Finito! I finished Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. As with Twilight and New Moon, my eyes are weary from too much reading, my pulse is slowly starting to calm down, and I’m rapidly trying to compose a review before this elation fades.

Eclipse. What a thrill! If I had to compare Stephenie Meyer’s writing style to anything, I would call it verbal heroin—it’s addictive, it makes you forget that you have a life to attend to, if makes you neglect food and sleep. And that, folks, is the sign of a good writer.

Shying away from a plot synopsis, I’m just going to say that Eclipse expands on the Edward—Bella—Jacob love triangle. In the meantime, newborn vampires are massacring civilians in Seattle, Bella’s life is still in danger, and there is the ever-present question: when will Edward turn Bella into a vampire?

About the love triangle. Yes, I’m aware that the love triangle is the most cliché plot device found in books and movies. Moreover, love triangles are sadly predictable. Due to the way these threesomes are set up, one guy is always the better catch and we all know the girl is going to end up with Mr. Right but in order to induce conflict, she’s convinced she should be with Mr. Wrong. Didn’t need to consult the big book-o’-plots there…

While reading Eclipse, I can honestly say that didn’t know who to root for. In other words, there wasn’t a clear line between Mr. Right and Mr. Wrong and I felt just as torn as Bella, figuratively speaking. It was as if my heart was cleaved in twain!

Twilight fans are divided into two opposing camps: Edward lovers vs. Jacob lovers. I stand in the middle; I like them both. It would be a lot easier if Jacob, who is this story’s Mr. Wrong, could have been written as a more superficial character. But because Jacob Black is so intriguing, he’s not so easy to write off as Mr. Wrong.

And then there’s Edward, who removes Bella’s car engine when he discovered she was going to go see Jacob behind his back, which is creepy, manipulative, and controlling, but then he does something sweet like hum a lullaby that he composed for her. Awww…

romance.jpgAnd just when you think Jacob Black is the wrong guy because he forces Bella to kiss him, he does something sweet like hand carve a wolf charm bracelet for her. Awww… Contrary to popular opinion, I thought Jacob and Bella’s kiss was so steamy it made me blush. You go Jacob!

Why can’t she have them both?

One thing I really liked about Eclipse is the melodrama. I’m aware that the melodrama is probably what turned some readers off, but what can I say, I’m a sucker for boys fighting over girls, in-your-face contronations, etc…

I’m referring to an eariler scene in the book where Jacob Black pulls up on his motorcycle and gets in Edward’s face. “You better get outta my face!” (Not the actual dialogue).

Or when Bella informed Edward that Jacob kissed her and Edward threatened to break Jacob’s jaw.

Why do I think that’s hot? Okay, maybe when I was in high school, we were all tame and there was a shortage of lunchtime fights, but I’ve always been drawn, against my better judgement, to guys who fight. I don’t see many fights these days…unless you count gang fights, which I only see on the news (and being realisitic, what are the chances that a girl who reads the Twilight series and blogs about it is going to get inducted in a steet gang?), so the Edward/Jacob rivalry is about as close to actual fighting as I’m going to get.


22 thoughts on “Eclipse”

  1. I have a feeling that I’m never going to read any in the series after Twilight. Guys who get angry really bother me, and it sounds like both of these guys have some issues! I’m sure I’d get mad at Bella for not saying to h*ll with both of them. So, I’ll just keep my memories of the first one pristine. 😉

  2. Eva—
    Yes, I can’t deny that they have issues…BIG issues…issues on top of being a vampire and a werewolf. In real life, I don’t suppose I would go for a delinquent guy, but in fiction, I’m letting my fantasies go wild. I like to call this my “Streetcar Named Desire” syndrome where Stanley Kowalski had anger management problems, but he screams “Stella” and she comes running.

  3. ooommmmgggg i finished eclipse yesturday and im now on to *Breaking Dawn* havent slept for days……..when bella is in pain i feel as if im in pain to i went into a depression….quite wierd…but it takes me a while to get back to reality……now THAT is a sign of a good writer….

  4. OMG this book is sooooo good like really u got tot read it sooo good u cant even amagin and u got to get to the last book like woow u dont know wat happens. it just makes ur jaw brop HAHA like really read it

  5. i felt exactly the same way, i couldn’t decide between Edward/Jacob, for my self i mean :), but from the start we all should have known Edward was going to win Bella’s true love, he’s the whole reason basically she’s fighting, i had just resently finished Breaking Dawn, and i am hungry for more, it was such a DELICIOUS read!

    and… i’m hoping Meyer will write, a saga in the near future, on JACOB and NESSIE! so i can feed my eyes.

