Twilight Movie Pictures

I found a website with on-set pictures of the Twilight movie! These photos are from the filming of the car accident scene. I was so excited after I saw them, I literally jumped out of my seat!!!

And might I add that Robert Pattinson is looking like the splitting image of Edward Cullen. The bronze hair, the alabaster skin, the simple yet GQesque threads, the shades, the silver volvo—oh, he’s fine…

It’s so exciting to see the images from the book come to life! I’m going to be on cloud nine for weeks!

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  1. And Bella Swan is looking a little hotter than she should, don’t you think? She’s supposed to be a little more plain, and I doubt she’d be dressed so well with hair and make up done too.

    But Edward looks exactly right to me πŸ™‚

  2. Robert Pattinson is such a prettyboy. I love it! (And that’s going to be about the only reason I ever see the film. I didn’t like the books *that* much, y’see.)

  3. all i no is they better not ruin the books with this movie, im talking about not changing anything…the people like me who are pretty much obsessed with the books cant handle waiting to see if the screw up on everything,

  4. Yeah, Robert Pattison is so hot but have you seen the on-set photos? They have him with blind guy sunglasses and his hair is blown back! How could they do that? But, yeah, Bella isn’t looking plain in this picture, hmm. But Edward looks so edward!

  5. Never mind what i said before i saw pictures of them making the movie and they are perfect its jus how imajined them

  6. I think they could have done better i mean look at Bella in that picture she kinda looks like a model!….SHE’S NOT SUPPOST TO LOOK LIKE THAT!.. I thought she was suppost to be plain looking

    and Robert……..No one can pull off Edward perfectly but I’ll do will Pattinson I guess

    *sigh* I hope Jacob dies in the new book

  7. Thank you so much for all these pictures, I searched a while to find some! And I think that the actors they picked will do the job, we have to understand that the characters in the book will always stay where they are! But I think Robert and Kristen will do the job, just as the rest of the Cullen family.

  8. It’s silly to hope the movie is just like the book, if they did that, why would anyone bother to buy the book in the first place. I love the books just the way they are, and I think the people they picked to protray them in the movie will be perfect. It’s impossible for them to be exactly like we imagined them, since we all imagined them differently, but I bet they’ll do a wonderful job. Thanks for putting up the photos!

  9. You all don’t sweat about how Bella looks. It looks like a Photoshop job as opposed to an official studio picture.

  10. Hey guys

    Thanks for commenting. I had a lot of fun reading through the discussion so keep it coming!

    Just a word about the picture in this post. This picture is just a placeholder sort of thing (because as a blogger, I just like pictures with my posts….it’s just visually appealing to me). so the picture you see above is not an official studio picture. I actually think it’s been photoshoped, so for those of you who are worried that Bella might be too hot, no fears, eh?

    The pictures I actually wanted to direct your attention to is in the link above. Be sure to click on it because there you’ll find image after image of the filming of Twilight behind the scenes.


  11. I think they all look really good. You can’t expect all the characters to be just how you imagined them. I can’t wait to see how the movie turns out.

    Btw, to the person who said they hope Jacob dies… yeaaa, pretty creepy.

    Jacob is a wonderful character, and I hope we see lots more from him. πŸ˜‰

  12. I agree with you Asanya. Everyone has a different mental picture. The characters can’t be perfect for everyone. I am just super excited to see this movie. And i’m sure that even if it is a bad movie, people will still go and see it no matter what other say. Well thats what i’ll do anyway.

  13. Lol I agree with Michelle I hope Jacob does in the new book. He’s so annoying! Yeah anyway I really don’t like who they chose to play Edward. I don’t think I can stand hearing his british accent during the whole movie. Also I think Bella looks to done up and she looks mean too..

  14. Yah! I’ll be too caught up with roberts accent. In the movie i saw of Kristen, she didn’t seem very happy and i don’t think she even smiled. Bella is supposed to be nice. Not DEPRESSED!!

  15. I think that Edward is really not what i exspected at all. If you go to and see the other book covers, you’ll see edward and jacob on a cover of Eclipse. THAT’S WHAT I IMAGINED WHAT THEY REALLY LOOKS LIKE!!!!!!!!
    Other than that, that’s how I imaged Bella!!!!!

    CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE IT”S GREAT !!!!!!!! !!!!! !!!!!! !!!!! !!!! :):):):):):)):):)):):)):):))

  16. If you ask me he looks way too happy in all of the pics. hes supposed to look super serious at all times (except when with bella) and its kinda ruined.

  17. i really dont think edward is flawless enough they need to find someone new to play him!!!

  18. I think Bella is looking too moody. And how could the studio put Robert in blind guy glasses and blown back hair? That is just wrong! but eh, Robert still looks hot and on the way to being Edward. Although, I heard he’s using a very sexy American accent.

  19. NICOLE… READ MINE. I am a totally and irrevocably in love with EDWARD CULLEN. I also am in love wiht the series too!!! I am more than obsessed with this twilight book.

  20. Oh… guys im kind of nervous for the movie to come out. I want it to be good, but in some way shape or form, i know i’ll be dissappointed. But no matter what, i’ll see the movie and always love the books so much more.

  21. in my opinion, they chose good actors for the movie. the one picture of Bella is a bit too “spruced up” but all the ones of her while she is on scene or w/e she looks perfect for the part. they chose all the cullens well…. but what were they thinking when they did Jaspers hair?? he looks like he just came out of hibernation! wow is all i can say to that!
    im realy exited about the movie and hopefully they can do an acceptable job.. it wont be perfect. (that is to be expected)but i think it will turn out ok. πŸ™‚


  22. Rosalie surprises me in the photos…I think she looks the closest to what I imagined in them! And I think once we see the movie, they will all look great. Remember, these are JUST photos. Everyone looks bad in photos, even actors sometimes, haha.

  23. I’m pretty sure the reason (and I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this or not) that the picture above at the top of this page looks a bit unrealistic is because it’s fan-made. I could be wrong, but I thought I had seen a picture of Kristen Stewart like that in one of her actual photoshoots (which actually is modelling, and, if that’s true, would explain why she looks like a model.) I could be wrong and, if I am, I apologize most sincerely, but I am pretty positive that that picture is fan made and Kristen looks like a model because she is modelling.

    But if it IS fanmade, makes you realize how decent people are with those photo editors πŸ˜‰

  24. Also just an additional note. Though I think the… what was it I saw them referred to as, the ‘blind guy glasses’?… are a bit funny looking, that could be him trying to hide his eyes in the earlier parts of the movie after Bella makes a comment about how their appearance has changed.

    But again that’s inly guessing πŸ™‚

  25. Hey Jess, Your smart! I’ve never thought of that before. If anyone hasn’t read her comment, DO. She has good ideas and i would bet that she might be right.

  26. Does anyone else think that if Bella is not a vampire in the last book that it will be ruined?? Also, any thoughts as to if she is “turned” what her talents will be? I have a bet that they will be that she will not want blood. ????

  27. I don’t think that Bella is very cute, and colud they not find someone better looking to play Edward? I mean the guy who plays him is not even cute! James is fine though good job on that one.

  28. At first i thought that TOM STURRIDGE is perfect for plaing Edward. But when i saw Robert Pattison’s pictures i was sure that he is better than anyone else. But what about Bella she is not inserted to this role. butI heard that on casting between them have immediately run spark.

  29. I love how these people talk as if they actually know the characters. Like they go to their thanksgivings or whatever. I think Bella seems a little too caught up in herself. She’s not very nice, she’s just a normal girl. Sure there’s this picture of Stewart all “done-up”, but do you see the other people that girls wants to play Bella? They wanted these gorgeous perfect girls. Stewart looks ordinary, and that’s what Bella needs.

    I think she’s one of the only few who could pull off Bella.

    And as for Pattinson. He’ll be a great Edward. He was the first person I imagined as Edward when I started reading the books. Maybe he doesn’t live up to some of the fan’s standards, but I bet he’ll pull it off and then some. =] I’m so excited for the movie.

  30. i jus’ cnt wait til da movie comes out, god i luv da book i red it lyk 50million tymes, nd im lyk in luv wiv edward, dnt get me wrong i av a lyf but

  31. NO.. That is not what edward should look like.. Not near perfect enough.. the person playing emmit is way more edward looking in my mind than the person playing edward.. hes not hott enough.. I mean hes attractive.. justy not fot this.. I hope the movie is good… they are my favorite book series ever so i hope this doesnt ruin them for me..

