Markus Zusak

After reading The Book Thief and I Am the Messenger a month ago, I proclaimed to the world that I was hopelessly devoted to Markus Zusak. Since then, I’ve gone on to read his earlier novels, Fighting Ruben Wolfe and Getting the Girl.

Am I still hopelessly devoted to Markus Zusak?

Oh yeah.

Hopelessly devoted to

Head over heels crazy about

Jump over the moon worshipful of

Markus Zusak.

In other words, I think highly of his writing.

I even wrote that lame little poem because my author worship has rendered me incapable of forming complete sentences.

I was originally planning to write a full-length review of Fighting Ruben Wolfe and its sequel, Getting the Girl, but since my neurons aren’t exactly firing this morning, I thought I might shove the synopsis and get down to the meat and potatoes.

Fighting Ruben Wolfe is about two brothers, Ruben and Cameron, from blue-collared Sydney who gets mixed up in a shady underground boxing gig for a crack at a few bucks and flying grab at dignity. Getting the Girl revisits the Wolfe brothers, now done with backyard fighting, but still elbowing each other over a girl.

What I like about Zusak’s writing is his uncanny ability to create viable, vibrant, vivid images with just a few words. Sometimes using just one or two words. These words are like sharp jabs, but they make their point. He is the master of verbal economy, proving that the hallmark of a good writer is not about overwhelming the reader with flamboyant vocab, rococo sentences, literary pyrotechnics, but simply using the right words.

There’s something remarkably bold about his writing. After reading my share of books, I’m of the opinion that writers who are not comfortable with their writing tend to hide their insecurites in overwriting—in long fancy sentences, behind a thesaurus and a shitload (pardon my French) of adjectives. So when I see a blessed three word sentence, I feel like the author is taking a stand and sticking it to the man.

Markus Zusak’s writing feels rebellious, proving once and for all that a few words can make a huge impact.

After reading the entire Zusak collection, I Googled him, partially because whenever I read a book I like, I Google the author, check out their websites, read about their personal lives, scan reviews of their other works, etc…

Which is the reason for my Markus Zusak internet search and not because I thought he was kinda cute in his author photo.

C’mon, it’s not like I’m thirteen and pining after J.T.T.

I’m 23. A mature 23. I swore I’ll never pin another boy crazy movie star posters on my wall again.

But I never swore off posting them on my blog.

And this one is literature related…

So excuse me for sounding like I’m thirteen and lovesick but I’ve got to say this about Markus Zusak, award winning author of The Book Thief:

Markus, Markus, you so fine. You so fine you blow my mind. Markus!

He’s fine sitting down.


He’s fine playing drums.


He’s fine flashing a megawatt smile.


If I ever see him at a book signing, I think I’ll blush, giggle, swoon (in that order). I think it prudent to pack smelling salts.


18 thoughts on “Markus Zusak”

  1. All right, that’s it! I’ll have to try “The Book Thief” again. Maybe I’ll like it this time.

    And he is cute in kind of a geeky-boy way. You’re permitted to have your crush!

  2. Chartroose:

    The Book Thief is one of those love it or hate it type books. Prior to reading other reviews, I thought The Book Thief was unanimously loved. It shocked me that some people were unable to finish it. I for one, couldn’t put it down. Is it the unpleasant subject matter that puts people off? The sheer size of the book and the prospect of a daunting read? I dunno.

    But if you’re not in The Book Thief mood, check out I Am the Messenger. It’s a different type of book all together and if I had to choose, it would be my favorite M. Zusak book.

    Geeky-boy charm? Okay, I’ve never thought about him in those terms, but I guess you’re right. He isn’t exactly badass. I find him soooo appealing and I like to imagine he’s something like his character, Cameron Wolfe…poetic, sensitive. There goes the blushing again.

  3. I agree-I included a picture of him in my blog earlier to point out how adorable he is. I never thought of a book signing! I wonder how he would react if I just jumped in his lap…

  4. Eva:
    I’m way ahead of you on that one. I’ll try to jump into his lap when he’s still standing up. God, I hope he doesn’t by chance stumble on this post and read this comment. He’ll probably arm himself in the future against all the girls who want to maul him.

    Hot…yes, he is hot indeed. If he had a poster, I’ll totally put him on my wall.

  5. I love Markus Zusak too. I adored The Messenger (and recently just reread it) but haven’t read the Book Thief, although I desperately want to. I began reading him way back in yr 8 with The Underdog and Fighting Ruben Wolf, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

    Just a girl

  6. Ahem. T.Y.’s boyfriend here. You forgot to mention that Markus looks actually looks surprisingly similar to me in that third shot.

  7. oh crap, I meant to say ‘cross my heart.’ I guess what they said about Freudian slips are true.

  8. Ok, I’ve heard so many things about The Book Theif, both good and bad, and it finally came in on the library holdshelf for me, but I have something else that’s due back before BT is, so I have to read that first. But I’m itching to get my fingers on it now. ALSO, I almost peed myself when you referenced JTT. My best friend had posters of him all over her walls, and I used to tease her, but not too hard, because I had posters of…what’s his name…Shawn, from Boy Meets World – Rider Strong. I had pin-ups of Rider Strong hidden under my bed. This is embarassing. ALSO, yes. Hot. I wonder how dumb he feels being forcefully photographed reading his own book. I bet that’s his ‘I feel dumb’ smile.

  9. raych:
    How exciting you’re going to read The Book Thief! Drop a line when you’re finished because I would really like to know what you think.
    I remember Rider Strong! I loved Boy Meets World. However, I thought Corey’s older brother Eric was by far the cutest guy on that show. I didn’t have any posters of him….just J.T.T., sometimes Elijah Woods (pre-hobbit days), and Devon Sawa.

    For an “I feel dumb” smile, M. Zusak certainly photographs well. Yeah, I bet he felt very awkward pretending to read his own book while the photographers snapping away. Nevertheless, he’s hot hot hot.

  10. i read The Book Thief, I Am the Messanger, and Fighting Ruben Wolfe and I have to say the I Am the Messanger is probably my favorite. Not that it’s easy to choose. The Book Thief was the first Zusak book I read and therefore I have a special attatchment to it. Zusak has been my favorite author ever since i first read it, and i have even managed to addict my friend to them, (she has professed a desire to be married to him). I have to admit, i have never read another author who could have such an impression with so few words. somehow, the fewer words he writes, the more i understand exactly what it is he is trying to say. i long to write like Markus Zusak.

  11. I am a Markus Zusak fan and I have been for a while now. I am happy that I stumbled upon this blog because I found some people who has the same feelings I do! I read The Book Thief twice now and it’s by far the most amazing, interesting, inspiring and mind-blowing book I’ve read in a long, long time. He’s a great writer and he really does paint a masterpiece, that is his words. in my mind. I just love him. I’m reading I Am The Messenger now.

    Not to mention he’s drop-dead sexy. 😉

  12. I thought I was the only one in love with Markus. His writing wrings my heart and I am not a sentimental person at all.

  13. i dont wanna hear a bad thing about markus he is wonderful. his books mean a lot to me. he knows how to bloat my mind away. so i will protect him as i can . love me.

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