Twilight on Entertainment Weekly

Know what’s had me all excited, ecstatic, and exhilarated this morning? Well, take a gander at this cover:

It’s Twilight, Baby! On the cover of Entertainment Weekly. Okay, I’m usually a defender of Robert Pattinson, but here he looks, well… I just know he could be a lot hotter. I mean, he should look like a vampire, but I think somebody went a little overboard on the photoshopping.

And then there are more…

My heart is all aflutter…

If you haven’t read these articles already, head on over to EW’s website and read them right now.

‘Twilight’ hits Hollywood

Inside Stephenie Meyer’s Vampire Empire


105 thoughts on “Twilight on Entertainment Weekly”

  1. umm … well i agree i love the black and white pic but omgsh edward, edward, edward??? this is not how i pictured him at all! i liked the guy they had before better, so robert pattinson better act well, he has HUGE shoes to fill. and bella is too pretty. i think she should be much more plain …. uggh just dont ruin my fave series PLEASE! that is all. 😀

  2. I dont know is the picture in the water a painting. I do love the other pictures just I dont like it in black and white. I dont think Kristen stewart is right For Bella

  3. im excited for the movie but i just dont understand the comparison to harry potter? i mean, yes they have a wizard playing edward but the relivance of his presence should not conclude a comparison to each movie if anything it should be towards interview of the vampire.

  4. I like both pictures and this is not how i pictured any of them . Oh and go google jocob he the hot one in the movie ( well with short hair ) .

  5. mmmm….Robbert Pattinson is a hottie and toatally right for the role of edward. But, Bella was suppose to be plain not totallly gorgeous! I love the black and white picture!!!!!

  6. the girl playing bella is a little too pretty, i agree, but, i know some prople may not like this, but back away cause Jacob is taken.

  7. I despise the magazine cover – it doesn’t do either one justice. The second pic is very nice, and almost has a “New Moon” feel to it. The black and white one is alright too.

    When I saw that Rob had been chosen to play Edward, I was thrilled. My best friend hated him, but adored the choice for Bella. I’m not a big fan of Kristen Stewart, or any of her movies, and don’t think she will pull off the part of Bella well (I think she acts too… “punk”). As for her looks, she just seems a little -too- plain. Bella is a pretty girl, but describes -herself- as being plain (as most girls do), and apparantly people did not quite get this. I understand that most girls who read Twilight more or less pictured themselves as Bella, so its really hard to say whether Stewart was a good choice anyway when every girl out there thinks they could do a “way better job”. (By the way, Stephanie Meyer also sees Bella as herself when she was younger)

    The rest of the cast is OK (and barely OK), just not as “beautiful” as I had pictured them. Oh well, I’m sure there are many bias’ and so on for this movie, just thought I’d throw mine out there too.

    The major thing I’m hoping for is that Edward “sparkles” during the meadow scene. If he doesn’t sparkle, I’m walking out and writing nasty hate-mail to the directors and producers!

    Just kidding, haha.

  8. I’m so excited for the movie, I can hardly contain myself. When I first heard my all time favorite books were becoming a movie I was devastated. because movies are NEVER as good as the books. NOw that I see who they have to play Bella, and who they have to play Edward. I’m even more upset. In my opinion they picked the completely wrong people for ALL the characters so far. Emmett should be bigger, Edward should be more beautiful, Bella as well should be more beautiful, Carlisle should be blonder, Esme should be smaller, Charlie should be more father like, Renee should be a little more weary looking. Etc.

  9. i love twilight and i think that the movie is going to ruin twilight for me and is going t be ALOT worse than the movie!!! but i still love twilgight

  10. i love these books and cant contain myself because they are that amazing. i am excited to see the movie. and i think the casting for edward was perfect! so cut the guy some slack

  11. I LOVE YOUR BLOG IT’S MY FAVORITE SO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. Edward is so HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!! I’m in love with a vampire and him when i say vampier i mean him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. robert is perfect for edward
    kristen is perfect for bella
    they are all RIGHT
    carlisle , alice ,rosalie , jasper and emmet are perfect i think that they picked right ……. i am glad that they used them and not the others .

  15. Well I think the cast is ok except for Esme and James. Esme is played by actress who was already freakin annoying on Grey’s anatomy, so gutted about that. And with james- he was descibed as plain in the book, and in the film hes more attractive than some of the Cullens. I think that actor would have been awsome as jasper or carlisle

  16. Weird though, when rob was in Harry potter I didn’t think he was hot enough for cedric diggory and his hair was terrible at the premiere, but he is so sexy in twilight. I think his look is unsual enough for the part and you can definitely see the grin bella melts over.