  32. i cant wait till the movie but with all others i will prob most likelylike the book better
    luv pictures

  33. just wait for it to come out. it’s going to be an amazing movie they picked these people for a certain reason and everyone has their own view of what the characters look like In my opinion this movie is gonna be so good. the next harry potter movie comes out two weeks before twilight does so it will be a contest i think i’ll see harry potter once and Twilight a million times! But ya the books will never be out-beaten by the movie i’m so excited though for the 4th book to come out and can’t wait to see RObert as edward. All the pictures of him as edward R pretty convincing. Actually every Character in the movie so far is perfect to me I CANNOT WAIT!

  34. i my god that is so sweet kristen stewart looks so pretty i cant wait for the movie of course i dont htink it is ever going to be as good as the book and i am sure most people would agree with me and i think you all who do are totally awesome and i think that is so awesome the people who are playing in the movie are just so awesome and i cant wait till the host comes out and breaking dawn i think that they are both going to be so awesome i think that it is going to be better than harry potter i mean i know that the books are way way better than harry potter but just to sum up this whole paragraph i love twilight i think that it is the most awesomest book ever even though that isnt a real world i think it fits in nicly with the whole twilight saga i love this and i hope you all do to any way i cant wait for the movie breaking dawn expesically and the host i think that they are all going to be so awesome hope you all do to I CANNOT WAIT FOR ALL THE STEPHENIE MEYER STUFF it is going to be so awesome

  35. [Robert Pattison] Edward’s hair style is a little… unexpected… but otherwise, his hair colour and pale skin and whatnot seem pretty sweet so far.

    I guess I’m a little more excited about the movie now though; before I was alittle worried that they’d slaughter the books. πŸ˜‰

  36. Mrenh…. Bella is too pretty, Edward is not pretty (or vampire-y) enough. If you ask me, Bella looks more like a Vampire than Edward does… However, I’m still looking forward to heckling the crap out of this movie in the presence of 500 or so obsessed 12 year olds.
    And I don’t care if they ruin the books either. I loved Twilight the first time I read it (being the easily influenced, hopeless romantic teen), but after reading New Moon, hating it, reading Twilight again, and listening to a few voices of reason, I decided not to succumb to it’s influence any longer.
    I refuse to read Eclipse, and also to view Edward as the vision of a perfect man.

  37. i think you guys should stop criticizing the choicxe of stephenie meyers for her characters.. it is her choice.. and besides it isnt fair to rob the way fans hav mailed him bunch of angry letters saying that he is not up to their standards of edward..

    i mean we all have very different imaginations.. and diffrent edwards in our minds.. i know that because, rob wasnt exactly the edward i saw in my head.. but i’ve researched.. looked at other celebs who i think can play my edward and compared it to rob.. but you know wat?? rob still comes off on top..

    i mean come on.. hes hawt.. and im sure he’ll be the next heart throb.. plus i dont think the movie will ruin the series’ image for us. stephenie meyer agreed she wanted to hav the movie.. so lets support her..

    i’v always been a fan of teenage romances.. and twilight is like the best so far… when i found out there was going to be a movie.. i was so excited.. the casting is perfect!!!!!!!! thats in my opinion..

    but when i see like reealy saad comments about rob.. my heart aches so baad… hes like tha best…

  38. I was not so fond at first of Robert as Edward but he seems perfect, just movies sometimes massacre books; I hope this doesnt happen it will be a major dissapointment but visualizing the character more than i already do will be awesome

  39. as a friend of steph’s i always enjoy these posts. haha. especially those concerning bella being too hot. with all due respect if u really pay attention to what the books say, bella is actually quite attractive but makes herself up plainly; doesnt draw the attention to herself such as rosalie does. if youve seen photos of kristen not made up she is still gorgeous yet plain. i think she’ll work just fine. and as for the others, we’ll have to wait and see. you gotta remember, no book can be perfectly translated to a movie. that’s not how it works but as long as you have good actors and stay true to the books i think steph is gonna have a whole new franchise on her hands!!!

  40. Perfect!

    Why do ppl say that Bella isnt “supposed to be pretty”.. She IS pretty and everyone thinks so, its just that the book is written from “her mind” and she doesnt think very highly of herself..

