Retool, revamp, and random girly things

What is it about three day weekends that makes people so lazy? I woke up this Memorial Day morning feeling groggy and heavy-lidded, so I spent the morning doing this:

That’s right: three non-book related collages that reveal what a hopelessly romantic girly girl I am. Since this blog is like a giant, interactive show-and-tell, I thought I’d display it here.

I guess all this renewed collage-mania stems from a touch of blogger’s block. I’m sure my fellow bloggers (unless you are the extremely prolific type, for which I am truly envious of your ability to read as much as you do and keep up with your book reviews) must understand these dark periods when you just have nothing to say. And recently, I noticed that I’ve been experiencing more blogger’s block (and writer’s block) than normal. So I ask myself: what gives? What’s with the posting clog up? Surely, it’s not a lack of good books. In fact, since I started this blog, I’ve been reading more than I’ve ever read before. My mind is swirling with images, remarkable characters, and thoughts about writing. Why aren’t any of these thoughts making it into my posts?

Determined to root out the cause of this blogger’s block, I started surfing through my archives when I noticed a trend. When I started The Lit Connection, I never attempted to do book reviews. Somewhere down the line, I got it in my head that maybe it was mandatory for a book blog to do book reviews or else it wouldn’t be a book blog. Problem is: I secretly hate writing book reviews. It feels like homework. I don’t think I have anything new or insightful to say that other reviewers haven’t said before. Moreover, considering that I abandon books I don’t like and read to completion books I do like, I never have anything critical to say. I simply love every book I finish. Book reviews also makes me feel obliged to write “professionally” when I don’t want to be professional at all. I want to focus on fictional hotties and write about my nostalgic memories of The Witch of Blackbird Pond like a broken record. Sometimes, I like to cuss.

So during my blogging hiatus, I’ve taken some time to retool and revamp The Lit Connection. I’m easing off the ‘professionalism’. You might expect more personalized entries so you’ll probably get to know more about me (whether you want to or not). I’m no longer doing book reviews (okay, maybe I’m not exactly the source for book reviews, but the 4-5 I did do was like pulling teeth). From now on, when I talk about a book, I’m skipping the plot synopsis altogether and jumping in straight to the meat of things like why this heroine is too dumb to function and other such snarky opinions to keep you satisfied. Above all, my new blogging motto is just to have fun.

Whew. Rather long-winded, don’t you think? It’s a good thing I started off this post with pictures.

Moving on to other random matters: I saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull this weekend! Sparing you the details (because aren’t we all going to see it eventually?), I’m just going to say I liked it, but not as much as I liked Raiders of the Lost Ark. I was so jump-out-of-my-seat excited to see Karen Allen reprising her role as Marion Ravenwood in this 4th installment! Marion Ravenwood was hands down the coolest of Indy’s girls. If I remember correctly, she’s the only one who could handle Indy: she was gutsy, boisterous, and styling in all her outfits. I mean, for her to run around the Egyptian desert in an evening gown and barefoot (she lost her peep toe pumps in the snake pit) and never once complain, well, that’s just the epitome of cool. When I was little, I worshipped her! I love books and movies with fiery, independent, witty heroines who can give the hero a run for his money. I guess this explains why I’m so drawn to books like Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum mysteries and Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. I want strong female role models! Anyways, I’m just glad they bought Marion back instead of making Indy hook up with some younger chick, which would be…gross.

I realize that this post is text heavy, so I leave you with a mini Marion Ravenwood fashion show because, if I haven’t mentioned this before, I LOVE all her Raiders outfits!

The white dress in the snake pit scene was the original ‘too dressed up for the occasion’ concept that you see in fashion mags like Vogue these days. Now supermodels decked in ball gowns are striking lady poses on construction sites in a sort of elegant meets dirty job kind of visual. Marion’s look was ‘desert couture.’ You know you coveted her dress too!

And let’s not forget her badass tomboy outfit! In 5th grade, I remember wanting to do my hair in that single braided ponytail, except the braid kept coming undone, so at the end of the school day, it was just a regular ponytail. I also had an assortment of multi-colored scrunchies—not exactly Marion Ravenwood cool, but hey, it was the ’90’s, we were expected to dress in head-to-toe neon.

4 thoughts on “Retool, revamp, and random girly things”

  1. The homework side of book blogging – so true. I’ve been finding myself doing more and more reviews, and I hope to start breaking out of the habit and talk more about my experience with the book. Or whatever else strikes my fancy. Books can offer so much it does seem frightfully limiting to stick with only reviews.

  2. Pretty collages!

    I’m glad you discovered the cause of your blogger’s block. I agree, book reviews are so “professional” and critical. Looking forward to personalized posts!

    desert couture – ha.

    Just a girl

  3. bookchronicle:
    Yes, I couldn’t agree with you more. Life’s too short to do just book reviews and books can offer so much to one who is prepared to look outside of the box.

  4. just a girl:

    Thanks! I’m quite proud of them, though my collaging skills are far below some master collagers on Polyvore.

    And I’m trying to be as unprofessional as possible. I hope it’s working

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