Christopher Pike

I’ve been thinking about Christopher Pike lately.   Maybe once or twice in a blue moon, Christopher Pike and his YA suspense/horror novels of the ’80’s and ’90’s pop into my head.   When I was a tween, C. Pike was the man and his books were everywhere.   Nowadays, when I stroll through the YA aisles at my local B&N or Borders, I don’t see Pike anywhere.   Naturally, this makes feel sad…and old…and cranky…so then I try to drown my sorrows with a slice of cake…and my ass gets bigger…and I’ll probably die early on account of all the cake and pie and cookies I stuff down my throat because there are no more Christopher Pike books on the shelves.

What’s my point?   I don’t have one.   I just miss Christopher Pike, that’s all.   So I have a solution: suppose they reissue his books and package them into pretty covers that will appeal to tweens and teens today!

Look, they’re already doing it with the Sweet Valley series!

Observe:  SVH in the late ’80’s-early ’90’s.

Um, dude with sleezy mustache mawing Jessica ‘All Night Long.’  Let me speak on behalf of everyone when I say this cover gives me the willies.  Someone tell that gigolo to get his paws off Jessica Wakefield!

and SVH today.

The new cover doesn’t exactly scream ‘Read me!’ but it’s the lesser of two evils.  For those of you who care, I recognize the model as that autistic girl on All My Children.   Right on!

If only these Christopher Pike books could receive a similar make-over.

Gimme a Kiss Evil Thirst (The Last Vampire, No. 5)

8 thoughts on “Christopher Pike”

  1. Came across your blog while doing a search for Christopher Pike. 🙂 I was actually at a bookstore tonight trying to find his books (as well as RL Stein’s) but there were none of his and just two or three of Stein’s. 😦 And then I did a search on Amazon, and so many of them seem to be out of print. So I just pretty much wanted to say that I agree, his books need to be re-issued. 😀

  2. Christopher Pike was my favorite author when I was in grade school. I liked “The Starlight Crystal” and “Final Friends”… Childhood mem’ries.

  3. I work in a large bookstore, have for a long time, and it also makes me sad that a lot of Pike’s books are out of print. I think he is leagues ahead of so many other teen authors, past and present. Anyway, in reference to the cover re-issue idea, (which I wholeheartedly support) I think that they actually are reissuing the Vampire series, probably because vampires are so hot now. (thank you Stephanie Meyer — I can’t stand those, sorry fans) I think they may be coming out around August 09.

  4. Yeah, they did ‘Vampire Diaries’ b LJ Smith. I agree with reissuing Christopher Pike! My favorites were ‘Remember me’ and ‘Witch’. The latter of which I actually still own, having saved it for 20 years to pass own (hopefully) to my daughter when she is at the right age.

  5. Last summer I bought a huge box o’ old Pike books that I had already read (and yet somehow let slip through my fingers).

    I started by re-reading Chain Letter, but a bit of the magic had gone. Boo. Hiss. Sadness. Dismay.

    I might try another one in a few weeks. Never got into the Last Vampire series, though.

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