  41. whts up with his hair? they shouldve picked a better looking guy….but hes okay i guess….bella dsnt look so bad either..cant wait for the movie.HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!heheeeeee

  42. Here’s what I think….
    Bella Swan is too good looking.
    Edward isn’t good looking enough.
    Anyway aren’t they sopposed to be like seventeen? Edward looks alot older than that.
    and I think that the Cullens should be paler.

  43. hes what i am thinking about this..
    edward=so not what i thought he would look like!!!
    he is so damn ugly. not to be rude
    i love your books and like breathe with them.
    but what the heck!
    and bella is amazzziinnnngggglyy beautiful!

    GET NEW EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. I think that they are both perfect for the movie. As far as Bella goes, in the book the “Bella” character describes herself as plain; but to others she’s gorgeous. I think they did a great job in casting these actors.

  45. i think that in the movie teaser, bella looks perfect not too pretty, but not ugly. BUT in this picture she looks waaaay too pretty, not plain. but edward looks perfect!!! they did very good w/ the cast!

  46. I think they picked a great Edward… and to “ilovpugs” his british accent is sooo sexy!!! I love Robert when i seen him in Harry potter.. I agree with “Michelle” I hate jacob in the book.. he just totally ruins it.. and stupid Bella falls for him and makes Edward unhappy.. Gosh it pisses me off!!! :(… I hate love triangles… and Edward better end up happy in the next book. I will never get over it if he don’t… I wanted Jacob to be gone in the Eclipse book.. How could anyone Choose a nasty werewolf that could imprint on someone else or tear your face off if he gets mad.. over a hott, sexy, cold, bloodthirsty, seductive vampire like Edward… *sigh*.. I personally think Bella is crazy!!!… to bad Vampires aren’t real….

  47. Well, I was hoping for the Twilight DreamTeam, to be honest. Gaspard Ulliel and Emily Browning = always be my Edward & Bella.

    Anyway, they did pretty good, however. I’m glad Bella is really hot, though. She looks so pretty in the picture! πŸ˜€

  48. well Edward could be hotter… that is just my opinion but hey he’ll do I guess. Bella needs to be more simple and plain. I hope they movie rocks as much as the books I have high standards… and if the movie is messed up in a big way there will be a lot of angry female fans!

  49. grrr – – – It is not fair. Just totally unjust. How can one man – namely Robert Pattinson – be so frickin’ dazzling!?!?! I LOVE HIM! He’s… Perfect. Dazzling. Smoldering. Hot. Sexy. Amazing. Edward.

    Kirsten Stewart looks like Bella, I just hope she won’t be to… well, In all of her movies she’s kinda like a tom boy, a bit rough, boyish (not looks-wise) I hope she can play Bella.

  50. I think they look awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Bella/Kirsten looks soooooooo innocent and peerrty…. robert is a litle different than what i pictured, maybe less cheek bone and smiles, more empty and boutiful face… like in romeo amd juliet, romeo is depressed until he met juliet…. so less hapiness and more moppy! GOT IT ROBERT!!!!!!! But thats behind the scenes so i gotta wait til the movie… i HATE WAITING! i’m too obsessive and to impatient… other than that….. i love *heart* the casting crew!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  51. Where are the dark circles under Edward’s eyes!? Or the super pale skin? The hair is awesome, and Bella’s truck is awesome!

    Emmet looks about right. So does Rosalie. I’m not sure about Alice. She just needs to be a little more, I don’t know, pixie-like.

  52. Edward looks perfect! But I do agree that Bella looks to perfect. I can’t imagine her whith that perfect hair and outfit!

  53. I just looked at the pictures of the movie I think they need to change the way edward looks there is something that just isnt right. He does not even look close as to how I pictured him.

  54. shut up sarah Lapod!!!!!!!! r-patz is cute kaya!!!!!!! nagagalit ka lang kasi selos ka!!!!!!! hehehe. tsaka si belle, maganda kaya siya!!!!!!

  55. like hey,
    i hinestly think this is gay!
    edward is a vampire
    he should be sucking peoples blood,
    like i havent read the book,
    but i have heard about it
    and my god, a vampire inlove with a human… ok so be, but not killing her?? WTH? so my oppinion is its stupid!

