Twilight Movie: Meet the Cullens

There’s a reason why I’m so euphoric today: the announcement of the official Cullen family cast!

The Cullen family:

Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen
Peter Facinelli as Carlisle
Elizabeth Reaser as Esme
Jackson Rathbone as Jasper
Nikki Reed as Rosalie
Ashley Green as Alice
Kellan Lutz as Emmett

Here are the publicity photos courtesy of Summit Entertainment and Stephenie Meyer’s website.




Since I’ve never formed my own casting opinions prior to the announcement of the Twilight movie, I’m incredibly satisfied with the casting decision. There’s a lot of not-so-kind words circulating around the net about Robert Pattinson’s resemblance or lack of resemblance to Edward Cullen. From the photos, he definitely looks like Edward; he’s got the bronze hair and alabaster skin thing down. I’m totally convinced!

As for the rest of the Cullen family, some of the faces may differ from my own version. But props to the make-up and hair people for making the actor/actresses resemble the book description. I’m especially blown away by Emmett and Esme: they are dead-on with how I’ve imagined them. Peter Facinelli as Carlisle Cullen looks a little like a blonde Tom Cruise in the first picture, but I’ll ignore that disturbing factor and just go with it.

And let’s not forget Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan, a casting decision that I’m ecstatic about. The studio hasn’t released any more publicity photos of Stewart as Bella, so I’m dying to see her in character.

About a month ago, Summit Entertainment was holding an open casting call for the role of Jacob Black. Nothing more has been said about their progress, so I’m on the edge of my seat in danger of falling off. When will they announce the casting of Jacob? Anticipation of this magnitude is cruel. I love Jacob Black. Casting directors, please don’t disappoint me!

159 thoughts on “Twilight Movie: Meet the Cullens”

  1. In the T.V world they say the formula for success is to employ the young and good-looking. My goodness, this should be a hit!

    I am so old I can’t remember back that far, but every so often I enjoy cruising over here. I say it without jealousy or envy, ’cause I have had a great life, but I have to admit you guys are so young and enthusiastic it is fun to read.

    I always told my children I enjoyed being young, so I sure ain’t gonna deny them the pleasure of the same. However, I did counsel them to be young and have fun, but also be responsible. So, you kids enjoy. Will check in every so often.

    Dr. B

  2. I think Robert is perfect as Edward. Doesn’t he just command your attention in these pictures. I know it’s partly because of the way he’s shot in the foreground, but it’s definitely because of his looks as well. And I’ve seen him act in movies other than Harry Potter and I KNOW he will nail this role!

    The other cast – well, I’m a little disappointed. As you said, Emmett and Esme are ok. Even Alice could possibly be alright. But Rosalie, Carlisle and especially Jasper are bloody awful!

  3. Wow, this cast looks good. Really good. Alice and Emmett almost exactly as I pictured them. And I have to admit Robert does really look the part here. As for the rest of the cast, they may not be what my mind conjured up but it definitely looks promising. I’m so excited!

    I love Jacob too! I was hoping Steven Strait would get the role but I don’t know anything about it yet coz I’ve been avoiding the site. I’m only halfway through Eclipse and I don’t want to run into any spoilers.

    On another note, you were right about my assumptions about Bella. I’m liking her even less since New Moon and it really irritates me the way she treats Jacob. I hope they portray her better in the movie, but then that would mean not being true to the book…

  4. drtombibey: Thanks! Does that mean you’re going to watch the movie when it comes out? It’s never too late to be young or at least feel young. I, myself, am having too much fun being young to grow up now! I dunno if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

    Astrid: I’m not so thrilled about Carlisle and Jasper either, but I’m just going to accept it as official and go with the flow. I’m keeping an open mind. Although I haven’t seen them in films, I have high expectations about their acting ability.

    mems: Steven Strait would be my first choice, but I think they might be looking for an unknown for Jacob. I’m really counting on them doing a great job for the Jacob role, because if the actor sucks, I will be devastated. I repeat, Devastated.
    And I too really wished Bella enjoyed her time with Jacob more in New Moon. But she doesn’t irritate me that much. I kept wondering however, why can’t she just have fun!

  5. I’m really pleased with the cast. I was a little skeptical about Robert beforehand, but he’s starting to grow on me now that he looks more like Edward. Although, I agree with the previous comments about Jasper…one of my friends said it looks like he has an “ill-fitted wig.” But, I’ll try to wait until we get to see them in action before making any assumptions…their acting abilities might compensate for their looks.

