One Meme More

I was tagged—a long while ago—by Love from Straytalk.   Apparently, I began this meme at work and then saved it and forgot about it.  So now, I’m excavating it again.

What was I doing 10 years ago?

I was 13, in 7th grade (or just finished 7th grade).  This was the year my dad folded his fish store business and decided to spend a few months and a few bucks taking my brother and I on a grand amusement park tour.  Fortunately, California (as for as I know), is the capital of amusement parks!   We spent most of that summer standing in line.
Five Snacks I enjoy in a perfect, non weight-gaining world:

  1. Snickers
  2. Fried Chicken (is this a snack? Can you imagine busting out a drumstick during a study break.   It’s a good thing I’m not gaining any weight).
  3. Ice Cream
  4. Cheesecake
  5. An entire box full of chocolates

Five Snacks I Enjoy in the Real World

  1. Red Vines
  2. Junior Mints
  3. Pineapple slices
  4. Yogurt
  5. Brie

Five Jobs I Have Had

  1. Microbiology lab assistant  (I killed mice by dosing them with chloroform, then I skin them, crack open their skulls and remove their brains.  I wrap their tiny brains in aluminum foil and dump them in a cauldron of liquid nitrogen.   Then I move on to their livers…   Maybe I should change the above job title to evil witch).
  2. Receptionist at an optometry office
  3. Economics tutor

That’s about all the jobs I’ve held, unless you count full-time student.
Three of My Habits

1.  I like to pick scabs.   When I was a kid, I would create scabs just so I can pick them.   If you think that’s disgusting, I’m also a pimple popper.  I don’t stop at my own pimples, sometimes, I volunteer to pop other people’s pimples.  But don’t think I roam around on the street offering to pop anybody’s pimples, I will only offer you my mad dermatological skills if you are either a) a close friend b) a significant other c) family….granted that I know you are hygenic.   Yeah, I know, I disgust myself sometimes…

2. I like to keep my nails short.  I can’t stand long nails, especially on guys.   Moreover, I suppose I have a foot fetish because I always notice people’s feet when they wear sandals and I sort of cringe when I see cracked heels, nasty toe nails, etc…. In fact, the hottest guy in the world could ask me out on a date and I would decline if I took a sneak peak at his feet and discover that he doesn’t take care of them.  Sometimes I wonder about the feet of hot fictional guys and I kid you not, but my boyfriend and I had an entire conversation about Jamie Fraser’s feet.  Please God, let Jamie Fraser have nice feet!

Since I think I’ve spoken too much, my final habit…

3.  I keep track of everything I read.   I have been keeping a Books Read list ever since high school and I’m mighty proud of said list.  I flash it to people when I get the chance.

Five Things I Would Do if I Was a Billionaire

1.  Quit my job

2.  Buy a house

3. Travel the world

4. I suppose I should invest because that’s what wise, rational people do, but I would really just like to shop till I drop

5. Buy season tickets to all the plays, musicals, operas out there that I can’t afford to go to on my church mouse salary (I’m a BIG time theater geek!).
Five Places I’ve Lived

1.  Southern California… shoot, I’ve only been down the hood (Long Beach)  and around the corner (the corner being LA).   This is the ONLY place I’ve lived.   Get me out of here!   Sometimes I love it, sometimes not so much, though I know I shouldn’t complain because the weather is absolute bliss and I can wear sundresses during Christmastime.    But relocating myself to somewhere more exotic would be nice…

P.S.  As images this time, I’ve included some of my recent creations from Polyvore since I have been away from blogging for a while and WordPress seemed to have changed the add image function and I can’t seem to figure it out.


4 thoughts on “One Meme More”

  1. Not evil Witch…..hmmmm

    Apprentice Apothecary:Obtainer of Obscure and Delicate Necessaries

    Now you just supply the evil Witches. See, much better.
    Oh in a perfect world I would live on snickers and fresh pineapple.

  2. Of course Jamie Frasier’s feet are nice. Are you nuts?

    Interesting about the scabs. To bother my daughters (and because I’m kind of a sadist), I would sometimes pin them down and pick off their scabs with them howling in disgust and occassional pain. After awhile, they’d hide all scabby injuries from me. Even now, my oldest won’t tell me when she’s hurt herself, but if I do find out, I’ll go after her injured parts as a joke.

    I think red vines and junior mints should go in the fattening snack category.

  3. Short nails, scab-picking, random people spier who’s obsessed with WOBP and crushed on Dimitri too?? Wow, I’ve never thought I would have that much in common with someone on the net but this is quite amazing…and funny. 😀

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