Trueblood and September Reading Overview

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September has been a lukewarm reading month.   Watch as the numbers dwindle: only 3 books completed.  Weeks would go by in which the book I’m reading just doesn’t do it for me.   So what do I do instead?   Re-read my favorites.   In these past two weeks, I’ve re-read The Witch of Blackbird Pond (for the 12th time…don’t need to tell me this is madness!), Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudice, and today, I’m on to the next childhood classic, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.  With the exception of WOBP, I do not re-read from cover to cover, instead, I skim over the boring parts and read the good bits.  This should tie me over until my next batch of shiny new, slightly abused library books arrive.

In case you’re wondering, here are the stats of how many times I’ve read each book  (Why do you need to know?   Because I like to keep stats and I like to wear them like badges of honour so the entire world would know what a complete nerd I am).

The Witch of Blackbird Pond (12)

Romeo and Juliet (6)

Pride and Prejudice (2)

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (3)

Of the September books I did read, one was Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris: Book 1 of the Southern Vampire Mysteries.   I saw the trailer to HBO’s Trueblood before I discovered that the show was based on a series of books.  Naturally, I’ve gotta read it.  Since I am a Twilight fan (abeit, a non-rabid Twilight fan), I’m always in the mood for a good old fashion vampire/mortal love story and yes, the Sookie Stackhouse series is exactly like Twilight with the exception that you don’t want to strangle Sookie like you’d want to strangle Bella, so I guess this is a recommendation.    And there’s sex…and some leather…and Vampire Bill, although not as sparkly as the EC, is every bit as vampirelicious  (I’m trying to refrain from calling another guy, fictional or otherwise, hot.  Considering how widely read I am, you would think I could come up with a better adjective than ‘hot.’    Vampirelicious makes me feel smarter).

That being said, I do not have HBO (eff my life!).  So I am dying here; I must make due with whatever snippets are on YouTube until the series comes out on DVD unless a saint somewhere feels my pain and uploads the complete episodes online for my viewing pleasure…hint hint.


7 thoughts on “Trueblood and September Reading Overview”

  1. You’re so cute, even for a total geek! I don’t think I’ve read anything 12 times. The closest has been The Lord of the Rings trilogy, which I’ve probably read 7 or 8 times.

    I have HBO. I tried “True Blood” and thought it was a tad ridiculous. My daughter, who is much more of a vampire freak than I am, can’t get into it either. It’s too bloody and has a draggy plot. Blah!

    Edward is the epitome of “vampireliciousness,” and even though I’m not into the Stephanie Meyer series, I can understand the appeal.

  2. I struggled through the September reading stack, but I’m definitely careening towards the “not interested in reading” wall. Netflix anyone? I have Slings and Arrows on the way!

  3. I’m loving True Blood. My roommate and one of my friends come over every Sunday to watch it. I knew it was based on the books but I hadn’t read them so I scrambled to get the first one read before the show started. I enjoy them both equally!

  4. Hello! I saw your comment about how you want to see the True Blood episodes but don’t have HBO and I just thought I’d tell you that if you went over to you can find full episodes to watch. I don’t have HBO either so that’s where I watch episodes after they air. :]

  5. Your blog is a random and pleasant find, and of all the posts I read, this is something I must comment on. The TrueBlood series was a bit of a letdown from the books for me, especially since the actors overact so much as to use every normal line of dialogue (e.g. she would say something like “Would you like fries to go with that?”) to stick their faces closer to each other, in a hint of a kiss to come. But then, when every scene of them together is them shoving their faces as close as possible saying the most ordinary lines.. tiring.

    Plus, I can’t get over the gap in her front teeth, which is very noticeable especially when they shoot closeups. And like I’ve said already, they shove their faces together much–which leads for a LOT of closeups. I’m one of those fans who was expecting a lot from this because the books meant much to me, but.. guess you could watch it and decide for yourself. Shrug.

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