  6. francinen: hahahaha, Jasper does look like he has an ill-fitting wig. He also looks a bit Ambercrombie & Fitch for my taste, but I’m trying my best not to judge. Besides, I don’t think he has many lines in the first book, so it should be okay if he’s not a great actor.

  7. Hey kid, Yeah I’ll probably take it in. Keep me posted on the blog.

    There was an old beach music song we sang as kids: “Be young, be foolish, be happy.” I’m old but still going strong.

    Favorite old person story here:

    Social worker checking an elderly lady into the nursing home: “So, how was your childhood?”

    Patient reply: “So far, so good.”

    You keep being young just as long as you can.

    See ya,

    Dr. B

  8. WOW, thanks for posting these photos – I had no idea they were out in cyberspace. I can’t wait to see this movie and think that the cast is (no pun intended) dead on!

  9. I like the cast and everything but im worried about who there gonna choose for Jacob becasue if they make a second movie hes gonna have to grow alot before they make it.

  10. I liked how they casted Edward. He has this presence about him that makes a shiver go down your spine.

  11. I agree Ruthanna…. I have addicted all my friends to Twilight series and they believe that Edward should be hotter. But i’m willing to wait…

    I also really like the casting for Alice and Esme. And Francinen is right about jasper’s hair (lol)

    I LOVE these books sooooooo much that i really hope they make a totally rockin’ movie!!!!!!!!!!

  12. edward’s okay but i dont think that that should be rosalie i just expected her more…………………..pretty she is pretty, but looks too old

  13. I am exstatic about all these characters coming to life!!!! I am sooooo excited about this movie! I agree with T Y but if he gets any hotter i might explode!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I’m liking the cast so far. At first I did not like Robert Pattinson at all. Infact it was past dislike. I had my own image and of course like a lot of people out there, didn’t want anyone else but my own image. But not after seeing these pictures I believe that he really does have the looks to pull it off. I can’t remember him in Harry Potter, so I’ll have to look, but I’m sure that he has wonderful acting skills as well!! As for the rest of the family I really like them! Esme doesn’t really have the right “look” for me, but again, we each have our own versions. I’m sure that the movie will be great!

  15. Personally, I’m not really happy with the cast. Bella and Edward anyway. I think Gaspard Ulliel should have been cast to play Edward. Kristen Stewart is growing on me though. I think the casting job of Carlisle and Emmett were fabulous! But I won’t be convinced that these people can pull off playing the role of the Cullens until I see them do it. They better have amazing acting skills!

  16. frikin’ heck yes!this is going to be the best movie ever! im sooooo excited to see pattinson as a vampire…..because he looks like one and now he is acting as one!!!!!cant wait to see it:)
    i think that it will be amazing and i really want to see it.xoxo

  17. Im pleased they decided on Kristen Stewart for Bella, because i heard that Danielle Panabaker was being considered for Bella, first off she looks WAY too young to play Bella, she looks more like 14,15ish. For Jasper I do agree he could look better. Esme i thought would be just a bit older looking, casue Elizabeth Reaser looks around Edwards age (my opinion). Other than that i think they did a pretty swell job considering how hard it is to find so called “perfect” looking vampires πŸ™‚

  18. I agree with all of you who think that jasper’s hair looks like a wig. I also think that rosalie’s hair in the pictures above, looks like a bad hair job. I know this sounds rude, but i really don’t like kristens hair parted in the middle. Especially since it isn’t even a straight part. It would look better parted on the side, it looks cuter that way. I know i know, im picky and i see all the details that no one else does.

  19. i am soooo excited about this movie! however, i do have some reservations. Jasper, he just looks…… funny! i’m ok with the characters not looking the way i thought they would but he’s just terrible! oh, and the guy who’s playing jacob! he looks about 12! apparently he was in shark kid and lava girl or something along those lines. on a brighter note, i think they made really good choices as far as the rest of the cast goes

  20. ACKK!
    Edward is officially ugly now
    i hope they cast Jacob Black better, cuz Jacob Blakc is supposed to be a hawtiehawthawt in my P.O.V.
    But i loove Alice! She looks so cute

  21. edward isnt amazing, but he’ll do fine(the one i imagined was so much hotter!!)…jasper, i swear his hair looks like a wig…i’m really happy with the choice for bella, i was worried it would be someone who sucks…i swear to god if they ruin this book with a horrible movie i’m gonna kill somebody

  22. Alice, Jasper, Carlisle and Bella are EXACTLY as I imagined them! Still not too sure about Robert Patterson, but I’m getting used to the idea! πŸ˜›

  23. I am Stephanie Meyer’s Biggest Fan . You could ask me anything about the book and i will have the answer. Alice is exactly how i imagined her and the rest of the cast are okay . Robert and Kristen will be perfect and will show alot of chemistry . On one note : Rosalie and Jasper will suck , they are not how they are suppose to be . But hey not everyone gets the cast they want. Rosalie is too beautiful to find and Jasper , well….

