Jamie Fraser, Jamie Fraser, and more Jamie Fraser

Someone left a comment suggesting German violin virtuoso David Garrett as Jamie Fraser and left a link to his picture.   I looked up the link and had to agree.  In fact, I agreed so much I made a collage.

Since he’s a musician and not an actor, I’m not suggesting he should play Jamie Fraser in the movie, but damn if he doesn’t resemble Jamie Fraser in my mind!

Since I have a long list of Jamie Fraser casting suggestions, it’s going to take me some time to plow through them and pull up actor photos.   I’m also very picky about which pictures I post up, so I end up spending a considerable amount of time shifting through the Internet until I find the perfect picture.   Don’t feel bad if your suggestion is not up here.

It’s a tough job looking at sexy Jamie Fraser pictures and blogging about it, but (rolls up sleeves) someone’s gotta do it.

That said, another man with Jamie Fraser potential is Rupert Penry-Jones. Austen fans may remember him as Captain Wentworth in Persuasion (2007).  While I think Rupert is gorgeous, he’s not “striking Viking” enough for Jamie.   However, he could work as Lord John.

Jamie Fraser? by LitCon

Somebody else also suggested Simon Wood (pictured here as the amicable Mr. Bingley).

pride-and-prejudice-9.jpg (JPEG 圖片,714x474 像素)
Still not “striking Viking” enough for my taste.   Okay, he could work as a young Jamie Fraser and by young, I don’t mean the twenty-three year old Jamie Fraser at the beginning of Outlander.   I’m talking about a nineteen year old Jamie Fraser getting flogged by Black Jack in the flashbacks.
James McAvoy you say?   Well, he’s got the Scottish brogue going for him.  Definitely NOT Jamie Fraser in my opinion.  Roger Wakefield anyone?
Whew!   You can tell I’m tired of making collages.
Since 3 out of 4 of the actors in this post have appeared in a Jane Austen adaptation in one form or another, what better way to conclude a post about sexy men than a montage about Jane Austen’s fictional heartthrobs.
It’s raining men…Austen men.

23 thoughts on “Jamie Fraser, Jamie Fraser, and more Jamie Fraser”

  1. All of the above are nice English gentlemen, but we are looking for someone to play a Scottish highlander. I agree they are not “striking vikings”. Our person should be able to look good in a kilt. I see Jamie as a strong, well built, muscular man. Don’t forget, he must have that red hair as described by Claire. I don’t see Jamie as being played by someone known as an actor, because people already know who the actor is and what they look like. Jamie is definitely one of a kind. I feel the person portraying Jamie should be an unknown Scottsman.

  2. you know, Herself recently said exactly what Jamie looks like. Gabriel Aubrey. *swoon*
    This pic is my favorite -http://chickenbetty.wordpress.com/2008/04/23/now-our-daughters-grown-up-fine/
    he looks like Jamie with all of Claire’s coloring, right down to the amber eyes.

    I like the german dude though 😉

  3. Hey TY, I think the German violinist has the best ‘look’ potential yet – and the look would work with a makeup job. What fans in general are not understanding is that a good actor and a bit of make-up (often including hair dye or wigs) can transform an actor into a ‘character’. So, the person fans are trying to match to Jamie ideally is: Red hair / over 6 ft tall / viking look / of a certain age / must be Scottish / or at least do a Scottish accent / good body / cat eyes – in blue. That’s a TALL ORDER, no pun intended, for a casting director with a budget who also has to consider the quality of acting! CD’s have their own idea of what they’re looking for.

    Take for example Mr. Darcy in “Lost in Austen”. The actor who played him, Elliot Cowan, has a lot less hair in real life, and I would not have easily recognized him from his promo-shots as the same man in the film. He changes ‘face’ in different productions; in one photo he even has frizzy hair and a beard for a production with Cate Blanchette. I would have never ‘seen’ a Mr. Darcy in that photo of him! Movies are wonderful because they ‘create magic’!
    Keep choosing your Mr. Frasers; it’s fun. But don’t be surprised (or disappointed) at the final results when the movie comes out! Cheers, and happy dreaming. Sam

  4. I read an article where they’re seriously considering a James McAvoy/Keira Knightley matchup again. I’m tired of them, aren’t you?

