A Great and Terrible Beauty

I had reservations about reading A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray because I remember reading some not so faltering reviews on Amazon. So for the past few years, I’ve been going through some internal struggle between wanting to read the book (because the cover art is so enticing!) and heeding the advice of noted Amazon reviewers. This week, I gave in and approached A Great and Terrible Beauty with an open-mind. Verdict: I love it!

Granted, I don’t love everything about it (the otherworldy realm scenes being the problem area), but what this book has going for it is pages and pages of gothic Victorian atmosphere. In a previous post, I mentioned that there are certain things associated with the Victorian Era that really creeps me out: old photographs with dour, unsmiling subjects, faces illuminated by gaslights, crumbling old castles, etc… And Libba Bray, with her attention to detail, succeeded in unnerving me. I read this book late at night, and just the thought of Gemma Doyle strolling down hallways dotted with black and white Victorian photographs…shudder. In many ways, the atmosphere reminds me of Jane Eyre; is that a recommendation or what?

That being said, it’s time for some casting fun! Here are my picks for the principle characters. Do you concur? Or beg to differ? Comment away!

Gemma Doyle (Rachel Hurd-Wood)

Felicity Worthington (Romola Garai)

Pippa Cross (Alexis Bledel)

Ann Bradshaw (Ann Maxwell Martin)

Kartik (Steven Strait)

If that isn’t enough visual stimuli for ya, here’s A Great and Terrible Beauty reinactment from the Teen Book Awards. It reminds me of those high school English projects we had to do back in the day without benefit of digital cameras and high tech video editors, except this video is leagues above the crap I made for English class. A video like this back in say, 2000, would have blown my English class away.


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  1. You have a real knack for casting!

    REBEL ANGELS is good, too, although the third book in the trilogy didn’t work for me.


  2. I’m glad you liked it! And you pretty much nailed my feelings about it too. I really enjoyed the Victorian era goth factor but sometimes had issues with the realms.
    I like your casting. You should check out the video made by monsoonkisses (can’t link it here for some reason).

  3. i agreee with everyone you chose except felicity, i think clemence posey ( HP goblet of fire) would make a wonderful felicity.

  4. I like everyone you chose but the one 4 Fee. Shes suposed to have white blonde hair dude.

  5. I agree with everyone you have down for casting, except maybe Alexis Bledel for Pippa. Pippa is a bit evil in the second and third books, Alexis looks very innocent. But your Katrik is the best I’ve seen! 😀

  6. I think Gemma and Ann are perfect, Felicity is pretty damn good, but the one for Kartik seems too old and Alexis Bledel just looks amazingly American, which I think would be quite a negative thing for this role. I’m not sure anyone could ever quite fit the bill for Pippa, because she is meant to be complete visual perfection. Ah, well. We’ll see.

  7. Excellent choices! I especially love the one you chose for Gemma, the resemblance to the picture I have of her in my mind is almost identical. I quite like the one you’ve chosen for Felicity, as well, it definitely captures her character! Though personally, I’ve always seen Felicity to look very similar to the French actress Clemence Poesy. I enjoyed A Great and Terrible Beauty much more than the others, but nevertheless, it is an excellent series. I too read them mostly at night. I was home alone on a rainy night with the power off once, when the girls first became suspicious of whom they thought Circe was in Rebel Angels. *Shiver* Never again! That video was very enjoyable, too, thank you for posting all of this and keep up the great work!

  8. I actually feel strongly about unknown for the leads. I don’t know. It just seems like none of those girls would click together because of what I’ve seen them in. I really want to know about auditions type things for this too. Like if they’re being close-minded about unknowns or they just really want to have big names.

  9. i think there should be a different Gemma, i was picturing someone else but other than that i like the other characters especially Katrik. All of three of the books are amazing though!!

  10. omg. steven straight. thats who i have always imagined as his character!! cant wait. he is ALMOST to hot!!