  24. I love twilight i cant wait for the movie to come out. i have read all the books and am really excited about hearing anything about a fourth book.

  25. God im sooo excited. the cast is pretty good alice and emmett are perfect. I hate that they chose kristen stewart i hope she can pull of uncoordinated playful, oversensitive bella…
    Robert Pattinson…hmmm…..pretty good choice. At first i waz like go die i hate you but now its like drool

  26. um im pretty sure that Taylor launter is playing for Jacob black. oh i cant wait to see him when he is in action. But yeah edward…. just isnt edward. but Bella is perfect! ❀

  27. Ha. Twilight… *drools over pics of the cullens* Edward is casted really well. As for Jacob…well. I suppose you know by now but…it’s Taylor Lautner. HE’S HOT! (ha i sound like a screaming fangirl…)

    Hope you’re not disappointed in the casting of Jacob. They did well, to me. And FYI, taylor doesnt look like Sharkboy, I promise! (XD)

  28. i agree he is not a good edward hes not gorgeous enough but i cant wait for the movie and the fourth book!!!

    I think they made a good decision about casting Rob as Edward although he is not how I pictured him while reading the book. I still think the movie will be amazing!!!

  30. i just really hope that the series will not be ruined by a horrible movie, because no one will realize how amazing it is until they’ve read it.

    yeah and im exited for the 4th book to0 but you never know what Bella will do. she COULD end up with Jacob, because stephennie explained two different ways to fall in love. and even i didnt expect half the stuff that happned in the first 3 so … im just trying hard not to fall in love with Edward myself! there is still a part of me that loves Jacob … i dont know what to expect

  31. I am really excited to see the movie. I think the person playing Edward is a great choice! He really is dreamy like in the book. I LOOOOOVE him!!!!! The movie will be great!

  32. I LOOOOOVVVVEDDDD the books, well I’m kinda only on New Moon but my friends are kinda book spoilers so… lololol.
    I think they chose a good actor for Edward. You can really see the expression in his eyes if you watch the trailer.
    I don’t think Jasper looks that great and they could’ve chosen someone better for James (creepy hunter dude)
    I just don’t think I can wait all the way till December 12!!!!!!!!! that’s like a lifetime for me!!!!!! I will always love Edward though no matter what actor they choose!!! πŸ˜›
    I want a vampire boyfriend, that would be sooo cool!!!!!

  33. Did you guys see who they cast for Laurent? I don’t know why, but I wasn’t expecting him to be African American…maybe I read it too fast and didnt get all the details about his looks.

  34. the cu;lens are ok…i guess. edward only looks good with all of his make-up thought and emmett ICK! i think tom welling would ahve been a better choice, at least he has hair!

  35. Twilight is the best book on earth!!! (L)(L)(L) i recommened this book to everyone who loves fanatsys and hot vampire dudes(who are sweet and kinda scary) (L)(L)(L)(L)(L) i (L) this book


  36. I think that the casting is alright. I mean the majority is great [i.e. Carlisle, Esme, Emmett and possibly Rosalie] but the main characters are just not it and I really hate Jasper! The hair looking like a wig, oh yeah! I mean, maybe it’s just the picture but his face isn’t how I pictured it at all, he’s supposed to be Alice’s other half and they do NOT look cute together. I hope they can pull it off. The two most important characters are horrid, though! Robert Pattinson is starting to grow on me, but Edward was described as being ‘boyish’ and his features are definitely very grown-up. As for Kristen Stewart, she is a great actress and there’s no doubt that she’ll be able to personify Bella, but just looking at her right now I can’t see it. I don’t know if it’s that she’s TOO plain or if she’s TOO pretty or possibly TOO tomboyish…mostly it’s that she’s just too something…but I can’t put my finger on it. I’m positive after I see her acting in the role I’ll be fine with the choice and every time I read from the twilight series I’ll think of her, but for now I feel the choice was…eh. All in all, I’m hoping for a great movie and the leading roles definitely have some great actors so I doubt I’ll be disappointed.

