North and South Recut Trailer

Attention North and South fans. I’ve found the funniest trailer of this BBC drama on YouTube. It goes to show that a little creative editing and scary music can completely alter the context of the story. I’ve always thought that Richard Armitage, despite being hot and brooding, gave off a distinctly villainous vibe. With his dashing dark looks, the man was born to be bad.

A note about the video: the powers that be forbids embedding. As much as I would like to host it on my site, I can only link for now. So click away and enjoy.

North and South Recut Trailer


4 thoughts on “North and South Recut Trailer”

  1. Love:
    I haven’t seen the Robin Hood TV series. I’ve actually posted about wanting to see it. I don’t have BBC America and I’m too cheap to spring for the DVD set (I’ve never seen it before, how will I know I’ll like it). I really wish I could watch it for free somehow. My library doesn’t have it. Someone mentioned watching it for free on Voeh, but my computer couldn’t handle it. But yes, I know what your talking about, I’ve checked out the Robin Hood Blogspot and have seen Richard Armitage in leather.

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