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It’s official: I’m a Twilight fan. You’ve witnessed my two-week transformation right here on this blog. I started out just like any curious reader exploring the buzz behind the popular Twilight series, and now I’m hooked. I display all the signs and symptoms of a fan: I’m mentally casting the characters, I’m visiting Stephenie Meyer’s website, I’m searching for fan videos on YouTube. Once I started searching YouTube, I knew I had jumped on the Twilight bandwagon and there’s no turning back.

The perks of jumping on the Twilight bandwagon this late in the game is finding out that there is an actual movie in pre-production! The leads have already been choosen with Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan and Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen. Since I became a fan two weeks ago and haven’t had time to select my ideal actors to play the title roles, I have no objections to the casting. In fact, I’m already starting to superimpose these actors with the characters in my mind.

As for the YouTube video, I originally planned to post one, but I found three fan trailers that are too good not to share. So this is for all the Twilight readers out there who might have enjoyed the book but never had the inclination or the obsession to search for it on YouTube.

Before you view: Keep in mind that these YouTube videos were created long before there were rumors of a Twilight movie and long before the official casting of Bella and Edward. You may see different actors/actresses for each video.   The REAL Twilight trailer has not been released.  These are fan trailers.  

1. Twilight Fan trailer #1. I like the casting of Gaspard Ulliel as Edward Cullen, but I’m not so keen on Amber Tamblyn as Bella. Cillian Murphy as the evil vampire tracker James is perfect. I love the suspenseful music!

2. Twilight Fan trailer #2. The pace of this trailer is like a pulse; the music transforms it into some seductive thriller.

3. Eclipse Fan trailer. I haven’t read Eclipse yet, but there is only one word for this trailer: badass! That’s all there is to it—cheesy yet badass at the same time! Pay special attention to the end when the falling red ribbon superimposes onto the book’s cover art. Genius!

I can’t wait for the real movie trailer to come out!

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  1. I’m so confused! Two different trailers for Twilight. How can two different production studios have the rights? I must learn more and I guess I better read them! ;D

  2. Sorry about the confusion. These are fan trailers, mere figments of other people’s imaginations. The movie doesn’t start filming until Feb ’08. So it can be safe to assume that the real trailer will be out late this year.

  3. I have recently read all three books, I did not realize there was a movie coming out till I looked to see when her 4th novel would be released… I cannot wait, Stephenie Meyer is a fabulous writer and I cannot wait to see where she takes this series.. I also hope there are alot more then 4 books!!!

  4. Megan–
    I read on Stephenie Meyer’s website that there is going to be a book written from Edward’s POV (entitled Midnight Sun). This book is in addition to the 4th book. It would be fun to experience ‘Twilight’ again through his eyes!

  5. Well, these tralers really confused me! I mean I really need to know who the actual characters are. It would definatly help ALOT! I cant wait for the next book, it will probably better then the first three. Thats going to be really hard to do. I am also inticipating the movie “Twilight” I just need to know the actors and actresses that will be playing the characters.

  6. who are the real actors and actresses, in one trailer i saw the girl from a series of unfortunate events, another i saw the girl from sky high and in another i saw the girl from the sisterhood of the traveling pants and then there is kirsten stewart. which one is ACTUALLY playing bella, and is there more than one movie, that was made in the past?

  7. These are FAN trailers, so the different actors/actresses are other people’s dream cast. They are not the real actors/actresses playing in the actual movie.

    The actual actor playing Edward is Robert Pattinson (you know him as Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire). The actual actress playing Bella is Kristen Stewart.

    Prior to the casting of Kristen Stewart as Bella, the runner up for the role of Bella was Emily Browning (from The Series of Unfortunate Events). Other fans have their own versions of who should play Bella).

    The REAL trailer is not out yet as the movie has not started filming.

  8. i know that there are clips from what people think how the characters should look but why are there clips of the girl from sisterhood of the traveling in a senario from the book twilight if shes not in the movie?