  37. OH! I forgot Alice! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ALICE! She’s the best pick by far!!!! I can see her bouncing around already in my head. =D

  38. i love the cu;lens and i think they made a great choice by picking those actors to play the cu;lens
    i can not wait for the movie to come out i going to c it like 5 times.

    i love me some EDWARD .

    Ceirra ❀

  39. Oh yeah i love those books so much that I read them all (TWLILGHT,NEW MOON,AND ECLIPSE.) IN JUST 2 WEEKS. it was a lot of reading but it was worth it.


    Ceirra ❀

  40. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!! edward, u are the love of our lives!!! we are dying to see the movie!!!!!
    LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. i luv edward me a peice of him.o-k on to a more real subject i luv these books and i will be soooo upset if they ruin the books.i luv them so much i have all of them and i alraedy filed for breaking dawn almost a week ago.these books are so important to me and my friends that we will be there at opening show and will throw food at the screen when something go’s wrong.that includes when someone look’s wrong not pointing any names(edward and his whole family).p.s. i luv you edward

  42. i think we all know rob is agreat acter but he is not perfect and edward is perfect. i think we all know what i’m saying is true. plus rob is not even close to as hot as edward and jasper, emet carlisle, esme,and bella are also poor in looks

  43. i luv me all of edward.move aside bella, i’m the vamp girl now.i know at least 100,000,000,000 mosquitoes who will tell you my blood smell’s like daisies

  44. i love the way bella and edward look together they soo fit the book but a liittle dissapointed about the rest they arent that…well…good looking. But oh well i cant wait to see the movie!! ^^ and i cant wait too see Jacob!!! i love him soo much! Why cant bella treat him better in the book? he so diserves it T_T The excitement is killing me!! I CANT WAIT!!!!! XP

  45. who else is wondering who play’s jacob. whoever it is has to grow like 5 ft. in 1 year. i feal sorry for the kid. o he also has to be HOTZ because they have to get something right.

  46. does anyone else think that bella looks diferent in Zathura than in all her pictures.

  47. What about the eyes?! And the skin?! Dark circles under the eyes!? White, pale skin?!?! Hello?!?!?! Alice is going to be hard to pull off. And I can’t wait to see them run!!!!! It’s going to be a hoot, seeing him carry Bella, too! Especially while he’s running! I hope there’s deleted scenes!!!!

  48. Wow! I think the characters are pretty good, but i still don’t know about Edward… he’s not what i pictured. But I guess I’ll get used to it. I think Jasper’s hair is a little weird! AS for the rest, perfect!

  49. i really like twilight and i can not wait until it comes out in Australia. i have only read the first book but i think Edward is sooo cute! and Bella she so shy like i am.

    so until the movie comes out in Australia see ya.

  50. alice and emmett are how i imagined them.
    edwards okay. sort of a disapointment.. ya know? he looks too english for me.
    jaspers hair makes me laugh.
    rosalie could be prettier.
    carlisle looks too old.
    i dont really care about esme.

    i am in love with the books. i read new moon and eclipse in about 5 days.

    anyway.. it will be interesting to see if they act like i imagined them.

  51. I have a bit of a problem with some of the casting for the movie. For one the guy that plays Dr. Cullen is way too old. I mean these are supposed to be beautiful people and well they aren’t . Even Jesse Spencer (House TV series) would be a better Carlisle than the guy they chose.
    What I really think they should have stole half the cast from Supernatural TV series. Now those guys are HOT!!
    Jensen Ackles as Carlisle
    Jared Padeleck as Jasper
    Lauren Cohan – Rosalie (she’s in Supernatural too.)
    Alice – Ashley Greene is good & Rachael Cook would work too.
    Kellan is pretty good as Emmett, but he seems a bit small for the part. Daniel Cudmore might have been better (X-men)
    Esme – OMG she doesn’t fit the part at all. Haven’t yet decided who would work best for her.
    I also really don’t mind Kristen Stewart as Bella
    Rob P. is growing on me though, so he’s ok as Edward. (the alts I’ve seen look to old for 17 or don’t fit the part & No Gaspard! He’s not that cute )
    Oh and Victoria’s hair is not red enough. (Book says it is flame color)
    Ben Barnes from Narnia movie would make a very attractive Vampire
    as well..
    But I guess that is all water under the bridge. Filming is all down, can’t change it now.
    I hope if they make more movies they cast Steven Strait as Jacob. He would be perfect as the changed Jake.
    Anyway that’s my 2 cents.

  52. I’m really unhappy with the cast. it should’ve been gaspard ulliel as edward! i dont think robert pattinson is nearly hot enough.