  56. i dont think bella should look like that cause it looks like she got her hair and makeup done my professionals and i dont think in the book it said anything about her wearing any hot clothing beside her fav. tan skirt but that also is just my opinion

  57. to Amanda:

    dude, edward is so d*** hot and fine,it ain’t even funny. And to yall peeps who can’t bear too much of his accent, you got to be KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!! he is fiiine, fiiine, fiiine!

    HOT AND FLAMIN’!!!!!

  58. and bella is SO pretty!!! the director did a good job in pickin these peeps.

    Jacob looks so wierd though…

    im gunna be so glad when he turns into a werewolf and cuts his hair…

    and sorry yall peeps, but i SO do NOT think that tom sturridge is a good dude for me edward..

    i don’t care if i spell his name wrong…

  59. victoria is pretty and so is alice and so is rosalie and so is esme

    i think carlisle is hot ish

    i also think Jasper is cute and emmett is just creepy

    sorry yall

  60. does anybody want to respond to me comments about the awesome hot, flamin’, and sexy vampire who has this awesome accent? thanx peeps man

  61. I 100% agree with Kristina; Bella is too pretty, she’s described as being plain (especially when standing next to Edward). Yet in this picture I think that she’s alot more attractive than him, not that he’s not attractive clearly ;).

  62. i think that bella doesn’t see herself clearly…

    but she does look over-attractive in this pic…

    has no one seen the scene when bella is with james, sudenly ed comes in…

    fights james…

    the field trip one was funny when bella tries to get ed to tell her how he stopped the van…

    i liked Entertainment Tonight when they show some stuff of eclipse…

    my friend thinks edward is scary…

    i know right…

    she thinks he smiles too much…

    no one can fleep…

    only edward can…

    that’s all for tonight folks, be like edward!!!

  63. crap… i meant twilight when i said ET showed stuff of eclipse…


    im so dumb…

  64. Omg Robert Patterson is HOT ! But only as a vampire haha
    && Kristen Stewart would be perfect……if she didn’t talk. Lol. Her voice is too manly haha
    And this movie is gonna piss me off soooo much if they don’t have all of the cute bit in the books !!


  66. that is definately NOT how bella should look.
    she is more plain.
    edward is fine, but bella is all wrong

  67. of course they don’t look like edward and bella, this is a fan art photo of the actors before twilight started being filmed

  68. bella is lookin little to hot for how they described her in the book..but edward is wat i expected,cant wait for the movie!

  69. well yes she is plain in her own mind but if you think about it she is really pretty.. that is why all the guys want her….come on think about it really think about it….. shes not conceed in thinking she is pretty but her friends and edward think she is super pretty and that is all that matters and i can not wait till the movie comes out

  70. bella looks to hot. she is to dressed up she should be more, plain. in the book edward has shaggy hair.
    i really hope the movie doesnt suck

    P.S. I LOVE EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. i guess there isnt anyone that can match edwards perfect description from the book…and yeah i agree,bella is meant to look a bit,more normal…and..less pretty πŸ™‚

  73. i love the books and i cant wait til the movie comes out!! Bella is exactly how i pictured and sooo is edward but hotter!! I CANT WAIT!!

  74. kristen isn’t exactly what i pictured as bella but it is really close, they made a good choice on her. For Robert, he makes a HOTT Edward and i am glad that they chose him also. i CAN’T wait for the movie.

  75. i was in ttl shock when i saw bella she looks amazin’ nd edward lookkkkkkks fine, but i did expect him 2 b a lil bit hotter but if he does a good job than dats all dat’ll count

  76. i believe the guy they chose for edward is to rough looking,and wts with the red and black circkes under his eyes. he isnt the best pick at all

  77. are you kidding people!? bella is supposed to think she looks plain, it’s all in her head. edward lets her know that in the book.

  78. Okay! I am an absolute twilight saga book lover! Im obsessed with it!!! In the movie I think Bella is PERFECT! She is just how I imagined her! As for Edward… well… he is kinda ugly. In the book he is supposed to be beautifull! The first Edward they picked was perfect, but now this one is… not soo good. But ill still watch the movie. I know ill just love it. Can’t wait!!