  17. omg i think the movie was totally awesome ….i loved it :D…

  18. Allow, I’m maria from Indonesia. Here, we can’t stop talking bout twilight… beautiful story.

  19. In the movie Kristen Stewart LOOKS like Bella but her acting was UGHH. Robert Pattison is gorgeous but his attractiveness never lived up to my portray of Edward. But I’m not sure any human could live up to my expectations of Edward. Edward Cullen is supposed to be this unbelievably breathtakingly beautiful creature. But I think he did an alright job.

  20. I saw the movie. It was really awesome. Everyone is right for the role. I really love Edward and Bella. Edward is really HOT!! I just can’t get over it.

  21. First of all, i must say-all of the books are absolutely SPECTACULAR! I don’t know how stephanie meyer does it. But when you’re reading her books, it doesnt feel at all like you’re reading (iforget that im reading sometimes and it throws my off when i start to think about it :P) it feels like you’re there, with edward, perhaps as bella if you can see it.

    As for the movie. I havn’t seen it yet, but i’m already in love with it. And im also already a cridict to it.

    I think for the most part as to why people didnt notie him in Harry Potter was because in Twilight, he’s the Edward Cullen. He’s every sane girls dream, he’s brethtaking even pictureing him in your mind. And I think that no matter who it was in twilight playing Edward, would’ve blown every girl away, just like Robert does. Even if it as the ugliest person out there playing Edward (and was a good actor) he would’ve pulled it off. Because the picture you had in your head of Edward Cullen before you see the movie, will be changed into the person in the movie, and he will still be the breathtaking Edward Cullen.

    However, here are my thoughts on everything else – some are similar to previous submitions::

    –Bella needs to be less gorgeous, and more plain, not like an actress, but like a regular person you would see walking on the street, and think nothing of it. However, maybe not. I sort of agree with a previous statement. You must realize who is telling the story. Bella is, and like any other girl, doesn’t even see herslef as pretty, even though in stephanie meyers mind, and in the fictional world, she most likely was very beautiful, then again, not as beautiful that the vampires.

    –all of the vampires need to be more beautiful, including Edward, just slightly less then him.

    — Alice (besides being more beatuiful) needs to have even more spectacular hair.

    –Emmet needs to be HUGE, not big, huge.

    –Esme needs to be shorter, and plump.

    — Charlie needs to be more like a father that doenst know what he;s doing, not not fatherly .

    –Victoria’s hair needs to be more like fire.

    –I think Jacob should be less good looking.

    **No direspect to the actors casting in twilight. When i say more beautiful, i don’t mean you’re not beautiful, you’re all absolutely gorgeous. I just think that the cosmetic people should make it look more breathtaking, like you aren’t real at all.

    ❤ Love it all, the books, and the movie, hope there’s more of everything to come!

    ps. love you edward baby!<3

  22. =] OMG i loved the movie if it didnt have robbert pattison in it then i probably wouldnt have went to go see the movie. IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN ROBBERT LOVE YOU

  23. Okay so i totally hate that first picture.
    Im a HUGE Twilight fan. Yes Twilight is sexy, but its not potrayed like it is in that picture. Its ment to be forbiden love etc, all that picture says is “sex sex and more sex”

  24. oh God,, TWILIGHT is a great film i ever watched..
    but, i didn’t understand the comparison with harry potter..
    but, edward is a hottest vampire..
    and bella is great but, not for jaco, i think jacob is trying to make bella fall in love with him..
    and i will never agree about that..
    bella created just for edward…
    and actually james is looking good without his long hair..


  25. I think they did a good job with all he cast. I just thought that bells would be a little more… Fun or talkative. In the books she has more of a personality. Maybe that was in the second book. But in almost all the books she talks more. But she’s definatly good for the role. Edward is BEYOND perfect for the part.! Carlisle, esme, alice, rosalie and emmet fit the parts well too. I thought jasper would look a little different. I don’t know how though.
    Anyways,, I think stephanie meyer did an excellent job with the books and the producers of the movies are doing great so far. Nothing bad to say about anything. Well,, I’m outt! ❤

  26. oh my gosh…….
    twilight really captured the taste of filipinos…like me…..
    i really like robert…. he’s so handsome and perfect to be….