  53. I agree with joona and whoever else said that edward should be hotter but Robert Pattinson is pretty close to what Edward was described as… and in the book all of the Cullens are supposed to be drop-dead gorgeous and I don’t know if the actors/actresses were chosen well enough, but the pics might not be they’re best photos…. or something… anyways, can’t wait to see how the movie will turn out, this will be a tough book to make into a movie…. πŸ˜€

  54. I love Edward and all the characters, and at first i thought that Robert Pattinson wasn’t going to do a good job playing as Edward, mainly because he looked too serious and Edward isn’t always serious, UNTIL i saw the previews on the internet and i saw that in one of them he had a cheeky little smile on his face, and i realised that he probably is going to be the Edward i imagined. Don’t listen to them Rob!

  55. i don’t think the actors/actresses are as pretty as they were described in the book. bella’s okay, but the others weren’t. jacob looked like a hobo! and james…not as good. rosalie is ok too, but alice? and jasper? not really. well, can’t wait for the movie!!! πŸ™‚

  56. I think the casting is perfect. But I hope they will do a great job on the movie. I think they will do great so guys please stop complaining when we havent even seen the movie yet. ( Different people, different opinions.) But lets support Twilight and Stephenie Meyer.

  57. i L-O-V-E ROBERT PATTINSON AS EDWARD!!! i think he is so frickin hot!!!! he is perfect and is gonna do a great job portraying edward….. i love the rest of the cast too! emmett is so cute!!! love the casting and cant wait for the movie!!!!!

  58. They look too human…i mean, could’nt they have made them paler?

    I didn’t imagine any of them to look like this.

  59. i love your pickings on the cast. Robert is totaly hot and he would make a great vampire. kellan is what i pictured as Emmet and also Jackson for Jasper. you did a good job for the cullen family.
    and kristen stewart for bella was a good choice also.
    i have read all four of stephenie’s books of the Twilight series. and i can’t wait for the movie Twilight.

  60. They do look like they could be a wee bit more pale, and I always imagined Edward’s hair to be a lil lighter in shade, not quite that dark, but that was my own odd mind, and I’m not a Cullen fan, whatsoever. I don’t really like the person they chose for Jacob though, he doesn’t have the…tribish look and his head’s kinda small. =/ Regardless, I’ll wait and see what happens, I suppose.

  61. I think the cast is perfect nd robet is ideal for the role…I hope they don’t make the movie too actiony cuz it will take away from the romance…from the trailer I can also say that they make the jumps nd stuff a little fake looking but u nevr kno…I guess ill just wait nd see b4 judging πŸ™‚
    Oh nd I think that neil hackel from so u think u can dance looks perfect for jasper…but unknown acting abilities:?

  62. i think the cast is perfect nd robert is ideal lfor the role…. i hope they dont make the movie over acted in the action scene cuz it will take away from the romance….also form the trailer i can say that they make the jumps nd stuff like that a little fake looking….i guess ill just wait nd see b4 i judging:)
    oh nd i think that neil hackel from(so u think u can dance) would look the part of jasper except his acting abilities a questionable “shrug shrug”

  63. the movie is going to awesome tho i cant wait to see and the best part is all the cullen boys and jacob are all hott and i hopp they think about making a 2nd movie lol

  64. the film is actually coming out in january now. i cant wait for midnight sun to come out!!! ahh i am so excited!i keep writing i ❀ edward cullen on all of the desks and on all of my books at school.i think the cast is amazing they chose the right people to play the characters. especially robert pattinson(<3) and kristen stewart.alice and emmet and rosalie and jacob are almost how i pictured then!! i am a humongus fan!!!!!!i love you edward cullen!!!!xxxxxx

  65. i am not happy with who is playing edward…in the books he is defined as a goddess…they nake him sound irresitable. but in this movie he is nothing like i imagined…i know im not the only one who feels this way!!! but i do love the books and cant wait for the movie πŸ™‚

  66. i love the books!! but i hope the movie is at least alike compared to the book. Eward looks nothing like i imagined but i still can’t wait to see the movie and im getting the twilight hoodie yay!

  67. OMG, i am a little shocked that they chose who they chose for Edward, because what i imagined him to be is nothing like him in the movie. Anyway i totaly love the books so i hope the movie productors didn’t ruin it by making it too different.