  11. I’m glad you liked the book. I’m in the middle of reading it myself. I’m almost done with it though. My idea of your casts may change after reading all the books but for now, I like who you cast for Gemma and Ann. I’m not quite too sure about Pippa but I don’t agree with Felicity or Kartic. The book says that Felicity has very light, blonde hair. Kartik is ok but I imagined him with darker skin and alot younger. The acter looks like late 20s or early 30s and Kartik is supposed to be like 17. But then again, we can only work with what we have. I’m sure theres not many people out there that look perfect for the part (although you seemed to find someone pretty darn close to perfect for Gemma.) Just my suggestions!!

  12. Ok alexis Bledel…PERFECT!!! After reading the third book and seeing her picture with the eyes and the hair with the fair skin i can totally hear her voice saying everything that Pipa says in the book. Really Really good job!I really like the choice for Felicity but her hair has to be platinum blonde. The attitude is totally there though Gemma’s i perfect and i think there are a million and one girls who can play ann. Kartik is really good and someone suggested that the guy from heros (the indian one) plays him. Other than that i think that you really got a lot of the characters.

  13. I tend to agree with you on Ann an Gemma but I think Pippa would be better played by Sarah Bolger from the Spiderwick Chronicles. As for Felicity I have know idea but your casting is pretty good. As for Kartik he should be a bit younger like Marcus Maes but Stephan Strait could work.

  14. Ok. I can’t take it anymore. People, Alexsis Bledel cannot act! Like Rachel! I love Alexis but she cannot act for crap. The only role that suits her is Rory Gilmore. As for Rachel, don’t get me started… too late. She is so unonvincing! Her voice is so light and fake! I can’t stand her in any other part but Wendy. I want to protest if they cast her. They need a deep character for Gemma, not some light fluffy faker. The movie will be a mistake if they cast her!!!!!!

  15. I enjoyed your take on portraying Libba Bray’s characters. I probably would’ve picked some of the same people, seeing as how they fit the descriptions in the story perfectly, but of course I did picture some differently. However, great job and……am I the only person who believes this series should be made into a movie?

  16. ok you are right on for the roles of felicity and pippa! they are perfect. although i dont agree as much about kartik, gemma, or ann. i think that kartik needs to look more mysterious, indian, and younger. gemma also neds to look more mysterious and capable of holding all the power that she does in the books. ann needs to look younger. she just looks like she could already be living on her own but in the story she is just a teenager. i really hope that these books get made into movies though! i loved the books!

  17. Okay, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Kartik supposed to be… Indian? And Steven Strait is kind of… not? Am I the only person who thinks that both his age and his caucasian-ness don’t really work for Kartik?

  18. i loved A Great and Terrible Beauty along with Rebel Angels and even cried at the end of The Sweet Far Thing.

    your casting choices are awesome except Kartik, isn’t he suppose to be Indian…

  19. pleeeeease tell me thats not the movie!
    these girls are supposed to be DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! besides ann, but i mean they could at least get better actresses!

  20. I agree with your choices of Gemma and Kartik!!! But for Felicity I would have to say Nikki Reed, For Ann, Daveigh Chase, and for Pippa, Anna Popplewell. (The only one I’m dead set on being cast is Anna Popplewell, she has GOT to be in the film for this somehow!)

  21. ok. is it just me or does no one have any idea what the people look like??? i dont mean to be mean, but rachel for gemma is ok, i guess, but i think her face is just off, then pippa should be played by felicity fones, anne should be played by mae whitman, but they shouldnt make her to pretty, because anne needs to be someone who is pretty, but doesnt really know it. then elisabeth harnois for felicity, and for kartik… *sigh* gasper ulliel, sry if u hate my characters, but i really think that they fit better, and gasper may look a little too old, but go on google and search for the picture where he has those suspenders, wow.. he looks like a kartik to me.

