Stephanie Plum

So I had a little free time…

This collage is based on the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich. I’m currently up to Hot Six (Book 6 for those of you unfamiliar with Evanovich’s creative titling).

Here’s the thing, my original concept was a collage of all the main characters, but that would entail a major internet search and like I said, I had a “little” free time and I needed to spend what was left of that time getting a life.

Then I thought about doing a “Morelli—Stephanie—Ranger love triangle.” I had envisioned The Rock as Ranger, but I couldn’t find any suave Rock pictures outside of WWE publicity photos and The Scorpion King (gagth me with a spoon). The WWE photos bought back cringe-worthy memories of my childhood years spent as a crazed pro wrestling fan, not realizing until I was 15 that it was all fake. And to think I begged my parents to spring for Pay-Per-View so I could watch The Rock lay the smackdown on all those unworthy jabronis on ‘King of the Ring.’ Nobody wants to be reminded of how slow they are…

Then it dawned on me that I spent roughly 15 mins searching for Rock pictures, which made me feel even sorrier for myself.

For those of you familiar with the Stephanie Plum novels, you should recognize her 1953 Powder Blue Buick, Rex the Hamster (I couldn’t find one in a soup can so I settled for a hamster in a soup dish…eh…good enough), Vincent Plum Bail Bonds, Marisa Tomei as Stephanie Plum, and Hugh Jackman as Joe Morelli. I also included a leather jacket (she wore one at one point in her bounty hunting career) and some sexy shoes because I’m convinced Morelli has a shoe fetish.

For those of you unfamiliar with the novel, I’m going to have a hard time explaining how a hamster, a revolver, a sexy man, and sexy shoes fit together.

You must presume this is random.

You must think I’m weird.


16 thoughts on “Stephanie Plum”

  1. Fabulous!! I spend a ‘little’ time trying to figure out who would play the main characters in a movie. I know she’s a bit older than Steph, but I always figured Sandra Bullock. Marisa Tomei just might work, too. I think the Morelli needs to reek Italian. The Rock is my Ranger, too, even though he’d need the black, straight hair. Wait, I’m supposed to be working now!!!!

  2. Beth:
    For Stephanie Plum, I go back and forth between Sandra Bullock and Marisa Tomei. I settled on Marisa because her performance in My Cousin Vinny reminded me of Steph. Although I’m not settled on Hugh Jackman as Morelli, he seems to be the popular choice among fans right now, and that picture of him in in the teal t-shirt with the five o’clock shadow defintely says Morelli…at least to me anyways.

  3. Great collage. I really like Hugh Jackman as Morelli. =) They have such an amusing relationship. I love the whole Steph – Joe – Ranger love triangle, too. Who would you chose?


  4. I would definitely pick Morelli because we know more about him and he could banter with the best of them. I’m currently on Seven Up right now, so Ranger is a mystery man. In a perfect world, Steph could have them both….

  5. I enjoyed your post and collage, T Y. I, too, am a recent convert to the Stephanie Plum series. I think Hugh Jackman is a great choice for Joe Morelli. As for Ranger, check out actor Edgar Ramirez in Vantage Point and The Bourne Ultimatum. I think he’d make a fabulous Carlos Manoso!

  6. I just finished reading Fearless Fourteen, Janet Evanovich’s latest Stephanie Plum novel, and was searching the web for updates on movie rumors for Stephanie Plum; when I came across your posting and thought that I would give my two cents worth, and also let you know that I too enjoyed your posting and collage. I agree with your assessment that Marisa Tomei would be a great Stephanie Plum, but as for The Rock being Ranger he doesn’t fit at all. THINK a long the lines of Jon Seda from Homicide: Life on the streets, he’s sexy as hell with short hair and a pony tail and he’s Cuban American. For Joe Morelli I could see Hugh, but I’m not in love with the idea, I was looking at maybe Victor Webster or Eddie Cibrian from Third Watch (if you don’t know who I’m talking about look them up on As for Lula the only person who could play her is Mo’Nique she is Lula to a T. Joe Pesci would be cousin Vinnie and as for Connie, Debi Mazar would be great. I hope that they announce
    something soon as to if they will be doing a movie.


