The Lit Connection goes to Canada

Well, The Lit Connection isn’t going anywhere. I am. (Since when did I start referring to myself as ‘The Lit Connection’ ? That’s even worst than referring to myself in the 3rd person—not that I would know; I have never ever referred to myself in the 3rd person). Anyways, it’s family vacation time and the Y family will be heading north to Canada for a week. I’m warning you ahead of time that I will be letting this blog lie fallow all of next week. This shouldn’t be such a big change because it will pretty much resemble the barren wasteland you see this week. But just in case some of you check in and see no new updates and start raising your hands heavenward screaming “Oh God why! How can I go on without TY’s all encompassing wisdom and clever insights into literature…and my soul?!”…rest assured, I will return!

For the time being, I need your advice. I have before me a pile of library books, but I’m still undecided on which one (I can only take one!) to choose for my trip.

Here are the contenders:

1. The Winter Rose by Jennifer Donnelly. (A BIG, 700+ page tome…in hardback. It will sustain me for a week, but can I lift it? I’m afraid it will do damage to my sissy girl biceps or lack thereof. Do I want to cart this brick around?)

2. I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith (I have no problem bringing this book along, in fact, I’m already two chapters in, but the library copy I have in my possession is funky. Its got crusty, water-damaged pages and a mold colony growing on page 233. Nasty!).

3. The Virgin Suicides by Jeff Eugenides (I’ve heard praise. My version is a trade paperback: lightweight, meaty content. So far, this is the number one contender… The condition of this book leaves much to be desired. There’s some sticky gunk on the back cover).

4. Ten Cents a Dance by Christine Fletcher (Since this is a YA novel, I’m afraid I might finish it on the plane. Too short a read? This is, however, a brand new book. I am the first one to check it out; the condition is so pristine that I could lick it…not that I would, but if you dared me to…oh ho ho).

My flight is on Saturday. If you are reading this: Please help me narrow down my choices. I will be stuck with this book for one week and if it sucks, I am screwed. Okay, a little on the melodramatic side, but the prospect of one week without a book or with the WRONG book is too horrible to contemplate.

On to another topic, today being the last day of July, here is a list of my July reads. Ta da!

Books Read: July 2008

  1. Doubt: A Play —John Patrick Shanley
  2. 13 Little Blue Envelopes—Maureen Johnson
  3. Shutter Island—Dennis Lehane
  4. Ophelia—Lisa Klien
  5. Crocodile on the Sandbank—Elizabeth Peter
  6. We Have Always Lived in the Castle—Shirley Jackson
  7. Girl at Sea—Maureen Johnson
  8. Lock and Key—Sarah Dessen

The titles I have underlined are the one’s I have already reviewed on this blog. If you would like me to talk about any of the other titles, drop me a line and like a reader pleaser, I will do so as soon as I get back.

If you would like me to talk about my fabulous Canadian adventure, I will do that as well. Although, it should be said right now that it will be anything but fabulous: I am going on a “Super Vacation Special.” On a tour bus. Because my parents won’t hear of traveling on our own. Last time we went on a tour bus, they took us to a lobster dive in Boston that served us lobster with the rubber band still on the claw. If you want to hear about my low-rent good times and have a good laugh while I’m secretly crying inside, don’t be shy. Comment below.

5 thoughts on “The Lit Connection goes to Canada”

  1. I heard the Virgin Suicides is great. Enjoy Canada and if you gotta chance get to the best, Newfoundland.

    Wellum Hulder

  2. Take “The Virgin Suicides”. And remember: you can always take a second book with you ^^

  3. Hmm. I understand your conundrum, I have this same dilemma whenever I go travelling/overseas…but Canada! Am jealous. Have always wanted to go there. So, I would love to hear about your adventures!

    I’ve heard the Virgin Suicides is good, but I’ve read A Winter Rose, and loved it! Absolutely loved it. Yes, tis rather a large (to the point of obese) tome, but very, very enjoyable. (But hardback…mine’s paperback…just think, it’s good for your mind as well as your muscles!) The Tea Rose is actually the first book, I believe (which I read second, in perfect chronological order) so if you like it pursue that one as well (though – and maybe I’m biased – I liked The Winter Rose better).

    Happy travelling!


  4. Take “War and Peace.” I can guarantee you’ll always have something to read, then. “The Virgin Suicides” is a good choice, although I was unimpressed by the ending. Let me know what you think.

    Also, I want to hear all about your “slumming” vacations because I hate going with tour groups and always find a way to get into trouble. One time, on a cruise, I swam to a little island far away from where we were docked and the captain freaked and sent some crew members out to get me. It was really dumb because I’m an outstanding swimmer, but he wouldn’t listen to me and he also wouldn’t speak to me for the rest of the trip!

    Have a great time!

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