  9. Becca—

    If you’re referring to “Twilight Fan Trailer #1,” the creator inserted clips with that girl from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Amber Tamblyn) because this was created long before there was any rumor of a movie. So that was the actress that the person who made this video wanted to play Bella.

  10. wow! i really like the on with emily in it ❤
    and trailer #2. the girl seems good for the part in trailer 2, but not the guy. i think the guy that was with emily in the 3rd trailer is hott as hell and would be great

  11. i could care less for the trailers they were okay, but i have read twilight and new moon, i love twilight, it gave me butterflies, edward is the perfect guy, the kind every girl watns…. vampire or not, but new moon wasn’t that great, if she is going to make the first one over from edwards point of view what bout the 2nd one, cause it was mostly about jacob(which i didn’t like)? i hope they don’t ruin the movie,

  12. I’ve read all of the books, and I loved them!!! I hate it when the movies are nothing like the books!!! It drives me crazy! And Edward is supposed to be some beautifully, gorgeous creature! If they cast some guy who doesn’t do him justice I will be very unhappy! I hope the film-directors don’t screw up!

  13. I was confused until i found the lead cast for the movie.the people showing the clips combined did a really nice job putting it together, but i think you might have confused a lot of people.
    Well, i can’t wait until the movie comes out!

  14. I’ve been a really big fan of Stephenie Meyer and the Twilight saga since Twilight came out. It was one of the best books I have ever read. ou should definatley read Eclipse. Its really good. You won’t be able to stop until its finished..

  15. i absolootly luved Eclipse. I still have a hard time deciding between it and Twilight. you really can’t stop once ou start….

  16. I loved all the books…I Can’t wait for Breaking Dawn. I am Hanging on the edge on what will happen next!

    I wish that they would let stephenie pick the actors for twilight and that they would come to New York for auditions.

  17. i love the twilight series each book made me fall in love with stsphenie mayer series! i actually can’t wait for breaking dawn to come out and most of all the MOVIE!!. worst thing is auditions are only in some places in the states ONLY SOME PLACES which make the twiligt fans over seas pity each other and just wait
    (Hint Hint) ..Anyways i have read all 3 books and intoduced it to 4 of my best mates and i regret it BECAUSE there OBSESSED including Me!! 😀

  18. i read/loved the books. and one day my mother came home and gave a small book to me and first i was confused when i saw what was on it i thought thats something from stephenie and it was , its called “edward” and its the first sight of bella &edward and about the feelings n everything…
    its great but its very short said something about another edward-book?!

  19. To all of those wanting more that 4 books, there won’t be. The fourth and final book (besides Midnight Sun in Edwards POV) is Breaking Dawn and will be coming out on August 2. And, yes, this IS the real cast list and the people in those are just some persons fantasy:

    REAL CAST LIST OF TWILIGHT!!! (gotten off of

    Kristen Stewart … Isabella “Bella” Swan
    Robert Pattinson .. Edward Cullen
    Cam Gigandet …James
    Rachelle Lefevre …Victoria
    Sarah Clarke ..Renee Dwyer
    Billy Burke ..Chief Charlie Swan
    Peter Facinelli ..Dr. Carlisle Cullen
    Elizabeth Reaser ..Esme Cullen
    Ashley Greene ..Alice Cullen
    Jackson Rathbone ..Jasper Hale
    Kellan Lutz ..Emmett Cullen
    Nikki Reed ..Rosalie Hale
    Justin Chon ..Eric Yorkie
    Michael Welch ..Mike Newton
    Anna Kendrick ..Jessica Stanley
    Christian Serratos ..Angela Webber

    i’m not very happy with most of them. Especialy all of the Cullens who are supposed to have blond hair, the person that plays them has brown

  20. about wat you said at the beginning of the website about now being a true fan after just reading them out of curiousity…that is wat i did also! all my friends were reading them and i wanted to know and know i am obsessed picturing who would be good in the movie and also wat songs would be good in the movie. i also look up the books online all the time and videos on youtube i am also always on stephenie meyer’s website i am a true junky just like bella is to edward this book is my brand of heroine cause i can never put them down right now i am rereading twilight and will reread the others right after! woohoo! go twilight can’t wait for breaking dawn and midnight sun!

