Final Twilight Trailer

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Oh my effing God!   The final twilight trailer is here!   Give me just a sec while I hyperventilate.   Sometimes I pretend not to be a rabid fan and it’s true, most days I’m totally normal.   After seeing this, the word of the day is:  “Omigod!  Omigod!  Omigod!”

Twilight - Twilight Series Photo - Fanpop
Twilight-kiss - Twilight Series Photo - Fanpop

Squealable scenes of note:

  • The Bella-Edward kiss:   We’ve never actually seen them kiss before.  Chemistry!
  • Cafeteria scene:  I thought it was genius to have the apple bounce off Edward’s shoe and into his milky white palms so it reminds us of the cover.   Genius!

Scenes I wish they added:

  • Where are all the other Cullens?!  We’ve never previously heard any of them speak.  I’ve seen the press photos, but I’ve never seen Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, or Rosalie in action  (I’ve seen Emmett and he said, “She’s not one of us, Edward!”   whoop-dee-freaking-do….by now you can tell I’ve seen the teaser trailer too many times).
  • Where is Jacob Black?   True, JB only has a small role in Twilight, but I’m dying to see if that Taylor guy can act!

A word about James the Tracker.  Can’t get enough of his cheese grater abs.   Look at them; they’re so sharp I could slice my finger on them.  He resembles some ultra sexy hippie or one of those surfer dudes who goes into restaurants without a shirt.   I remember James wore a shirt in the book, I guess the shirtless look is just artistic license on the director’s part.  Good call!   Too bad he buys the farm in the first book. | Twilight Series | Twilight | Twilight the Movie
Which brings me to the big question: Do we get to see Edward or Jacob’s cheese grater abs in the movie?   We better!
In case you’re wondering, I obtained all my photos from Polyvore, which has a huge Twilight fan base.   Creating a Twilight Polyvore collage is just the next step in rabid fandom.   I haven’t gone there yet…
Edward cullen image by payloranor on Photobucket

10 thoughts on “Final Twilight Trailer”

  1. yeah – cheese grater, but dudes hips do way more for me than tummys do
    and sheesh…..

    I got all my friends and family to read the books over the summer and like 14 of us are all going to see it together. Its a no man night – cuz seriously! Who wants to focus on anything but Edward.

  2. Someone called them “hip dips” on my blog when I wrote about Christian Bale. So yeah, that guy has astounding hip dips. Who is he, anyway?

  3. Chartroose: Hip dips! Excellent! I learned a new word. He’s…I can’t think of his name right now, but with hip dips like those, does it matter if he has a name?

  4. Enough about hips. About the not-hearing-the-cullen’s-speak crap, you can hear them speak. Go on to the official site and into videos. The one on the far-right- at least, I think it’s the far right- is about four mins long and you get to hear ALL the cullens speak AND james AND victoria AND laurent.

  5. Squeeeeeeee! I’m not ashamed to be a fangirl about this. Although I’ve seen some pretty terrible covers – EW, anyone? – that almost ruined Edward/Robert for me…but that trailer! O.M.G. InTENSE. I’m not sure if they can do the book justice (although Kristen Stewart will annoy me just as much as Bella) but I think it will come close!


  6. I LOVE EDWARD CULLEN 😉 he’s a hottie.the make up n the hairdo as edward in this movie is suit robert so well.

  7. Edward is every young girls dream! I don’t know how many girls at my high school are obsessing over him including ME! Twilight is awesome…:) Robert Pattinson is the perfect pick for Edward. He’s sooooooo adorable.;)

  8. wow i efffin LOVE edward cullen he is sooooooo hott cute romantic sweet passionate and romantically unexpected a total thumbs up

  9. Edward Cullen is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Edward Cullen is sooooooo HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love Edward Cullen!!!!!!!!!!

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