  22. I just finished the third, so i may be biased as to how the characters grow…but here is my comment…

    Gemma: wonderful! i can see it!
    Fee:In the book she has blonde hair, and i can see her as a bit more..independent looking.?
    Pip-Add black hair and violet eyes and i can def. see that.
    Ann-I think she needs to be just a TAD prettier..
    Kartik-No way! i can see him as darcy’s friend from bride and prejudice. Dark, tan, with those lovely curls we’ve read about:)

    very good, though:)

  23. Rachel is SO Gemma, and Steven as Kartik would be great, though I think Gasper Ulliel would do a much better job. Also Romola as Felicity is a great choice, and I’d love to see her in the movie. As for Ann and Alexis, I think Ann is much younger, and Pippa… older. Alexis lookes kind of childish, even if her eyes are really pretty.
    I loved the books, and I’m so looking forward to the movie, man! 🙂

  24. I have personally read all the books and I have some comments on the real life characters that have been shown. A: Felicity has slivery white hair. B: Ann Bradshaw is a chubby little girl. C: Pippa has violet eyes not blue. D: Kartik isn’t white he’s indian. and quite frankly its kind of the worst thing you could have done to match the characters with. Sorry I just really love the books and it just kinda ruined it because of the pictures and all that. Sorry for being a tad rude.

  25. RACHEL HURD-WOOD for GEMMA DOYLE??!! WHY?????!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not good AT ALL! Romola Garai seems perfect for Felicity, and I DEFINATELY think Alexis Bledel is absolutely PERFECT for Pippa. I also like Ann Maxwell-Martin as Ann Bradshaw. I have no comments on the Kartik dude, except for he looks WAY too old.

  26. Are they really making a movie?! Because if they are I am going to be SO happy!
    I agree with most of the characters… except for Pippa. I think it should be Emmy Rossum.
    I can’t wait for the movie! (if there is one)

  27. I think Pippa and Felicity both look more like Gemma. Felicity was a blonde, and Pippa was a brunette. Felicity’s face is perfect, and Pippa’s would be if she had violet eyes.

    Ann needs to be younger-looking.

    Katrik needs to be Indian, not English.

  28. I think all of of them look pretty dead on as to who they are supposed to represent. Although, Gemma looks slightly sick and has blue eyes when the book says she has gree. As will as Karthik who is supposed to have think black locks of hair covering his hair. Keep doing what ur doing and i hope to see another overview on Libba Bray’s additional books in the series.

  29. Ann is supposed to be chubby. It really bothers me when people ignore that trait – it’s a key part of her character. I realize there aren’t a lot of chubby actresses out there, but honestly.

  30. the actress as gemma and the actress as ann are both good, but felicity is supposed to have etreamly blond hair to the point where its almost white and kartik is supposed to have long curly hair and he’s supposed to be Indian. I liked Pippa though, even though she’s supposed to have “violet” eyes.

  31. i like gemma…but i dont like who you picked for pippa…shes supposed to be absolutely beautiful..im not saying alexis isnt pretty…because she really is verry cute…but not gorgeous like pip. im thinking venessa hudgens or eva green. acutally i think eva green is perfect!!

    also Elisabeth Harnois would be a lot lot lot better for felicity! and kartik should be younger, more indian, with curly hair.

  32. I think Alexis Bledel is entirely too american,
    and I can find one better suited for Kartik, Michael Rady. With blonde hair instead of red, good work with Fee.

  33. alrighty so I’ve read all three books and it is on my list in a dead tie with Twilight and I know the characters like no one else.

    Of course Raechel is the only perfect choice for Gemma and though her acting is just ever so slightly rough around the edges,I really think she could pull it off.

    Of course Romola is an outstanding choice for Felicity.She’s exactly as I pictured her.(And yes guys,her hair is red but come on it’s a movie.Have you ever heard of hair die?contacts?makeup?hmmm?)

    I’m sorry but I have to say that Alexis would be a positively horrible choice for Pippa.People are always wanting Alexis to play the pretty girls but the thing is,Alexis’s acting is not very good.It limits her to a very measley amount of rolls.Of course her looks are exceptional and very Pippa-esque but unerneath that,we come down to the cold hard fact that Alexis Bledel is NO Pippa Cross.At all.Never.Not going to happen.
    I think I agree with Eva Green with this one.(Jordan,Vanessa would make a HORRIBLE Pippa.Period.Besides,she’s not Pippa type pretty.She’s pretty,but not like Pippa.And she always looks way to happy even if she’s frowning.Too innocent I might say.)