  80. at first when i heard it was robert pattinson, i thought back to harry potter and i was like “WAT! THEY PICKED HIM? HE’S UGLY!” But now, i’ve had a 180 degree turn. in the pics, he looks AMAZING! I think kristin does look a bit too pretty at times but with makeup, a lot can happen. jasper, uhm, i actually thought uhm…he was a girl when i first saw the pic. just saying, dont hate me or anything. but rosalie and alice and emmet look pretty close to what i imagined. but the albino aspect needs a little more work in my opinion, the makeup is a little sloppy.

  81. Those are amazing photos! Thanks for the link! I just finished the books and cannot wait for the movie!

    He really is the perfect Edward. Almost exactly as I imagined him. Mmmmm….

  82. Hello…

    I was just looking at the pictures and reading the comments and I think there is a very interesting and wide range on how people feel about the cast…I personally, think they did well in choosing Edward. I mean…in the book the vampires are described as inhumanly beautiful, graceful and elegant. But no such person really exist, right? They have to choose a normal and (hopefully) attractive human being for the role…and that’s all anyone could ask for. They just have to work with what they have, and I think they found an actor that some people are sceptical about…but will warm up to over time.

    I wasn’t too fond of Bella at first…somehow it didnt fit for me….but now that I look at all the pictures, I definitely think that both of them will be enough for me. The rest of the cast looks great too!

    Oh, and that picture is fabricated…don’t take it too seriously. It’s been played up.

  83. OMG!!!! I read every book four times….FOUR TIMES!!! I reallllllllllly can`t wait for the movie to come out. Oh yeah, almost forgot, Edward looks perfect, you found the right person to play him. I guess I`m gonna have to reread the books to pass the time waiting for the movie.MWAH!!(that means i blew u a kiss).

  84. Emmett is the hottest, in the book and kellan lutz. I LOVE EMMETT :0) . i cant wait for the movie just like i couldnt wait for the books and i am ticked that midnight sun isnt gunna be published… or was it a roomer. i hope it was!

    oooh… scary

    i love you emmett ur the best big teddy bear i could hope for

  85. robert is the perfect choice…he is just like the edward i thought of…he is so hotttt…. i am in love with him..

  86. i am a HUGE Twilight fan, they better not mess this movie up! i don’t think that Robert Pattinson is terrible for Edward, but Kristan Stewart is PERFECT! i love twilight

  87. I love this book and for those of uwho think bella looks “mean” and too “done up” what do u think shes gonnna look like a slob! no!!! of course shes going to look pretty!! its just like the harry potter movies and everything okayy. and 2nd of all THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO ROCK!!! LOL and Edward is so awesome and i think the guy they got to play edward in the movie is going to do an amzing job. same as bella.! ❀

  88. I love the actors i love the fact that there perfect for each other *f…*,what the other people said there great and they will do the parts perfectly.I am the biggest TWILIGHT FAN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    try me ask me enything and i will answer.But back to the point they rock they look perfect in the picture and i love twilight.
    Sigh!!! i hope stephanie make atleast another book bye xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo love you edward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. I love how Bella looks in this pic! I cant wait for the movie!!!!! Edward looks sooo HOT!! im serious

  90. Omg… Bella is perfect and so is edward, but I think he shudd of been a little more better looking. The book makes him seem as the best looking guy in the world =].
    But he’s…okaayyyyy. lol =P

    Well, I can’t wait till the movie cums out. IM OBSEESSEEDDD OF TWILIGHT!!!

  91. I was kinda disapointed when i saw who was playing edward, he’s really not as sexy as he should be. Bella i guess is good, the chick playing her isn’t really a good actress but it’s kinda how i pictured her. as for the rest of the cullens, its all wrong. haha

  92. edward is alright. his poor hair is tortured! not how i pictured him. and i think some of the things they do to him undermine his real hottness…like the glasses and his hair sort of. he just has awkward facial expressions to me. i dont know wat it is. bella is just tryin to look hot. edward is a lot closer to what i imagined than what i wanted bella to be. she is really just tryin to look not-so-plain for the picture its ok guys πŸ™‚ lol wishes she was a vampire already. and in every movie she plays she is always loud and somewhat obnoxious role so i REALLY hope she doesnt torture Bella.
    i wanted emmet to be hotter as well as jasper. geez again..the hair. the movie BETTER be close as HECK to the book or i will be so distraught. loved the books. they were amazing. cant wait to see it but hope it doesnt destroy my minds eye πŸ˜‰

  93. Hey everyone. I am absolutely in LOVE with the Twilight Movie! Edward is exactly the way I pictured him, but I was a little disappointed with the casting of Kristen Stewart as Bella-she’s not at all what I pictured, but that’s just me. No offence to anyone!
    Not only am I disappointed with Bella, but Jacob too. He isn’t NEARLY rugged enough… he doesn’t match the description at all! But, I will gove the casting directors a 10/10 on choosing the most adorable Jacob possible!
    Overall, I’m looking forward to it, i just hope it isn’t a huge let down… especially after all the hype it’s getting… And the Harry Potter news… :S
    Let’s hope it’s good!

