Cover art deja vu

While surfing through the net today, I stumbled upon this book (unread by me).

Does this book’s cover art look familiar to you?

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I could have sworn I’ve seen it before…

4 thoughts on “Cover art deja vu”

  1. It’s interesting to watch trends in book covers. I can’t recall the blog, but someone was watching for all new book covers that had the “woman looking over her shoulder” like Jodi Picoult’s latest book had.

  2. Or is it kinda like Snow White: take a bite out of an apple and you’ll be cursed with eternal sleep. Take a bite of someone’s blood and you’ll be cursed as a vampire who never sleeps. lol…just speculating

  3. The apple on the Twilight cover symbolizes forbidden fruit. So from Edward’s perspective, Bella is forbidden fruit: he wants to bite her, but he musn’t. At the same time, he knows he shouldn’t be with her, but he just can’t get enough! I guess it’s the other way around too. I read this, by the way, on Stephenie Meyer’s site

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