februari 2008Contrary to what you may think, I was not whacked by mounties.   I’m alive and back from Canada.  Of course, I returned from my Canada trip three weeks ago and while I really intended to take a week long break from blogging, that break sort of extended into a month long sabbatical.   What can I say?  I went through a mid-life crisis (yes, you can have one of those at 23) that left me weak of spirit, physically drained, and mentally feeble.   I guess there’s a reason why I’m a bone fide city girl who should never go into the wild; after a thousand miles of peace and quiet and nature (shiver) and the most depressing book (The Virgin Suicides), I’ve think I found myself…and I don’t like what I’ve found.   People, remind me never to find myself again!

I decided to take The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides with me on my trip.  Big mistake!  Granted, this book has its literary merits and is beloved by some, it just isn’t the book for me…at least, not while I’m on vacation.  I got halfway through before I slumped in my seat, feeling blue, and thought “Hmm, this book is really bringing me down and I’m not even entertained.”   So, to make a long story short, I shut the book, tossed it in my suitcase, and spent the remainder of my road trip journaling, which isn’t exactly a good thing because my journal entries usually take on the bleak, nihilist tone of Russian literature.

By journey’s end, I was so starved for a book that I was tempted to buy Breaking Dawn at the airport… but I resisted, keeping in mind that when I return, I can read it for free thanks to my blessed book buddies.

Upon return, I devoured The Winter Rose by Jennifer Donnelly.   Now, this is the book I should have taken on my vacation!   This is quite possibly one of the best books I’ve read this year and I cannot do it justice with just a blurb in this post; it, along with The Tea Rose, deserves its own gushing post.   If you are familiar with my blog, you know I’m a big fan of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series and I am perpetually on the lookout for a book that reminds me of Outlander.  I think these books are it!

With that said, here are the books I polished off in August.  Some I will blog about in length, while others may not be so lucky…

Oh yeah, and I’m definitely planning on giving my 2 cents on Breaking Dawn.

August 2008

The Winter Rose—Jennifer Donnelly

Breaking Dawn—Stephenie Meyer

Matilda—Roald Dahl

The Tea Rose—Jennifer Donnelly

The Bloody Chamber—Angela Carter

Good Masters!   Sweet Ladies!—Laura Amy Schlitz


3 thoughts on “Alive”

  1. YAY! Glad to see you are back!!! So…. The Winter Rose? Sounds good, that will be my next one then! Anything that even slightly has the same feeling as Outlander is good by me. I am working on the Twilight series right now, and about halfway done with Breaking Dawn. I am very curious to hear what your opinion is!!!

  2. Amanda:
    Thanks! It’s great being back, getting back into the blogging swing of things…though I am a bit rusty.

    The Winter Rose is the sequel to The Tea Rose (both by Jennifer Donnelly), though it’s not crucial that you read them in order; they are both stand alone novels. I read Winter Rose first and it is my personal favorite out of the two.

    I will be composing my thoughts for those two books as well as Breaking Dawn soon!
    Thanks for dropping by!

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