“Brianna and Roger”

I search YouTube for new Outlander casting videos almost on a daily basis. It brings me such joy; it satiates my need to visualize the Outlander novels. Although this video made its premiere on YouTube three weeks ago, I would still like to introduce it with my commentary.

In September, I wrote a post entitled The Outlander Movie: Brianna and Roger in which I casted Alicia Witt as Brianna and Jim Caviezel as Roger. My mind is still set on Alicia Witt as Brianna and I’m overjoyed to see that the creator of this video shares my opinion.

We seem to differ when it comes to Roger. Jim Caviezel is still my first choice for the role; Jim is how I’ve pictured Roger throughout the entire series and I would be hard-pressed to change my imagination now. Christian Bale’s fluidity with accents makes him a close runner-up.

In the “Brianna and Roger” video, Jared Leto is Roger Wakefield, something that I’m having a difficult time swallowing. Yes, Leto has the hallmark dark hair, olive skin, and green eyes of Roger, but he’s a little too mainstream for my taste. Roger Wakefield is a straight arrow with a darker quality to his character, a quiet introspection detectable from his facial expressions and body language. After reading the series, I came away with the impression that Roger Wakefield is silently suffering from the weight of his conscience. I even see Roger Wakefield as “Reverend Arthur Dimmsedale lite.” Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t reconcile Jared Leto with those character traits; I have no problem seeing Jim Caviezel or Christian Bale silently suffering from within.

If you’ve never read the Outlander novels by Diana Gabaldon, this video may seem like a collection of celebrity photos set to the whiny vocals of Maroon 5—which it is. To an Outlander fan, this video will mean so much more. Your enjoyment depends entirely on your Outlander state of mind.


15 thoughts on ““Brianna and Roger””

  1. Wow!! I am such a huge fan of the Outlander series that I can’t bear the thought of a movie NOT being developed. However!! I will never ever support the idea of Jared Leto as Roger, or even as a very minor extra! I think the movie should have more dignity than that. Just my opinion though.

  2. Laura Prepon has always been Brianna to me.
    She has the height, the hair, and the spunky attitude.

  3. I totally agree that Penny Drake would be perfect, she certainly fits the physical description, but having never seen her act, not sure if she is any good. As for Jared as roger..Mmmm I dont think hes imposing enough..handsome sure, but I reckon Jim Caveizel is 1st choice for me, he is DEF Roger to a T, Alicia Witt could certainly play Bree, but physically..only the red hair is Bree, the rest of her doesn’t match..not like Penny.

  4. Jim Caviezel would be a good Roger. Although I don’t think she’s very attractive, Alicia Witt came to mind as Brianna.

  5. Check out Bryce Dallas Howard for Brianna. Shes got the look! She is the daughter of Ron Howard, so she has some serious talent in her family. I just cannot picture anyone except Hugh Dancy as Roger. Above Roger was described as “suffering from the weight of his own consience”, and Hugh just has that silent thoughtfullness that I relate to Roger. But he is not stuffy, not miserable, just thoughtful. Check out the movie “Beyond the Gate”, or “Shooting Dogs” (same movie, different title. It is a VERY sad and VERY gory movie about the Rwandan genocide that took place in 1994, but it showcases Hugh’s talent so perfectly, and proves his Roger-ness.

  6. Alicia Witt for sure! Her build isn’t as big, true, but there is just something about her face that hits for me. I agree with Jim Caviezel, too.

  7. Just a question, but has anyone considered Jared Padalecki for the part of Roger? He definitely has the look of Roger – able to pull off the clean-cut University boy as well as the rakish pirate in the same breath. He has that inquisitve air to him, sensitive, yet possessing a depth of his own just out of reach. That … and he’s more of an age with Roger’s character. Bale and Caviezel are great, but they are both older. I would actually consider Bale a perfect Colum as he has the twisted mind for it!

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