  21. omgosh.i cant wait for the next soo excited.and especially when we get to read it from edwards pov.this book is so addicting!i was reading the 2nd one and i stayed up until 3 a.m just to finish it. gahhh and the movie this rockss.

  22. I read each of them in one day (each), but i didn’t get to read them all at once. i read the first one, then like three days after, i read the second, then about a week later i finally read the third one, it was torture waiting for my friend to finish eclipse!!! it’s definitely going to be torture waiting for breaking dawn, and i can’t wait for the movie!!!

  23. I can’t wait for it to come out and for the people who haven’t read it read it, I started it yesterday halfway done noe I can hardly put it down.

  24. Im very confused i heard recently that Robert Pattinson was going to play Edward cullen =]]] and kristen stewart was playing Bella Swan and im seeing a bunch of different clips with different actors so who is actually playing in the movie that comes out in december?

  25. I think they should NOT have Robert Pattinson play Edward Cullen 😦 they should find a way cuter guy to play him. Robert Pattinson don’t even look like Edward at all. Find a cuter guy to play Edward 🙂 that would be awsome. We would all be happier!!!!!

  26. i LOVE all 3 books, i cried on the 2nd book it was so sad, i can’t wait tell the 4th book and the movie 🙂

  27. I just read the first book and im sooo excited that a MOVIE is coming out, i need to find the two other books, but i cant wait to read them and see the real movie trailer! +]

  28. Frankly, I don’t care about the Trailer until they use the real Bella, real Edward, and the Trailer is on a REAL T.V. I don’t see any of those things in the trailer you gave the world to see. But, it could be better if all the characters are the REAL DEAL they didn’t look anything like the pictures you gave us. SO THERE!!!!

  29. Those trailers are insanely good. I don’t really like who they casted much either. I like Bella, but not so much Edward.

    I know Jacob Black has a really small part in the first book, but does anyone know who is going to be playing him?

  30. Taylor Lautner is playing Jacob Black and he fits the part perfectly! i cant wait for breaking dawn and the twilight movie comming out in december!

  31. I love the website. I like the clips I really liked some of the people from the second clip. Do we know if they chosen a Jacob Black yet. Because I think that they should get the lead guy from the Covenate to play him. This movie is going to be so strange because I pictured completely different people then they actually casted for the real movie.

  32. I think there should never be a movie. there is no person on this earth who could be as beautiful as these characters are supposed to be. They ruin the story I think. At least the charaters. They should have never started to make a movie.

  33. i luv all the books i cant wait untill the movie comes out i hope that edward is as cutr as the discription in Twilight

  34. That girl from Lemmony Snicket would have been really good as Bella though… too bad.

  35. Have you seen the casting for the new movie? Bella is trying way too hard ad hardly looks plain and awkward at Edward’s side, don’t you think?

  36. I am a really big fan of the book. Im just wondering but how come Gaspard cant play edward cause i think he’s perfect for the role.

  37. In regards to a previous post, in the pix of the people casted for the cullens (on rosalie,jasper,and calisle (the blonde cullens) all have blonde hair

  38. that was cool… great news the next book comes out in agust and the movie hits theaders (spelt wrong i think) in december

  39. Dude, no you got the book right (agust 4, 2008)but the movie comes out November 12, 2008!


  41. The actors who are going to play the cullens are great and when the movie is going to start then they won’t have their brown hair anymore but their going to dye their hair before they start filming it probably. So i’m happy with the cas!!!

  42. I have only been able to read the first book, because i’m poor, jk jk, but i usually read at, so my parents don’t really ever buy me books, bummer i know, i’m trying really hard to get the second book, cuz i finished the first one in like 7 hours or 5 hours or something, so i’m like dying, then i heard about the movie, and i was “NO FRIGGIN WAY” so i was totally Ecstatic to hear about that.