  94. I love this freaking book, but i don’t know wht Bella is jeweling all over him he’s not that cute. And his hair isn’t that nice as she says it is in the book.

  95. i love every thing about this book it is amazing and i can not put it down i am so very excited about the movie i can not stand it and it is nice to know that others feel that same as me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


    #1 – There is never a movie that is the exact SAME as the book. They can’t do EVERYTHING 100% like the book. I’m sure there are some stuff that was impossible to do.

    #2 – you RARELY ever see a guy that looks like how you picture edward cullen. Even if you do I’m sure they can’t act. Robert pattinson is perfect for this part I think.

    Ok theres what I have to say about this whole thing.

  97. i don’t think this is promotional for the film, it was probably just for a magazine photoshoot or something.

    this looks like bella post-bite. otherwise it’s one of the best pictures i’ve ever seen of them.

  98. I love Edward And Bella!!! This is going t be a great movie to see and it will really change the way people see books.

  99. I’m dying, i finished the first book and no one i know…or want to know had the second. =( i need that movie.

  100. i Love this book i am reading the last book Breaking Dawn I wish i could have some one like Edward and bella in the movie should be a little less pretty and i hope they make the rest of the series i love it!!!

  101. I love twilight!
    Everything was perfect.
    I get to see it Wednesday
    AND Friday again!
    Edward is the hottest thing in this universe!

  102. Im on breaking dawn but wow they both look bare beautiful in that picture… Even if bella doesnt look exactly like she’s meant to as in more plain it doesnt matter. Edward AKA Robert is BUFF!!! I love him too much… he drives me insane i swear mannn ….. wooooh…. kristen and him are soooo cute together gota admit… lucky krist she gets to do the film with him…. πŸ˜€

  103. I’ve just saw the movie with my colleagues and I must say I’m totally into it. Can’t wait to see the New Moon. Edward and Bella are so beautiful and they look good together. Totally amazing.

  104. Everyone these arent the way the characters are gonna look in the movie. This is just a picture for a magazine photo shoot. Look up the movie cover and they look absolutely as I imagined them when I read the book!!!

  105. I love the books and I was pleasantly surprised how muched I loved the movie. Edward and Bella’s chemistry in the movie is just as good as it was in the book. SOOOO ROMANTIC!! I hope the other movies are made soon.

  106. i never read the book but loved the movie it was ovious that they were gonna fall in love duh………

  107. Edward is hot. i can’t get over him! I think he is gorgeous Bella, she’s okay i hate her voice toooo deep.

  108. ohh my gosh!!!
    edward looks so cool!!!
    i really loved him very much!!!!!!!!!!!

    and for bella, u’re soooo gorgeus!

    all the best for TWILIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. Robert is mint as i like im so much i went to the cinema to watch it but i went in there twice to see it xxxxxxxxxx love u Robert

  110. No, Robert Pattinson is mine Honeys’ :p
    Seen Twilight three times and read Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Can’t wait for Midnight Sun.

    MrsEdwardCullen x

  111. hands off!!!!! edward is mine!!!!!!!
    Wait-Is there another one coming out?whats midnight sun????? i am obsessed with twilight, and not ashamed of it.
    Robert is SO SO HOT!!!!!! my friends and i have seen the movie twice just 2 watch edward for 2 hours!