    Ann Bradshaw could be played by any number of actresses and your pick is not much worse than many of the others but I can’t really put up a good argument on this one because I havn’t quite found anyone special enough for her yet.

    *sigh*Kartik…No.Just no.Listen,Kartik is supposed to be HOT.This guy is kinda unattractive.He just doesn’t give off a Kartik vihbe.I’m gonna have to go with Gaspar Ulliel on this one…with eyelash extentions.hehe.

  34. Ah yes,I almost forgot.As one of my predesescors pointed out,Anne is supposed to be a little pretty.Prettier then Anne Martin is.You obviously do not see it from that perspective and I therefore understand completely why you might choose her.

    And someone somewhere up there,do you have any clue what it means to say that someone is chubby in 19th century England?Or better yet,do you have any idea what it means to be skinny?Please check your facts before ranting.

    Yes I’m a girl.Don’t worry.

  35. I like who you picked for Gemma Doyle and Ann Bradshaw, but I’m not liking Fee or Pippa. It might have something to do with the fact that I don’t like Romola Garai but… She also doesn’t have the powerful presence Felicity has. I agree with some other commenter that Alexis Bledel is too american to play Pippa and Steven Strait is too old and not indian enough to play Kartik!

  36. I pretty much like them all. I love the Kartik you picked I think that is really good! I also think the Gemma you picked is the best human that could be found for her. But I do not think the Felicity is fitting. Like some other people said, her hair is NOT anything like I would like it to look like. Pippa, I think she is pretty enough to play the rule, except she is too innocent! Pippa needs to be a little devil with a sweet appearence. And then Ann, I think she should look a little younger (no offense) but i think you did good on how she acts, but maybe pick someone that shy looking and less evil but also more of an emo look to her. That will be very hard to find, but I atleast don’t think that actress is fitting enough for Ann. I hope this helped!

  37. i dont like who you chose for ann. Although, i do like the others. I’m just a very picky person i guess, very precise. Anywho…
    i loved the book! and that video is what i pretty much pictured in my head, its very well put together.
    I had just finished a great and terrible beauty last night and i’m telling my mother i want Rebel Angels as soon as i leave my dads.


  38. i like every other than kartik
    steven strait is not indian. no two ways around that and a non indian will not work. i think theyll have to hunt for a new actor.
    but i esp like the actress for felicity

  39. Alexis Bleidel as Pippa, is not what I had in mind. Pippa is kind of a darker character and can be quite cruel, while Alexis looks as if she could’t hurt a fly. Pippa is meant to be drop dead gorgeous, and Alexis is just too Alexis, not to mention her bad acting skills.. I really hope they don’t put her in. Gemma is supposed to be a bit plainer and less feminine, I don’t know, Rachel just feels wrong for the part. Gemma is supposed to be a kick-*** character and she needs too look a little tougher.

    Felicity should be a bit more ethereal but cold. I’m thinking small delicate pointy features with cold grey eyes, and she has too be able to give a look that can kill. She should be able to command attention.

    Ann should be someone like Alison Pill.

  40. Except for Gemma those are great picks and I love Steven Straight as Kartik but Steven Straight is actualy Native American.Gemma though looks like a little girl.Heres my perfect Gemma(Alison Sudol):http://www.ilikemusic.co.uk/images/article_images/full/afinefrenzy_alison_f.jpg

    Heres my perfect Kartik(I dont know who this is):http://www.housefull.in/wallpapers/shahid-kapoor/shahid_kapoor-1.jpg

    Heres another good Pippa(Megan Fox):http://www.morphthing.com/showimage/2/0/0/4000236/Megan-Fox.jpeg

    Felicity and Anne are exactly what I pictured.

