The Meadows

The Witch of Blackbird Pond Image Project

For many years now, I’ve cherished Elizabeth George Speare’s description of the Meadows; reading about it made me feel as if all my burdens were lifted from my shoulders. I’ve always wondered what the Meadows looked like. In my mind, the Meadows were an open, ethereal space— a romanticized heaven on earth. The following images are the closest resemblances to the Meadows in my imagination.

“As they came out of from the shelter of the trees and the Great Meadows stretched before them, Kit caught her breath. She had not expected anything like this. From the first moment, in a way she could never explain, the Meadows claimed her and made her their own. As far as she could see they stretched on either side, a great level sea of green, broken here and there by a solitary graceful elm. Was it the fields of sugar cane they bought to mind, or the endless reach of the ocean to meet the sky? Or was it simply the sense of freedom and space and light that spoke to her of home?”

“Someday I am going to come back to this place, when there is time to just stand still and look at it. How often she would come back she had no way of foreseeing, nor could she know that never, in the months to come, would the Meadows break the promise they held for her at this moment, a promise of peace and quietness and of comfort for a troubled heart.”

The Witch of Blackbird Pond, Chapter 8.

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