Witch of Blackbird Pond Image Project: Nat Eaton

I believe that I am genetically programed to think about The Witch of Blackbird Pond once every month. My WOBP related thought of the day is Nat Eaton.

A few years ago, there was a PBS reality show called Colonial House, which is a historical experiment to see if a group of modern day contestants could survive in a 1628 setting. For those of you unfamiliar with Colonial House, think of it as Survivor except no one wins a million dollars but what you do get is 5 months of backbreaking labor and no shower. It’s…ah…educational.

I tuned in because (do I really have to say it again?) it reminds me of The Witch of Blackbird Pond. I’m glad I did because there was a contestant on the show that resembles Nat Eaton. His name is Dominic Muir; he’s from England. Granted, at 26 at the time of taping, he appears much older than my image of Nat Eaton, but all things considered, he has Nat Eaton potential. At the very least, he strikes a dashing figure in his Puritan ensemble, a hard outfit to pull off.

For anyone who has read the book, I would just like to point out that it never states Nat Eaton’s exact age. There are references that he’s “young,” but no solid numbers. I’ve always assumed Nat Eaton is 19 because he sounds more mature than Kit Tyler, 16. Moreover, Kit’s other suitor, William Ashby, is 19, so in order for Nat to be a worthy competitor for Kit’s hand, he has to be 19 too. Now, I realize that there were no existing concepts of “legal age” in the 17th century and for all we know, no one would blink an eye if Kit Tyler married a 60 year old. But my modern sensibilities tells me that if Nat Eaton was say, in his 20’s, he would be too old to date a 16 year old.

Before I break out the age calculator, I think it best to stop there and leave you with images.

1) Dominic Muir on board a colonial ship.

2) Dominic Muir on board the same ship with the other Puritans.

3) He might be dressed in modern day clothes, but here he is, looking very J. Crew, performing some woodwork. Remember Nat Eaton’s shirtless firewood chopping scene?

Do you see the Nat Eaton potential?

If you have your own image of Nat Eaton and it is completely different from my version, I would love to hear about it!


6 thoughts on “Witch of Blackbird Pond Image Project: Nat Eaton”

  1. I saw the title and instantly fell in love with this post. I agree, Dominic Muir has Nat Eaton potential. But I don’t just want hopeless daydreams, I want a real movie in the making!! Someone should start a petition or something…

  2. mems:
    Thanks! Dominic is how I would picture Nat Eaton five years after the book ends…after he’s captain for a long time. Yes! Someone should start a petition. I’m dying to see it made it into a movie. Books that were recently published are made into movies, it seems like WOBP just got lost in the shuffle.

  3. Dominic’s kinda cool,but he’s got to tan himself a little bit cause Nat Eaton’s a sailor and he’s probably got his skin tanned. I read this novel when i was a kid and since then I fell in love with it and i want a real movie in the making!

  4. Oh definitely an older Nat Eaton. Good eye. And absolutely!! Why aren’t they making a movie already??

  5. Not exactly how I would imagine Nat. I imagined him more like the appearance of Jesse McCartney with his dirty blonde hair and intense eyes, or Leonardo diCaprio with his sailor-look from the Titanic.

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