  68. i’m definitely pleased with the casting, but i don’t think these photos do them any justice.

    rob pattinson doesn’t look in any way like himself here; his face is too lean, not square enough. but i swear in any other photo he’s gorgeous and perfect as edward

  69. Rob patterson is from harry potter right? anyways I love Twilight and cannot wait till the movie comes out in a few days

  70. omg. i h8 science fair, so im gonna like procrastinate(i think thats how u spell it) and like read about twilight. I CANT WAIT UNTIL THE MOVIE COMES OUT!!!! i read the preveiws and it looks INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!

    -keep it real πŸ™‚


  72. A twilight fanatic here. I have not read the book, but since the movie is out. Imma watch it and hopefully blog about it sometime.. No spoilers though, but a sweet teaser will do. πŸ™‚ cheers, Twilight Fanatic

  73. These pictures are amazing!!
    Emmett seems really strong and fast, like Edward.
    Rosalie is jealous of Bella, and she seemed a little bit like the mean type.
    Esme is sweet, helpful, and responsible, just like Carlisle.
    Edward- AH-DORABLE!! Fast, hott, and strong, Edward is the only true guy for Bella. AND, he reads minds!
    Carlisle is SO HOTT!!! The first time I saw him in the movie (When Bella went to the Hospital) HE WAS THE MOST GORGEOUS THING EVER!! I β™₯ CARLISLE!!
    Alice is really nice, helpful, and can see the future. Wow!
    And last but not least, Jasper was so hilarious when I saw the movie! He always just had this blank stare. But, he still talked… surprisingly.

    But the entire Cullen family played a role in keeping Bella safe from James, and that’s the best part.

    I β™₯ Carlisle!!!!!!!!

  74. I think the movie was superb!!! It was FANTASTIC!!! The only thing i really didn’t like was the shimmer sound…but it was still AMAZING!!!

  75. OHMYGOSH . i freaken` feel COOL when saying the words . ‘THE CULLENS’ . i feel like they are really special . ;;>

    Carlisle ,looks cool && handsomeeee ! πŸ˜€
    Rosalie , hate you for hating bella @ the movie . 😐

    .. and Edward ,

    ILY <3. =)))))))))

  76. In the book, Edward Cullen was meant to be soooo godly, so irresistable, so perfect, so charming, so mysterious, so inhuman. And in the pictures I don’t think Robert pulls that off well. And I pictured Alice and Rosalie to look much younger than the casts do. I thought they’d look like they’re in their early twenties or so, but really pretty, like an angel, with the big-eyed innocent sweet look. But of course, Rosalie, with a snobby mean look. And I pictured Jasper differently, too. I wonder what Jacob Black would look like, cause I couldn’t really picture him but for some reason I always pictured him with black hair … did he have black hair in the book? Black hair with blue eyes or something LOL … (maybe cause of his surname)

    And in New Moon, Bella did irritate me alot too. How she goes so crazy, and she’s somewhat using Jacob? And how she’s so mean to him? I think Bella overreacts too, but maybe that’s what makes the book interesting.

    I stopped at New Moon, I haven’t got Eclipse and Breaking Dawn yet, though. Are they any good?

  77. OH, and didn’t Elizabeth Reaser star in The Ex List? I scrolled up, and I saw that smile of hers, which totally looked so familiar, so I went to search on google and realize that she IS the actress in The Ex List. OMG. In The Ex List, she was starring as this sex-maniac girl. And honestly, I NEVER PICTURED HER AS ESME CULLEN. I thought of Esme as a homely lady, not some girl that has dozens of boyfriends and has sex every other day. Somehow, knowing she starred in The Ex List totally changes my opinion about her acting as Esme!

    And, know that I remember, ROBERT WAS SOOOO HOT IN HARRY POTTER!

  78. DUDES, who else did you want to play edward? HUH?
    i think robert pattinson plays edward well.

    i believe that if anyone else played edward, it would totally ruin the whole twilight obsession i have.

    c’mon, if zac efron played edward, lord help us all.
    he would probaly turn edward, as well as the whole phonomenon GAY.

    AND TO LILIAN, if you think you so beautiful, why dont you go and play the roles of alice, esme and rosalie.

    i believe that all the cast are beautiful.

  79. Edward is just an amazing guy with a good heart which deserves to be happy in life!!

    He is very sweet & down to earth!! HE is AH-DORABLE Hot, Strong, Fast, & He reads minds?