  112. i love the twilight books and i have bin obsessed with them since i saw the movie. and as for the people who think rob isnt atractive, wtf!!!!
    u couldnt find a better edward if u tried! open ur eyes ppl!
    i love kristen but she is to pretty to play bella. and is that supposed to be her up the top cuz it looks nufin like her!
    other than that i think the charactors are great. they made such a god film.
    i cant wait to see new moon!
    and i watched the film 3 times, dedicated or what! lol

  113. Every one hate Jacob!!!!! πŸ˜₯ I LOVE HIM!!!!!! He is so much hotter than Edward.. I mean he’s all scary-looking…

  114. hey!!! i love twilight!! it is one of the best books ever!!!!!! robert pattierson is not that hot!! u could have ofund sonmeone better!!! kristen is perfect 4 that role

  115. Hey x

    Twilight is an amazing film and the book is great. For once i have actually finished a book, it was that good!
    I have watched the film twice. And cant wait untill it comes out!
    Edward is soo Fit!!
    x x x x

  116. hey umm i dont know if u get on anymore but ummm MrsEdwardCullen HE CANT BE URS IF U CANT EVEN SPELL HES NAME RIGHT!!!!! ITS Robert PattERson…wow get it right chicka….i hav seen Twilight 2 times… i think Kristen makes a good Bella… and Robert Patterson is a hottie!!and he makes an amazing Edward!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. seen Twilight twice….Rob Pattinson is a HOTTIE!!! he makes the perfect Edward….i think he should have made her a vapire in the end….like at the dance….wait is there going to be another movie, the new moon is it….well cool i am excited…..soooooooooo i watched the movie before i read the books!!

  118. hi my name is ana iam in gr:5 i am 10 years old and this is what i thing of twilight. i thing twilight is like the #1 movie in canada it rocks and all so rolls lol and i persenely thing that ropert pattisen is SOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOT with a capetel H and my sister tatiana is 17 years old and she says that robert is soooooo hot and when ever she sees a pic of robert she ses that you r her futer husbend and SORRY belle i dont no your real name but besides that you rock and with out make up you look like a intresting girl by the why u all so lok BUTEFUL with make up you also rock and robert my sis has the pic of u on her msn dp pic and on the front of her cumputer so by the why my sis is sengle soooo just leting u no love all of you from ana and 1 more thing I LOVE U ROBERT ❀ =)

  119. hi iam ana agine i just 4got 2 say this i watced twiligt 3 times and i can watch aBillian more by

  120. its me agien agine and robert u sude of made belle a vampier sorry but the rest of the movie rocked and i hope u guss read this and what i mean by u guy s is edwed belle and james victorea and the rest of u guys and iam not saying your real names cuzs i doint no all of you guys es names in real life so ya exept for a nother person kiki and i whant you guys to red tjis cuz i will rit my msn and i whant you gusee to add me kk oh and iam going 2 jange my name on this messege to roberts babe if you dont mind i hope you dontr and if you do thin i am very sorry ok

  121. All
    I Can Say Is That I WISH I Was BELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EDWARDS THE HOTTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There’s NEVER Been HOTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. This picture is deffenetly (I’m sorry I can’t spell it) fan-made. I have seen the movie and Jess is right. Those actors/posers are not Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson. I know all of this for sure and there is no doubt what so ever in my mind. The person in the picture trying to be Bella, isn’t. That is why she looks modlish. The man has a very strong resmblance to Edward but unfortunately is not him. They are not Edward and Bella, but carry a strong resemblance. Just wanted to inform you of that. Search Google Images to find the real pictures of them.

  123. OMG u IDIOTS it’s a film it’s not the same as the book. They are not going to put ugly people in it are they?! UGLY PEOPLE DON’T SELL TICKETS

  124. Hello i’m french =)
    This film is extraordinary !
    I love Edward and Bella <3333333
    GoodBye !

  125. robert patterson is fffffffffffffffffffffffffffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  127. the movie was pretty good… love the books… and from what they have shown of new moon it should be pretty good… i just wish it was coming out sooner… GO TEAM EDWARD!

  128. i love you edward are hot enough for me to kiss and i`ve never kissed a boy before.i have lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ve $.love your boo sierra

  129. They both are the hottest couple i have ever seen…. i m jst lukin forward to new moon presentation.. EDWARD as usual lukin gorgeous.. and bella is jst born wid natural beaty

  130. For the record, I’m not sure what Stephanie Meyer was thinking when she wrote breaking dawn. It’s good, just not Twilight or Stephanie Meyer good. Does anyone else agree with this twilight quiz

  131. edward is so cute in this movie.noone can be matched with bella she is perfect in every sense……….
    all is that i haven’t seen a movie like this ever….

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