  7. i think personally my first pick to be morelli would have to be Christian Bale from batman begins he just looks like hed be perfect

  8. I love the books and I have just finished reading 14 in like 5 1/2 hours. I have spent some time thinking who would play the roles here are some of my suggestion
    Stephanie- Sandra Bullock or Zooey Dechanel

    Joe- Jim Caviezel (he is super hot and he is a great mimic)

    Ranger- the Rock (b/c he has the height and the body build I see in my head when I read)

    Grandma- Betty White or Cloris Leechman (I am leaning more toward Leechman)

    Lula- Sherri Shepard (she is from eveeybody loves Raymond she was robert partner, she has the right build and can play the right attitude)

    Connie- Joan Cusak

    Vinnie- Steve Buscemi

    the mom and dad I am still up in the air about but there are my thoughts on the subject

  9. I am throwing a new actor for Morelli into the mix..a true Italian actor named Raoul Bova. He is what I envision for a burb vice cop.

    As for Ranger, I like Shemar Moore, Amaury Nolasco (Prison Break), and Nicholas Gonzalez (Christmas Break…2008 movie-he played Nico).

    For Stephanie Plum, I like Liv Tyler, blue eyes and that dark hair…you’d hardly need more. She’s definately a “babe” and undoubtably a “cupcake”, there is of course the action star in Angelina Jolie, the versatile Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner, or Natalie Portman. I am a fan of Sandra Bullock, but I think she’s a little old for the role.

    Lula..oh about Mo’Nique, Queen Latifah, and Sherri Shepard.

    Vinnie, the pervert….I see Michael Therriault (played Gollum in Lord of the Rings and is a five foot seven actor) and Steve Buscemi

    Connie..maybe sarah silverman or debi mazar or joan cuzak

    Grandma Mazur..I have always loved Judy Dench. She’s terrific! Cloris Leachman, and Ellen Albertini Dow.

    Mom Plum could go to Brenda Fricker or Lainie Kazan, or Meryl Streep

    Dad Plum, I think of Anthony LaPaglia or Jerry Stiller, although he’s a bit older…even Dennis Farina

    I love Janet Evanovich…I hope the Plum novels become a series of movies!

  10. I know this is being posted a few months later however I have recently been turned on to the Stephanie Plum novels. Now I completely this Tomei would be perfect for Stephanie, shes got the right east coast attitude, you need that for a girl from Jersey. For Morelli as well you need a guy from New York or Jersey with the right attitude and he has to be that sexy Italian-American, i live in NY believe me you can tell a fake Italian in a movie and my husband is a cop and the actor once again needs that right attitude. Like the way Dean Winters play Johnny Gavin in rescue me, a cop with attitude and sex appeal. Hughe i think might be a good Morelli however he doesnt have that Jersey attitude and look, im just not seeing it really. But i must say Joe Morelli is the man of my dreams!

  11. I think Brittney Murphy for Steph but she would have to look more like her character in Clueless. If the wrong guy was cast for Morelli it would ruin it for me. I think Eddie cibrian is HOT but not a morelli rugged police officer. Ranger, the rock is good but I think if william levy from Cuidado con el angel would color his hair brown he would make a great ranger!

  12. Coming to this late – but just recently discovered the series. My vote for Morelli goes to David Boreanaz (Bones, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer)- he the very first image that popped into my head when I read the book! He’s got the Italian looks and can go mad or silly in the blink of an eye. As an actor he can show the softer side of the character without losing the professional.

  13. Book 15
    Fun read as usual, but it gets a bit boring with too much of the same thing.

    I coulnd’t stop laughing over the stapler issue though. It was just too funny to me. I have not heard anyone else mention that scene. I nearly peed my pants and had tears in my eyes!!!

    I hope Janet will heat it up a bit between Stephanie and Ranger in 16. She’s kept us hangin too long now. How can I decide? How could Stephanie?

  14. omg! i just finished 19 about 10 minutes ago 19 years and she still did’nt choose yet. anyways i realy hope she choose morelli or morelli should just find a better women because im tierd of this. if steph pics ranger i dont know what i would do.rangers hot and every thing but he dont look like he want to get married.but morelli is like ready to settle i hope he willpop the queistion in twenty .ill keep my fingers crossed.

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