Character Collages: Claire Randall Fraser

I know I’ve already posted an Outlander-related collage, but as you can see, I have a one track mind. When I like something—and that includes, books, movies, music, etc…—-it isn’t so easy to move on to the next topic.

This collage is more Claire related. Since I love her look, I used German actress Felicitas Woll’s screen captures from the movie Dresden in my collage. Whether I think she should play Claire in the Outlander movie (should there ever be one), is hard to say as I’ve never seen her act.

A while ago, I wrote a post called The Outlander Movie: Casting Claire Randall Fraser, in which I picked British actress Ruth Wilson because I was quite taken with her work in the new Jane Eyre adaptation. Some readers agreed, while others begged to differ.

Since then, this post and my other Outlander related posts have garnered a surprisingly extensive debate on who should play who. So below, after re-reading all my comments, I’ve composited some of the popular suggestions for Claire.

Kate Winslet

Rachel Weisz

Kate Beckinsale

Eva Green

Kate Winslet is by far the most popular picks for Claire. I agree: I mean, HELLO, Titanic! As for the other actresses, I could go either way. I’m not so invested in a single actress that when the time comes and the final cast is announced, I’ll be up in arms and shouting bloody murder if they don’t pick my actress. Then again, I’m always up for an unknown troupe of players; that way, I won’t be as distracted by their movie stardom.

I am aware that an unknown cast, however ideal, is wishful thinking on my part. Historical costume dramas are expensive to produce, hence, Hollywood will need a couple of big names on the marquee to draw movie goers. If Outlander should ever become a movie, I’m predicting that the role of Jamie and Claire will go to big name movie stars while the rest of the cast may or may not be well known.


28 thoughts on “Character Collages: Claire Randall Fraser”

  1. I’m not sure I could back any one of those women as Claire – I’m not seeing the necessary spunk, and I’m not sure any of them – besides Ruth – are currently young enough to pull it off.
    I do however think I’ve found MY ideal Jamie – imdb Michael Weaver (3rd listing) – dude the b&w is killah.
    I wonder if he could pull off the acting but I’d be more than happy to look at him for 2 hours, or more, in a kilt.

  2. i think that Ruth wilson is the closest person i have ever seen to what claire should look like, she is my favourite out of the four and she was great in Jane Eyre. but i think Kate Beckinsale would come pretty close to. JUST HURRY ANND PUT IT ON SCREEN!!!!

  3. I think Kate Winslet is a bit too soft. She also doesn’t fit the description. An actress I think shouldn’t be ruled out is Keri Russell. She’s a bit soft also but with some practice, could pull it off. She’s ageable if they want to take the movie through more than one book, strikingly beautiful, and has masses of brown curly hair.

  4. Eva Green = Claire Frasier!

    I have never heard of her before, but when I saw her picture, BAM, I saw Claire.

    She’s exactly how she looks in my mind, although Eva’s hair is a bit darker…but that’s an easy fix.

  5. Do any of you remember Madaleine Stowe from the Last of the Mohicans? I think personally she could blow all these women away for the character of Claire.

  6. Madeleine Stowe is too old, unfortunately. She’s in her late 40’s. Kate Winslet or Rachel Weisz would be great, but they’d have to start producing the movie in the next year or so, or it won’t be believable that this woman is in her late twenties.

    Remember also that it’s not just Claire’s face that is described, but her entire body, and she’s got booty! 🙂 It’s referenced often enough to be made somewhat of a necessity for casting. Kate and Rachel are both curvy ladies. Kate is also very expressive – Sense & Sensibility comes to mind when you all reference facial expression showing everything.

  7. Theres an actress who i picture as being perfect for the role. Her name is Rachael Stirling. She has a voice that kind of captures attention, the way i imagine claires does. And i can see her fitting alongside a Jamie character quite nicely.

  8. Besides, I think that actors who are less famous would be better for this movie. So NO Kate Winslet for Claire and NO Matthew McConnaughey for Jamie!!!

    David O’Hara should definitely get a role as does the guy with the scar from Braveheart.
    More character and less beauty is what this film needs. IMHO.

  9. none of these are Claire! Need more curls. Not sure who could actuallly BE Claire. I have a good picture of Jaimie tho.


  10. What do you think of Alex Kingston “ER” or Melina Kanakaredes “Providence/CSI NY” I think they both fit the description …….

  11. When I started reading these books the only person I could picture as Claire is Alex Kingston. Especially after seeing her in Moll Flanders and then in ER. She is an amazing actress. However, I do realize she may be getting a bit old for the part now. Playing the younger Claire might be a stretch.

  12. EVA GREEN…I have never laid eyes on her before. but on sight I saw her as Claire… the hair can be colored, she just has a look of being able to handle the 18th century and do it with humor…

    eva is

  13. How about NAtalie Portman? She looks like a young RAchel Weisz and she is a hell of an actress. In V for Vendetta, before her head gets shaved she has a mess of curly hair. And she is much younger than most of the actresses usually mentioned.

  14. Tommy Flanagan should definately be included. im not sure of a role for him (yet) but he does a great accent (sin city) – perhaps Rupert?
    as for claire – rachel weisz, i believe. but she may be getting a little old for the role.

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  16. I think Eva Green would be perfect for the role. I’ve seen three of her movies including the period piece, Kingdom of Heaven, which was not a box office hit but her performance was great. She’s also the right age.

  17. I think Scarlett Johansson would be perfect for the role of Claire. I mean, no actress will ever be Claire the way I imagine her, but Scarlett has the acting ability AND the looks. She’s not a twig, which would be unrealistic for a 1940s character anyway. She naturally gorgeous and her hair can easily be dyed medium brown or so. I loved Rachel Weisz for the part when I first started reading the series, and if Outlander started later in Claire’s life then she would be my first. However, since it’s not, I think Scarlett would be the best pick.

  18. Also, for the character of Brianna if they ever bring her to the screen, I think Taylor Swift (hair dyed of course) would be great! Her eyes are very cat-like and she’s 6 feet tall. I prefer Donna from That 70s Show, but who knows. At least we don’t have to worry about a British accent for Brianna.

  19. Madeline Stowe. I liked her in the Last of the Mohicans and if she seems to old Hollywood and work wonders. Just remember, the dark curly almost impossible to comb hair is extreme.y important as are her golden eyes. No to Ruth as she was to austere!!!!

  20. RACHEL WEISZ WOULD BE PERFECT FOR CLAIRE…. she has the accent, the hair, the body shape. just give her contact and a little more curl and away we go…..

  21. RACHEL WEISZ WOULD BE PERFECT FOR CLAIRE…. she has the accent, the hair, the body shape. just give her contacts and a little more curl and away we go…..

  22. I never wanted to imagine what the actors/actresses should look like, because I don´t ever, ever want to see the Outlander books filmed. But after reading this discussion, I have to say that my personal favorite for Claire (lookswise) would be Keri Russell, I see Rachel Weisz as more of a Jenny Murray and there isn´t any well-known actor that pull off Jamie.

  23. I know she couldn’t play Claire now, but if I were doing my ideal casting, it would have to be Francesca Annis. Beautiful, smart, that deep smoky voice. Weirdly enough, with all the films she’s been in, I couldn’t find a really good picture of her the way I remember her when she was the right age for the part, perhaps her Lillie Langtry era. Best I could come up with now is

  24. My very favourite is still Sienna Miller for the roleof Claire and Kevin MacKidd as Jamie. But I also could settle for Kate Winslett, the perfect English rose.

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