American Ninja

Okay, so this post has nothing to do with books or quality literature, but something much more tasteful: American Ninja (1985). This is a ’90’s flashback about an ’80’s ninja flick.

Back in the ’80’s and into the early ’90’s, there seem to be a proliferation of ninja movies that all centered around one theme: a white man trained by an Asian master in the art of the Orient. Don’t ask me why. I too am bewildered. American Ninja was an example of such a picture.

When I was growing up, every time I turned on the television, there was a broadcast of American Ninja. It especially predominated the Sunday matinee line-up. And yes, I loved the movie. There is nothing more entertaining than a white ninja kicking ass and taking names. Moreover, I thought the American ninja, Michael Dudikoff, was totally hot. He was a man of little words, a man with a past, a man with a degree in danger. With a name like Dudikoff, I was sure he’d make it big…

That’s Dudikoff in the picture above with some gigantic fists of fury. Attention ninja villains: it would not be wise to mess with a man whose fists are bigger than his head.

And just when you thought I would skimp on the Dudikoff pictures. Bam! Here’s Dudikoff armed with ninja pokers (what are those weapons called? Remember they were Raphael’s weapon in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?).

Dudikoff is pissed off because the Black Star Ninja—in association with an evil European (isn’t there always an evil European?)— has kidnapped his girlfriend. When he squints his eyes in that menacing way, you know he’s got you marked. Ninja pokers ready…

So he initiates ‘Operation Ass-Kicking’ where many ninjas were harmed in the filming. He couldn’t have done it without his trusty sidekick—a man armed with a missile.

You know you want some more. Fear not, I’ve got the original American Ninja trailer!

Let me just prepare you with the movie’s tagline: “The deadliest art of the Orient is now in the hands of an American.”

4 thoughts on “American Ninja”

  1. The Ninja Turtles weapon to which you refer is a “Sai”. I remember losing one of Raphael’s twin sais on an ill-fated trip to the swimming pool—it was quite the tragedy.

  2. Thanks Jeremy!
    I never had a “Sai”, I had Donatello’s big stick of death (okay, what’s that weapon called? Lance? Spear? These weapon names are slipping my mind) but my parents took it away when I hit my brother in the face with it, which was an accident because he totally walked into it.

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