  6. I like both guys too. They are good in their own way and I wasn’t too annoyed with Jacob. I thought Jacob too lenient and easy going with Bella although she treated him like dirt. Wonder what he sees in her?

    Well, the love triangle was among the reasons why I was glued to this book. It makes things even more exciting!

    Here’s my review of Eclipse.

  7. This Is so true the books are so adicting even though I am still on Eclipes (sorry for my spelling), the books captivate you into the emaginary world thinking when done that Bella and Edward and also Jacob are real people in our every day socity and for me having this empty pit in your stomach knowing that they arnt real at all… (well for me anyway). Wishing every moment when thinking of these unreal books…. ( unreal as in to good to be true kind of books) is reality wishing that you could fall in love with a Gorgouse vampier Edward ( girls) and fall in love with the daring girl Bella ( boys). If seeing the movie doesn’t do anything for you I don’t know what will… yes some people think that the movie will ruin the train of thought threw your own emagination but this movie will be never the less awsome to some people and not to other. I would give the movie a five star rating and it is so cool for me since the diner seen in Just fiffteen min away from my house! I will leave you guys with this…. Twilight was never the book I would have read intell my friend told me about them and thinking that I would not have liked them at all but to tell you the truth…. THEY ARE AWSOME!!!

  8. i went into depression too…lol…when im reading twilight, everything anyone says reminds me of it, its on my mind 24/7, and now im even having dreams about it lol… my parents thing im emo or something *rolls of eyes* !!

  9. I’m definitely a team Edward.
    Yeah Edward can be controlling and weird,
    But Jacob is emotionally manipulative and I hate that in a person. I mean come on, when Jacob goes to fight Victoria the new borns and he tells Bella “Kiss me or I’ll die.”
    That is so wrong.
    You can’t force someone to love you by emotionally guilt tripping them.
    Ok so maybe Edward is controlling but at least he didn’t force himself on Bella.

    Although I’m glad that Jacob now has Nessie. I’d love to read more about their relationship.


  11. I DESPISE JACOB. First of all he kissed Bella without her permission, and then he forced Bella to kiss him or let him die. You don’t do that to someone. Imagine how Edward felt, I mean really come on…
    And thinking all these dirty things when he gets to keep Bella warm and Edward doesn’t is just wrong. Teasing my Edward like that isn’t nice. 😦
    I love Edward.. He’s my dream man hehe.

  12. Jacob and Edward both hot i cant decide between them. I want more books i want to know what happen with jacob and rensemme if they are gong to have a vimpaire-werewolf-human baby and if the voluntier are coming back again. BEST SERIES I HAVE EVER READ!!!

  13. ~Twilight was an AWESOME book! I especially love the part when Edward pounces on Bella in his room. I thought it was really funny. Now I understand why Bella loves Edward so much, but it kinda sucked that the part when Edward almosts kills her at the end wasn’t in the book.

  14. ~New Moon was even better! I love all the time that Bella spent with the werewolves. Jacob is sooooooooooooooooo AH-MAZING! I can actually imagine when Bella describes Jacob as her own personal sun. At the end of Twilight I wanted to be a vampire…but the way the werewolves live like a family is so much better. I would love to feel the power, freedom & speed of being one of them. The imprinting thing is also kinda cool because you would know who your true love is at first sight!

  15. ~Robert Pattinson was surprisingly the perfect choice for Edward Cullen. He could look dangerous when he needed to. One of my favorite parts of the movie is when he calls Bella a spider monkey & tells her to hold on. I also like the part when he drove her to school for the first time & when he almost killed her at the end (it showed how much strength & love it took him to stop).

  16. jacob is so hot…… the whole time reading the books, i wanted bella to pick him…..

  17. Even though i really did love edward in ‘Twilight’, and never did notice jacob,after that i really did want jacob to get his way. its not that i dont like edward, because i really do think its lovely how he is with bella, more lovely than she deserves, but i just had this continuous yearning for her to pick jacob.

    yeah so maybe he is a little sly about it, bribing kisses out of her with threats of his suicide, but dosent this show that he really does want her?

    surely he must deserve something right? because he still finds a way to accept her, to love her, when she cruely rubs it in his face that she is about to chose the life of a vampire, forcing him to want to kill her.

    and STILL he sticks by her, when she marries his enemy, and even further on when she gets knoked up by edward and faces death, eventully resulting in the begiining of her vampire life, in breaking dawn.

    furthermoe, bella is basically just a cruel and hurtfull person, causing both jacob and edward constant pain, then moaning about it, whining about her stupid little human life, and being portrayed as the good guy, well girl, i guess.

    no wonder evryone tries to kill her.

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