Stephen Lynch

This post may have nothing to do with literature, but I woke up this morning with a greater purpose in mind. My mission to you, dear reader, is to fill your mind with literature and your eyes with man candy. Okay, ‘man candy’ sounds wrong. Correction: ‘eye candy.’ Sorry, male readers, but this post is for the ladies…

Today’s eye candy in question is guitarist/singer/comedian/actor Stephen Lynch. As you can see, he’s multi-talented and, at risk of sounding like a gushing girl, totally hot. I realize there are better adjectives to describe extremely attractive men, but ‘hot’ is the only word in my vocabulary, so I use it liberally.

The year was 2006. The event was the Tony Awards. Stephen Lynch was nominated as best lead actor in a musical/comedy for his role in The Wedding Singer. He didn’t win. But he performed “It’s Your Wedding Day” and that was it. Be still my heart! Love at first sight. He can sing and play his own instrument. He could sort of dance as well. And that voice…

Stephen Lynch is a god among women and if there is a God, I hoped Stephen Lynch was not gay. He’s not! Says so on his website. Take that Broadway stereotypes!

In 2006, I just discovered YouTube and believe me, it was littered with Stephen Lynch. Prior to his Broadway debut in The Wedding Singer, he appeared in a 2005 Comedy Central special in which he sang suggestive songs and brought down the house. I’d say Stephen Lynch mastered the art of comedy contradiction. In appearance, he is oh so boy-next-door; his sweet, almost choir-like singing voice disarms you against his song’s content.

I haven’t thought about Stephen Lynch in a long time. However, once in a while, my mind veers from literature into boy crush territory and I’m reminded of past celebrity crushes and then feel compelled to write about them.

So I’m leaving you with the Wedding Singer performance that started it all. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Stephen Lynch”

  1. I liked those pictures! The video…well, the sheer energy everyone has in musicals terrifies me, lol. So I spent most of the video not being able to look away from the background dancers-it was like they were on speed or something!

  2. Eva:
    Haha, yeah, it does seem like the background dancers were on speed. But that’s what makes it so cool. I liked Stephen Lynch’s energy in the video, I think that’s what makes him so attractive. My favorite part is somewhere near the beginning when he gives some sly look at the camera….swoon!

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