The China Garden

What’s one more collage?

I designed this one around the cover art of The China Garden by Liz Berry. I read The China Garden a few years ago, prompted by the breathtaking art design.

I’m a contradiction. I absolutely detest romance novel cover art with half-naked men and women mauling each other, but I love covers with kissing lovers like the one above. Kissing lovers evoke memories of first kisses and first loves.

Judging by the collages I’ve been making lately, the only thing going through my mind at the moment is romance, flowers, fashion, and fictional men. I suspect it reveals that I’m an idealistic girly girl. Maybe it’s just one of those optimistic weeks, because I assure you, on ordinary days I’m dark, twisty, and jaded by life. I put the “E” in Emo.


3 thoughts on “The China Garden”

  1. Remembering my first kiss gives me the goose bumps (although I have had some since that have been far from ideal) ..

  2. I stumbled across this and it gave me a big smile. I read The China Garden in high school and loved it! I’d completely forgotten about it until now. Thanks!

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