  43. Hello, i am sorry i am a huge fan of twilight, just started reading it this spring 🙂 i know i had it recommended months ago but did not have time, anyway, i am curious i just found out that they are making a movie and i was wondering if you know wich is the real-current cast cuz i read edward was a different guy in Stephanie meyer’s page at so could you PLEASE tell me if you know ………………………………………


  45. i love the twilight series…
    i sure hope there is more than 4 books…
    i cant get enough!

  46. I think all SM’s books are great! They are really Best of all vampire books. And i think Kristen Stewart not really good at Bella Swans role. Lemmony Snicket girl is better.

  47. I’ve read 1 Chapter of Midnight Sun. It’s soooooo …… I have no words to explain. The Twilight from Edwards POV is really interesting. I can’t wait coming out of hole book. In one site I read that it’s coming out only in 2009. Is that true?

  48. I wish someone would make a “trailer” using the song Hero/Heroine by “Boys Like Girls” I think that would be a perfect song for Twilight!!

  49. Hey,Cheryl! You’re quite right! AND SOMEONE DID IT! I saw the trailer in last summer when only few people read the books. The trailer was with Tom Sturridge and Emely Browning as Edward and Bella! But sorry i forgot in witch site it was.

  50. i am sorry to say that Breaking Dawn will be her last book to complete the twilight series from Bella’s point of view. This was said on her website. I love twilight and have read them over and over again millions of times. Its so good that it never gets old, and i am ….i guess sad to say that li,e alot of readers claim, have heart aches and unforgettable dreams.

  51. i lurrrv the book i hope the film is as gud does anyone know when the official trailer is out ??

  52. the books are friggin awesome and i cant wait til Breaking Dawn (the 4th of the series) comes out in august… and then the movie in december… but i think edward wasn’t cast correctly… but o well hopefully robert will prove me wrong…

  53. i Love the Book Twilight and i looking foward to see the movie.i hope the movie is good.

  54. Don’t say that, when I’m here. Robert Pattinson is perfect to play Edward. And these books I thought I dreamed …

  55. Ya, I agrea with Menea I LOVE Robert Pattinson! I think he is just perfect to play Edward.

  56. i love twoilight twilight is awsome. when my freind jannah told me to read it, i thought hey just another book….welll this sin’t a regular book it is awsome!!!

  57. watch this…that’s the official trailer but it’s only a teaser and not the full one..just 1 minute but still the real thing!

  58. no sydney, thats just the thing,, every one thinks he is thiers because you read it as if you were bella … but in actuality haha.. he’s MINE!
    you see i dont think i will ever get married because i have fallen in love with a fictional character Edward Cullen,,,,, and im pretty sure it is a fact that everyone has. 😉

  59. I love all of the books! I am so excited for the movie to come out! Except for you need to find a better looking guy to play edwird! – or how ever you spell his name.

  60. (sigh) I’m still a little iffy about Taylor Lautner. He looks like he’s 12. Not exactly the hot Jacob that you want to bite you.

  61. And for all the Taylor Lautner haters…he’s totally wearing a wig. His hair is going to be way longer. They have all kinds of awesome behind-the-scenes videos on MTV!

  62. hello girls!!!!!!!!! i do not care how jacob is I like Edward the best, jacob is arrogant, in the book that is it. 😉

  63. alright..Ahh! i can not wait until the movie comes out<33 me and some friends alredy hav plans to go see it 2gether..

  64. OMG this is soo weird. my name is kristen, ive got green eyes and the same brown hair as Kristen, who plays Bella..freaky.
    + i love edward too

  65. WTF! no no no. Edward is so wayy hotter than jak, sarafluterocks wut the hell!? wut kinda sn is that

    -btw yes that is my real name,its ironic isn’t it. but i was named after my great grandma, so its a little outa date

  66. OMG OMG! I just finished reading the first novel.
    And before that I just finished watching Gossip Girl Season 1. So, I was kinda pushing my imagination to make Edward Cullen’s face to be Nate. Hotness!!!