  41. Okay, your casting is pretty good for Ann and Felicity. (great for Felicity, actually)

    I think Charlotte Arnold should play Gemma. Maybe Rachel Hurdwood should play Virginia Doyle because I think she looks older than Charlotte.

    Kartik should be played by Ray Ablack.

    Pippa should be played by Rachel McAdams. Period. She’s gotta have the fierceness and Rachel can bring it. Alexis Bledel is way to innocent.

  42. I love that book. And yes, I think you did a good job with the casting, except for with Pippa. Not that I could’ve done any better, it’s just that that’s not the way I imagine her.

  43. I love these books to death. They’re my fave, even better than Twilight, out of all the books I’ve ever read (which is quite a few).
    Here’s my cast picks: (you can try to get onto my LJ page and look at the pictures of these people. http://borntorun0170.livejournal.com/ -just folow that link or paste it in your browser thing.)

    Keira Knightely
    could play Felicity or Gemma; she’s got the face for either, they’d just have to get a wig or dye her hair, plus she’s skinny enough to fit in a corset, and tall enough to be gemma.

    I finally found the perfect Kartik, Dominic Cooper. He maybe needs slightly darker skin but other than that he’s perfect.

    And I think Meryl Streep would make a good Mrs. Nightwing.

    Michelle Trachtenberg would be absolutely perfect for Pippa. She’s exactly to the dot, right on, no joke, how I pictured Pippa! She’s perfect!

    Kate Winslet could play a lot of people, Miss Moore, Virginia Doyle (Mary Dowd), or even Miss McCleethy even though that ‘s not how I pictured McCleethy, but whatever she’d do an excellent job acting.

    Mischa Barton could play Cecily, Martha or Elizabeth.

    Reese Witherspoon could play Cecily, Martha or Elizabeth

    Drew Barrymore could play C, M, or E

    Anne Hathaway could play Pippa. She’s sooooo beautiful and she has pale skin that was “in” back in that century.

    Topher Grace (Eric on That 70’s Show) would be perfect for Tom. Actually he’s exactly how I pictured Tom so he better get to play Tom!
    Hayden Christensen would be the perfect man to play Simon.

    Taylor Kitsch would be perfect for Ithal

    and for Felicity I’ve got Taylor Momsen
    I found a picture of some model that looked exactly how I pictured Felicity but I don’t her name and I can’t find that picture anywhere.

    I don’t know if Renee Fleming does that much acting but I can see her playing Miss Moore or somebody else. I don’t know, I just thought she was really pretty.

    Mila Kunis (Jackie on That 70’s show) could play Pippa, she has the looks and she’d do a really good job.
    and Laura Prepon (Donna on that 70’s show) could play Gemma. I know she dyed her hair blonde but she could dye it back plus they’d have to curl it but still she’d be good for the part.

  44. alexis is PERFECT for pippa, even without going to this site , i always thought so like if they made a movie they should pick her
    like cause shes beautiful,
    just give her violet contacts and darker hair

  45. Rachel Hurdwood is the only image I have of Gemma, even though many people say they can’t imagine her acting as Gemma.

    Romola Garai is one of my faves as Fee!!! Her hair is naturally light blonde, not red. She only had red hair in the movie Amazing Grace. Imogen Poots (28 Weeks Later) fits too.

    As for Ann, that’s the best I’ve seen so far, I can’t find anyone else for her 🙂

    Alexis Bledel was my choice for Pippa in the beginning too, but others have been suggesting Anna Popplewell (she’s Brit!) from Narnia.

    I like your cast, it was my original favourite!

  46. Steven Strait can’t be Kartik cuz he’s not indian; he’s a american actor. I like Gemma and Felicity, but the actor looks kinda old. Ann looks poor and thats good. And isn’t Pippa suppose to have black hair and violet eyes?

  47. i love all three books…they are my fav ever…i found no faults…i love them…i feel like im taken to a diffrent world when i read them.

