The Witch of Blackbird Pond Image Project

A few months ago, I started The Witch of Blackbird Pond Project. The project had a simple mission: to saturate the Internet with WOBP content. I got the idea because, as you know, I have a little obsession with this book and too much time in front of the computer. I would Google everything from “Elizabeth George Speare” to “Nat Eaton” in the hopes of finding something that could elaborate on the story that I’ve loved since I was eleven. I found nothing.

As The Witch of Blackbird Pond Project progressed, I was surprised and delighted to read the comments of readers who share the same fascination with the book. I thought the WOBP was lost and overshadowed in the Harry Potter era; I assumed that I was the only fan left. I’m so happy to be wrong!

The Witch of Blackbird Pond Image Project is a branch of the parent WOBP Project with the same mission: to saturate the Internet with WOBP related images.

I came up with this idea long before I discovered the wonderful world of book blogging. In the past, every time I read a novel that I’m passionate about, I’ll write about it in my diary. Since I’m a visual person, I’ll either draw scenes from the book, sketch portraits of characters or gather magazine clippings of people, scenery, objects, etc… that remind me of the book. Think of it as the ultimate reader’s journal. Unfortunately, I can’t draw very well or else my walls and this site would be saturated with hand-drawn images from novels, character portraits, etc… Therefore, in order to compensate for my lack of artistic ability and my overwhelming need to see the images in my head visualized into something concrete, I’m embarking on a quest to find images that reminds me of The Witch of Blackbird Pond.

Without much long-winded ado, I found several images of The Witch of Blackbird Pond as a play. I have never seen said play. In fact, I would like to know where a Witch of Blackbird Pond play is being performed. You would think, living in sunny Southern California and in the intimate circumference of Hollywood, there would be a WOBP play performed virutally in my backyard. Nope. These plays must be regionlized in New England and the East Coast.

The set design looks spectacular—-and as I look at these pictures, I sigh in resignation once again: this may be the closest to a movie as I’ll ever get.

1. Image #1: I assume Kit Tyler is the one in the red dress, but who are the other two women? Judith and Mercy? Hannah Tupper?

2. Image #2: Kit and Nat Eaton at the stocks? Or is that man William Ashby?

3. Image #3: The Witchcraft Trial.

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