Three…collages. Three clues about me.

I know, I know, too much visual overload, right? Remember when I discovered Polyvore, the web based collage maker, and immediately transformed into a collaging maniac? There was a lull in collaging for a few months, but now I’m back in the swing of things; you are a witness to my collage Renaissance.

On to the show and tell:

1. The Witch of Blackbird Pond…again. WOBP will always be a reoccurring theme in all my artistic endeavours. This is dedicated to all you WOBP fans out there who, like me, are scavenging the internet for more Kit/Nat images but come up short.

2. The Light in the Piazza. This is one of my favorite Broadway musicals and this one in particular holds special meaning for me. I saw it (on TV; although I love theater, I so rarely have the green to get tickets) the night before my college graduation. On that big day, I had the oh-so-pleasant itinerary of 1) taking a final 2) graduate 3) rush back to apartment and move out because my lease expired on graduation day. The Light in the Piazza comforted me through the nail-biting transition.

3. Black and White. I prefer black and white photography/movies to color. I would take all my pictures in black and white if I could. In terms of people portraits, black and white immortalizes the subject; there is, I think, an elegance associated with the lack of color. Try taking your summer vacation pictures in B&W, I bet even your trip to Disneyland would look like a class act.


2 thoughts on “Three”

  1. bookchronicle:
    Thanks! Yes, you should read WOBP! Get yourself a copy and dive in right now so you can let me know what you think about it!

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