    And I’m not sure if they’d picked the right Bella.

  67. I think Robert Pattinson is a perfect Edward. I believe he will shock all who think otherwise. He has a beautiful quality that most are overlooking and if you haven’t seen any of his previous films, I suggest watching them. He’s great.

  68. if you haven’t seen the real trailer yet I have it on myspace. steelersfancs

  69. Wow.. The first one is the best out them all and the characters were great for who they chose to.. Although Edward wouldn’t be like that.. Gaspard Ulliel is ugly in my mind. The girl isn’t to good for Bella either.. the Characers they have for them now are perfect. :DD Im a big Twilight fan.. I can’t wait for the movie, Breaking Dawn, Midnight Sun (if she writes it) and the movie.. Im totally gonna buy the special edition for Eclipse even tho i have it!!

  70. I read all three books in a day’s pace; they were just lovely. I however, hated how “poor me” and “damsel in distress” Bella appeared. I also found her to be quite whiney. I hate characters like that, but I love Kristen Stewart, so maybe she’ll depict the character as being a little bit more independent.

    I don’t know what anybody is talking about, but personally, I think Robert is the perfect Edward. He’s so mysterious looking and it makes him sexy. Two characteristics that Edward Cullen owns. Having seen Hannibal Rising, Gaspard is just not the right choice for Edward. He’s far too demented. Although in the movie I found him quite attractive, comparing him to the God that Edward is described ass, he comes out with far less luster.

    I’m very excited for the movie. My boyfriend however, is not! I can’t wait until the Novel comes out. Two great things happening in one week – New book and Paramore concert. (:

    Overall, I think the casting was great. I however don’t like the choice in Alice. It’s her hair, I think. If it were just a lick longer, and a different shade of red, I’d like her a bit more. I’m not sure what Jacob’s actor looks like [whom I hate in the book, by the way] so I’ll go look now.


  71. ok some of you people dont even know what your talking about

    it is just a movie trailer


  72. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmfggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg this movie is going to be so so so so s o so soss o so so so so so so awsome awseome

  73. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I cant wait any longer!!! I must see Twilight the movie and read Breaking Dawn!!!! It’s gonna ROCK!

  74. i was introduced to the first book from my friend and i was so into it i bought the second and third one. CANT WAIT TILL THE 4TH ONE woop woop!!!! and i saw the official trailer. its really good and i like all the characters. especially edward so HOT (only in this film though) who is the song played by in trailer #2? i like it.

  75. the 4 book of twilight series midnight sun is coming out august!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. ok so i HATED those trailer things but im in LOVE with the books!!!!!
    i love EDWARD!!!!
    cant wait till the movie twilight comes out

  77. i like the person who is supposed to be rosalie in the first trailer better than the actress who plays her in the actual movie because she has moe natural beauty which really sounds like rosalie. i like the actor who plays edward in the first trailer also more than the actor who plays him in the actual movie becasue he seems more like edward to me with the way his face is and his serenity and calmness is when he is in the car after the “accident” in seatle. i think the movie is gonna be great but I would have chosen different actors.

  78. i think the cast is soooooooo wrong. Alice is supposed to have black spiky hair, Emmett is supposed to have dark curly hair, Esme is supposed to have caramel colored hairand they are all supposed to be beautiful and perfect, robert pattinson is so not hot! he is so wrong to play edward! and come on there skin is supposed to be a really pale white! cant they put powder or something on their faces? i am not watching the movie because is always messes the book up and it changes good parts. by the way why the heck do you call him jasper hale?he is either jasper cullen or jasper whitlock, didnt you read the book? it is only roslie hale!
    i can not w8 4 the new books to come out i already read the first chapter of midnight sun and breaking dawn and i cant wait for 4 the rest!

