Bridesmaid Prep and Twilight Withdrawals

The countdown for me being a bridesmaid is only two days away! I wouldn’t say the preparation is hectic, then again, I’m not the one getting married nor am I the maid of honor. But I am worried that I have not received my newly tailored bridesmaid dress so I could try it on a final time a few days before the wedding. Instead, I won’t receive it until the morning of the wedding! I guess I’ll just have to flow with it and live dangerously…

In the meantime, I’m having Twilight withdrawals. Since I finished reading New Moon last week and my library request for Eclipse wasn’t ready for pickup, I have been Twilightless and mopping. I’m finding it difficult to get into other books because my mind is still stuck in Forks.

Today, I was notified that my copy of Eclipse is finally ready for pickup but I won’t have free time to pick it up or read it until after the wedding. It’s probably more prudent to begin Eclipse after I see my cousin married or else I would be tempted to neglect my bridesmaid duties altogether.

Just the thought of Eclipse sitting on that library shelf waiting for me to read it and not being able to pick it up until Sunday is killing me…

All things considering, I should take my time reading Eclipse, pause, spread it out throughout next week. Once I’m finished with it, then what?


3 thoughts on “Bridesmaid Prep and Twilight Withdrawals”

  1. I just finished Eclipse a few weeks ago and even though it wasn’t my favorite book of the series, it still left me eagerly anticipating the next one due out later this year!

  2. Stephanie:
    I liked all of the 3 books equally—they just seemed like one long book.
    I can’t wait for the movie and Breaking Dawn! I’ll be sitting on the edge of my seat, reading YA novels that reminds me of Twilight till then.

    Is it safe to assume that they will have the actual movie trailer released in the middle of this year?

  3. HEY! i loveeee the dresses in the pic you put for the bridesmaids. i’m getting married and would LOVE to know where you found that…

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