    I still think Gaspard should be Jamie, only because he’s so hot!

  5. I’ve seen Lost in Austen (and love it). Yes, Elliot Cowan is completely different in person than he is in the miniseries. It’s a complete transformation! it makes me feel so much better that movie people are so talented at using their movie magic to completely make over actors/actresses.

  6. Honestly, I don’t think there’s an actor out there that has that certain Jamie Fraser rogue-but-aimiable thing about him. Let’s not forget, he has to be a redhead, I will know if they coloured the hair – but such a man is very hard to find, even if you don’t want him to able to act…

  7. What about Ioan Gruffund for a young Jamie. He’s not quite as buff as I imagine, but he certainly has very striking bone structure.

    Also, I think David Garrett is beautiful, but there’s something a little too Kurt Cobain about him for my brain to imagine him as Jamie.

    I love this series! It keeps me sane while living in Morocco!

  8. Oops, Philip Winchester, whom plays Crusoe on the new series fridays could be a great Jamie!!

  9. I have some picks for the cast of Outlander if they make it into a movie.

    Jamie- Gerard Butler
    Claire- Kate Beckinsale
    Brianna- Laura Prepon
    Frank/Jack Randall- Richard Armitage
    Geillis- Cate Blanchett
    Laoghaire- Sophia Myles
    Jenny- Holly Marie Combs
    Ian- Matthew Goode
    Roger- Christian Bale

  10. Kimmy, you are so spot on with Brianna. Laura Prepon looks perfect for the part. But I think Kate Winslet would be a much better Claire.

  11. I think Jamie will absolutely be the most difficult to cast. One thing we have to keep in mind is that this movie is Outlander the movie, not Outlander the series. Jamie was only 22 in Outlander, therefore whoever plays him should look 22!!!
    I really like Romola Garai for Claire. She is 26, a seasoned pro at historical movies, and is willing to change her appearance for a role. She is curvy ( no Kiera Knightly!!!) and sassy. Some of her movies have her as sort of weak (Vanity Fair, Atonement) but if you watch her in iterviews or in the movie Scoop she is much more vivacious. I also like Natalie Dormer from the Tudors as Geillis. Shes’s just so good at being evil and sweet at the same time!!!

  12. Honestly I’ve never seen any real-life person who looks like Jamie, and I can’t imagine any famous actor portraying him just because Jamie’s SO unique!

    They really should get a young, handsome, tall and muscular UNKNOWN to play him. They should do this too for Claire.

    No offence, but Keira Knightley as Claire is just messed up. It “isna” right. Gerry Butler or James McAvoy are brilliant actors, but instead of playing Jamie they should try for Dougal or Murtagh, LOL.

  13. I’ve been dying to share this idea with other Outlander fans. How about Alexander Skaarsgard as Jamie? Granted he’s not Scottish, but I’m betting he could do a great accent. Physically, he comes real close – talk about your generations of Viking blood.

  14. The man who should play Jamie Fraser has to be one of a kind. All the pictures of who you think he should be does not fit the discription in the book of him. He has to be more. If you know what I am saying. There has to be something unique in the casting of Jamie Fraser, because he himself is unique. Come on ladies if you have read all the books you can almost picture him in your head and think damn what a man. LOL

  15. Kevin McKidd, co-star of “Made of Honor” and newest cast member of “Grey’s Anatomy” would fit into Jamie’s boots in every which way! He’s tall & rugged with a quiet strength about him, he’s a natural red-head and he comes complete with that wonderful sexy brogue.

  16. I think that Jamie should be played by Ashton Kutcher if he could get the accent right. He has the long straight nose, the slanted eyes and he is quit tall. He is also young enough to play a 23 year old. His costar in “That Seventy’s Shoe”, Laura Prepon would make a great Brianna.

