Black Jack Randall

It’s been ages since I contributed to my Outlander Casting series. Without further ado, here’s another pick for Black Jack Randall/Frank. About a year ago, I selected Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Black Jack and while I still think JRM has Black Jack potential, what about Richard Armitage?

Remember him from North and South and Robin Hood? Armitage can look so deliciously evil and in a flip, he could transform into the good guy for Frank.

Richard Armitage by LitCon

What say you? Do you agree?


5 thoughts on “Black Jack Randall”

  1. Oh, I like that suggestion! Actually, I think Richard Armitage would be quite perfect. Like you say, he can play evil so well, at the same time in a way that you can’t hate him. (At least I can’t. And as bad and evil as Black Jack Randall is, I can’t hate him either. Sorry, but I just have a thing for villains.)

  2. i totally agree with steve when i read the book thats the only face i can put on jack but he also has to play claires husband and i think he might be to old for the part. no one plays menacing like that guy and he’s kinda sexy

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