  79. I think the cast is perfect exept for jessica,
    because she is supposed to have really curly
    hair. Also all the vampires are supposed to have
    pale skin, anddark rings under there eyes.Otherwise I think the movie will be soooo
    super cool!!!!

  80. is that all one movie?
    or is it a series
    anyway ive read the books and i cant wait
    for it to come out

  81. uh hello!!! all three of these are wrong the reall stuff is at

  82. i love the first video trailer everything is perfect! you should have left all the characters in that one but changed amber with kristen…i dunno thats just my opinion

  83. i hackin love these books they are the best!! i cant wait to see the movie!! i loooks pretty good! can wait to read edwards books i hpe that they as good as bellas!!

  84. i’m so mad that stephenie meyer isn’t finishing midnight sun because some stupid person put her draft of the internet 😦

  85. Oh My God, I was so chuffed when I found out they were making Twilight into a movie. It’s my all time favourite book! I must say I’m ever so slightly addicted ;] I Love It 😀

  86. I’ve never been so into a series like this one. My husband even hid the 3rd book from me just to spend on evening with me and not the vamps, as he called them. 🙂 I read all 4 books in a month. I’m a little disappointed by Robert Pattinson playing Edward. I had a totally different picture in my head. I thought this was a beautiful family, I’m not sure I see that in the cast. All in all I can’t wait to see the movie.

  87. exactly!
    i think ellen page should play bella as well
    the girl who’s playing here in the movie from that lifetime movie “Speak” just doesn’t look and act like a bella at ALL

  88. omg. i have read all but the last of all four books so far im into the 3rd chapter on that one. i started like a week after hurricane ike hit well maybe 4 days after. i have not been able to put them down!! ive lost sleep bc of them and its has been totally worth my while. and i dont ever read much. i love anne rice and stephanie has proved herself to an amazing writer. i cant wait until the movie is out. i already have the day off!!! my fiancee thinks im wierd with my fascination with it but im glad im not the only one. edward is the perfect man… man or vampire… who cares!!! i just hope that the fourth book stays with my liking it started to veir off about jacob in the end of the 3rd and i want him to dissapear haha! im rooting for edward all the way. i think the girl playing bella is a good choice. the guy not so much but they matched his hair well with the way the book describes it. i think he could be more masculine tho. is the movie going to go over just twilight and then its going to be a 4 series?? thats what im thinking but anyone know for sure?? just curious. im also glad im not the only one who hates jacob!!!

  89. My sister introduced me to the Twilight Series about two weeks ago, and it took me all of 4 days to finish all four books. And I was wondering if there were any people going to Cinema 99 on November 21 when it opens. So maybe I can sit with some Twilight fans?

  90. I am hooked on the twilight series, Stephanie Meyer is a legend in herself and her characters are every girl (and maybe guys) dreams. Edward is the beautiful, romantic and protective guy and Jacob is the strong, sarcastic and independent mate. Personally i am more of a Jacob fan because i’m not much into the romance but the action scenes in the book had me flicking pages faster than the cullens run!!
    I have about 4 chapters left in Breaking Dawn and only heard of the Twilight movie last night whilst in discussion with a fellow Twilight Fan!! How exciting!! I don’t know if i ENTIRELY agree with ALL the casting (especially Bella’s part – Kristen NO!!!) but the others are totally growing on me. (Hoping they add some longer hair to Jacob’s actor for the filming!)
    What’s all this talk of a book from Edwards point of view?? Midnight Sun or something? I read in another blog above that it was cancelled because someone printed SM’s draft on the internet – FOOLS!!!!! I’m devo!
    Only 36 days till the movie is released – YAY!!!!

