Library Finds: Vol. III

Whenever I decide to take a break from blogging, I would aim to make my last post a good one. Instead, I leave you with a picture of Michael Dudikoff. Unforgivable. Despicable.

But I’ve got a legitimate alibi for my 5-day hiatus: I was reading… and that’s all I wanted to do. This week was unusual. Ordinarily, I try to limit my library excursions to one trip a week (don’t want to seem too nerdy), but this week, I ventured out twice in a three day interval. I began the week with a big stack of novels of which I completed only one book and abandoned the rest. That’s a typical situation; for every book that I do read from beginning to end, I abandon five for various reasons (pretentious writing, slow pace, annoying characters, etc…). Since it dawned on me somewhere in college that life is too short to read bad literature, I no longer feel obliged to read on if I’m not captivated by the first 50 pages. So actually reading a book to completion is kind of like an American Idol audition in which I shuffle through all the bad ones before I find a handful of good ones.

After I completed my one ‘good book’ of the week— Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson—I began to get antsy for something else to read. Faced with the bleak prospect of a day without a book, I had to make a second trip to the library and bought home the following:

1. Witch Child by Celia Rees

2. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

3. Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson

4. Anne of Avonlea by Lucy Maud Montgomery

5. Looking for Alaska by John Green

I’ve finished Witch Child (Wonderful! Expect a review or something like a review to come…) and am currently in the middle of The Book Thief (I’m lovin’ this one too).

I know what you’re thinking: I raided the YA section.  YA novels are all I’ve felt like reading lately.   As recently as last month, I’ve developed an immense respect for YA authors in that they work just as hard as the more celebrated literary authors but get about half the recognition and none of the applause.   I’ve discovered that I’m more likely to read a YA novel to completion than an adult novel.  I guess I miss books in which the language is invisible and the story takes over.   As of late, I’ve been rather frustrated by the sheer amount of novels with such ornate language that the language itself becomes an elephant in the room.  You can’t help but notice it and its very conspicuousness hinders the story.   There’s something beautiful about a simple sentence and saying what you really mean.  

I could write an entire essay on my opinions of good books vs. bad books, good writing vs. god awful writing, etc…   But I’ll spare you, for now…  

6 thoughts on “Library Finds: Vol. III”

  1. I’ve been blogging but just haven’t been visiting as much the last couple of days as I’ve been reading a lot. So I say we have good excuses 🙂
    The Book Thief is amazing. I hope you continue to enjoy it. I used to run away from YA novels but I’ve read some great ones in the last year so now I’m wondering what all I’ve missed! Looking forward to your review on Witch Child – I like the cover.

  2. I’m almost done with The Book Thief—so far, it’s awesome. I was surprised how much I got into it because this was a book that I went into thinking it was going to be overrated (I usually shy away when a book is this popular).
    I’m happen to be proven wrong!

  3. (formerly known as m. majeed 🙂 )
    i don’t blame you one bit. i picked up the “witch child” at the library but put it back down for some unfathomable reason, debated about “book thief” because of its overrated popularity, but am happy to announce that i finally, FINALLY, got to pick up my requested copy of “twilight” which i will be devouring over the weekend. hopefully, it’s worth the wait. and i’ve also been bitten by the YA bug recently. some books you just can’t pass up 🙂

  4. Mems–
    I am so happy to hear that you’ll be reading Twilight! Hope you drop a line here when your done with it, I’d really like to know what you think of it. Hopefully you’ll like it.

  5. I like raiding the YA library section as well. 🙂 (although mine’s pretty small)

    If you checked out Looking For Alaska, I suppose I shouldn’t send you my copy? I’m done reading it but not reviewing it (I’m such a bad procrastinator).

  6. Eva:
    Thanks for the offer, but I’m almost half way through with Looking for Alaska. I had to take a break from it to read The Book Thief (sometimes you just feel the need to start a new book while in the middle of another book), but I should be done with it soon. I look forward to reading your review! I don’t think I’m going to be reviewing it, some books I just don’t feel like reviewing because I have nothing to say….

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