    Love ya Edward my babe your a star* X0X0X0X0X0

  80. well for me twilight was such a very nice movie….

    really appreciate it and I’ve watched it 12x already…

    i loved all the cast especially Edward Cullen…

  81. I really liked the movie, I myself have not even read the books yet but I plan to very soon. I thought Robert pulled off the part very well. I have herd how he thinks he is not good looking and thinks he cant get a girlfriend but I am sorry I have to disagree with that.
    I cant wait until the movie comes out on DVD but I cant see how you would watch it 12x unless you own it on DVD, which I dont because I am in Australia.
    I am presuming they will make another movie by the way the first movie ended and by the books, I hope they do and I hope they keep all the original actors.
    I really liked all the cast, thought it was a fantastic movie.
    Hope too see some more in the not to far future.

  82. i think it all happened to fast…like bella knew that edward was a vampire in the first 40 minutes of the movie and i think they missed some of the more important parts of the book…..but other than that it was really good

  83. I LOVE TEILIGHT!!!!the movie is grate and i have read the first three books i am in the middle of the last book!!!!

  84. Twilight is beyond awesome. My gawd edward is so dreamy. Ive read all the books. Let me tell u…keeps gettin better. I cant wait til new moon comes out! I try to visualize the scenerios in my head but itd be better on the big screen. To the people that dnt think this cast is hot…pooey on u! U dnt kno wut hot is then. Anywho thought i shud say twilight comes out on dvd march 20. Im a super fan. Gotta know these things. Hahahaha! Peace beeotches

  85. Hmm I did imagine Edward more pale, more darting eyes and longer hair, but the rests is good lol

  86. quit all your complaining hes HOT and thats all that matters.. and the way he talks.. makes you fall in love with him even if you didnt know what he looks like…. id for sure bang him..

  87. to all you people who dis twilight and there movie what ever. I think twilight is awsome and the actors and actessess they pick where awsome So stop dissing the movie before you even see it. and Rob or Edward you are so awsome in this film with bella

  88. Do you think jasper’s hair is a mop? Well i don’t I think it is a perfect hair due and dont dis it

  89. hey!
    i really looovve!the book!
    it totally rocks!
    but im a bit dissapointed about the movie…
    but the characters are ok..
    and i like them!
    especially Ashley Greene who plays the Alice Cullen..
    more power to you guyz..
    keep rockin’!

  90. oh mi god edward is so hot!!!!!!!!
    robert pattinson does a great job i think
    but rosalie isn’t pretty enough and esme looks like shes had plastic surgery.
    alice is so cute though!they did a great job castin her!
    i think jasper is pretty good, i agree with peoples it does look like a wig!
    books r better thgan the movie, but isn’t that always the case?
    luv! rock on!

  91. edward is so shagalicious!!! as soon as he walks into the cafeteria, i almost die from dazzlement. they made such the perfect choice with robert pattinson. i especially like how they didn’t pick familiar faces. too see a familiar face would have ruined the story for me. i love all the cullens!!!!!

  92. Dude Edward is like so hot and emmette and kinda Jasper but idk all the chicks are so beatiful it makes me want to be just like them
    MY 2 favorite Characters are Edward And Alice But youre all so awesome I LUV YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. If no one has read NEW MOON im sorry but it is so sad when Edward leaves Bella it made me so sad i started to cry it was so sad!!!!
    I LUV YOU CULLEN FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. I luv how they picked robert as Edward and Jacob we Cant forget Jacob Hes so Hot but i think he would be better off with some short hair i hate it with long hair I CANT WAIT TILL THE NEXT MOVIE COMES OUT IM SO EXITED

  95. This movie frickin rocks! i’ve read the first two book and i’m gonna get the next one on saturday.
    i’m also gonna get this movie when it comes out on dvd
    Kristen Stewarts so hot!!! love her

  96. Hey I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! espicially EDWARD!!!!!!!!LOVE EMMETT&JASPER&ALICE. THEY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! GO TEAM EDWARD,JASPER,EMMETT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. OMG! In thw movie he is sooo hot!!! But out of it he is not really as great looking. BUt, I still love the movie Twilight!

  98. Hello. Edward is beautyfule. Well, I love twilight. Edward Alice Jasper Emment are the cool of all. !

  99. I have to say that the movie was great and i really don’t think that Jasper looked like he had a wig on.. That’s just my opinion though.. Robert did a great job as Edward and I think that he will do great in the upcoming movies. The whole family was beatifully casted and I loved how they portrayed the characters.. I am excited to see how the other movies come out.. Keep up the good work and keep an open mind and enjoy your imagination.. Not everything is what we all imagine it will be..