  17. A MESSAGE FROM DIANA GABALSON. (I had to write her and ask her thoughts)

    Dear Becca—
    I’ve been getting a number of enquiries, since press releases have started appearing about the movie production of OUTLANDER—excited folk asking “Is it true?” “When?” and (I hope you’ll pardon a brief roll of the eyes here), “Who would you cast?” (I couldn’t begin to guess how many thousands of times I’ve been asked that over the last twenty years.)
    It’s very early days as yet, but I’ll answer what I can.
    Yes, Essential Productions ­is developing OUTLANDER as a “major motion picture.”. (What that means is that they want to make a two-to-two-and-a-half hour feature film.)
    And yes, Randall Wallace (the talented gentleman who wrote both BRAVEHEART and PEARL HARBOR—hey, ancient Scots and­ WWII, how about that?) is writing the script.
    No, I have absolutely nothing to say about the casting of the movie. The production people do occasionally ask me what I think of this or that person, but this is simple politeness on their part.
    No, I have no control whatever regarding the script.
    No, I really don’t want to have anything personal to do with the development of the movie.
    Why not? Well, two major reasons (putting aside the fact that producers seldom want the original writer sticking his or her oar in and causing trouble):
    1. I have books to write and a family to be with. I can’t be hopping planes every other week or dropping everything else at a moment’s notice to do script adjustments. (I do know that all movie scripts go through many (many, many) iterations, rewrites, etc. in the process of development and filming.) That kind of thing eats your time and sucks your soul, and to no good end.
    2. For nearly twenty years now, people have been saying to me, “Oh! I’m dying to see the movie of your books! But I want it to be just like it is in the book!” To which the only possible reply is, “Yeah? Which forty pages do you want to see?”
    Obviously, a book of the size and complexity of OUTLANDER won’t fit into a two-hour movie. But it might be possible for a good movie based on the book to exist.
    Adaptations can be either good or bad—they’re seldom indifferent—but a skilful adaptation is just as much a feat of skill as is writing an original book or script.
    Yes, I could adapt the book myself. With the net result that even if a) no one then messed with the script (and they would; that’s how film works), and b) the end result was wonderful (odds of about 900:1)—ten million people would still email me about, “But how could you leave out that scene?” Or “But why did you change this character?” Or “But you left out my favorite line in the whole book!”
    I’d really rather write a new novel.
    Now, do bear in mind a couple of things here:
    1. Essential Productions have an option on the book. This means that they paid us a modest amount of money and we gave them a span of time, in which they can do anything they want to, in order to put together the necessary financing and logistics to make a movie (that includes hiring a scriptwriter).
    We (my agents and I) get a lot of option requests. We decided to grant Essential Productions an option because we like them, we think they understand the book and its central characters, and insofar as such a thing is possible, we trust them to do their best to make it a great movie.
    But it is an option.
    2. Not all movies that are optioned actually get made. Even movies that have excellent scripts, A-list directors and recognizable stars don’t always get made. Naturally, we hope this one will, because we do like the EP people and think that of all the producers who’ve approached us about the film rights, they have the best chance of succeeding in making a great movie.
    But we’ll all have to wait and see what happens next.
    And that’s all I can tell you.
    Le meas, –Diana
    P.S. Well, I can also tell you that a) yes, Gerard Butler is a fine-looking specimen of Scottish manhood, even if he is a Lowlander, but b) I think he might have difficulty playing a 22-year-old virgin; c) Keira Knightley would probably make an excellent Claire (she has the accent and the capacity for sarcasm), if she gained forty pounds, but d) James McAvoy is probably a wonderful actor, but he’s only 5’7″, for heaven’s sake.

  18. Kellen Lutz?

    young Jamie? I don’t think he would ever do it, but give him some red hair and he looks the part to me.

  19. I know you’ll think I’m crazy, but since he’s beefed up to do Prince of Persia, Jake Gyllenhaal has made me wonder if he’d be a likely big box office Jamie, given a hair makeover (has blue-green eyes, I’m told)… http://www.collider.com/2009/05/10/first-footage-from-prince-of-persia-the-sands-of-time-movie/
    From his other films we know he can act, that he has chemistry with his leading ladies, is likeable to both guys and girl viewers, is a box office draw and is funny, to boot. He’s about to turn thirty, but I think could still play younger. Only 6′, but I’m sure could also “play taller” with the right leading ladies….

    BTW I like the David Garrett look, too.

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