  27. Robert is amazing, as himself and Edward!!!! Bella was good, but I think she should have made been more obsessed with Edward. In fact, I loved the movie to bits, but the romantic side of it was a lot bigger in the books. Stephenie Meyer is fantastic!!! I love The Host aswell. Jacob was sexy, but should have been the one who told Bella that the Cullens were vampires. Anyway, loved it. And Rob!!!!! 😉

  28. all the cast is perfect
    Love Robert playing edward
    i think bella is perfect, she is beautiful, but her beauty is hidden, you get the feeling that she has a strong personality, her inner beauty shines, so i loved the acting.

    the MOVIE it’s amazing… seen it 5 times already, and still not tired of it

  29. i really like robert pattinson he is so handsome and so gorgeous!!!LOVE IT!!!

    kristen stewart is so beautiful!! i like her!!!

    alice is the best. . . i love the way he smile…

  30. waw……better…better….

    kristen stewart is so beautiful,,,so i like her…????/

    and robert pattanson is the best….

  31. you guys…
    bella in those pics are her as a vampire not in human form..i have read all the books and seen twilight..she is amazing and so is u guys shut up.

  32. i like the middle pic its really nice

    i love the cast there all perfect i dont know what your talking about? edwards hott!!!!! rob is a great actor. He seems like he’s a real vampire. a hottttttt vampire.

    alice is so sweet she’s one of my faves. my faves are edward, alice, and bella i also like carlisle he’s fit for the roll

    i’ve only read the first 2 books i’m getting the other 2 today!!!

    robert and kristen look grate together

    edward is sooo hot and kristen is sooo pretty

    i cant wait the last 2 books

  33. I Luv Twilight And I Luv All The Books 2!! Stephenie Meyer Is Now My Fav. Aouthor! Edward Is So SOOPER KUTE!! (And Jacob Is 2!!) -Brenbren_18
    I Like RP`s Role! Yays!! – Mighty Gurl 17

    I love twilight!!!!!!!!!!! It is sooo awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!! – mel 15

    bella is super pretty!
    and edward is ssssssssoooooooo hot!
    jacob might even be hotter?
    i think everybody was perfect for the part but
    i think rosalie should have been prettier
    but she is still gorgeous

  35. Kristen Stewart is great, can’t wait to work with her. I am an actress and a film major, my scripts soon will be made. this film helped me a lot.

  36. I fell in love with the Twilight series as soon as I read them, waiting very unpatiently for each book to come out. I understand that a movie will never capture someone the way a book can/does, how you can lose yourself in it but…I hated the movie! I think it was absolutely ruined. Granted, I think Kristin played Bella well and her character is pretty and easily made beautiful and some of the parts were well-played. But…I think a lot of the characters didn’t fit their parts…Emmett was no where near big enough, Jasper reminded me of Edward Scissorhands(just didn’t fit the part) Alice was almost just as I *pictured* her but it wasn’t well. Carlisle didn’t seem boyish…he actually looked on the old side…I saw wrinkles sprouting from the corners of his eyes. Charlie was an okay fit and I actually liked the goofy part he brought to the movie(though I sure a lot of people didn’t) I believe that this movie was way too rushed and came out too much like a bad stage play. The main thing that upset me was the part in the wood where Edward told Bella “she was like his own brand of crack”…in the book that was very revealing of secrets and how he felt…in the movie, everyone just started laughing hysterically…I almost yelled and started smacking people. But the sad thing is that it WAS funny…urg. My favorite part(because the acting didn’t seemed forced) was when Edward played Bella’s Lullaby on the piano. Also, instead of looking like he was fighting the urge to attack Bella, he just seemed kinda…well constipated to me. But these are just my opinions…I wish the movie hadn’t been rushed. Hopefully New Moon makes up for it a little bit, maybe the actors/actresses can get into and build their parts more. I LOVE THE BOOKS!!! =]

  37. I dont think kristen stewart was right for the part of bella. I guess she looks like a bella but her acting wasnt so great.
    but over all it was a decent movie. They left out too many main parts of the book that would have made some scenes better.

  38. Robert Pattinosn is my favorite actor for all. I love him. he’s is beatiful and amazing man. My friend say me always that they like Ashley Greene . Why?? ^^
    Rob is sweet!?!?!?
    What do you say at him?
    I thing that he’s very very handsom.!

  39. Personally i think everyone needs to realise that books are always better then the movies!!
    Juging the movie just as a movie it was really good! yes some of the acting could have been better but it was the actors first time working together
    The next three films should be much better
    Stephenie Meyer did a great job with all the books and i really wish they didn’t ahve to end
    For all the comments about Harry potter it’s only because that is teh only place anybody remebers Rob from get over it no one is saying that twilight and harry potter are the same and if they are then they really need to pick up both thoses series and read!
    While i’m on the topic of rob i think he was horrible!!!!!!!!!
    He is NOT hot and Edward should be played by someone a lot better looking! Not only that he looked like he had to use the washroom the hole movie rather then looking like he was holding back from hurting bella!
    On a more positive note I thought that everyone (with the exception of Edward) was well casted

  40. kirstin is wrong to play bella she is to boring and ugly but she looks ok in the pic with the dress i dont get the pic with the water??????????