  100. omg twilight is aws as i wish i met a vampire an we both fell inlove lol……… if you have only seen the movie you are missing out big time .The books are great and better…love you hair rob…..unlike my brother his name is bob an he got it shaved off lol
    yeh i wasnit much of a reader i would always muck around in readin in class untill i found TWILIGHT ARGHHHHH

  101. i love the cullens and i think they made a great choice by picking those actors to play the cullens
    i can not wait for the movie to come out i going to c it like 5 times…
    i love me some JASPER HALE….

    i love your pickings on the cast. Robert is totaly hot and he would make a great vampire. kellan is what i pictured as Emmet and also Jackson for Jasper. you did a good job for the cullen family.
    and kristen stewart for bella was a good choice also.
    i have read all four of stephenie’s books of the Twilight series. and i can’t wait for the movie Twilight………………….
    by: aLicE cuLLen

  102. MARRY ME EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i totally lurved the books and the movie i think they did a great job casting the cullens and i totaly want a vampire 4 a boyfriend

  103. FYI EDWARD IS HOT AS HEK!!! I have not put down the book since i started reading it!! i’ve read the books 13 times in a row!!! i can’t wait 4 the move. the move is going 2 be COOL. the only reson i am reading the twilight serious is the romance in it.i like resemee in the 4th book. but sericly, did thay have 2 take alice out. she is the funnest person in the book, xspecial when she packs all the langera for the honeymoon. i like the part waer edward is tourcherd by the black laced one she wears to bed because she is down to her last thing she has left. and she has a nightmare.and then she convenses edward to have sex with her and she conceves resemee.

  104. To all of you talking about Jasper’s hair being a wig, uh its not, thats his hair…Rosalie’s is a wig and so is Alice’s…

    And leave Jasper alone, Jackson Rathbone is amazing

  105. OH….MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Edward Cullen u’re so handsome……

    twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u’re so crazy out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    keep going guys

  106. O.K people lets get for real, the actors and actresses in the movie were perfectly fine . robert petterson did a wondreful job playing edward. the rest did a wonderful job playing the other charecters. the book is diferreent then the movie and better but they had the right people to pull it off. think about it there is no body in the world that would be just like the poeple in the book. cant wait for new moon to come out.

  107. i luv u so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your movie is so awlsome can not wate intill the next 1 comes out!!!!!!!! love u lots!!!!!!!!! bi ps.later

  108. love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so so so so sovery very very y vermuch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BI PS.LATER

  109. Alice is my favorite charater of like all charaters in the world! they really did a good job capturing her charater in the movie. GO TWILIGHT!

  110. I love twilight it was sooooooooooo cool !
    i think that robert played edward perfectly and he was soooo hott i also think that all the cullens were soooo cool i wish they where my family

  111. i luuuuuuuuv the cast of TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!
    jasper looks like he has a wig on thought and he doesn’t look like a rockstar tho.
    rosealie looks perfect and kristen stewart was great playing bella swan.
    i wish i cood go in and become a vampire like them but there is 1 tini prob………there is no such thing. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  112. robert and kirsten were made for this roles…actually all of the were exactly how i imagined -well not all of them-…….i don’t know how i will survive until all the books will be made into films……

  113. I really love Jasper and Jackson. *mew* I just have a thing for blonde boys XD Gooo Jasper and other blonde boys!

    Goo Twilight and New Moon and Eclipse and Breaking Dawn!

  114. When I see Esmee I just think of her as the weirdo in Grey’s Anatomy. I wished that the guy who plays James was Edward and Edward James (James is such a hottie). Alice totally does not look like what I imagined she’s too dunno hapy peppy like a clown. Jasper looks like a weird puppet to me. But whatever…. πŸ˜‰ I’m used to all now of course. And well no matter what everyone has different taste. I have to say though when I saw the very first Harry Potter movie, almost all the characters where exactly like I imagined… but maybe that’s because they were more “explained” in the book (dunno if that is the right word but English isn’t my language haha)

  115. bella and edward are compatible. they made the movie succesfully. they are good ator/actres.
    im one of the addict in that movie.

  116. the vampire family am a child grade 3
    I like the twilight and other i πŸ˜‰ jasper don’t
    eat the blood of isabella and my crush of the cast is edward anthony

  117. I think that these movies are going to be a hit along with the books i’veread all 4 and want to read more. Maybe Stephenie’s next book could be about a new coven named the Morris coven and we become great freinds with the cullens. the leader would be Shelton morris and his funny little brother Travon Morris and his girlfreind – Jasmine Morris.
    lol hope she does !

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