russell as Claire…she isn’t even British?!?!?!?!?!

  160. The thing is if they cast model-like actors it will just ruin it for me…I do think the lesser-known, not-so-beautiful down to earth characterization would be better for this story….

  161. Gerard Butler is the best! I’m waiting for him in the movie and waiting for the “Outlander” movie at all!

  162. Gabriel Aubry, he looks like the picture that was in Diana’s books. Jamie in Outlander is 23. Gerard butler would be perfect for 20 years later (when Claire returns) I loved Chris Hemsworth as Jamie, those blue cat eyes. (hair can be dyed). Then I saw a pic of Gabriel. It looks like that drawing. Colored contact and hair dye. Gabriel is perfect!

  163. What about Kevin McKidd for Jamie?? He’s Scottish with red hair and 6’2″?? He’s not a pretty boy so I think he’d be good?
    I agree with everyone who thinks it’s hard to cast Jamie!! Does such a man exist?!

  164. Well, now that the T.V. series looks to be happening (Hooray!!!) the casting will begin. My only problem with much of the fan-casting is that I think we all focus on an older Jamie. The series will begin when Jamie is a 22 year old virgin. While I can see the appeal of some actors, there is no way Kevin McKidd or Hugh Jackman or Gerard Butler could pull off being a 22 year old virgin. No way, no how. I hope they do a good job of casting someone who embodies all of Jamie’s traits-intelligence, cunning, humor, tenderness, ferocity. If they get the height and personality right, looks will be secondary. No one will ever really live up to the Jamie in my head, but truly great acting will make up for it. Fingers crossed!!!

  165. Conan O’Brien is 6’4″ and has red hair. Sigh. There is just no one that looks like a Gaelic Adonis. No one.

  166. The cable network Starz is actually working on potentially producing a series based on a faithful adaptation of Outlander (which thrills me far more than a movie would-so much more Jamie to enjoy). It is still in the early stages but details are on Diana Gabaldon’s webpage.

  167. I met a real Fraser who looks much like the description of Jamie Fraser. His name is John Fraser/ 6’4 0r 5/red hair/long straight nose etc. I have read all the books and looking forward to a movie being made. I am sure it will be a great hit. I’m retired and reads a lot. This series is the best I have ever read. Hoping in my life time There will be a movie to watch. Thanks Betty Smith
    P.S This family of Frasers live in Grannis Ar. I wonder if they could be desendences of the Fraser Clan

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