  41. haiiii………^o^..
    …I like twilight saga story.
    “kapan film newmoon, eclipse, breaking down ada (sampai di Indonesia)?????
    well apa ada lanjutan dari breaking down ?
    bagaimana lanjutan hubungan jacob and renessme (jacob and renessme the story)
    I am sory…I am can not speaking english

  42. i love the pics just not the first one its kinda creepy. I think Kristen is the best Bella ya she is a little to pretty but she fits the part . Robert fills his part well to .STOP DISSEN THE CAST . all them were casted right

  43. HI’ MS; BELLA your so”
    Pretty girl”
    im the one of your fun”
    Take care” always ahm” im a Filipino’
    Take care Ms;Bella:-)

  44. hey’
    Edward” i know im better’ than’ you”
    im nice guy’ than you:-)
    but take care” your self”
    my friend?

  45. this film was really good i didn’t know what to expect it was mind blowing how they put it alltogether

  46. yudee!!! i love this movie..totally awesome.!
    i never buy a book before but all at once i felt a connection from this story, i am Alice number 1 fan.
    Twilight cast, here in philippines you’re idolized by many teenagers and also the kids. We’re still waiting for your next movie.! We wish that someday you’ll visit us here..:)

  47. yeaH i waiting for the next book “the midnight sun”…..hey everybody please buy the book! you’ll love it!

  48. Seriosly people stop dissing the cast they are awesome! rob was perfect for edward, kristen was perfect for bella ect. i think robert and jasper and james were (and are) haaaaaaawwwwwwt!

  49. hey im back just wanted to say i love the baseball scene especially the song! (SUPER MASSIVE BLACK HOLE,BY PEARLJAM)

  50. I LOVE ROB!(especially in the movie) i like jacob in the first two but then he starts sucking! I HATE TAYLOR AND HE IS THE UGLIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD!


  52. I think the pics are pretty good,but the first one is kind of wierd.I don’t think Edward should have orange hair,but that is my opinion.

  53. Talory in the movie is soooooooooooo HOT. He took oof his shirt and i was like oooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmgggggggggggggggggggg! he is so hot (: AND DID I TELL U I LOVE HHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMMM

  54. jacob is so sexy in this picture i love him he is my best peoson on twlight ooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmggggggggssssssssssssss rob is to bella is so pritty

  55. jacob is so sexy in this picture i love him he is my best peoson on twlight rob is to bella is so pritty

  56. I love EDWARD soooo much.i think this film is soooooooooo gooood…I want……………..

  57. I really adore the books AND movies but i dont get y every 1 is soooooo obsessed.All the actors are really good and yeah robert is cute but y has every 1 gone compleately mad over him.
    I hav no problem with anybody in the films and my fav character it Alice(I LOVE HER HAIR)!
    c ya
    me xxx

  58. hi,stephany.i hav a question:Do you really love jacob..???!!??!!i hate him sooo much..!And can u tell me what do you think about EDWARD…?

  59. i love twilight especially all the saga’s i almost read it the eclipse the breaking dawn and new moon absulutely wonderful it makes me feel the love gosh i love edward and jacob there a both i like.. i like alice shes friendly and funny

  60. hi stephany i like jacob than edward but i like vampire than wolves your story was amazing i was amaze to it it is so wonderful you got the right choice cuz im a twilight fan !!! its true i like jacob cuz he has a better ABS than edward..

  61. i dont like jacob when he plays on twilight cuz he has a long hair then when in new moon i like him cuz he is soo handsome he cut his hair

  62. oh my gosh this was gud…….but i think tht there is still a missing part in the movie becuz it deosn’t have an ending…..well it’s just nt enough for me…..and ohh Taylor Lanter you are so cuteee …..

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  64. i am mirna from iraq ilike & i love robert very very very much and i wished if i am bela so i can see him in fact****************************
    in fact i wish to get my first kiss from him******

  65. hi. first im irainianand second i copeletly agree with alyssa . when you rwad the book its like that you are the same person who phaces whats happening,all the heartbeats, fears.and every thingelse.and by the way ilove the move and the books .

  66. i love edward sooo much he is really cool im soo jealous that bella’s with him but i still like her. Her acting is really good
    did you know their going out with each other in real life OMG LOL

    I am a total fan of twilight and edward im not too sure about jacob though.

  67. its jacob everywhr for me…my mobile, my laptop, my tab, my tshirts…just jacob jacob…my ringtone- jacob ..i love jacob black

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