  91. Okay, so I’m super confused. I don’t know if you’ve read the second, but just in case (SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT-don’t say I didn’t warn you!)
    In one of the trailers it shows Bella talking to a cop (I’m assuming is Charlie) and he says that there’s some type of animal around….doesn’t that happen in the second book? I’m pretty sure it does because I’m re-reading the first one and I’m towards the end (the visitors just arrived at the field) and I’m pretty sure it’s too late to add that to the book because there’s only a few hundred pages left and the chase hasn’t even started yet…..I guess I’ll just have to wait until November 15th…..I’m sooo excited, but kinda bummed because according to the previews it won’t be exactly like the book which is soo dissapointing b/c the book is sooo good I don’t want any changes, but who knows? It might be like Harry Potter and end up fabulous anyways! Ha ha, how ironic that Cedric from Harry Potter is in this movie, lol!


  92. cool website ummmm….
    yah so cool and interesting
    i found this web when i was
    just looking through twilight stuff

  93. i am the official twilight fan. i have read each book but the last close to fifty times in two years. i have read wuthering heights close to fifteen and breaking dawn almost 25 times. i call dibs on edward! and im thirteen years old. i also read romeo and juliet, but i love twilight even more<3 and you can see that stephanie meyer borrowed some idea from the story, but i loved the book and im soooo scared to see the movie. i think the edward they chose is not good looking enough(sorry) and they are gunna ruin it!!!!!!!!

  94. I have read all 4 Twilight books & always pictured a darkly handsome in a sinister way, but not at all God-like, young man to play Edward Cullen…Robert Pattinson fits that description to a T… I think Kristen Stewert fits Bella & each actor compliments the other from the video clips I have seen on YouTube…

    I am not a person of youth, but loved the books immensely…Am eagarly anticipating the movie out on November 21st, 2008

  95. OMG I LOVE this book twilight is the most intresting and fabulous book I have read….I really didn’t think I was going to love this book especially EDWARD CULLEN I LOVE U EDWARD WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!!……i love the movie has well it was so cool and Edward has I said I love u and ull be here in my heart yea know im crazy over him……well im in the 3rd book already and I know that they are going to make the movie of new moon I cant wait and also I heard that another book is coming out stephanie meyer keep this story going till u have no more plzz.and Robert Pattinson fits the paper really goon as well has Kristen Stewert…. IM OFFICIALY A TWILIGHT FAN 4 LIFE….LOVE U EDWARD


  97. I havent seen the Twilight movie yeat but I’ve read all the books and I looooooved them!!!!
    I adore Edward but I also like Jacob (if it’s a crime them lock me up!) but the guy playing him in the movie (I saw pictures my friend sent me) is totaly ugly (no offense pal).
    I LUV Twilight!

  98. OMG Robert Pattinson iz sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT!!!!!!!! I hav read al the books except the last 1 & im addicted to em! I cant wait til i get breaking dawn! & i saw the movi 2 & i cant stop thinkin bout Robert Pattinson bc he iz sooooo HOT!!!!!!!!! if u r readin dis Robert im ur bigest fan & im only 14 but u cood stil mary me lol! cant wait till new moon the movi coms out!

  99. o ya i forgot whoeva mad the movi u need 2 mak the characters look lik they r described in the books & i dont think kirsten shood play Bella & its not bc im jealous even though i am but u shood hav piked sumbody dat acts more shy & stuf but other than dat the movi iz great!

  100. I think that the book Twilight was really good and also the movie too.I thought that Stephenie Meyer did a really excellent job on the book.I am already on Breaking Dawn it is really good so far.The most important thing is that I can’t wait until the movie’s.

  101. well i loved the movie of twilight but i think i wont like the one of eclipse because they totally changed the actors. i think laurant that was EDI GATHEGI and now is gonna be HUGH LAURIE… hmm… i don’t think so!!! but anyways… this lady that wrote up here is in the right thing: those 2 guys are so fucking goooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha

  102. well i first saw the movie and all.i searched 4 dha buks nd i g0t them.i hav read all dha moon and breaking dawn r da best!.eclipse was a bit boring.i even cried on new moon.haha.

  103. i think jacob is cuter because of how he akes and the way his body is hes lik he can make a ice cube melt

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