  48. Well, I like them. Fee needs to have white-blonde hair. Pippa needs to look more stiking and dark, and Gemma, she is suppose to have light red hair, freckles and green eyes. In my opinion, the freckles are more important, I guess. She needs to have that look. this actress doesnt really poses it. But good thoughts! and I like your Kartik, ❤

  49. I love your choice for Gemma. That’s almost exactly like I saw her in the book. Ann’s good, too. Isn’t felicity supposed to have blonde hair, though? And Pippa… I think Alexis Bledel is an amazing choice, and fits the part very well, but I think she’s supposed to have violet eyes. But hey, there aren’t many actors with violet eyes…so blue works just as well. And I think that Kartik should be Ben Barnes. He is so hot! All in all, you made a good cast. My only big problem is felicity. And Topher Grace should be tom. That would be perfect!

  50. OK, i have an edit from my post. I think anna popplewell could make an even better Pippa than Alexis. Also, I think Imogen Poots would make an incredible felicity. Tina Fey should be miss Moore. That’s exactly how i saw her! And finally, for ann bradshaw, i figured out someone better. Emily Browning. She could really fit the part. I hope the movie comes out strong, not just a little flick to see once! If they do it right, this could be a movie that’ll be around for a long time!

  51. I agree with Madison about imogen poots for felicity. She’s perfect for the part. And while I also imagined someone who looked like tina fey for miss Moore, I think she’s too American. I’ve seen a lot of suggestions for kartik, I think he’s a hard character to match b/c of his personality. But I think stephen strait is a fairily good match, even though, he really needs to be younger. He’s a hard character. You did a good job on the casting, and I would be perfectly fine if the moviegot cast as you have it. Granted, it’s not perfect but hey. There’s a reason so much time is spent on casting in movies.

  52. I think most of those picks are alright, but Kartik needs to be Indian, as in from India or of Indian descent. Therefore I think Raja Fenske would be perfect for Kartik, because I think he may actually be of Indian ethnicity, and plus he is oyung and hot!!

  53. Heya I do really lyk your choices gemma is great by sure bout felicity I think the French girl out of hp wud b great!

  54. Alexis is ok for Pippa,but really the the only one to play Pippa is Christina Ricci(If she died her hair dark brown).She is everything Pippa should be and she’s gorgeous yet haunting.I can’t even believe no one thought of her.

  55. Yea all the characters are amazing…except Kartik!!! I also agree Raja Fenske should be in his place! oh and i hear a movie is coming out soon! ❤

  56. Most of the characters are good, except Pippa. I thought the character put her as blonde. And um..I thought Kartik could be more Indian-looking. I love the reading the book so much that I will be greatly disappointed if they changed all the character’s appearance. I heard the directer was Charles Schiubb or something. I hope he doesn’t change anything from the book. AHH..I’m so excited for the movie to come out!

  57. everyone’s gemma is the same everywhere! to me her eyes look too innocent, she needs a darker more striking look. More attractive than beautiful.

    Pippa- willa holland or Natalie Dormer
    Felicity- love yours! or nicole kidman
    Ann- your ann is good just a little too old looking. maybe mae whitman?

  58. Your casting choices are a little old. I think Rachel Hurd Wood would make an excellent young Mary Dowd though but as for the rest no. I also think Kartik needs to be Indian. The younger cast need to be unknown actors and the older cast known actors

  59. I think your casting choices are alright, I mean, I had always imagined Rachel Hurd-Wood as Gemma, but now that I think about it I don’t really know if she fits the part…As for Ann, she is way too old and I don’t think there is anything “striking” about her that would come out in the realms…Romola is too old for Felicity and she doesn’t have that “evil” in her that Felicity has, she just seems too friendly and nice…Alexis for Pippa is okay looks-wise, but Alexis isn’t a very good actress and she is American (I really want ALL the actresses to be British) and I can’t see her as being evil at all, she just looks really sweet and innocent….And your Kartik, I’m sorry, but that just doesn’t fit at ALL for me. He’s too old and not drop-dead gorgeous and isn’t dangerous or mysterious looking and he isn’t Inidian (which is CRUCIAL). All in all, the cast is okay, but it could be better. I found MY perfect Pippa: Kaya Scodelario (http://imstars.aufeminin.com/stars/fan/kaya-scodelario/kaya-scodelario-20090307-497589.jpg and http://www.contactmusic.com/pics/lb/marley_and_me_premiere_7_020309/kaya_scodelario_5257015.jpg). As for Felicity, my pick is Bry Kissick (http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewPicture&friendID=417659202&albumId=427582). Those are my favorites. For Gemma, my back-up is Rachel Hurd-Wood, but she isn’t my favorite, and for Ann, I think Talulah Riley would be good, but she is too old, so she isn’t ideal either.

