Outlander: The Obsession Continues…

Sometimes I like to pretend Outlander doesn’t run my life. Then I take a look at the collage I made above and say to myself: “Who are you kidding? You’ve got Jamie on the brain!”

Let me take you on a walk through:

  • Claire Randall circa 1945
  • Claire with Frank
  • Craigh na dagh (the standing stones)
  • Redcoats
  • Jamie Fraser
  • Black Jack Randall
  • The stone church that Jamie and Claire got married in
  • Loch Ness (I don’t really know if that’s the Loch, for all I know it could be Lake Tahoe)
  • A Scottish claymore

Now, I’m well aware that to someone who hasn’t read Outlander, this collage may seem like a random collection of images, probably screen caps from a historical costume drama. However, when I sent this to my boyfriend, he immediately said: “It’s Outlander!”

Do you know what this means, ladies? It means I’ve won one for womankind! I made a man recognize Outlander! Can it be that my non-stop Outlander talk has seeped its way into his subconscious? Does he have Jamie Fraser on the brain? More importantly, does he want to be Jamie Fraser for my birthday?

22 thoughts on “Outlander: The Obsession Continues…”

  1. Hey, wait, is Sean Bean playing Jamie Frasier? I thought it was Gerard Butler. If you’ve chosen Sean Bean, good job. He’s way cool!

    I have a picture of Rupert Grint in a kilt if you’d like to reconsider. ( :

    (I’ll try to find it for you. You’ll die laughing!)

  2. Wow–great collage! And great work on converting–programming?–the bf into recognizing Outlander :p

    Sean Bean as Jamie…definitely works. I always felt Gerard Butler would be a great Dougal.

  3. As a recent convert to Outlander obsession – my sister in-law has been pushing me to read it for 2 years – I lurve the collage!
    I found your site doing a google search for Lallybroch. I’m working on designing a pair of socks with the thistle worked in – I’m a knitter, )P
    I can picture Sean as Jamie – maybe back in the 90’s when he was playing Richard Sharpe. Oh a girl can dream.

  4. I haven’t mentioned it yet, and a bit off topic, but I love your polyvore.com collages.

  5. chartroose:
    I picked Sean Bean’s picture for the collage because in my imagination, he’s the closest living likeness to my version of Jamie Fraser. I also wanted the collage as a whole to look like how I envision Outlander. Of course, if we’re talking movie here, he’s definitely too old. Damn!

    And yes, I would definitely like to see Rupurt Grint in a kilt. Please send me a picture: make my day 🙂

    Thanks! I made the bf read Outlander—okay, so maybe I forced him to listen while I read Outlander to him, but whatever works right?

    Good to hear the Outlander series has one more fan! Prepare to block out your schedule because these books are addictive—you have been warned!


  6. New to the world of Outlander here and 100% obsessed. I am pushing the books on to everyone I can. As for who should play Jamie..well Gerard Butler is beautiful AND Scottish but as of right now he is too old I think. Henry Cavill is perfect if we can grab him now. I do think they will ruin the books if they just make a movie…I think we need an HBO series like the Tudors. I want to see every piece of these books come to life!

  7. Wow! I’m so glad to Jason Isaacs is your ideal Black Jack Randall! I think he’d be perfect!

    I just finished the sixth book (my third time reading it) and am dying to see Outlander made into a movie of some kind. Agreed that it would be perfectly suited for HBO.

  8. I found this page randoming from google-ing…

    “Does he have Jamie Fraser on the brain? More importantly, does he want to be Jamie Fraser for my birthday?”

    I died laughing. ahahaha 🙂

  9. I am newly addicted to Polyvore… please help me!!! How do you upload your own images??? I am NOT the most computer-savvy person, so I am sure it is very simple and obvious.

  10. Amanda:
    In response to your Polyvore question, you drag something called a clipper (it should be on the Polyvore editor website) onto your browser’s tool bar and whenever you come across a picture online that you like, click on the clipper and it would highlight the picture….

    There’s also a tutorial on Polyvore.com that shows you how to do it.

  11. HI!!! I’m sorry if I add a lot of caps and exclamation points to this comment, but I am so excited I could just jump out of my skin!!!! They are finally, FINALLY making an Outlander movie!!!! A company called Essential is behind it so far, and they have a script by the writer of the braveheart script, Randall Wallace. My God, if this is some sort of rumor or bad joke I swear I will never recover!!!!

    Here is the site that the article is on….


  12. TY – The picture you posted in the collage is Loch Ness. The ruins are Urquhart Castle. I only know this because I was just there last month. The whole time I was in Scotland I was constantly thinking of the Outlander books. Especially when we went to Culloden battlefield.

  13. A movie! I’m so excited. I just found the Outlander series and I’m in Voyager right now. I have two friends that have read the entire series more than once – so they understand my embarrasingly abnormal obsession. I spend way to much time thinking about the entire story and characters :0

  14. I’ve just finished OUTLANDER! What a fabulous author Diana Gabaldon is! Claire and Jamie just have to be the 2 greatest characters ever created!I have tried to envision who could portray Jamie and I see Gerard Butler as Jamie – he has it all except that he is a wee bit too old. I noticed Cat suggested Henry Cavill for the role. I can definitely see Henry as Jamie – the man is gorgeous! Check out Henry in Tristan and Isolde. He’s the reason I bought DVD.

  15. I just discovered the series and have only read the last two. I have to go back and start with Outlander because everyone raves about them, but also because there are so many things I can’t figure out. Like how is William Jaime’s son? That one is driving me crazy!

  16. I am completely absorbed with Outlander as well! I’m reading Echo in the Bone (just posted on it) and love Jaime and Claire all over again. My husband, like your boyfriend, is all too familiar with them and much to his dismay, has accepted them into our life! I’d take Jaime over Edward any day (and the birthday idea’s not so bad either)! I mentioned your blog on my post – check it out!

  17. I am a newly obsessed fan, and my husband, as well, barely tolerates it, it is all I talk about.

    I think that Bradly Cooper would make a good Jamie.

    Check out you-tube. Some people have posted some Jamie and Claire videos that make you sigh.

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