  60. I honestly don’t think Rachel can act no offense or anything cuz she was alright in Peter Pan but that’s because Wendy is meant to be sickly sweet and girly…

    here’s my cast list:
    Gemma – dunno yet havn’t found anyone special enough…
    Felicity – Emma Watson or Hayden Panettiere
    Pippa – Anna Popplewell
    Anne – Vivien Endicott-Douglas
    Kartik – Taylor Lautner (but I’m not sure as he is American & that could screw things up, same with Vivien so it really depends on their english accents…)

  61. i mainly picked these people because they can look younger, like teenagers because some of the people you guys are mentioning here are old…like Alexis Bledel is like 27 now and so yeah younger people… =]

  62. Taylor Lautner as Kartik?!
    I hope you are joking.
    He’s nice as Jacob but definetely not as Kartik

  63. i dont lthink that kartik looks like that.
    go on youtube and look fro HOT AND COLD from kate perry…that guy is the perfect kartik!!

  64. I agree with all except Ann and Felicity. I think Felicity should be Imogen Poots. She very pretty and looks like she would be a perfect Felicity. I have not thought on who should be Ann… but I think she should look like she has a beauty within, and way younger than that girl. No Offense.

  65. I just found a really hot dude that could also be Kartik. His name is Arjun Rampal. He’d also be a very well done Kartik… look him up!

  66. i think Ann Maxwell Martin looks too ld to play Ann, an i think Dev Patel (plus he has an english accent) would work for kartik because steven straight looks waaaaaaaaay too old.
    and is there going to be a movie? and are they going to play it in Canada?

  67. Ever since i first started reading the books i have pictured Romola garai as felicity. she has that strong presence and i think she just captures felicity. and after seeing all your choices i am dead set on all of them except kartik. i love steven straits but kartik is supposed to be indian

    most peoples reasons agains romola garia as felicity stem from the fact that she has red hair but may i remind people of hiar dye and in most movied romola has white blond hair

  68. i have the perfecct simon middleton: tom sturridge
    i think he fits the roll well and he is super hot. Like simon is supposed to be in the book.

  69. also i think Blake Lively would be good as felicity but i still perfer Romola Garai

  70. i really like your picks. i love the books and if they really are making the books into a movie i hope that they dont screw it up like they did with eragon and twilight.

  71. The book (Great and Terrible beauty) is highly entertaining, the characters, the rich Victorian era backdrop is entitled to an award! I love the book, right now i’m under the covers reading the third book in the triology!
    If it turned out to be movie, then Rachel Hurl-Wood would be Gem Doyle, her red hair is a knockout!

  72. Everyone in your cast, especially alexis beidel(or howerver you spell it) is amazing except steven strait, i think Oded Fehr would be amazing IF they make him look the same as in The Mummy

  73. I think their all pretty good. Exspecally Gemma, But I think Felicity has blond hair, but other than that they work real well. =]

  74. I like them all except for Pippa and Kartik. He looks to old and not hot enough and she is not quite pretty enough and almost to young. Pippa would be hard to cast though :). Anyway amazing job! Read Rebel Angels and The Sweet Fair Thing, too; they were good also.

  75. I agree with some but Kartik is supposed to have longer curly brown hair, Felicity is supposed to have light blonde hair, Ann is okay.

  76. OMG Kartik is sooo cute!!!! I expecially liked the book. The movie was fantastic and the crew was absolute amze. This was my ulti fave movie.

  77. I love your choice for Gemma, but I agree with a lot of the other commenters that your Felicity just doesn’t work for me. Not sure who would be better.

    I like your Kartik. He’s cute. But someone mentioned Sendhil Ramamurthy from Heroes, and DANG! Now he’d be somethin’ special! Remember in Sweet Far Thing, how Kartik first appears with his curls slipping out from under a fisherman’s cap? I had trouble picturing that as attractive until I placed Ramamurthy in the fisherman’s cap. And then WHAMMO! We have Kartik, in all his young-man hotness!

    I recently posted about these books on my own site too. I’d love anyone’s feedback, if you can link to me from here. I’m not rude enough to shove my site at you, but sometimes clicking on my name will zip you to my site.

  78. im doing a book project on this book (which is AMAZING!!!)
    the cast looks good, except Pippa and Kartik. Pippa looks WAY too innocent, and is it me, or does Kartik look a lil’ too old? i mean really? however, it looks like its a good movie (which i shall watch!) as soon as i can get my hands on it 🙂

  79. I absolutely love the cast! You have my approval 🙂

    All of those who have their doubt about casting Steven Strait as Katrik check out this link

    Absolute perfection!

  80. I think Harry Potter’s Luna Lovegood “Evanna Lynch” would be good for Felicity. Or maybe Alexis Bledel would work for Fee, too. Of course she needs to be fair-haired. love the books.

  81. I agree with all except for Felicity, Pippa, and Kartik. Felicity must have pale blonde hair, not auburn. Maybe if the actress dyes her hair. She is sexy-looking like the real Felicity. Alexis Bledel is pretty, but not gorgeous. Someone beautiful needs to play Pippa. Kartik is handsome in Victorian standards, not modern standards. Find someone Indian! Gemma and Ann are fine though, Gemma being pretty but not beautiful, and Ann being dowdy and plain.

  82. I just want to say, everyones freaking out about the girl for felecity having auburn hair, but no one even noticed that pippa is supposed to have black har and violet eyeso.O why is that (plus, you can always dye hair)

  83. I think Gemma is okay but Felicity seems a little old. Pippa is good too but she has wear a wig. Ann is a little beautiful I pictured Ann more ugly. Kartik.. No comment.

  84. i like everyone……………..exept ann. why does she have to be that ugly.can’t there be anybody pretier? they should find a preter chick to be pippa.

    (que onda esse)

  85. As an older reader (32) I have read the 3 books so far and I do like your version of characters except theone you chose for Ann…the actress looks-wise looks a tad older than a teen. The others though in their late teens or early to mid 20’s are good picks especially Rachel Hurd-Wood and Steven Strait. For those of you that differ on Rachel…she does speak demurely and seems so meek but I’d love to see her have a shot as someone who isn’t as soft. Steven may not be Indian but he is is actually part Native American, not completely Caucasian. If they could possibly cast Dev Patel (who is Indian) or Solomon Trimble (Native American). Just IMO.

  86. i have to tell you that maybe you should change the cast. no offense. felicity should be emma watson. she has a striking appearence.also felicity has to be demanding and that everyone would be able to catch her eye when she’s passing someone. as for gemma she could be someone better. she has to look striking, somebody that can holdthe power within her. i think the perfect actor would be kate winslet or kiera knightely. one of those to would work because,… one they are both striking two they both look like the could hold the power within them and three…. idk if kate is tall but keira is talland gemma has to be tall. pippai guess is ok….. but isnt she supposed to be drop dead gorgeous?! she also has to have violet eyes and has to be cruel but has a sweet appearence. there isnt many actors with violet eyes but you could buy some contact lends that are violet. as for ann…… well i think the actress you picked is a bit to old. an is supposedto be chubby. she also has to look plain…. but maybe average is better for her. and kartik……….. idk! isnt he supposed to be indian with long eyelashes and long/dark curly hair?! i think the perfect actor for kartik would be raja fenske or arjun rampel. all i know is kartik has to be drop dead sexy

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